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Vagabond [Page 1 of 1]

Posted on Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:22 am



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
Shinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword-saint, Miyamoto Musashi--perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time. For now, Takezo is a cold-hearted kiler, who will take on anyone in mortal combat to make a name for himself. This is the journey of a wild young brute who strives to reach enlightenment by way of the sword--fighting on the edge of death.

can't wait for new chapters

Cool Nice One

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Re: Vagabond
Posted on Sat May 24, 2014 10:24 pm



Caless Student
Caless Student
Samurai :O 
Yosh!  Nice One  
i will check it :D

SCANDAL♡NICO Touches the walls

Spyair♡E-girls♡UVERworld LOVE
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