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Ranking the studio albums
Posted Sat Dec 04, 2021 4:43 pm



Caless Student
Caless Student
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So I searched through this forum and it seems like nobody has ever started such thread, which is weird. Let‘s do a ranking of all of SCANDAL‘s studio albums. I would mostly be interested in seeing yours, rather than presenting mine, but it kinda wouldn‘t be fair. I‘m wondering if others see big differences in quality among these albums, because I really don‘t. Honestly, all 5-star albums for me so far.  Ranking the studio albums 1f496  
Impossible to rank, I'll hate this list tomorrow.

#10  Encore Show (Yes, I do count it)
Despite being a compilation of leftovers, it has plenty of really interesting stuff on it. Seems like some of their most progressive (therefore potentially confusing) songs ended up not making their respective albums, although some should have. But even after god-knows-how-many listens I still don't remember which song is which.

It's painful to have to rank it so low, as I believe this is the ultimate feel-good album. But most of it is kinda slow, which is not really this band's domain. And LOVE is my least favorite album cut of theirs. Why they didn't use Life is a Journey will forever be a mystery, since this album could have really benefited from a couple more energetic songs.

An album full of absolute classics. Trust me, I probably love all of these songs as much as most of you. But as a whole, it's not really as interesting as their later stuff. Not much variety, all of it basically mimics 70's classic rock. Still brilliant.

The guitar work on this is absolutely magical. I love the technical style of hard rock they went with, but it is a shame that they didn't follow it throughout the whole album. Short Short and Mado Wo Aketara are really disrupting the continuity. I don't really mind that they tried something different as well, but there should have been a bit more of it. This way it is a bit awkward. The whole thing could have definitely been longer.

#6  Queens are trumps
Number six seems way too low for this. I have no complaints. Wide range of styles - it contains both some of their heaviest (the title track) and some of their poppiest stuff (Kill The Virgin - my favorite). All great songs, but maybe not as many of my personal favorites compared to the following albums on my list.

Another album full of classics, but this time with many more of my faves. Didn't make it higher mostly for the less interesting slower songs - Namida no Regret is pretty generic and Houkago 1H kinda cheesy, but of course I like them too.

Their switch to autorship has not affected the quality of their music at all. Each girl gets to shine here and they all give it their best. I must admit though, that among my favorites on this are the songs they didn't write. Totally get why it's a lot of people's favorite, I still love these next few even more.

Definitely their most underrated album. So many interesting arrangements (a bit more keyboards, even a brass section at one point). Especially the singles are absolutely killer, but the deep cuts have a lot to offer as well. And the two ballads are absolutely epic.

Brilliant heavy riffing and catchy melodies throughout. Some could argue that it's a bit samey, but it's all in a style that I enjoy a lot and that really fits them. High energy, lots of fun. Give me more of this in the future, please. 

#1  Kiss from the darkness
Each song is completely different and completely amazing. They decided to experiment a bit more with different sounds and the result is very cool. Like most of you, not a fan of the unnecessary autotune, but the songs are absolutely killer anyway. A great balance between old and new, with each member injecting it with a bit of their personality in spots. It's basically like their White Album, but unfortunately a lot shorter.

Honestly, from what we‘ve heard from MIRROR so far, can‘t see it making it higher than #9 on my list. Seems like it won't be very rocking, but I sure hope to be proven wrong. Give me yours!

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Sat Dec 04, 2021 6:14 pm



Caless Student
Caless Student
Their best album and their two worst are easy choices. Inbetween it's a lot harder.

#10  Baby Action
Even though it some of my favorites (Tokyo Skyscraper and Sono Toki Sekai wa Kimi Darake no Rain), it has too much filler songs that don't stand out. The opening song is probably one of their worst songs (IMO).

#9 Standard
Again two of my alltime favorites (Kagen no Tsuki and Kimi to Mirai to Kanzen Douki), but again a lot of filler, and again a poor opener.

#8 Honey
Overall a good albujm, but too few songs that stand out. Got to say that everytime I listen to it, I think "it's better than I thought."

#7 Kiss From the Darkness
Another album with a poor opening, but has higher tops. Except from AMDKJ, Laundry Laundry and Shaisuukeiki Kimi not many stand out

#7 Yellow
Bit the same as Honey, but overall a bit better. And more variety.

