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Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA)
Posted Thu Nov 17, 2022 9:40 am



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Second anniversary, and

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) R7WDxhC

Yesterday was
DAISY PROJECT's second anniversaryー!
Ahー, I'm so happyー!

Thank you for always cheering us on
And having fun together☺

To express our gratitude,
We have made
An original clear file in celebration of our second anniversary!

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) F27E3WA

They are being given for free to the first 100 purchasers [who buy any item].
If you're interested in one,
Buy something you'd like
To get this file〜!
(It looks like we'll be hitting that number soon, so be quick about it◎)

We launched a new collaboration item yesterday!

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) J6cR5Dt

We have made a cuticle oil
In collaboration with "URUOKA,"
A product of Sasaki Shoten Co., Ltd.,
Which sells nail products for professionals.

We'd love for you to start using it
During this current dry season.

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) 5E6c76c

・Rose Geranium
・Grapefruit White

Are the three scents it is available in.
All of them are scents that everyone can enjoy
And are easy to use irrespective of gender.

I was so unsure which to go with,
And finally went with lavender♡
The marble-patterned labels, designed in colors inspired by scents,
Are also cute,,,

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) RUGa6JT

It's easy to use:
With the oil sucked up with the dropper,
Just drop it along the edge of the nail
And blend it with your fingers◎

Apply it quickly before going out/going to bed,
And let the nice fragrance and moisturization soothe you♡

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) WM7oOED

The oil and an original postcard
Come in an elegant gray organza drawstring bag.
You can give it as a present as is◎

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) VPOKLPd

I packed everything one by one
By hand
This time as well☺

It always makes me happy
As I work while thinking,
"These are going out to everyone〜!"

The number of things that take away from the proceeds are reduced
So that we can give the maximum donation amount◎

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) KfGu6vP

It took a year
To finally complete this oil.
The moment our items get sent out,
My love for it overflows. haha
I believe in DAISY
With all my heart.

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) UlU0kxj

We thought about how
People might be worried about dry hands or damage to them
When they use water every day for housework and childcare,
And I hope that their skin and hearts will be moisturized during those times.
Please take some time to do some self care.

Since the item went on sale yesterday,
I've also gotten a lot of opinions and impressions
From people who don't have kids.
I'm really happy and feel like I've been rewarded.

Comments like, "I'm worried about my fingertips when I touch my computer at work,
So I'm looking forward to using it!"
And, "I'm happy because hand care has been on my mind
Ever since daily sanitization has been the norm,"
And, "I want to give this to my mom as a present."
And, "You might be able to reach more people
If you send an easy-to-understand usage method
To men that have never used a nail oil before!"

Thank you for thinking with us!
Thank you for getting it!

I hope everyone can feel warm
Via DAISY items.
Those worried about their families,
You're not alone.
Even if something's unresolved,
I hope you don't forget
That there are people right here who always care about you☺
Let's live life together

It's getting too long, so I'll wrap it up haha

You can purchase our items here☺

※A portion of proceeds
Will be donated to
Single-parent families, support for victims of domestic violence, and women's support groups.


2022/11/16 20:07

Second anniversary, and - 2022-11-16 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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