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SCANDAL - A tour where they challenged themselves to make the "most intense setlist" is seen on the final day; an irreplaceable moment where they've evolved into a rock band that won't lose to any kind of headwind
SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale V9cm620

The crowded floor of Zepp Tokyo, which accommodates more than 2,000 people, was overflowing with an oppressive heat even before the show began. This was the final performance of 『SCANDAL TOUR 2019 “Fuzzy Summer Mood” 』, SCANDAL's nationwide tour that kicked off this past June. On this tour that went around to a total of 15 live houses, SCANDAL came up with the challenging content of creating a completely different setlist for every venue. As the word "Fuzzy" = ambiguous, the song selection depended on that day's mood. That's why on day 2 at Zepp Tokyo, which served as the finale for this tour where their true abilities as a band were tested, just as the members divulged that this was "this tour's most intense setlist," it became a red-hot night of enthusiasm swirling around from beginning to end.

SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale KKT5hTv

Fitting for their "Fuzzy Summer Mood" tour title, as the cries of a sea bird echoed throughout the venue and gradually turned into a disturbing sound image, the four members appeared on stage. Wrapped in enthusiasm and a sense of expectation that rose the temperature of the venue, they kicked off their performance with 「Masterpiece」. Zepp Tokyo was suddenly shaken by the energetic song that tells the new journey of the girls who launched their private record label "her" last year after the 10th anniversary of their major label debut. They then played 「Onegai Navigation」, where MAMI and TOMOMI performed happily as they intertwined with HARUNA; and 「Take Me Out」, where RINA's nimble drumming made the floor dance. Amidst a solid, robust, explosive band sound, HARUNA acted the role of a rock vocalist and grabbed hold of the audience's hearts' with a good, friendly melody.

SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale 1a2LnRx

"This is already so awesome! We're not at the peak yet, though, right?" HARUNA happily exclaimed after completing the first four songs and overlooking the floor that had never been more excited. From 「Platform Syndrome」, in which the guitars are strummed and break through impulsively; to "Taiyou Scandalous," featuring a passionate melody that races ahead in anticipation of summer, the show proceeded on while engulfing the audience's shouts. The quartet's performance at a simple live house, which is unlike an arena performance that attracts you with a large-scale production, and has neither a flashy stage setting nor images on screens, exposed and conveyed their flexible strength as a rock band. TOMOMI and HARUNA both smiled amidst the surplus of heat in the venue, saying, "It's so hot! Turn on the AC!", "Everyone's too hot for the AC to work (laughs)." What slightly cooled down that enthusiasm from an early stage was the grunge number 「Heaven na Kibun」 where distorted guitars made a crazy sensuality hang in the air. Next was 「Mado wo Aketara」, which incorporates a stylish driving track; then 「Mabataki」, a pop melody that gently shook the floor and, following 「Masterpiece」 at the beginning, is the second A-side on their latest single. The light rhythm of the electric drums played by RINA overlapped beautifully with the harmonies of the trio in the front. During its outro, HARUNA and MAMI played happily while nodding to each other. Amidst unrefined and intense appearances that musicians have, sometimes showing a charming side is one of the girls' attractive features.

SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale Ieuf6yg

During the final MC, HARUNA looked back on the tour, saying, "This tour was so much fun. Every single performance was more exciting than ever before." Additionally, she touched upon the fact that the audience had kept good manners for this live house tour while enjoying the shows. "We wanted this kind of an audience to watch our shows, and we've been playing shows for all this time. Please feel free to seriously follow SCANDAL. That's what we thought on this tour. We hope it's okay for us to shoulder your lives." When she conveyed those hot words filled with commitment as a front man, even louder cheers erupted from the floor. Then, they performed 「Fuzzy」, a new song that they've continued to perform ever since the first day of this tour. The number that blurs a sadness peculiar to summer within an open sound invoked cheers from the venue. The voltage of the venue accelerated towards the finale. TOMOMI sat down on a riser and gazed out lovingly at the excited audience on the floor during 「Shunkan Sentimental」. MAMI and TOMOMI mischievously snuggled up on either sides of HARUNA during 「Image」. As the best moments were updated over and over again, the last number 「Koisuru Universe」 ended their set as a gigantic disco ball painted a scenery of beautiful lights in the venue. Lastly, HARUNA shouted with all her strength, "Tokyo, you were awesomeー!"

SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale S5LfR65

During the encore, HARUNA showed a satisfied expression after finishing an explosive main set, saying, "We thought we were going to die at the beginning, but we were able to keep up (laughs)." Starting with the MAMI-led 「Koe」, during the encore too they unleashed unrelentless uptempo numbers that went with the theme of "most intense setlist of this tour." Next was 「STANDARD」, which stirred up handclaps on a danceable rhythm; and then 「SCANDAL BABY」, a performance in which MAMI got close enough to HARUNA to kiss her cheek. Emotions exploded throughout everyone's entire bodies from the sounds produced by the quartet, and the sweaty finale where the hearts of everyone on the floor and the stage knocked against each other was an irreplaceable moment that could only be born at a SCANDAL show.

SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale U0q0ByV

Additionally, after running through this summer's festival season, SCANDAL will be going on a joint band tour in November. Fans of the joint bands will definitely find the current SCANDAL cool. It is a tour that was assembled precisely because of this confidence they have. Although the announcement for the joint band artists is still a little bit ahead, according to RINA, "The joint bands will be male bands." It has been 13 years since they formed, and in this rock scene that is often called a male-dominated society, SCANDAL has made a new start by evolving into a rock band that will not lose to any kind of headwind while being complimented or hurt because they're "women." We think they are one of the best rock bands to watch now.

SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale NBzpuaR

SPICE - SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood" Finale 39iLxaW

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