#6 Encore Show
The leftovers are great!

#4 Queens are Trumps
And once more an opening song I don't particularly like. But it does have Bright, which is in my top 5. It's one of their songs where I always hit repeat. And I'm probably one of the few who really like Taiyou Scandalous and Pinheel Surfer. Harukaze is my most underrated Scandal song. It's a song I never think of as one of their best, and I seldom pick it to specifically listen to, but whenever it pops up I think it is actually very good.

#3 Temptation Box
Classic album. The choreography in their live performance of Shoujo M is hilarious (in a good way).

#2 Best Scandal
Again, lots of classics

#1 Hello World
IMO by far their best album. It's got my all time favorite: Image.  The sequence of Onegai Navigation, Runner's High, Hon Wo Yomu, Kan Beer, is probably the best on any of their albums.

atashi wa atashi anata wa anata
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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Sat Dec 04, 2021 8:40 pm



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
Here's how I would rank the albums.

10. Yellow
While I love Morning Sun and Heaven na Kibun and like a few other songs (Stamp, Love Me Do...), most of the album feels somewhat dull to me. One thing that could improve it, is if they replaced any of the following three: Konya wa Pizza Party, Sisters, Love - with Life is a Journey, my favorite song sung by Tomomi. Or just put it on the album in addition to all other songs. That would make it better, than...

9. Temptation Box
Again, not many songs that I really love. Obviously there's Shunkan Sentimental, and my personal favorite is Sayonara My Friend, but other songs are just average to me at best. It even features what I consider my least favorite song sung by Mami - Shoujo M.

8. Encore Show
While not really a regular album, it has some interesting songs.

7. Queens Are Trumps
It has some great tunes (Koe, Rising Star, Harukaze), but also some of my absolutely least favorite Scandal songs (Pin Heel Surfer, Kill the Virgin).

6. Kiss from the Darkness
The first album released since I started listening to Scandal. My greatest disappointment is in the absence of Mami's lead vocals. I also find the overuse of autotune in certain songs too much to handle. Favorite songs include Masterpiece, Fuzzy, Ceramic Blue and A.M.D.K.J.

5. Baby Action
Sono Toki Sekai wa Kimi Darake no Rain was the first Scandal song, upon hearing which I instantly thought: "I love this!". (It was not the first song I heard, but I had to repeatedly listen to some previous songs to see, if I liked them at least a bit).

4. Standard
Bad opening, but then it starts picking up. My favorite trio is Orange Juice, Metronome and Weather Report. It's also another album, that could be improved by including one b-side, namely 24 Jikan Plus No Yoake Mae. And you can put it instead of any of the following: Brand New Wave or Kimi to Mirai to Kanzen Douki. But even then I still wouldn't prefer this album over...

3. Honey
I like the overall style on this album. Opening song, Platform Syndrome, is one of my most favorite Scandal songs ever, and it's PV is my favorite by Scandal. The only songs that I don't really like are Short Short and Mado wo Aketara, the latter mainly because of the "baby baby baby oooh" in bridge. Removing the former song entirely and at least those parts from latter song could make me prefer Honey over...

2. Best Scandal
A fine record. I don't have much other to say about this album.

1. Hello World
After spending their previous career largely relying on other people to compose music for them, Scandal finally took over as their own songwriters, and they did an excellent job at it here, which, sadly, they haven't yet repeated quality-wise. Not to this extent (Honey came close, though). My favorite tunes include Onegai Navigation, Runners High and Oyasumi, but the rest of the album is also great.

Ranking the studio albums Signat10
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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Sat Dec 04, 2021 10:14 pm



Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
I had to think hard on this one.

