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7-Net's Reading Girls Interview
Posted Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:30 am



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7-Net's Reading Girls - Interview 14: SCANDAL

7-Net's Reading Girls Interview F0YoGn1

SCANDAL is an all-girl band who writes and composes their own songs, with daily happenings and feelings at a specific moment acting as "seeds of music." They will be releasing 『Kiss from the darkness』, their new album containing 11 songs, on February 12th. "Fuzzy," one of those songs on the album, was inspired by a novel.

7-Net's Reading Girls Interview 0jg5y5F
The lyrics for our digital single "Fuzzy" actually came to be by expanding on the image I have of my favorite book "Itsuka Wakareru. Demo Sore wa Kyou de wa Nai" (Someday, We Will Part Ways. But Today Is Not That Day). For me, reading is a hobby that makes one's time meaningful, whether it's while on the move; while taking a bath; or before going to sleep. So, this was the first time [a book] was the inspirational source for my lyrics! It may be the result of us starting to compose our own music from around 2015, and that everything in our everyday lives can be "seeds of music." (RINA)

These girls use heart-stirring experiences, both good and bad, in their musical activities. The curiosity of desiring to touch a yet-unknown world is the driving force for what's next for them.

Looking back, I had a bit of a superiority complex when I was student when it came to digging up cultures that my classmates didn't know about. The trigger was getting the novel "Gummy Chocolate Pineapple" by Kenji Otsuki when I was in high school. It's a story whose main character likes biased culture such as underground rock music and B-class horror movies, and for me, who didn't even know about the band Red Hot Chili Peppers back then, it was full of things I had no idea about. After I finished reading it, I understood the feelings of men in subcultures who believe, "If you have different values from others, you might be able to do something interesting." When I talked about the culture and knowledge that only I knew about, I was glad to be asked "What's that?" (laughs). (TOMOMI)

7-Net's Reading Girls Interview CKFU0ue

"Since pain also comes with production, you can also enjoy a sense of fulfillment" (MAMI)

The accumulation of seeking new stimuli is what's shaping them now. There seemed to be a big challenge to see the yet-unknown scenery during production for this album.

It took a long time, and, honestly, it wasn't all fun and games. Pain also comes with production—rather, it was so tough at times that my chest would tighten. However, since the process was like that, the pleasure and joy after completing it were that much more prevalent. It was a turning point in maturation for both the band and myself. (MAMI)

7-Net's Reading Girls Interview 56IxfbD

"I will keep singing the feelings of the members on their behalf" (HARUNA)

However, the completion of this work is just a stepping stone. Their next goal is their world tour starting in March.

On March 7th at Atsugi City Cultural Hall・Large Hall in Kanagawa Prefecture, our world tour spanning roughly one year will begin. Right now, with my singing voice, it's so much fun to express the songs filled with the members' feelings. Through songs, there's a worth that comes with performing, and it brings out emotions that aren't found within you... I think that this is also something that helped me grow. I can't wait to send out who we are right now to those who are looking forward to SCANDAL's music. (HARUNA)

7-Net's Reading Girls Interview DQzkWhl

7-Net's Reading Girls Interview 39iLxaW

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