Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Tokyo
Posted Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:31 am



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SCANDAL × Kyuso Nekokami: an exciting, high-adrenaline night where these shy bands played a show together

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SCANDAL held a joint band live show with Kyuso Nekokami on November 9th at Team Smile's Toyosu PIT in Tokyo.

This performance was the first of SCANDAL's Tokyo-Osaka joint band tour titled 「SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour"」. Many fans rushed to the venue to see the first double-header show by SCANDAL and Kyuso Nekokami on this day.

SCANDAL energetically started off their set with "LOVE SURVIVE," a song featuring dual vocals between HARUNA and TOMOMI. As they continued with "Masterpiece" and "Shunkan Sentimental," HARUNA shouted out, "Toyosu PIT is insane...... Kyuso warmed the venue up too wellー!" In front of the excited crowd, they spoke about their joy and excitement about Kyuso's set: "Despite us two bands just barely getting involved with each other, it's really great how their live show was loved this much!" The girls rose the enthusiasm of the venue even higher with "STANDARD," and then gave a dynamic performance of "Saishuuheiki, Kimi," their new song that was recently released on November 6th. HARUNA sang powerfully with a handheld mic while the other three members overwhelmed the audience with a profound sound that included a variety of effects.

Halfway through, RINA looked back on the first time they saw Kyuso's live show, which was at the 2017 music event "KOYABU SONIC 2017," and revealed a story involving lead guitarist Seiya from Kyuso. She started off by saying that Seiya said, "Although we weren't able to perform at 'SamuSoni' (SUMMER SONIC), I'm happy that we're able to perform at 'KoyoSoni' (KOYABU SONIC)" to the sponsor Kazutoyo Koyabu. She continued, "That one thing told me what his personality and band stance is (laughs). I thought that Kyuso was a chic, cute band and became a fan. Their show was impressive today too!" HARUNA commented, "There have been times before where we've passed Kyuso at festivals, but since we're all shy people, we couldn't look each other in the eye (laughs). But, I'm so glad that we got to do this among some high adrenaline today!" After expressing their thoughts on their songs and live performance, they addressed the audience: "Though you may experience sadness and pain in your everyday lives, it's perfectly fine for you to bring those feelings with you here. Instead, we'll change those negative thoughts into super happy feelings, so we'd be happy if you came to see us again like this."

In the final act, they kept heating up the venue with their performances of the emotional number "HARUKAZE" along with "Flashback No.5" and "Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne." For "SCANDAL BABY," their final song, MAMI and TOMOMI jumped on their platforms and stirred up the audience, and also performed while snuggling up to HARUNA's shoulders and cheeks as she sang. The quartet looked into each other's eyes, sounded their last sounds, and enthusiastically ended the performance.

SCANDAL will perform a joint band show with SiM at Zepp Osaka Bayside in Osaka on November 17th as part of this tour.

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