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RINA's liner notes for "Futari," "Electric Girl," and "Koisuru Universe":
M8. Futari
No action has been taken even though you've known for a long time that you both have the same feelings; won't that disappear if you don't hurry? It's a song about a pair that provokes that while enjoying that time they share together. The lyrics for this came first. A lot of the lyrics came first this time
M9. Electric Girl
Wanting a thrilling song, we made a flashy one that's full of playfulness. After we finished recording track 8 was when the album title came to mind, and we tried including "sweet nectar" that was connected to the word "HONEY." We want to shout out the "Isse-no-se" part before the chorus with everyone - I really can't wait for our tour
M10. Koisuru Universe
A love song with a 120% degree of happiness that could even be played at a wedding ceremony. "A perfect universe in which we met you" who has chosen SCANDAL's music. This album "HONEY" is a work that we're proud of in 2018, the 10th anniversary of our major label debut, and one that closes with happiness. Thank you.

RINA's liner notes for "Short Short" and "Mado wo Aketara":
M6. Short Short
A strange tale that's shorter than a short story―a story of a girl who desires a love like a short short story. The mix of HARUNA's transparent vocals like meltwater with plenty of chorus work feels nice. Some of my favorite lyrics that were able to be written with good balance of words with a softness and sharpness to them
M7. Mado wo Aketara
This album was made mostly with songs that were written within the past year, but this song was written by TOMOMI three years ago. We're happy that the timing when we could have everyone listen to it finally came along. We've been really thinking strongly about making our ways of living into songs, and that we'd make our favorite music just as it is. Music that people can see is really enjoyable

『HONEY』 Liner Notes - Midnight City - Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:14 am

RINA's liner notes for "Midnight City":
M5. Midnight City
"Comparing myself to others makes me hate myself, and I can't speak sincerely to anyone―why am I like this?" Being attacked by loneliness and an inferiority complex means that you're the one who knows best that you can still do more, and that you can set high expectations for yourself. A song with a sweet and poisonous atmosphere to it, and one that features RINA on main vocals for the first time in a while

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RINA is beginning to post album liner notes about the songs on 『HONEY』!
M1. Platform Syndrome
A title we coined that's attached to the image of giving a name to the sadness you feel the day after your heart's been broken. Even if you can't be positive, nor forcibly move forward when you're hurt, it's okay to let time take its course and progress at a different pace―that's I thought while writing this song. It feels like we were finally able to give shape to something that we had been wanting to do now
This was recorded with a sound feeling that I especially like. I like the connection to it from track 1, and it's a song that we'd like to grow at lives. I also recommend it to those in our cover bands because they're captivated by bands. A song about when a pair of lovers who have been seeing each for a long time and have already gone beyond love are about to become a couple, and one party makes a decision after seeing the future
M3. Take Me Out
With this song that was made after we returned from our world tour, it felt like we changed completely into HONEY mode starting from this single. A killer tune that we can proudly take along with us anywhere, such as festivals and events, and one that we all cultivated at our live shows.
M4. Oh! No!
Falling in love isn't actually the most important thing for a girl; isn't it more fun to love yourself and shine on? This nonsensical song that's very MAMI-like has those feelings that overlap with a rapidly changing rhythm. It's fun listening to MAMI's vocals filled with nuances, and she'll probably sing with a different approach at live shows, so I have great expectations

Search found 4 matches for honeylinernotes

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