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Caless Student
Caless Student
Bradcat's Baka Blog - SCANDAL post

Hey boys and girls of Scandal heaven. I've posted here a handful of times and always received a warm welcome, so I'd like to share my latest blog post with you all.

My blog "Bradcat's Baka Blog " is my own way of sharing Japanese culture with my friends and family in England and America. I often post about movies, history, Japanese news, and of course, Japanese music.

Being a huge fan of SCANDAL, I've posted about them a handful of times in the past, mentioning their latest singles or tours, but never actually got round to talking about why I love the band so much.

There is a lot of information on the blog post which I imagine 95% of you already knew (being hardcore SCANDAL fans) but it may be a good post to share with your friends who you'd like to introduce to SCANDAL.

If there are any mistakes, or things you think I should change, please leave me a comment or post below. Any feedback about the blog post (or the blog in general) is welcome.

Here is the link: SCANDAL blog post

In the words of the beautiful Haruna Ono... "Sankyou"

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