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Posted Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:29 pm



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The more (and more and more!) I've listened to OUR QUEENS, one thing has become just that much harder to define. What is your absolute favorite song?

As their talents in everything they do have grown and matured, that question has driven me to distraction. Just can't get enough.

Like the all-time greats, (Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, etc.) it almost has to come down to an album or collection of works. I can't imagine any single album by SCANDAL that I couldn't play over and over, and only be drawn away by another of theirs. SCANDAL IS MY ALL-TIME GREAT!

Their diversity in musical "styles and genres" is one of their greatest strengths. Every single album contains at least a song or two that appeals to nearly everyone.

A couple of facts I've been able to reach for myself are: 
(1) "Tsuki" is the loveliest song I have ever heard in my life.
(2) When I leave this world and close my eyes for the last time, I hope that Haruna's voice is the last thing I hear!

Although it's quite likely I'll be going in the other direction, the beauty and sweetness of Haruna's voice will make me feel like I'm in Heaven.

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