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【Translated Summary】

From LUMINOUS Blu-ray Edition



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front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-1

March 2023 - Photo Shooting

•The video starts off with SCANDAL shooting promo photos for their Line of sight single. RINA says she's really happy that they'll be able to update their main artist promo photo since they had been using the same one for about a year now. Because that photo had been a rather simple one, they thought it would be nice to change things up and take some fresh photos with sharp colors with a bit of a punkish feel but are not overly strong, and would leave a good impression. Footage is then shown of four staff members getting into the platform installed in the shooting space and taking test photos. RINA says while laughing that they always take such cool test photos.

•The band is shown taking their promo photos as RINA talks about how their promo photos are a way to convey what new mode SCANDAL is in, and how it's also a way to give a visual impression as to what their new song will be like. It shows everyone what their next step is, so it always feels new and exciting for the band. As the band looks through the photos they've taken, MAMI laughs and says that TOMO's legs look super long in them. HARU says that they're pretty much always entangled or are in weird positions when they take photos and so she's rather used to it, but because this was their first time shooting promos in a while, she was made aware of it once again. RINA says that it's hard to do that when they're in a cramped space, like now, since it's hard on the knees, and that their cores are getting stronger.

•As footage of the band shooting more photos is shown, RINA talks about how they tell their stylist and photographer about the concept and nuances of what they want to achieve, and they all try to come up with new ideas as they go along. It's gotten difficult since they've done this so many times that they're running out of ideas, but new ideas do eventually come out of their discussions each time. It's a lot of work but also a lot of fun and interesting to make something new. The rest is then up to the band. It's less about it being some amazing staging and more about the expressive power of the four of them. She's really happy their team trusts them in that way.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-2

March 2023 - Music Video Shooting

•Behind-the-scenes footage of the "Line of sight" MV is shown, first with the band eating fruits. MAMI bites into a strawberry and, after a few seconds, says it tastes good, though doesn't sound very enthusiastic about it. The other members laugh in the background. MAMI laughs too and says, "They're just normal strawberries, aren't they?" HARU explains that MAMI doesn't really like strawberries that much to begin with. MAMI says she needs fruit to be as sweet as melons, or as sweet as jam. TOMO goes, "Because jam has sugar in it!" while HARU laughs in the background. MAMI goes, "But strawberries look like they're sweet!" She starts opening a package of what looks to be white strawberries, and HARU says that MAMI is sure to prefer those. TOMO says that those are probably on the sour side, though. MAMI says that with it having this kind of appearance, she'd rather it be a vegetable. TOMO says it's fine to think of it in that way, which makes MAMI laugh. MAMI tries a white strawberry and makes a surprised face. TOMO asks if it's good. MAMI excitedly nods and TOMO says she thought so. MAMI claps and says it's delicious.

•RINA is shown walking as she says that it's been a while since they've shot a music video in this kind of place (an abandoned factory). She says she's looking forward to making something cool. She arrives where her drum set is set up and says it looks really cool, including the plastic tarp with writing all over it that her drums are on top of. As she sits at her drums, she says she wants to go all out with her performance. After she shoots her scene, she says that the kanji character she chose to represent 2023 for her is "答 (answer; reply)," which means to respond to expectations, so she wants to show everyone the side of SCANDAL they want to see. She thinks this year will be a good one to do that, and says that she's looking forward to it.

•MAMI shoots next while RINA watches. As MAMI finishes, RINA says that she looked really cool. MAMI laughs and says it's probably because of the people filming it. They're then shown walking past a big pile of rubble outside. RINA says, "How did they even find this kind of place to shoot at?" They both laugh. MAMI says that maybe they found it after seeing it in a movie. RINA says that maybe it was in a fight scene. They laugh and MAMI says that could be the case.

