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Namie Amuro
Posted Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:35 pm



International Performer
International Performer
Hello all!

Today I would like to introduce a singer. Her name? Namie Amuro!

Namie Amuro is a japanese pop and R&B singer. Her career started when she was 14 only, and she was in a band called "The super monkey's". She was the leader but later, the band separated and she started a solo career. Today, she is 34 and she is very known in Japan, they has already sold about 35 millions of albums and she continues to release singles, or even albums (her last alum released the last year).

I knew her thanks to One piece. Indeed she performed the 14th opening: Fight Together which made me fan of her (the only one problem with this song it's it hasn't a clip...).

Some of her songs:

Naked (No it's not what you think xD)

YEAH-OH (one of her latest songs)

If you have a few minutes, please listen to Unusual, a song she sang with Yamapi, I wanted to show it here but I didn't found it on Daily' (or it was in a bad quality Sad )

Hope you will enjoy!


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