Translations: SCANDALBABY XMAS 2011
Posted on Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:48 pm



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As SCANDALBABY nears its first 100 posts, I have decided to also celebrate by translating things for you guys, fellow SCANDAL fans, as a present of sorts, for Christmas. :3 Also since Google Translate kills my soul

So, that's pretty much it! Welcome to the first SCANDALBABY XMAS!

I will be taking requests from 11th December 2011 to 26th December 2011 (your local time). I will only translate the FIRST FIFTY (50) requests. This is due to the amount of time that translations normally take for me, and also the fact that I don't want people to be waiting a really long time for a translation. Depending on my time, however, this may change.

You are free to choose ONLY ONE blog entry from SCANDAL's livedoor/myspace/official blog sites. Please provide a url when you comment, and I will reply or PM you with a link when I have finished. Also consider reading others' requests, if you choose the same blog as someone else, you will also receive the same link.

With the myspace blog, as it is extremely hard to actually search for the specific blog entry because Myspace is terrible, please PM me with the text enclosed in the message as well as the photos. If you do not do so, and request a translation of something on Myspace, I will not be able to do it for you.

I will not translate something that has already been translated. This includes (but is not limited to) all blog entries on Scandal-Baby as well as Scandal Heaven (you will find this in the News section).

As articles and interviews are longer and more difficult to translate, I will be taking a poll and will translate one to two articles, depending on length. you can also choose a particular article or interview, but this will need at least five other people to be interested in the same thing.

Happy searching and good luck! SH's collection of Official Blog pictures is a good place to start. Also, their livedoor blog pictures (pre debut) can also be found here.

ETA: Don't be afraid to look back at older entries in their blogs! The older they are, the more interesting they can be! ^^

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Re: Translations: SCANDALBABY XMAS 2011
Posted on Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:51 pm



International Performer
International Performer
Just keep doing what you were doing before and I'm good, don't really have any special requests.

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