•It's now nighttime. HARU and TOMO are seen walking onto set while RINA says that it looks really awesome. HARU is then shown in front of the outdoor performance set and says it's really cool and has a junkyard-feel to it. MAMI is shown standing to the side and says that it's well into the night, and that she predicts it's going to be a cool video. RINA says that this is a great shooting location, although it's freezing. She says that since they've already shot a lot of cool music videos in the past, they were wondering how they could make a new kind of perfomance-only one. But when they communicated to the director what kind of nuances they wanted to have, they felt that would be able to do it. She says they want to live up to everyone's expectations.

•They're then shown shooting performance scenes at the outdoor set. After, a cameraman with a complicated and heavy-looking rig is shown removing their camera. TOMO says that they have the hardest job, and that they're really amazing. RINA says that that cameraman's strength is on full display. TOMO and HARU are shown watching the playback as TOMO dances along to the breakdown part of the song. RINA and HARU are then shown, and RINA says that this is the SCANDAL that everyone wants to see. HARU says that only SCANDAL can do something like this. RINA agrees and says that it seems possible that others could, but they can't—you can try it and you'll understand why. They both laugh at this.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-4

SCANDAL TOUR 2023 「unlimited UTOPIA」

April 7, 2023 - Zepp Nagoya

•SCANDAL is shown in the dressing room of the venue. TOMO says that it's day 1 of their tour. MAMI claps and cheers. HARU is shown looking at the papers on the wall. Their videographer Chie asks her what she's looking at. HARU says she's looking at the catering menu that has stuff that can only be found in Nagoya. Chie laughs while saying that she thought HARU was thinking about the performance while looking at the setlist above the menu. HARU laughs and clarifies that she was looking at the paper below it.

•The band is shown at the venue's entrance where the merch tables and fan club booth are. MAMI tries out the lottery for fan club members where you stick your hand inside a large plastic ball with papers being blown around and grab one slip. She keeps her hand at the top of the ball and manages to collect a bunch of slips. TOMO says, "You're only allowed to get one!" They're all then shown with a slip in each of their hands and open them at the same time, revealing that they all got participation prizes. HARU says while smiling that she wanted to win the meet-and-greet prize. As they walk back to the dressing room, MAMI claps her hands and says she's very satisfied, and that it's all so much fun.

•Back in the dressing room, the band watches the lighting team on the monitors try out the lighting that will be going on when the performance starts. They say it looks really cool. MAMI laughs and says that the band should actually be the ones clapping for this.

•Next, they're shown doing rehearsals on stage and soundchecking "A.M.D.K.J." After, HARU asks which songs will have lasers. A staffer answers that a bunch of them do. HARU laughs and says that it might be pretty harsh for her liking. They ask if she means the laser that will be hitting right in front of her, which she says yes to. The laser sequence in question is then demonstrated, and a laser does seem to hit the mic in front of her. The next frame cuts to the lasers projecting behind her instead, which she says is better. After rehearsals are done and HARU puts down her guitar, she says that the lasers were kind of harsh.

•The band is then shown back in the dressing room and in their stage outfits. The monitors are now displaying the crowd gathered in front of the stage. RINA wonders if everyone will vocalize right away when the show starts (since this tour is their first one since the pandemic began that is allowing the audience to vocalize; i.e. sing and shout). Their photographer Jon asks if they haven't allowed vocalizing at the performances yet. HARU says these will be their first solo concerts that it will be allowed.

•Their producer Eisuke comes in to get them when it's time for the concert to start. RINA says that was really fast. As they walk through the hallways, RINA says that she can't wait to play "SCANDAL BABY" (the last song they'll play, but is also the song that the audience always vocalizes the most to), which the others laugh at. After they do their pre-show chant with their staff, the band waits in the wings to go on stage. TOMO says that the crowd is actually pretty quiet right now, despite vocalizing being okay to do. RINA says that it did used to be louder in the past. The crowd can then be heard cheering right before the band goes on. MAMI says she wants to hear them cheer even louder.

