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Contemporary band SCANDAL talks about a "woman's way of life."
JJnet - SCANDAL Talks About a "Woman's Way of Life" Q2FUeBa

The contemporary band SCANDAL. Are there many people who remember that, when they debuted in 2008, they garnered attention as a "school uniform-wearing all-girl band"? It's been 10 years since then for these girls. We asked these girls, who established their own label and just released their first double A-side single, about their private lives.

Our promo pictures with a different atmosphere than ever before, were actually shot once before with a different theme, and then reshot
JJnet - SCANDAL Talks About a "Woman's Way of Life" C7VCBvb

RINA: This year, at the juncture of us being a major label band for 10 years, we established our new label "her." We wanted to go with a name where you could tell at first glance that it belonged to women, and we went with the most fitting one out of many words.

HARUNA: The pictures we took at the beach for our new label were actually reshoots. The ones we had first taken were more colorful and were shot in a studio. However, when we looked at the completed pictures, we felt that more natural pictures and expressions fit with our current state of mind... Although it was a bit selfish, we had the pictures be retaken.

MAMI: We changed into all-white outfifts with the image of us being "dyed by anything" with the ocean in the background. Although it has a bit of a different feel from how we used to be, but we thought, "Now's the time to express ourselves in this way," and, "A natural and open atmosphere is also like us."

TOMOMI: Creating a label makes our colors more darker than ever before. That's why we decided to go with pictures for this start that were like the normal us and where we had natural expressions.

It's nice to have both a part of yourself that likes cute things, and a part that likes cool things; that's one of the perks of being a woman
JJnet - SCANDAL Talks About a "Woman's Way of Life" 08p3ZGp

HARUNA: We haven't really sung about ourselves until now, but our new song 『Masterpiece』 is a song that sings about who we currently are. We made it wanting to sing about our second chapter after finishing our first chapter with our 10th anniversary. We made the outfits we wore in the music video a bit more punky to match the mood of the song.

RINA: 『Masterpiece』 is a rock tune that definitely gets the crowd going at our live shows. I think you'll understand by hearing the lyrics, but we imagined a "starting song" that we could sing precisely because we're starting a new challenge. It's a cool, energetic song. On the other hand, since we imagined the other song 『Mabataki』 to be girly and cute, it gives off a sweet and girly impression. These two songs were released on a double A-side single. We want to continue being a rock band while placing importance on being women, and since we like things that aren't just "cool" or "tough" but "cute" too, we thought it'd be good if we could express that part too.

HARUNA: Not only us but JJ readers as well have our own sensibilities about clothes, makeup, ways of living, and what's "cute" or "cool." So, we made two completely different songs with the thought of wanting you to cherish yourself.

ZINES, driving, making herbariums, festivals at Yoyogi Park...on our days off we do our own favorite things unrelated to the band
JJnet - SCANDAL Talks About a "Woman's Way of Life" LF8vhpx

RINA: During our recent breaks I've been looking at ZINEs! A "ZINE" is popular thing among young people overseas, and is a cultural thing that combines your favorite things into one volume. There have been "ZINE festivals" recently that have been fun. Being able to know different people's interests and preferences is exciting.

HARUNA: Probably driving alone. When you're in your car, you're in your own space. I really like spending time thinking while driving without being disturbed by anyone.

TOMOMI: Sounds nice! Since I love plants, I have a ton of houseplants at home. I also make swag (wall decorations) and herbariums......I like to make various things myself.

MAMI: I've been a super outdoor person recently. I've gone to festivals at Yoyogi Park, went to teamLab events, participated in escape rooms, etc. I had previously been an indoor person, but I wanted to make my year a fulfilling one in the band and in my private life too, and I started to become active from around last year. Next, I'll be going to the "SAKANA (fish) & JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019" at Yoyogi Park (laughs)!

JJnet - SCANDAL Talks About a "Woman's Way of Life" 39iLxaW

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I'm curious to see what the previous "colorful" studio pictures look like .balloon.

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