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RINA of SCANDAL introduces her "top female artists to look out for"! 【Coming-of-Age Albums】
QJWeb - RINA Introduces Her "Female Artists to Watch Out For" Rina

"Coming-of-Age Albums" is an ongoing project in which artists who are active on the front lines of music introduce their favorite songs.

The eighth one features RINA of SCANDAL, who released their 10th album MIRROR on Jan. 26th. Continuing to run on the front lines as an all-girl band, SCANDAL celebrated its 15th anniversary last year. RINA from this group that is active both in Japan and overseas will introduce her "top female artists to look out for."

Table of Contents
  • "Dorori" by ako
  • "Eeyo" by Gestalt Girl
  • "Hikiniku" by Haze
  • "California" by Mahiru Koda
  • "Kanojo wa Wave" from SCANDAL's new album

"Dorori" by ako

A very pleasant song that matches the oriental atmosphere of the track with an ephemeral and delicate singing voice that's likely to disappear if touched. So stylish.

No matter what you're feeling when you listen to it, it has the power to warp you to a different world. There's no other music like it.

QJWeb - RINA Introduces Her "Female Artists to Watch Out For" 1

A song that suits nighttime. This is a film-taken photo that I found retroactively on my camera roll

"Eeyo" by Gestalt Girl

A rock band from Taiwan that sings in Japanese.

The rhythm of the words is pleasant, and it lets you enjoy the depth and fun of the Japanese language again. I think it's a very beautiful, cool song with an exquisite balance of word selection that is neither too direct nor too abstract.

QJWeb - RINA Introduces Her "Female Artists to Watch Out For" 2

A delicious hot pot dish that we ate during a tour in Asia. I want to go to Taiwan again soon〜!

"Hikiniku" by Haze

In a good way, the lyrics have a scribbled-like feel to them and the music has a raw-like sound. I think it's wonderful that Kati-chan's way of life and her style seem to be entirely all about music, as well as the way she sings as if as she's leisurely shouting out what she wants to say.

QJWeb - RINA Introduces Her "Female Artists to Watch Out For" 3

It's nice when you play your favorite song while thinking about what to wear tomorrow

"California" by Mahiru Koda

This is some mysterious music with different elements mixed together. Even though it's like everything I like is being mixed together, it's catchy and pop-sounding.

The girlish vocals sounds punkish and has a familiarity to it, as well as being light and worth listening to. It's amazing how cross-compatible it is.

QJWeb - RINA Introduces Her "Female Artists to Watch Out For" 4

Perfect for listening to while taking a walk. A shot from a day I was strolling about in Osaka

"Kanojo wa Wave" from SCANDAL's new album

A song about a girl who lives freely like a wave.

The future will always remain uncertain and emotions that you can't control will never go away, but bring along that "hopelessness" that always follows you around and do whatever you want to. This song was created via computer music while imagining a fascinating girl who can't be stopped by anyone and lives so freely and mischievously that she forgets her worries. I sing as I play the drums.

QJWeb - RINA Introduces Her "Female Artists to Watch Out For" 5

Equipment given to me by our live team for my birthday. I want to make more interesting songs with it

QJWeb - RINA Introduces Her "Female Artists to Watch Out For" 39iLxaW

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