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Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
BUCK-TICK(bakuchiku, which means firecracker in Japanese) are a Japanese rock band formed in 1982(wow). I doubt there are any BT fans over here, but I will just go ahead. The band was formed by the lead guitarist(Imai Hisashi, you can see him in my sig and avatar), consisting of another 4 members: Atsushi Sakurai(vocals), Hidehiko Hoshino(guitar), Yutaka Higuchi(bass) and Toll Yagami on drums. Their first big hit was the song called JUST ONE MORE KISS:

Their biggest hit was Aku no Hana(album, 1990), which topped the Oricon charts and sold 500.000 units. Listen to the title track.

With their ever-changing style, they have been a staple of Japanese music industry for more than 25 years.  .clap.  Now for another well-known tracks, Dress and Romance:

Lastly, for something more recent:

That was Elise no tame ni, song released in 2012 on their own label, Lingua Sounda.
With 18 studio albums and nearly 33 singles, having a career spanning on almost three decades, they are truly the living lengends! 
New single LOVE PARADE/ STEPPERS~PARADE~ to be released on January 22nd.


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