Make the old banners/layouts available
Posted on Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:37 pm



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Just thought about it. It's not something easy to do technically I guess but I thought I post it as suggestion. Can't hurt right Nice One 

SH had a lot of banners and layouts but when a new one comes out the old ones are not available anymore. I was thinking it would be cool to be able to choose our layout or banners from the old layouts.

Again, obviously this must be difficult to do especially for the layouts but it seems you keep the same banner size so that should be easier?

Maybe a scrolldown menu under the banner where you can pick the one you like? And also a "random banner" box you can check so it changes everytime you load a page? Would be realllly cool :p

Could be accessible to all members, to "old members" (like you have to be member for 6 months, 1 year, 2 months, have 500 posts, 100 posts or something before you get the option) or even just donors (maybe a cool feature to encourage people?).

Anyways, just thought about sharing that! Obviously it's something that would need a lot of technical work but it would be an awesome feature IMHO Praise 

I would always have it on random and check out the banner each time I load a new page lol... Whistle 

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