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ShoutBox Membership
Posted on Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:12 am



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The ShoutBox will now require a membership for the users of it. It will require a password before the user can use the ShoutBox.

To register for a membership, kindly PM the Admins, Lale, or Lexian of your desired password for the ShoutBox. (I suggest not messaging me, mc~, since I am not that active anymore)

The message must be in this format ...

Subject: ShoutBox
Message Body: Contains your ShoutBox password

We will be registering you once we have read your message. It will be confirmed by replying a confirmation message.

Note: The Name that you will be using is the same as you username.

In-case you forgot your password, kindly PM the same people mentioned above.

NOTE: If you are already registered in the ShoutBox, please PM one of the admins your password again so that we could change your username in the ShoutBox as well. Sorry for the trouble, the SB requires your password again before we can change your username there. Thank you.


I am holding you responsible for your chosen password. I do not require your password here or in any of your accounts. Just choose a password that you can easily remember.

You are also responsible for the privacy of your password. Do not share it with anyone, as they may use it for their own.

As an Administrator here, I can assure you that your chosen password will be safe with me.

Sometimes it might take a while before activation of your account, so please be patient and do not spam me with messages.

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I am now an inactive admin.
I can still be around from time to time if my help is needed, but for urgent matters you can contact the SH Staff

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