Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
This is very old stuff so I can't quite figure out where it belongs, pls lmk if there's a better place this should go  YouTube series of Scandal in Singapore, 2011 and 2013 1f616 

I first got to know Scandal after seeing them on TV during their 2011 visit to Singapore (though I hadn't become a fan yet). This series of clips from 2011 was eventually uploaded by the TV service onto YouTube in 2013, when Scandal visited again and the TV service made a second series of clips. Since friends often ask me how I got to know Scandal, I've recently compiled both series' links and am sharing them here too if anyone wants to watch ancient history Happy

2011 series:
Imho the interviewer here was terribly unprofessional. She asked the band very shallow questions about their outfits, getting married, and sexual attractiveness instead of about their music and aspirations. Nonetheless, Haru and Rina responded with great maturity and class.

  1. They won't sell their school uniforms (J-rock SCANDAL Pt 1)
    The band talk about how precious their uniforms are, how they didn't mind losing fans after shedding their uniforms, and how their personal tastes inspired their Baby Action look.
  2. SCANDAL girls want to get married by... (J-rock SCANDAL Pt 2)
    Haru and Mami agree on 30. Rina talks about how she believes their career can continue even after they have children.
  3. Shoujo S live
  4. Hi-Hi-Hi live
  5. Doll live
  6. Named after a sex shop (SCANDAL Pt 1)
    The band talk about their band name's origins, and how they believe they're different from other girlgroups.

2013 series:

  1. Schoolgirls on tour (Scandal tour Pt 1)
    The band talks about their new image and how they meld fashion with music.
  2. Scandal girls allowed to date (Scandal tour Pt 2)
    The band reiterates they're a rock band not an idol group in response to the AKB48 head-shaving saga. They talk about Queens Are Trumps' concept. Rina fangirls over Mami, then talks about their next Japan tour.
  3. Harukaze live
  4. Shunkan Sentimental live
  5. Shoujo S live

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