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Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA)
Posted Fri Nov 18, 2022 8:08 pm



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Clips of our trips

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) 4ndz1mc

I'm sure there are many people who learned about this
Via the official announcement we already made,
But we've completed a photobook
Full of photos from our overseas trips
Shot by our photographer
Takeshi Yao!

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) BAv1YgH

He continued to take pictures
While staying close to us band members
Not only on concert days, of course,
But for all other times as well.
We're very happy
That he took almost two months out of his schedule for us,
Despite being in big demand
With a lot of other popular artists.
Too luxurious.

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) YCo6jMJ

There's an excitement and air of tension
When you have something that makes you go,
"If it weren't for this one photo, I would have forgotten about this〜."
Excitement and a moment to take a breath.
When you reminisce,
Memories will come flooding back from then
And you'll feel a twinge in your heart.

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) BBRItUL

Who we are this year can only happen right now--
We were photographed as is, and we like every single photo☺
I'm sure that for the people who will see this,
It'll act as a switch
That'll bring back the feelings that pass by so delicately
That can't be remembered without an impetus.
I'd like for you to occasionally flip it on
And immerse yourself in the moments you love.

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) TAe5L5T

Photos really do hold a mysterious power to them.
That goes for photographing, viewing, and being photographed.
In just a year and a few months,
Things have changed so much that even I'm surprised.

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) Rg7kVr8

These are photos that can only be seen in this photobook
That only could have been taken by Yaoyao.
You can experience the story via the layout and design.
Scenes that were captured
From the perspective of a photographer.
There are so many good moments alongside each other◎

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) GArNzWo

We really want to bring our activities overseas
Back to Japan
In all sorts of ways☺
It would make me very happy
If you could enjoy this book as you'd like it.

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) A8kNZqq

Ah, speaking of,
It will also come with an original sticker
For those who preorder it♡

The sticker's design
Hasn't been revealed yet,
But just between us:
It was made to look like a Paris subway ticket.
It'll look adorable
If you put it on your phone case or laptop...◎
I wrote that in secrecy haha

Thanks for your hard work this week♡


2022/11/18 18:27

mirror - Clips of our trips - 2022-11-18 (RINA) 39iLxaW

2011.7.3 AM2 2012.3.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN 11.3+4 QAT Tour @名古屋 11.10 Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.3.3 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 2014.6.1 HNL Ekiden & Music 2014 6.2 Fan Meeting 2015 HELLO WORLD @ Paris - London - Essen - Chicago - MEX - LA - Anaheim 2016.1.12+13 PERFECT WORLD 5.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 5.22 HNL Ekiden & Music 2016 5.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 8.21 SCAFes 2017.7.14 47 Prefecture Tour @茨城 7.15 水戸 7.17 東京 2018 Special Thanks @NY - SF - Anaheim - MTY - MEX - Dallas 2022 MIRROR @Toronto - NY - Boston - Atlanta
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