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SCANDAL Gallery Guide
Posted Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:03 pm



There are 5 main SCANDAL Gallery categories.

  • Blog
  • Live
  • Magazine
  • Official
  • Miscellaneous


SCANDAL Gallery Guide Blog10
All pictures from SCANDAL blogs go here.

Pictures are organized by the month and year they were posted on the blog. Once a month ends, the thread will be locked and the thread for the following month will be created.


SCANDAL Gallery Guide Live10
All pictures of live performances/appearances will be posted here.

This is divided into 4 sub-forums - Live Events, Solo Concerts, Live Tours, and International Lives.

• Live Events: All live events attended by SCANDAL that they performed at.
• Solo Concerts: All standalone concerts where SCANDAL was the only band that performed.
• Live Tours: All pictures from SCANDAL's solo live tours within Japan.
• International Lives: All pictures of SCANDAL outside Japan, from the airport down to their performance.

Threads will be made for each event.


SCANDAL Gallery Guide Magazi10
All magazine appearances of SCANDAL will be placed here.

Threads are sorted by the name of the magazine. All scans of a magazine will be placed in its corresponding thread.

When posting new scans, please include which issue (month, year) it is from. There's also a miscellaneous magazine picture thread. Post it there if you have no idea where your scan is from.


SCANDAL Gallery Guide Offici10
Official pictures of the band (promo, CD covers, etc.) released by Sony or the band themselves.

Threads are sorted by pictures from each release.


SCANDAL Gallery Guide Miscel10
This is where pictures that do not fit into the above categories are placed. Examples: Pictures from interviews, salon pictures.

If you wish to post pictures but do not know which forum it should be in, please place it in this forum. If someone is able to point out that your post belongs in another forum, the moderators will move them accordingly.

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