•Clips from the MC are then shown:

RINA: For the past three years, we've been unable to do a lot of things, and we've felt like almost giving up a number of times. We've said it in many interviews that we really thought we couldn't do this anymore, like last year. But performing in front of everyone today made me realize how glad I am that we didn't give up.

HARU: Isn't it amazing that we can feel that way over and over again when playing or listening to our music?

R: It is!

H: So even though we feel a sense of accomplishment from touring and writing songs, it's like this never-ending feeling of dissatisfaction continues. It's not that we're not satisfied, but rather, we want to be even more amazing and even happier. I really felt that way again today.

TOMO: We want to call out to you guys over and over again!

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-5

SCANDAL TOUR 2023 「unlimited UTOPIA」

April 8, 2023 - Zepp Osaka Bayside

•HARU is shown lying on the couch backstage. She says she's exhausted physically and emotionally [from the Osaka concert the day before]; it's been a while since she's felt this drained. She sits up and says her head doesn't feel clear at all. RINA is then shown as Chie asks her if she still feels nervous on day 2 of a tour. She says that she totally still does.

•Clips of the band performing "Line of sight" at the concert are shown. Next, footage from an MC is shown of them talking and laughing about how long it's been since the crowd could answer back with their voices and not just with clapping. HARU says it feels like it's been forever since they all shouted "Young corn" together during "STANDARD."

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-6

SCANDAL TOUR 2023 「unlimited UTOPIA」

April 14, 2023 - KT Zepp Yokohama

•Footage of HARU talking during an MC is shown:

Hearing everyone's voices like this make me feel like you've all been waiting for this moment. Just as the "unlimited UTOPIA" title suggests, we want this tour to be one where there are no limits on how much everyone can have fun, so I hope everyone can enjoy themselves freely by shouting and throwing their hands up in the air as they please. Please spend today however you'd like!

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-7

SCANDAL TOUR 2023 「unlimited UTOPIA」

April 15, 2023 - SENDAI GIGS

•The band is shown at the venue and doing things like writing messages for the venue on notepads and looking + laughing at caricatures of them that were posted on a wall.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-8

SCANDAL TOUR 2023 「unlimited UTOPIA」

April 19, 2023 - Zepp Sapporo

•Footage of HARU talking during an MC is shown:

We're playing a lot of different songs today, and we really don't want you to think about anything or worry about anything after this concert ends. We just want you to enjoy the songs, shout out loud, and express your feelings with all your might. Sound doable?

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-9

SCANDAL TOUR 2023 「unlimited UTOPIA」

April 29, 2023 - Zepp Fukuoka

•Footage of HARU talking during an MC is shown:

You guys are super pumped! Again, welcome to the "unlimited UTOPIA" tour! The setlist is really focused on vocalization, which is why it's a different setlist for each performance!

•The band is shown taking group photos after the concert. MAMI says that it feels all slimy and hot where they are (likely since it was raining on that day and was humid inside the venue). HARU says she feels really warm. RINA says it's hot while fanning herself with her hands.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-10

SCANDAL TOUR 2023 「unlimited UTOPIA」

May 4, 2023 - Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

•The band has just arrived at the dressing room of the venue. RINA says that this is the finale of the tour. It then cuts to HARU eating and saying that it's getting even hotter. RINA says that, simply put, their concerts right now are really good. They had a chance to talk with some staffers for the first time in a while at an after-party in Fukuoka, and they told them that although their MC in Fukuoka was a little short, it was really passionate. It was really interesting to hear the staff's thoughts and impressions because they've been watching the band for so long. She was really happy to hear that the staff has fun while doing their jobs.

