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Movie Natalie - "Another Nightmare Tonight": Night 3

Selector: RINA from SCANDAL - The Visit

Movie Natalie - "Another Nightmare Tonight" with RINA Eiga-horror-column-title06

Everything that the video camera captures becomes a piece of horror

"Koyoi mo Akumu (Yume) wo" (Another Nightmare Tonight) is a relay-style serialization series that asks celebrities who love horror and zombie movies to introduce their recommended flicks. The guides invite readers to horror worlds studded with gruesome horror, creeping thrills, and numbing stimuli.

In the third installment, RINA from SCANDAL recommends The Visit directed by M. Night Shyamalan, known for movies such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. RINA, who likes things that are tangibly thrilling, has written about the appeal of this story of a visit where Shyamalan's specialty shines, citing scenes that left an impression on her.

A space of happiness slowly turns into exactly the opposite

Movie Natalie - "Another Nightmare Tonight" with RINA Horrorcolumn03-202111-01

Fun times feel like they're happening in fast-forward. Heading to places you've never been to, spending time with people you've wanted to meet, and a number of unusual circumstances—all of these will ignite your spirit. The ice is broken little by little as if filling in the time you had been unable to see each other. Also, you accept the differences in the rhythms of your lifestyles and the rules of your place of stay without any doubt. Those are nice features about humans.

This movie takes place in a house in the forest, owned by the parents of a single mother who ran away from home when she was young. Curious about meeting their grandparents for the first time, a pair of siblings—an older sister and younger brother—go on a week-long trip alone, bringing a video camera with them.

Scary stories that happen in places that should be peaceful truly are electrifying...haha. I don't like ghosts nor scary things that can't be seen, which is why I like things that are tangibly thrilling. Scary movies with an actual plot are so much fun. There are tons of movies directed by Shyamalan that fit that perfectly, such as The Sixth Sense, Split, Unbreakable, The Happening, etc... The moment a convincing plot device is unraveled, you feel a nice chill and pleasant horror gradually creep up on you.

A week that should fly by in the blink of an eye gradually changes speed. You get scared with each passing day. Everything that the video camera captures becomes a piece of horror. The grandparents' expressions as they happily praise the hip-hop-loving younger brother showing off his rapping skills; and the photos filled with memories pinned on a cork board, which include ones of fingers mixing in walnuts baked in a fancy oven into cookie dough, to ones of a magical-looking sky. A space of happiness turns into exactly the opposite, slowly and gradually. The poppiness of the onscreen text shown each day feels more and more mismatched.

Everyone is burdened with something from their past experiences. There are weaknesses that you don't want to touch upon, things that you've ignored precisely because you're the one who understands them best, and things like curses that can't be lifted until someone allows it. Despite being family or even siblings, the types and depths of wounds sustained from the same happening will differ.

This is a type of work that'll make you want to watch it twice because it's scary, fun, and a bit painful. I want you to experience this hour-and-a-half-long movie that'll make you sweat up a storm.

Movie Natalie - "Another Nightmare Tonight" with RINA 39iLxaW

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