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Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA)
Posted Mon Aug 22, 2022 6:32 am



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Mystery Tour 2

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) QnOBdzV

Mystery Tour 2,
Our mysterious fan club event
Where we didn't tell anyone ahead of time where we'd be going or what we'd be doing!
We were successfully able
To spend some really great togetherー! Thanksー!

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) ZQjLhDa

For us in SCANDAL,
It was the day of the band's 16th anniversary〜!
It's a miracle that we're able to continue playing music peacefully
This year too...!

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) MDVzzLH

For the Mystery Tour this time,
We held it at Tsumagoi Resort in Shizuoka!
We arrived the day before
And got to try out a bunch of things there,
Which we shot for our fan club newsletter,

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) Fr3Zfuy

And we also prepared a space to eat
For everyone participating,
And also did surprise rehearsals...

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) 7d1Z0vv

We did stuff like
A bingo tournament where you could win the band members' personal items,
And an acoustic live performance
With a very long MC♡
Everything was a huge success! It was so much fun!

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) CiUyOtF

The other band members and our staff team
Celebrated my birthday in the green room,
Which made me so happy〜! Thanks for doing this every year〜!

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) 85Rvc27

I'm now 31〜♡Happy

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) 25y6XbY

We set off fireworks together.
These two days were packed
With tons of summer memories!

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) Y5ijBJW

It also seems like we were trending on Twitter!
I'm so happy...
As always, we have so much gratitude and love
For every single person who supports us.
There are so many things
That make me glad we're playing music,
But I think it's one of our good fortunes
To be able to have such warm and charming fans.
We're always treasuring you guys!
Thank you
For finding us and continuing to like us. We'll always be on your side!

Best regards
In our 17th year as well☺︎!


2022/8/22 14:22

Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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Re: Mystery Tour 2 - 2022-08-22 (RINA)
Posted Mon Aug 22, 2022 7:18 pm



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
i want to see vid of the go-kart laps. i wonder who was fastest, i'm betting on Tomo

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