•The band is then shown soundchecking songs such as the intro of "Tonight." After, a staffer asks them if they want to go over the beginning of "Tonight" again. MAMI says that's okay, and that she just forgot to turn up the volume. It then cuts to Kota, one of their roadies, asking if they're okay with "Tonight" being the second song of the encore. HARU asks if it's odd to do. Kota says that he feels like there will be a happy vibe today, which RINA agrees with, but he doesn't seem convinced that "Tonight" should be played. RINA asks him if he thinks that the mood will dip downwards. He says that the opening music leading into the song (an opening that is only played live and is not on the recorded song) is what he's unsure about. RINA says that the band was also unsure if they wanted to include it or not, and maybe they could just start it like how the recorded song starts off. He says that they could, but he doesn't know if that would be best. RINA says that they can try it once. HARU says that they are doing a lot of special things on this tour, after all. Another staffer says that they could play one more song, which makes their videographer laugh. RINA asks what they should do. Kota suggests that it ought to be "Image," and thinks that they should end the tour on a happy note. MAMI asks if they should and laughs, saying that the encore will last 20 minutes now. RINA says that the point is to connect everything in the end. MAMI says yes, and that utopia was right here. RINA says, "Yes, a perfect world."

•Back on stage, HARU talks into the mic and addresses their staff, saying that they safely made it to the finale. Kota hits the cymbals on RINA's drum kit, which makes MAMI laugh and say that surprised her. HARU continues speaking and says that although it was a pretty short tour with only 7 performances, it's been really great and that they want to make tonight the best night ever.

•The band is then shown back in the dressing room in their stage outfits. HARU says that it doesn't feel like it's the finale of a tour and wonders why. RINA says that they should just have the finale next year instead, which makes HARU laugh.

•Eisuke comes to the dressing room to bring them to the stage. They do their usual huddle with their staff and are then shown heading out on stage.

•A portion of an MC is shown, with HARU laughing and saying that they're having so much fun that they're going dumb. The crowd laughs and claps. She says that they're having so much fun that they're liking making noises that they've never made before, and that MAMI was being particularly loud while singing "STANDARD." MAMI says that she always does her best to sing in her natural voice when harmonizing during other songs, which is why during "STANDARD" she wants her voice to be explosive. It then cuts to HARU saying that she felt that, in addition to welcoming everyone back to their concerts, they're also welcoming back everyone's voices. This tour has really given them so much happiness such as that, and she thanks everyone for coming out.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-11

July 2023 - São Paulo, Brazil

•The band and their staff are walking outside while it's very sunny out. MAMI says while laughing that she doesn't know if it's cold or hot right now. Eisuke says it's warm when the sun is out, and that no one expected it to be this cold in Brazil. HARU says that they were mistaken.

•After arriving at the anime convention they will be appearing at, they walk through a spacious, rather empty space in the backstage area. Eisuke says it's been a while since they've experienced this. RINA agrees and says that it feels nostalgic.

•Footage of them at their panel, M&G, and press junket is then shown. Backstage, they read a fan letter that says they've been a fan since "Shoujo S" was a Bleach opening song when they were 9 years old. The band is all seemingly surprised at that. As they walk to another location, RINA says to HARU that the fans' reactions were very attuned, and reacted like, "Whoa!" to anything. HARU says that they listened carefully and understood. RINA says that now that the band is finally here in Brazil, they want to talk to everyone properly.

•Before they hit the stage for their concert, the band does their group huddle where HARU says it's their first time in Brazil, and to have fun and do their best. Clips of the band performing "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" and "A.M.D.K.J." are then shown. After the concert, the band hugs some staffers and says thanks.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-12


August 21, 2023 - Namba Hatch

•RINA is shown walking through the train station. She says the day's finally here and that she can't imagine how it'll feel. HARU says that it still feels like just a normal morning. RINA says that they have some footage of their first live performance at Namba Hatch and will be showing it on stage as they perform the same song ("Time Machine ni Onegai" cover by SADISTIC MIKA BAND). She laugh about how it's some pretty amazing footage, and that it surprised her how young they all looked. It then cuts to TOMO saying that 17 years is a pretty big milestone, and despite it being such an important day she's not sure if they're really conveying that with how they're acting all calm right now—it kind of feels more like they're about to hold their annual year-end concert instead (BEST Xmas) and wonders if that's okay to feel that way. HARU says she thinks it's fine.

