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New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA)
Posted Tue Oct 11, 2022 8:34 am



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New items

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) Cqx5bir

Are now on sale〜!

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) WML6yq8

First we have a long-sleeve shirt with the logo embroidered on the chest
The white shirt has gray embroidery

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) SEJd3no

The black shirt has white embroidery

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) N0zCPcK

Our casual-wear items
Have a DAISY-like air of luxury and vintage feel.
It features ribbed cuffs to stop the sleeves from being rolled up
So that the people doing housework such as washing stuff or taking care of children
Can wear them with as little stress as possible.
Wash it in the washing machine without worrying about it
And wear it as much as you'd like!

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) LkXueof

The other item is a hoodie with brushed lining!
It's so warm〜
The brown one,
Which is the project's main color,
Really has been popular since sales started (happy

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) ZTJMwGN

The beige one gives off a soft impression
And is easy to wear for multiple purposes◎
Winter clothes tend to be heavy overall
Due to the thickness and colors of the fabrics,
So I think it's really convenient
To have a bright-colored item like this...!

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) NuKALDQ

It'd be cute to match with
With friends, family, or partners
Also, the front pocket on hoodies
Is a pretty useful feature

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) DwYyKCW

The tote bag that sold out immediately after launch
Is finally back in stock!
It has thick fabric and can fit a lot of stuff.
I used this religiously while on tour☺
Use it for travel, commuting to work or school,
Or as an eco bag for shopping.
You can use it for all sorts of stuff

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) XJgEsQg

I write this every time,
But a portion of proceeds
For all of the items this project sells
Are donated to child-rearing/womens' support groups

Those who support our activities
And purchase our items receive them,
And proceeds from the sales provide things such as clothes for children
And food for single-parent families.

All kinds of things
Happen to everyone each day,
So let's always support each other--
That is DAISY's position.

The online store can be found here☺


2022/10/11 17:07

New items - 2022-10-11 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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