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"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA)
Posted Tue Mar 30, 2021 4:24 am



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"request" merch

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) 21hOc6q

These are the merch designs
For our fan club tour^^
We made the front simple. The beige color is adorable.

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) 64Hji1h

Here's what the back looks like.
We put a few of our past outfits on it,
Giving it a 15th anniversary-feel.

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) Uasqez5

The white color gives it a clean look and is easy to wear^^

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) Yo0jrOL

The towels and t-shirts go well with each other◎

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) VvGr567

We also made it in pink^^
It is spring, after all.

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) RdXNoAq

Any gender can wear it, of course◎

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) N3f1hgF

The towel in this color is cute too

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) 1QS79do

We also made a tote bag
In an easy-to-use size〜!

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) OSl3rqA

A pure white tote bag, which is unusual for us to make.
This is super cute, so pick one up!

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) EAhggiI

The usual MANIA t-shirt

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) Bh0h0Ef

A bath towel too, which has always been popular!

These will be offered for pre-order online
Until 3/31 (Wed), 23:59 JST^^

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) SfAvPeO

Also, we renewed some merch
That non-fan club members can get as well^^

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) WpzZo2A

A t-shirt that's perfect for festivals too

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) Qgs0sZ0

Here's what the towel looks like

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) AJYu6rh

It's a different color on the back^^

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) O9dIkQW

I personally like this color^^

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) P5wPXJA

The blueish purple design on the back is really nice◎

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) YQuIVvi

The towel comes in two colors

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) B9aTjPp

A simple logo t-shirt

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) YE65wWR

THE standard SCANDAL shirt

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) B2qajOc

You can't go wrong with monotone^^

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) 4wPUJfS

We also made a mask, which has become a necessity!
Use it along with the mask lanyard
That'll conveniently hang from your neck^^

There's so much new merch!
We'd be happy if you picked some up^^


2021/3/30 12:54

"request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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Re: "request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA)
Posted Tue Mar 30, 2021 7:25 am



Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
I am quite liking orange T-shirts. plus orange/blue towel "request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) 1f60d.

Just jump on to the site, it no orange it camel. "request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA) 1f605

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Re: "request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA)
Posted Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:12 pm



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
I've been hoping they would make a face mask with the scandal logo. I'm definitely ordering it.

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Re: "request" merch - 2021-03-30 (RINA)
Posted Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:18 am



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Overseas fans may want to order from:

Friendship. Effort. Victory.
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