•They arrive at the venue and notice a whiteboard containing pictures of different places around the world, with the text saying "Best in the world" on top. TOMO asks what it is, and a staffer explains that it's several places that are the top ones of its kind in the world. An example is Tiananmen Square being the largest public square in the world. The band and staff say that that's awesome. Chie asks them to list something that they've learned from the board. TOMO says the fact about Mt. Everest and MAMI says the one about the desert (most likely the Sahara Desert). RINA says the fact about how the world's currently oldest person is (was, technically) 127 years old.

•The band arrives at the dressing room where balloons celebrating their anniversary adorn the wall. Chie says that it feels like a festival in here. TOMO and HARU say it's all thanks to everyone and say thanks. They're then shown eating at a table. HARU says that she didn't think they'd be together this long, including Chie sticking with them for so long. TOMO asks Chie if she thought they wouldn't last that long. She laughs and says that's a scary thing to be asked, and that she never thought that. TOMO asks if that's true. Chie says that wondered what kind of phenomenon this was, and that them actually setting the record for longest-running female rock band was something they all joked about at first. TOMO says that they had been joking about it since their 10th anniversary that they really might get it, and now it's become a reality.

•HARU is then shown on stage during rehearsals and says that anything goes when it comes to their anniversary. Chie asks her what they did last year. HARU says that they held the Mystery Tour last year, and that anything really does go—they just want to celebrate the day itself.

•The band is then shown in their stage outfits heading to the stage. In the elevator, HARU says that it's really quiet. TOMO says that everyone seems nervous. A staffer says the audience is as well. HARU says that you never know what might happen. TOMO wonders if there's a possibility that they might not get the record. Next, they're shown being closer to the stage. MAMI says that this is a new phenomenon. RINA says that it's like the first time they played in Taiwan and laughs. MAMI laughs and says that she totally gets that.

•The band and staff huddle together as HARU says, "Today marks the 17th anniversary of our formation, and today is the only day we can achieve this world record, so let's imprint this day into our heads and hearts. Let's all make it a great night!"

•The opening video plays while footage of the band and the audience are shown in a split screen view. After it's done playing, the concert's master of ceremonies, Satoko Nii, opens the event and calls SCANDAL to the stage. They talk about things like how they only knew to count in with "5, 6, 7, 8" since that's how it's done for dancing. Satoko says, "Who would have thought that people who didn't want to do it would be like this 17 years later?" and asks what they think of how SCANDAL presently is. TOMO goes, "We're doing pretty good, aren't we?"

•Footage is then shown of each member speaking:

HARU: I was totally relaxed until this morning, but now I'm really nervous. I'm really proud of myself as a member of SCANDAL and as an individual that I was able to set a world record with what I've been doing and what I've continued to do. I'm just glad to be a member of SCANDAL, and I'm glad that I've done so many things as a member of the band. I'm glad to be a member of SCANDAL! Thank you so much!

TOMO: I'm so happy. Until a little while ago, we really just felt like we were about to perform BEST Xmas. I think we've probably made everyone here feel lonely before, without us knowing... I don't know what to do—I think I might cry a little! I think we've made everyone feel a little embarrassed before, but today we've become the best band in the world, and you've become the best fans in the world!

RINA: ...oh no, I can't speak.

Audience: Happy birthday!

HARU: That's right—happy birthday!

MAMI: What an amazing day.

R: I turned 32! We've been active for a long time, but we've never really done anything obvious, like performing on the biggest stage at a festival. I'm exaggerating a bit. But of course a lot of good things have happened. But the first number one we achieved was the four of us living our lives together, and the fact that we've become number one in the world is something that is uniquely our own. We are very happy and proud that we became number one, not because we beat anyone else, but because of the time we've spent together as a band. I don't know what normal is for us, but I think we're a band with a special story and special personalities. Thank you for loving and recognizing what makes us different from everyone else. Thank you so much for letting us stand on stage as SCANDAL for such a long time. We really love you guys. You're important to us. Thank you very much!

