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I Need Your Help !!
Posted Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:14 pm



International Performer
International Performer
Hi guys and girls how are you ? Today is a special day for me, but more for another person !

Let me the time to explaim this, it will be a bit long, but it's very important (for me) and I hope you'll help me !

In France, some "teenages" makes videos on Youtube where they play a video games and comments it the same time.
Yesterday (if I remember well), a Youtuber (we call them like that) called BeastModeIII (who have 270 000 subscribers) make a special video where he speak about something specially :

Axe, a brand of deodorant, very popular in France and Canada (I don't if it's popular in others countries) make a contest for win... A travel in the Space !

BeastModeIII is participating to this contest, actually, he is first, but we need to help him for make his dream a reality ! You all know how it's beautiful to see a person achieve his dream !

So now, how vote for him, as you can think, all things about this contest or BeastModeIII is french, so I will try to translate all importants things in english for you can understand it easily !

First, the video where BeastModeIII speak about this travel :


He speaks about the travel from 0:10 to 1:55, he say :

"Before the start of this video guys I want share something very important for me, for those who don't know Axe the popular dedorant, shampoo... manufacturer for men organize a incroyable contest and the word if low for explaim it. One person among a lot of country in the world especially the France and the Canada, where I live, an incroyable lucky person will have the possibility to fly off in the space, you understood me guys. One person will win a voyage in the space. The contest is open to all obviously I jumped on this opportunity and I want to credit the guy who informed me by Youtube Message. I would be mad to don't use the influence that I have on Youtube for try my luck in this contest. I believe in you, I implore you, I entreat you to go vote for me via the link who is in the description and I promise you guys, if arrive to cross the vote's step but also the training course and the training who promise to be incredibly hard for go the space, and if I go to the space, I will do the biggest dedication of the humanity's History and even the galaxy's History since it will be in the space ! ... To the Beasmodienne nation (it's an expression), and I will eternaly grateful ! You just have to click in the links who are in the description for vote for me, obviously it involve that I must to show my name and my first name, I believe in you to be responsible for being matur with this subject for not send constent request on Facebook, it's a risk that I take but I think this risk worth it because, F*** that S*** (sorry) guys I don't speak about win a simple video game, we speak about go in the space ! So I believe to vote for me guys, thank you to all who will vote for me and meantime, we let ourself with this video, Call Of Duty meets Minecraft, peace guys !"

Wow, I think this is the biggest English exercice I've never done..., by the way, I hope you all understood what he said (or what I tried to explaim), now I will explaim you how vote for him !

For vote for him, you must to have the site in French language (I'm searching a solution for can vote him with English Language but actually I find anything) :

First, go to this site :


Second, if you can't find "Theo Abbaci" (BeasModeIII, normally you will find him easily because he is first) click on the little icon at the top right, and search Canada - Français :

I Need Your Help !! Image_10

Third step, if you have done the second step search at the bottom Theo Abbaci and click one it, otherwise if you have the same picture than the precedent image (Where you can see BeastModeIII with a strange face xD) click on the left " VOTE " or maybe it's right " VOTER " it's the same, clik one it, they will ask you to vote with your Facebook account, connect you etc... continue etc and when it won't be write "VOTE" but "FINI" if you have that, congratulations, you voted for him to go in the space ! .nice.

So if you have any questions or any problems say to me, I hope you can vote for him and you will, I will keep abreast you to the situation and if soon, he will go in the space !

I credits all of those who will vote for him, really thank you, you will make 270 000 peoples happy just by the happiness of one ! .love.

Sorry for all spelling's faults, I'm not especially good and translate oral french to english writing is very hard ^^'

I Need Your Help !! Sans_t14
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