10 Honey
While no bad album to listen to, I can't think of one song that stand out for me.

9 Temptation Box
Stand out song, Shunkan Sentimental.

8 Encore Show
stand out song, Midnight Television.

7 Baby Action
Stand out songs, Pride and  Nanka Buttobase

6 Yellow
Stand out song, Heaven Ha Kibun.

5 Standard
For me there not many weak songs on this one, plus I think this their best Album cover. Stand out song, Awanitsumorino Genkidene, 

4 Hello World
Same as Standard, quite strong group of songs in which you don't need to skip a track,  Stand out Songs Onegi Navigation and Kan Biiru

3 Best Scandal
I agreed what the others have posted, Stand out song, Yumemiru Tsudasa

2 Kiss From The Darkness
Quite strong Album with some weak tracks, I think when they do Laundry Laundry Live it sound better than Album. Stand out songs, Fuzzy Tsuki and Shaisuukeiki Kimi 

1 Queens are Trumps
With some of my tops fave songs on this one, stand out songs Koe and Bright.

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Mon Dec 06, 2021 2:24 am



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
It's always hard to rank albums for me, and their positions tends to change with time... but I'll try!
I also love all their albums, last place is still amazing. 

I love it as a whole, but it's the weakest individually, not many "outstanding" songs. Still really solid and the best option if I need something relaxing.

In general a bit weaker than yellow for having 3 songs I don't enjoy that much (the most of all albums), but has Onegai navigation and Hon wo yomu, both songs has been in my "top 5" at one point.

#8 Kiss From the Darkness
I thought "oh no, this is the worst album" after the first few playthroughs, but after I heard "you go girl" some days later, I changed my mind. It's a super solid album and has great variety. Laundry laundry became one of my favourite songs ever.

A standard album really, I would recommend this to any non-scandal fan

#6 Queens are trumps
If this album had a better ending, it would go straight to the top 3. I like Right here but doesn't keep up with the ridiculously good first half of the album.

So many iconic songs, but Anata ga mawaru and 3xRing are my favourites. I had a hard time distinguishing songs for some months, like you say because it's the least varied. Expected for being their first release, still impressive for a debut. 

I always counted this one because I discovered the band in 2016 and wasn't going to hear the singles if I had a compilation of them, I thank their decision to release it. Full of hidden gems, it's so sad that they never play some of my favourites live (hikare never left my top 3 and apparently was the first song they wrote completely, why they didn't follow this path if they were able to create a masterpiece like this???)

Every new song is completely different from the previous one (maybe with the exception of pride+haruka, the part I like the least), and I absolutely love that. One piece is the perfect ending.

A song away from perfection: I never liked Namida no regret. Incredible opening and closing tracks.

Sometimes being shorter is a virtue. It's perfect from start to end, good in quality and variety, can't get bored of it.

I'm not re-reading this, so I'm sorry if I made some english mistakes  HARU rly

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Mon Dec 06, 2021 5:38 pm



International Performer
International Performer
I really can't rank their albums as much as you guys do. All of their albums are unique. It mostly depends on my mood, whether I want at the moment, more rock or something quieter. I just tell the best one according to my feelings. This is Hello World. This album is a new beginning because they started writing their songs on their own. And it is also an album with very strong songs with vocals from each member.

Ranking the studio albums VOFnWIx
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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Tue Dec 07, 2021 4:48 am

Don Dio

Don Dio

International Performer
International Performer
I hope more folks contribute to this one.  It is interesting to see how everyone ranks the albums and their reasons why.  Whether we all agree or disagree, it really shows how diverse the fan base is in what we love about Scandal's music.

The only challenge I really had in making my list was how to place the ones between 5 and 8.  They are all so close together in strengths and weaknesses, and quite frankly they can be a bit interchangeable depending on my mood whenever I listen to them in full.

No surprise if anyone's read anything else I've written on this one.  Conceptually, the album is all over the place.  It feels more like a compilation than a fully-realized studio album.  When it rocks, it rocks; but there are too many tunes in that sappy-emotive electronic world that would bore me away from the album if it were not recorded by Scandal.  And lastly, too much auto-tune.

This was the first release since I became a fan in which I was disappointed upon first listen.  It is too mid-tempo throughout, and the most rocking songs are a 104 second instrumental and the weird one about pizza.  It is a well-sequenced album, with some really good songs.  My favorites being the two aforementioned rockers, "Suki Suki," "Sunday Drive" and "Happy Birthday."  Honorable mention is "Sisters" is the kind of dance-oriented songs I enjoy from them.  Great live song.

Overall this album would rank higher if the English version of "Your Song" was left off and used as a B-side for one of the singles; and "Flashback No. 5" took its place.  I would also have included "Life As A Journey" as the album closer.

Now it starts getting a little hard to rank.