MAMI: It didn't quite hit me until we received the award, and I think this is the best number one we've gotten with everyone. Although I'm a member of SCANDAL, I feel like I've been watching SCANDAL up close with the same feelings as the fans who support SCANDAL... Ah...

RINA: It's hard to speak, right?

Audience: Hang in there!

R: Take your time.

A: Do your best!

M: Hang on a sec...

TOMO: We'll wait.

M: (speaking with a towel held up to her face) I can talk like this, right? (laughs)

R: Take deep breaths.

M: I'm okay... Ah, I might not be able to speak.

R: I totally get that.

HARU: Your feelings are being conveyed.

T: They are.

M: What should I do? I really might not be able to speak.

T: Then let's talk later.

R: I can't wait to play something loud already!

H: Well, let's do that right now. Is that okay?

Satoko: Of course! Let's get to the music!

•After donning their instruments, HARU speaks to the crowd:

Today only comes around once for us and for you guys. So on this auspicious day, let's think that today is all we have, and let us hear the best voices in the world!

•After the event ends, the band is shown leaving the stage and getting into the elevator to go back to the dressing room.

Staff: The atmosphere was amazing!

TOMO: My heart was beating so fast!

RINA: We didn't think we would cry.

T: We had no intention of doing that at all.

R: We got all choked up! It was surprising.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-13

October 2023 - Meeting

•The band is having a meeting at their office to decide the title of their new album.

T: It'd be nice to give it a title that's the opposite of MIRROR.

M: Lyrics-wise, it's like we're singing these songs for ourselves. They're quite pure songs.

R: They're about us.

M: They're forward-facing.

R: We're all facing the same direction.

H: Yeah.

R: It feels like we've broken free from the past 3-4 years and were able to write about them and about the future.

M: I want to put an end to these feelings with this [album].

R: I get it.

Staff: Any hints?

M: When I was writing "Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto," I knew I didn't want to sing about these kinds of topics anymore. It's like we've already said it all. So I'd like us to proceed with a happy sort of feeling.

R: It's like a luminance came from trying to escape. It's kind of like we're advancing, like moving forward or going to the next stage.

S: Something like "horizon" (laughs).

R: "New Horizon" (laughs). Even though this is our 11th album, it feels like it's our first one.

M: I feel like we've overcome the parts of us that we were unconsciously trying to cover up.

T: It feels like we were taken into the mirror world of MIRROR and suddenly came back out, and the world beyond that is pure and sunny.

R: Yeah.

S: Like a reflection. Or maybe not that. Not sure.

R: Like we advanced to the world ahead of that.

T: It felt that the place we arrived at was quite bright.

M: I feel like we've only just opened the door to that.

R: I wouldn't say that things have gotten easier. The same issues are still there.

M: "Bright," or "Luminous." Like you're radiating light.

R: It's giving Sailor Moon (laughs).

M: That's true.

R: The light feels like a physical thing. It's strong. Should we go with "LUMINOUS"?

M: I think it sounds cool.

T: Let's go with it.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-14

December 2023 - Photo Shooting

•The band is shooting promo photos for LUMINOUS on a rooftop.

RINA: We wanted a bright and soft image for this album. When we decided on the title of LUMINOUS, we included the meaning of "to emit light from oneself" in it. "Clarity" as well. Somehow the theme of light has stuck with us since launching [our imprint label] "her." We decided on LUMINOUS because we thought it'd be nice to have that sense of continuity. Since deciding on this title, it feels more and more like a good fit with each passing day.

MAMI: Because this is an album that pretty much sums up all the different feelings we've had over the past few years, we named it LUMINOUS with the meaning of ​​seeing more light and coming out of the darkness, so it feels a bit like we're emitting light.

