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Rainie Yang
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Shiroten Performer
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Rainie Yang

Stage Name : Rainie Yang
Birth name : Lily Yang
Chinese Name : Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳)
Cantonese name : Yeung Chimg Lam
Birthday : 4 Juin 1984
Birth Place : Taipei, Taiwan
Surnames : Ah Lin, Lin Lin, Xiao Cheng Lin, Cheng Lin, Rainie
Blood Group : A
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 49 kg

Lily Yang or Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳) famous as Rainie Yang is a singer, actress, taiwanese TV host, born on 4th
June 1984 in Taipei, in Taiwan. She was born in Taipei, but she grew in Hong Kong where she learned to speak cantonese thank to her mother. She started her career whan she was 14 years old in commercials, thank to a participation at a tryout when she was 15 years old, in the same year; was in a band named 4 in Love . Where her surname "Rainie" is from, refers to the weather; she was also the more young in the band. In spite her second role in Meteor Garden, the band didn't know sucess and was quickly disjoint . She continued in the spectacle industry. It is the drama Devil Beside You from the original manga Akuma de Souru (Lovely Devil) which will gave her a little fame; the same years her first album: My Intuition which of the song Ai Mei which is one song of the OST of the drama. Rainie became one of the most famous celebrity in Taiwan, and started to become famous in China ; Unluckyly, her name was tarnish because she said some "shocking" word for chinese people. Rainie said the war between China and Japan lasted 11years, after that she was corrected. She said " only 8years ? " and finally added " i will probably be japanese in a second life" .All the TV or radio programs where Rainie was , were boycotted, even if she said that for the fun. After that, she excused towards her fans and towards China for her ignorance,and added she did not continue school when she was young.

Filmography :

Movie :
- The Child's Eye play as Rainie (2010)
- Spider Lilies play as Xiao Lü / Jade (2007)
- Merry Go Round play as Carlily Pang (2001)

Dramas :
- Drunken To Love You play as Lin Xiao Ru (2011)
- Sunshine Angel play as Yang Guang (2010)
- Hi My Sweetheart play as Chen Bao Zhu (2009)
- ToGetHer play as Chen Mo Mo (2009)
- Miss No Good play as Jiang Xiao Hua (2008)
- Why Why Love play as Tong Jia Di (2007)
- Devil Beside You play as Qi Yue (2005)
- Strange Tales of Liao Zhai play as Zheng Ah Bao (2005)
- City Of The Sky play as Lu Bin Yan (2004)
- Legend of Speed play asJuliet / Gao Yun (2004)
- Love Bird play as Jiang Ding Han (2004)
- The Original Scent of Summer play as Yang Pan Pan (2003)
- The Pink Godfather play as Bao Xiao Ting / Chen Tian Shi (2003)
- Lavender 2 play as Xiao Xiao (2003)
- Tomorrow play as Yuan Chen Mei (2002)
- Sunshine Jelly play as Mei (2001)
- Meteor Rain play as Xiao You (2001)
- Meteor Garden play as Xiao You (2001)

TV Shows :
- TVBS Game Show (2003)
- Jacky Live ! (2003)
- Azio Entertainment News (2002-2004)
- Guess, Guess, Guess (GTV, 2002-2007)

Discography (Taiwan):

My Intuition (09 september 2005)
Meeting Love (19 march 2006)
My Other Self (7 september 2007)
Not Yet A Woman (7 november 2008)
Rainie & Love... ? (1er january 2011)
Longing For (29 july 2011)

Best of:
Whimsical World(23 avril 2010)

Soundtracks :
- Tomorrow Original Soundtrack (22 mai 2002)
- Pink Godfather and Little Candy Original Soundtrack (10 juillet 2003)

Discography (Japan):

Aimai (27 january 2010)

Awards :
- 45ème Golden Bell Award : Meilleure Actrice dans Hi My Sweetheart (22 octobre 2010)

Anectodes (don't know the english for this word ^^' ):

- Rainie's dream was ever to be a singer . Dream come true
- Favorite Rainie's artists are Namie Amuro, Stephanie Suen, Speed, Morning Musume.
- Sha has one dog named Yumi
- Her hobbies are : slepping, read novels and write in her diary.
- She has a talent in gymnastic, dance, comedy and singing.
- Her favorite colors are white, black and grey.
- She can speaking english, chinese, japanese and cantonese.
- Her favorite artist is Tony Leung, and her favorite singer is Beyonce.

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