I often think of this album as their "lost record" since I tend to forget it even exists.  Part of this may be due to a lack of these songs being featured live (or at least in live videos to be found on YouTube).  The singles are good on this one, but my favorites are the non-singles that I am sure they will never again play live (with the exception of "Burn"): "Sonotoki Sekaiwa Kimidarakeno Rain" and "Apple Tachinodengon." 

This one used to rank higher for me primarily for the first three songs, "Hi-Hi-Hi," "Aitai" and "Helo! Hello!" but in trying to rank this against QAT I had to do a song vs. song comparison, and this one has the weaker tunes, "Shojo M" being one of them.  I don't know why Mami was chosen to sing this one; it sounds like a Rina song to me.
I admit I was not an immediate fan of "Pinheel Surfer" and I'm still a little on the fence about "Kill The Virgin, but both are musically quite interesting to my ears, and "PS" is tops on my list of catalog songs they need to resurrect in a live setting.

Overall, this album rocks a bit harder than BABY ACTION and TEMPTATION BOX, and I'm giving that the edge.  The only thing that really disappoints me on this album is that Mami doesn't play the lead guitar on the title track.  

It almost feels sacrilegious to put a compilation album this high up, but even though this is a collection of B sides and odds/ends it still sounds more cohesive as a final album than KFTD.  If I were a fan from the very beginning and had purchased every single they released, I would have loved this album when it came out since so many of these tunes would have been familiar.  As it is, I love it because there isn't a single song that I dislike, and this may be the only album where every single song is up-beat.  "Happy Collector" is one of my all-time favorite tunes.  "Hoshinofuruyoruni" is one of their best rockers.  They should consider playing this entire album live. 

Pretty bold to name your first album "Best," but they backed it up with some great tunes.  This one is Scandal at their most "garage rockiest."  If we were discussing any other band, this album would rank higher, but the last three are pretty darn good in my book.

This is their best balance of rockers with dance tunes.  Whatever they have in mind for MIRROR, based on the early songs, I am hoping it is more like STANDARD than KFTD.  The only negative on this one is the opening song, "Brand New Wave."  If they had switched this out with "24 Jikan Plus no Yoakemae," and opened the album with "Over Drive" then I would have a tough time deciding on my #2.   As it is, "Orange Juice" is one of my favorites and the one-two punch of this with "Metronom" is awesome.  "Awanaitsumorino Genkidene" is my favorite single.  This is the only tune I hope to never leave their live set.

This is their best open-to-closer studio rock album (ENCORE SHOW not counting).  I could not stop playing it when this one came out.  Aside from being so enjoyable and upbeat, listening on repeat, ""Koisuru Universe" goes so smoothly into "Platform Syndrome" it was really tough to ever hit "stop" on my player.  

Not a bad song on this one, but "Madowoaketara" is the weak one.  Since they included "Take Me Out," it would have been terrific to have included "Freedom Fighters."  Anyone who saw Scandal live on this tour knows how well "Freedom Fighters" fit in with the rest of the HONEY new tunes.  

This is the record I give to a newbie to get a sense of the band.  It is diverse, it rocks when it needs to, and the ballads are excellent.  A couple key points that make this number 1 for me:
* It's the last album to feature shared vocals (which is a signature sound for the band)
* It has songwriting contributions from every member
* It has a lead vocal song from every member
* "Onegai Navigation" is such an awesome rocker (my #1 favorite) that I disliked all of YELLOW when it came out
* For me "Departure" is their prettiest melody with or without an orchestra
* "Your Song" was so good they had to re-record it in English
* Even the Rina song is really good, especially live ("Oyasumi"), but she should figure out how to do it with live drums
* Talk about drums: "Image" is a monster
* Until HONEY came out, this was the definitive Mami-guitar record.  Her solos throughout this album are some of her best.
*"Winter Song" is the weak link on this album, but only because it's on this album.  Put it on any of the ones that came before it and it's a much stronger song.  This means, there isn't a song on HELLO WORLD that I will skip.
* Lastly, they had so many good tunes for this album they had to leave off "Rainy," which for me is their best non-album track

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Tue Dec 07, 2021 9:20 am



Caless Student
Caless Student
It is indeed very cool how different these lists are turning out to be. Here's a couple of observations I have made so far (some could be useful to those, who don't want to read everything):

