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RINA × NERDUNIT - 2019-06-27 (RINA)
Posted Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:05 am



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Collaboration t-shirt is now on sale!

Is the US west coast's
First streetwear fashion brand

It's a brand that was also seen at the Tokyo Collection fashion show
So when they asked about doing a collaboration
It made me really happyRINA × NERDUNIT - 2019-06-27 (RINA) 270cRINA × NERDUNIT - 2019-06-27 (RINA) 270cRINA × NERDUNIT - 2019-06-27 (RINA) 270c

This t-shirt that I oversaw the design for
Features a melting, poisonous rose
Printed on the back
And a swaying stitching on the sleeve
It comes in two colors: pink and black
And is an item both men and women
Can wear in either color◎

If you're unsure about which color
I'd definitely recommend black!
For the girls who usually wear girly outfits
But want to try out streetwear, I recommend pink!
By the way, pink clothes that men wear in the summer
Give off the feeling of "They like fashion, don't they〜"
And I personally really like that

The size I'm wearing in the pictures is an XL☺
(Height: 160cm/5'2")
More details on the sizes are listed on the site,
But if you're unsure
It may be good
To go up one size from what you normally wear◎

※This is a pre-order item only,
So you need a reservation to get this t-shirt!

☟Here's where to reserve it☟
【Reception period】
Until 7/6 (Sat) 23:59 JST

There will also be an event held
Where I will directly hand over the t-shirts
To winners chosen via lottery from those who purchase them

【Event details】
Date: 8/31 (Sat) 15:00~17:00
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Area
(※Only lottery winners will be told the details.)

This is fiiiiiinally real
It's so adorable and cool
To each and every one of you who pick one up
May your days be even more fun
This summer...!

I too will be wearing it a lot casually

Let's match☺


2019/6/27 17:40

RINA × NERDUNIT - 2019-06-27 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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