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SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA)
Posted Sat Dec 26, 2020 12:15 am



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SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) Image

collaborated with NAKED

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) Image

Thank you so much
To everyone who came to our concert
Amidst everything going on!

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HWVON-1

It was such a fun,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HYAMS-1


SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HNDUO-1

Special time,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HFS1B-1

And space that we got to create with you all.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HWO8P-1

We're also very grateful to the NAKED team
Whom we got to collaborate with
For the projection mapping production.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HWYRS-1

There are a lot of things that we could no longer do
That we had always taken for granted,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HR1DC-1

But we're shifting our focus on what we can do
And are changing,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HRYJ7-1

And we want to continue
To always deliver the best live concert we can do at the present time.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HFFSU-1

This night was packed with both feelings and seasons.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HMS8O-1

This night we played music in front of everyone
And came back to life.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0H8X0N-1

Because music enriches the soul,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HHI6E-1

We want to keep moving so that we don't stop.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HFCCG-1

It would make us so happy
If you guys enjoyed it as you should have.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0H2L5N-1

We put together a 12-song setlist
Overlapping the 12 months of a year.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0H63A0-1

Wearing white clothing, the footage was also projected onto us,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HZRVI-1

With a special appearance all the way down to the shadows,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HHZXX-1

We constructed a second stage

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HW18-1

And we went to closest level we could be at while staying safe
And sang.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0H7BOL-1

We did an acoustic arrangement special to this day only
Where all of the members each had their own solo parts.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0H4IPA-1

It was kind of wonderful
That everyone in the crowd was standing for this song only.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0H2BGH-1

It was the best.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HFEOP-1

We created what is most likely
The first time photos/videos were allowed at a concert of ours in Japan.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HJIRK-1

The light from the smartphones in the air
Were like windows on a building, and it's like everyone was part of our lighting team.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HIJNQ-1

It was our unique spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HBIRI-1

It'd make me happy if we took back
Even a little bit of the four seasons we couldn't experience this year,

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HEJTG-1

And if this added
A bit of fun memories to 2020 for you.

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HAUNO-1

Thank you so much!

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HBWXE-1

Merry Christmas!

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 0HE6YN-1


2020/12/25 20:11

SEASONS - 2020-12-25 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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