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「THE ROCK FREAKS」 is an exhibition series that cuts out the chemistry with pictures through an artist and Fender. Vol. 10 features HARUNA of the band SCANDAL, a leader of the all-girl band scene who launched their own label "her" at the same time they began their 11th year of being a major label band, and is poised to leap even further.

Looking forward to seeing how the music changes
By experiencing depth as a woman

SCANDAL is now its 11th year of being a major label band. On 3/27 they released their new song 「Masterpiece」 from their own label "her." The band's sound and groove are thicker than before, and it tells us that the decade since their major label debut was a positive one. Vocalist & guitarist HARUNA looks back on that decade.

HARUNA: We, and everyone aside from us, saw it as 10 years of change. When we debuted, all of the members except for myself were teenagers, and dressed in school uniforms. We also had writers writing our songs. But, we gradually became more band-like as we started to write lyrics・music ourselves and became able to do our own things.

Although many people know this, originally, a request of "wanting to create an all-girl band" was made by their current affiliated office to the vocal & dance school in Osaka the members were attending. HARUNA, MAMI, TOMOMI, and RINA were the most willing to at the school to give it a shot; thus, SCANDAL was formed. The reason why HARUNA, who had never played an instrument before, chose guitar was: 「The guitar was pretty much the only instrument I knew about.」 The band that started in those circumstances was, at first, honestly only seen as an idol band.

HARUNA: It couldn't be helped that we were seen that way at first. We didn't know anything, and how we formed was completely different from other bands. Also, we didn't even think back then that we'd be doing this for 10 years. We couldn't afford to think ahead.

Then, 10 years had passed, and they established their own label "her."

HARUNA: After our 10th anniversary, we wanted to do something that would make us even more excited for SCANDAL's second chapter. Then, what had accumulated in 10 years took shape with 『HONEY』, the album we made at the point of our 10th anniversary. Completing 『HONEY』 solidifed our confidence as a band, but after that, even though we would write new songs, we couldn't make anything that could surpass the songs on 『HONEY』. The members talked about what to do. So, we decided to completely change up the environment in which we make our songs, and decided to set up our own label.

When asked what had changed by creating their own label, HARUNA answered, 「Recording songs in itself hasn't changed, but the mental part of it has. It's so free and fun.」 However, in SCANDAL's case, that change doesn't just stay within the band; it also has a huge influence on younger generations, such as high school-aged all-girl bands.

Currently, we are in an age where anyone can send music via social media. Although everyone has a chance, it is difficult to get ahead for that reason alone, and is difficult to survive in the music industry. There is also a possibility that the launch of their label "her" may be presented as an example and answer to the younger generation suffering there. That's why the band called SCANDAL has been breaking through the all-girl band scene these past 10 years and has had a great influence.

HARUNA: We take pride in being pioneers of the all-girl band genre. However, it's not that we planned to have an influence; it's because we're excited while playing music that we have an influence. When people see others being excited, they get inspired and go, "I'll do my best too." So, firstly, I think it's important to enjoy our freedom while making music on "her."


You can clearly read the growth of HARUNA as a musician from those words. And not only has the band grown, but HARUNA has grown significantly in the last decade as a vocalist and guitarist.

HARUNA: Both my vocals and guitar-playing have gotten flexible. Especially when it comes to singing, I've started to accept people's orders. In the past, even if I would be told, "Try singing it like this," I would be like, "I can't do it because it's my voice and I sing like this." But, because the members write all kinds of songs, I wanted to respond to that and now sing in all kinds of ways. Right now, I want to try singing different types of songs in different ways of singing.

What about the guitar?

HARUNA: A little while ago, we had a song where MAMI was on lead vocals and me on lead guitar. Being a rhythm guitarist, there were phrases that I hadn't ever played before. It feels really good when played live, like, "Guitar choking feels greatー!" (laughs). That was a pleasure I couldn't have experienced as a vocalist. Honestly, in the beginning I could only see the outward appeal of the guitar and didn't think about getting to the core of it. I'm like, "Now's the time!" and am plunging myself into it (laughs).

HARUNA is currently 30 years old. With a firm tone, she said this with conviction.

HARUNA: My 30th birthday lined up with our 10th anniversary. It was a great place to end a chapter, and from here on I would like to grow even more as a musician, a person, and a woman. Getting married or having a child would certainly have a deep effect on my singing and guitar-playing. It'd be fun to see how the music changes by experiencing that sort of depth as a woman.

The 10th anniversary of their major label debut, her 30th birthday, the launch of "her." The vision of HARUNA's future is looking good. Rather, she may already be imagining what SCANDAL will be like 10 years from now.

HARUNA: I don't have a concrete picture. More than that, I think that SCANDAL will continue on for a long time. We're still often asked in interviews, "The members don't fight amongst each other?", or, "Do the members actually not get along?" The answer to all of those questions is the fact that we have continued on for 10 years. Even if you don't listen to all-girl bands, if you know of a band that's been around for 10 years, you might want to try listening to them. So, for the next 10 or 20 years, it's all about continuing freely while having fun. Continuing on is everything.

SCANDAL keeps moving forward without fear of change. We are very proud that its frontman HARUNA always employs a Fender guitar.


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