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SCANDAL's world tour kicks off! "We really are thinking, 'Make this moment last eternally'"
Music Natalie - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "MIRROR" World Tour MQdggX4

SCANDAL's world tour, 「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 "MIRROR"」, kicked off today, March 12th, at  Atsugi City Cultural Hall, Large Hall in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Music Natalie - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "MIRROR" World Tour 4B5pGgq

SCANDAL, who celebrated their 15th anniversary last August, released their 10th album MIRROR in January. MIRROR was completed as each member deeply reflected on themselves and the band during the pandemic and searched for music that they ought to be expressing as who they are right now, and is a work that reflects the current mood of the quartet who are now all in their thirties and have grown more refined. In support of this work, SCANDAL will be holding their second world tour, continuing to perform in Japan until June, followed by a North America tour in July and a Europe tour in September.

This long-awaited performance was at full capacity, and the quartet's excitement was even more so. With a gorgeous stage set, various lighting effects, special outfits prepared for this tour, and a venue ready to receive SCANDAL's performance more effectively, the band put on a concert with a setlist packed with songs from MIRROR and other popular songs.

Music Natalie - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "MIRROR" World Tour Vs8R3zw

As HARUNA asked the audience at the beginning, "Isn't this surprisingly intense?", SCANDAL enthusiastically filled the venue with an energetic performance. In addition to popular songs such as "Shunkan Sentimental" and "SCANDAL BABY," they also performed songs in which each of the four members took up lead vocals, and the stage continued to fully showcase the multifaced SCANDAL's charms.

"We feel the happiest when we get to see you guys," RINA said. She talked about the messages included in the album: "When we weren't able to play concerts, we spent time reflecting on music and then made this album. By being honest with yourself, the more open you can be. We also realized that it is important to live the way you want. That's why we want our fans to spend their days cherishing their own hearts that they only they can understand." MAMI and TOMOMI also entrusted themselves to the music and played happily while moving their bodies, embodying the thoughts put into the album as RINA talked about. The enthusiasm of the fans held their own against the quartet's feelings. TOMOMI said that she was surprised at how loud the applause was during the endgame, and just as she said, the audience gave SCANDAL thunderous applause after each song in an attempt to reach the quartet while being unable to vocalize.

HARUNA said, "Concerts are so much fun! We really are thinking, 'Make this moment last eternally'" while quoting lyrics to "eternal" and reflecting upon how precious it is to spend time with their fans. Lastly, the concert ended with a remark suitable for opening day of a tour: "We'll travel all over Japan with the power we've received from all of you, and then tour the world!"

The next performance of 「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 "MIRROR"」 will be held at Kobe International House, Kokusai Hall in Hyogo Prefecture. The domestic leg will conclude with the Nakano Sunplaza performances in Tokyo on June 10th and 11th.

Music Natalie - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "MIRROR" World Tour 39iLxaW

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