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JJnet - SCANDAL's Fashion
Posted Tue May 21, 2019 11:04 pm



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Even their casual outfits are stylish♡ We want to know more about contemporary band SCANDAL's fashion!
JJnet - SCANDAL's Fashion D54vYeU

Contemporary band SCANDAL has garnerned attention since their major label debut 10 years ago as a school uniform-wearing all-girl band. They of course play cool songs, but actually, them having fashionable visuals is also a popular secret of theirs. They've recently been garnering attention by producing an apparel brand for themselves, and for being fashion icons. We will introduce their secrets of fashion unique to this generation, such as where the members go to shop and what they use for fashion references.

Our tastes in casual clothes are all different. We use Instagram, our friends in fashion, movies, and store employees for input!
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HARUNA: For fashion references, it has to be Instagram for me. I like the brands Opening Ceremony, MIHARAYASUHIRO, and Christian Dada. I check them out often.

RINA: I'm often influenced by movies. I've been wearing vintage clothes often as well, but I'm also influenced by films directed by Sofia Coppola. I wondered where they sold the see-through cloth that appears in her films, and went on a "trip to search for vintage clothes" to Paris and London. However, because there's such a wide range of vintage clothes, there are all kinds of things that range from cool to cute. This isn't about the new songs on our double A-side single, but since I like both "cool" and "cute" things, if you look in my closet it may look like two different people live there (laughs).

TOMOMI: I have a different clothing system each day. But I still like silver accessories. I have both delicate and larger ones. I have a lot of friends in fashion, so I sometimes ask them about what's fashionable. Recently, my favorite brand has been G.V.G.V.

MAMI: For me, store employees are fashionable teachers. There are clothes that have six sleeves, and clothes that have chains attached that connect your feet and neck (laughs). I like the unusual clothes that I can't understand unless it's explained to me, so I ask them, "How do you wear this?" I'm the only one among the members that wears eccentric clothes like that and dresses differently.

HARUNA: Our tastes in casual clothes are all different. However, even though our tastes differ, the four of us together produce our apparel brand "Feedback!"

RINA: We are making clothes while learning about cutting-edge shapes and fabrics in the field precisely because we have different fashion preferences. In the beginning we would all discuss things together, but in the end it feels like we're making use of each area of our expertise, like, "RINA's well-versed in dresses," or, "Let's leave it to MAMI if it is a mens-like thing."

We want you to listen to band music as new music as you take on challenges of trying various tastes in fashion
JJnet - SCANDAL's Fashion WKLit7Q

HARUNA: The readers of JJ are of the same generation as us. We launched a label and took on new challenges now around the age of 30. So, if you're unsure of something, it's better to try jumping in with a "I want to do it!" mindset. We want to make many songs that'll support those kinds of people. If you feel stressed out, please come out to a live show of ours. Let's have fun togethere! Also, since we're in the process of increasing the number of Feedback! items, we'd like JJ readers to wear them too.

RINA: I also love hair+makeup and fashion, and I want to have women who are interested in fashion to listen to our music a lot. There are some people don't usually listen to band music, but it'd make me happy if they could try out new music and enjoy it, just like trying out different tastes in fashion.

TOMOMI: There are also many people who changed their jobs, and people who have changed their environment, including my friends of the same generation. It's a turning point in people's lives. It's a common phrase, but because you only have one life, I want you to head towards something that excites you!

MAMI: When you were in middle or high school, you probably imagined yourself around 30 as being more of a grown-up, but it might be completely different from who you are now (laughs). But it's fun, and even if you don't know what you want to be like, that in itself is all right. There are many things that you might be unsure of, but because we're together, please be positive in trying things you can only enjoy now!

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Re: JJnet - SCANDAL's Fashion
Posted Fri May 24, 2019 7:14 am



Caless Student
Caless Student
They'er so COOL  LOVE

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