HARU: [Our stylist] Kyohei made these outfits.

Staff: They're pretty sheer (laughs).

H: (laughs) They are. They're so sheer that we're not sure if they'll show up as such in the photos, but we'll make sure it looks good.

TOMO: If you were you visualize the album title LUMINOUS, it would look like this. When I look at our past works, there was a time when we were really sparkling. I don't want us to go back to how we were then, but now that we're in our 30s, we want to emit a new kind of sparkle on our own.

•After TOMO is done shooting her solo photos, the photographer asks her if she'd like to take a look at them, which she says yes to. HARU is then shown shooting her solo photos as the photographer shows her some on the camera screen. She goes, "Oh, wow!" The photographer says he tried to make them look sparkly. After she's done, HARU says things are looking good and they'll go through the many photos and pick the good ones.

•HARU then talks more about the album and production:

After our anniversary event, we had our "Kanshasai" tour. Up until then, we were pretty much thinking about the concerts and events we would be doing. After our debut anniversary in October, we had about five events that we performed at, so we were in that mode until around November. From the latter half of November, we suddenly switched back to production mode. It was a pretty hectic schedule, completing about three songs in that month. But we were able to finish recording them before the end of the year. I think it was good that we were able to capture our mood for this year and current feelings in one work. It was tough to head into 2024 with a new mindset, but I'm glad we persevered.

front-page - 【LUMINOUS】 SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION Herdiary23-15

September 2023 - Recording

•The band is shown recording "LOOP" in the studio. It then cuts to HARU and then RINA talking more about the album during the LUMINOUS promo shoot:

HARU: We directed the songs we made for the album. Not just the artwork, but the songs and lyrics were recorded using our own judgement. Vocals, too. Although we worked with arrangers when recording instruments, we just believed in what we thought was good.

RINA: Everything really did come from us, the band members. I think the only biggest changes have been our inner changes.

•The video cuts back to a clip of them recording "LOOP" with HARU recording vocals. After that, the band is again shown talking about the album during the promo shoot:

RINA: When we were writing the songs for this album, I thought we had created some really pure songs. I even brought up the word "pure" when we were discussing the title of the album, so that word and feeling was always in my head during the production period. I feel like we're returning to our most natural state.

TOMO: It wasn't intentional at all, but I think that we had been thinking a lot about what we would be like after we had achieved our world record, and how we could live happily as a band in the future. There are several songs on the album that were written with a similar theme, and I think that's our kind of resolve for the future.

MAMI: The album includes songs that were written during the pandemic, and as I said before, it's an album that really captures the dark side of us over the past few years. That's why I've decided that that mood will end with this album. I wanted this album to be about heading towards the light, which is why my feelings are also moving towards the light.

RINA: I really feel like it expresses us, and the songs are about the four of us as we presently are. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm sure that we've come to a point in time where we need to see things through. I feel like this is an album where we've done everything we needed to do, in order to feel like we're moving on to the next thing. The path that the four of us chose is sure to be shining at the end of it. Or rather, I think because we're shining so brightly, we feel that, wherever we go, it will be the right answer. I think it all came together when we came up with this title.

HARU: We gave the album this title with the hope that we can shine even more with the strength that we radiate from ourselves. The songs on the album feel like a collection of songs that really show us believing in our own strength.

•The promo shoot wraps up. TOMO says that she's glad it was really warm today, and that it felt like summer weather. RINA says the shoot went really well. The way the photos were taken this time was interesting, so it was fun to see how it was done. She thinks the photos will turn out really well. Before she heads back downstairs, she says that she wants next year (2024) to be a bright one.

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Thank you for the translation! Once again I'm reminded of what a miracle band they are.

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hogradish wrote:Thank you for the translation! Once again I'm reminded of what a miracle band they are.

And of what a miracle fan leader we have in you, "TGE"—!

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