1) The most popular album is HELLO WORLD.
2) The least popular album seems to be YELLOW. (+ We all clearly want Life is a Journey on there.)
3) ENCORE SHOW is considered a full-fledged album by everyone and so far I am the only person here to rank it below all of their proper studio albums. (That's actually cool!)
4) People mostly prefer stuff from before they started writing their own songs, which is pretty sad, yet understandable. It's the faster heavier rockers that gather the most attention. (Well, MIRROR really doesn't have a chance to become very popular, does it?) 
5) And lastly; we gathered here on what I like to think of as the forum for top 1% of SCANDAL's biggest fans. That's why it really caught me off guard when I saw, that quite a few people (not just in this thread) have some mean things to say about a significant part of this band's catalogue. 
Pretty shocking!   HARU no way  Just kidding, it's okay. We all have different tastes. And it wonderfully illustrates the variety in their music, even if it's not what people like the most about this discography.

Keep the lists coming. I totally expect most people to ignore this thread, as it requires lots of thinking and writing, but even if you're like @Meph1766 and think all their albums are pretty much equal, write it down anyway, that also counts as a ranking. (You DO have a favorite tho, come on.) Ranking the studio albums 1f604

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Tue Dec 07, 2021 6:28 pm



Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
I'm gonna go out of a whim here and not include Encore Show on the list. I really enjoy the album, great songs full with some of my favorites, but if I'm going to include that might as well include all the other compilations albums, Onion huh? maybe do a ranking of Scandal compilations album haha

not a bad album, and there are alot of fun songs up here, but as a whole its very weak, too processed, too cutesy and i get a little tired of it have way through lol 

I hate to put on such a low ranking, especially since its their most recent album, but i wasnt too blown away by this album. I absolutely enjoy the singles, but the rest of the album is meh or it took me a while to actually like, Neon Tokyo Escape is the only one I throughly enjoy at first listen. 

 To me, its similiar to Baby Action, just with a bit more rockers. Tracks, like Aitai, Playboy pt 2, girlism, HIHIHi, and Shunkan are songs i'll never get tired of listening to, but the other ones are meh to me. The reason is so low on this list is mostly because I enjoy the rest of the later albums on this list compare to this one. 

#6 Queens are Trumps
Love the "rock forward" approach of this album, besides Pin Heel Surfer, there's  not one song I want to kick to the curb. I do like Right Here, but it doesn't' help as a closing track lol. It's number 7 cuz I just listen to this album a bit less compare to the next albums on this list.

Really like the concept of this album, love the idea of this being a "preview" of Scandal writing their own songs, every band member solo song is great, but Oyasumi is a least favorite but I have grown to like it a lot. Onegai Navigation is my favorite of the album, with it also being the shortest of the album haha. Whats funny is that I don't care for Winter Story as is,  but come winter and Christmas time its the best thing since slice bread  TOJ Onion

I Really love the concept of this album, every song is great for a different mood, it's also great for parties.  Heaven na Kibun is the heaviest on the album but also my personal favorite, I like the idea that this song is place between very upbeat tunes. This album also holds their best rock ballad in my opinion "Chiisan Honoo". Though I do find Sunday Drive a bit repitive and Sisters meh, they're both not bad songs and a really fun. 

Vintage rock SCANDAL are so good Happy Onion , i love almost very song on this album, very guitar driven, fun, sassy, moody, and somewhat nostalgic. Yumemiru Tsubasa is the only song that took me a long time to actually like, but it's a nice breathy song. Anata Ga Mawaru is the best song that Scandal has ever not written lol

These last two albums, were EXTREMELY hard to rank against each other, they switch places from time to time so take these with a grain of salt

the first time i listen to this album when it came out, I was literally blown away, I absolutely enjoy every song on this album with the exception of Brand New Wave, poor opening song, but great guitar solo lol
Kagen no Tsuki and Over Drive are the single that I listen to the least but i do actually like both of them. My only gripe with this album is that the mixing is atrocious, which is sad because these songs deserve so much better sound engineering, and the fact that 24 Jikan plus no yoake mae is not on here is a LITERAL CRIME that still hurts my feelings to this day.  Onion Cry Also STANDARD (the song) is one of the best fully composed SCANDAL song ever!

