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Personal gifts - 2022-02-20 (RINA)
Posted Sun Feb 20, 2022 6:52 am



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Personal gifts

Did you know that there's a present giveaway
In "her" Magazine Vol.3
Which comes with our album?

There are disposable cameras
That the members each took
And contain photos that no one knows what they are
Until the winners develop them,
And things from each of the members' houses....haha
You can win all sorts of things!

Personal gifts - 2022-02-20 (RINA) NbeQcuB

I went with something that I use when I go out!
I was so unsure about what to go with...!
We don't usually do things like this,
But it's nice once in a while to have something that has a special to it^^
I wonder who will win this〜

By the way, the members also don't know
Which presents we each chose haha
But because of the sizes,
It seems like everyone's personalities are apparent in them haha

You have until 2/28 (Mon)
To apply for the presents!
Everyone who purchases
"her" Magazine Vol.3 within the time frame
Has a chance to win things,
So you can still apply now!
Details on how to apply are in the magazine〜☺


2022/2/20 15:18

Personal gifts - 2022-02-20 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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