Koide Namizo

International Performer
International Performer

yo Indonesian members!!!we gonna have a futsal match with Gakarian Indonesia [Indonesian Ikimonogakari Fans]. After the match we gonna do karaoke party to celebrate SH 3rd Anniversary.

Where : Gading Futsal, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
When : Sunday, November 4th, 2012 - 14.00 PM

the plan is we gonna meet up at La Piazza first at 13.00 PM, and go together to the futsal court. After the match is finished, it's party time t celebrate SH 3rd Anniversary!
so we invite all of YUH to come...
let's have fun together!!! Hehee

for more information, YUH can call or text to this number --> 08989945535 (vallerie)


Hehee Hehee

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