The only album where every single song i really enjoy, like REALLY enjoy. From beginning to finish, it kinda makes up for the short album tracklist IMO. I love that they put Futari on here, and Take Me out and Over are platinum tier songs on this album, while everything else is gold tier. Though the song that I listen to the least is OhNo! love the fast part punk vibe, but it's the kind of song that has too much going on but also too little going on haha

List will change once MIRROR comes out, but something tells me it wont get past #7

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Sat Dec 11, 2021 3:41 pm



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
Judging by my results from SCANDAL song sorter, I think I have to revise my album rank list as well.

I took my results and removed all songs, which are not on any album. That means I was left with 127 songs (including the ones on Encore Show). Then I did two rating systems: point rating and star rating.

For point rating, I assigned opposite number of points to where the song ranked on my list. So my favorite (Koe) got 127 points, while least favorite (Pin Heel Surfer - Scandal in the House got excluded for not appearing on any of the albums I take into account) got only one point. Then I added up points for each song for every album, and then divide the result by the number of songs on that album.

For star rating, I split the songs by groups, which I would rank with 5 stars, 4.5, 4 etc. until 0 stars. Then, again, I added up stars for every song on every album and divide the result by the number of songs.

I actually consider results by star rating as main ones. I only considered results by points, if I got the same "star-based" result for two albums.

So here it is (I won't be including actual scores):

10. Temptation Box
9. Yellow

Seems I actually do prefer Yellow over Temptation Box even without Life Is a Journey. But I'd still want it to be there. Maybe putting it instead of Love or Sisters could make the album rank higher than some of the next.

8. Kiss from the Darkness
7. Encore Show
6. Baby Action
5. Queens Are Trumps

I got the exactly same star-based result for both Baby Action and Queens Are Trumps, so point-based results spoke in favor of Queens Are Trumps. As for that album getting much better results than before, I guess it's thanks to Koe.

And the following four remained on the same spot.

4. Standard
3. Honey
2. Best Scandal
1. Hello World

Hello World actually turned out "worse" than Best Scandal by point-based results, but since I decided to rank them mainly by star-based results, it remained on first place.

Ranking the studio albums Signat10
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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Fri Jan 28, 2022 11:26 am



International Performer
International Performer
Instead of ranking per album, I'll be mentioning my most and least favorite albums by SCANDAL:

Yellow happens to be the best-produced album released by the band. The music and lyrical theme pertain to their experiences abroad. I also love their attempt to play rock (I consider grunge a branch of hard rock) through the track "Heaven Na Kibun".

Mirror happens to be my new second favorite simply because it is their most experimental. I've never heard of a decent concept album for a while until Mirror was released. It's a quintessential progressive pop album.

I know this is an unpopular opinion but, I consider Honey as the worst album they've released. Their "back to the roots" pop-punk sounds too forced and the album's concept was trying too hard to please everyone.

Temptation Box is as bad as Honey for me. Their musical direction at the time was so confusing. Although, Temptation Box has the best-looking album cover in all SCANDAL's catalog.

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Fri Jan 28, 2022 12:02 pm



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Now that Mirror is out and had listened to the songs a few times already here is my top 10 (will go bottom to top):

10. Baby Action (Surprisingly my personal favorite song from the band, BURN, is in this album as well)
9. Queens Are Trumps
8. Temptation Box
7. Standard
5. Mirror
4. Kiss from the Darkness
3. Hello World
2. Honey
1. Yellow - this is the only album in which I cannot pick a favorite song, cause I loved all of it especially Heaven no Kibun, that song is so nostalgic 'cause I used to listen to Grunge music.

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Re: Ranking the studio albums
Posted Fri Jan 28, 2022 8:39 pm



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
Like I said in topic for Mirror, regardless of whether I count the basic album (10 songs) or full version (12 songs), it ends up as my second least favorite album by Scandal. So I'm just going to put two more hypothetical places, where the album could have been under other circumstances (keeping the other albums sorted as they are, of course).

My order as it is now:

If Spice was included, but not Living in the City:

If Spice was included instead of One More Time (frankly, one of my least Scandal songs):

Ranking the studio albums Signat10
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