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Thanks System
Posted Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:31 pm



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The reputation system here in Forumotion exist for quite a long time already. But I wasn't activating it because there are bugs in it that might get taken advantage of to mess the forum. I won't explain what that is but what I'd like to say now is there's finally a fix on that bug and therefore I'll be activating it now.

So what is this reputation system? I'd decided to name it in a form of "Thanks" which you will find in your profile.

On each post on the threads you will see this Thanks System Thanks14. That is the thanks button where if you feel the post has helped a lot in the topic then you can thank it by pressing that button. This way there'll be no more need to say short "Thank you"s anymore.

Once the Thanks button is pressed, the one who posted the message will gain +1 on his Thanks profile. Also you cannot thank a post more than once. This Thanks System Like10 shows how many people have thanked the post by hovering onto it.

There's a -1 included in the system but I deactivated it, so everything will just go +1.

Important Note: Forumotion treats these as "Votes", so if you see any word saying Vote, it means the Thanks received. Kinda confusing but I don't know as well why its like that.

Lastly its unable to see the specific people who Thanked the post, only the number. That's the limitation, but it's better than nothing.

WARNING: Anyone proven to violate this Thanks system will receive a -50 in his Thanks.

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Re: Thanks System
Posted Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:24 am



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Oh!! I decided to re-read the rules , in case there are any changes Nice one

Thanks System Tomomi10
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