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【"her" Magazine, Vol. 1】TOMOMI - Private Interview
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"As human beings, we four should be nice people"

Since last year, TOMOMI has become even more natural and relaxed. Surrounded by flowers and plants, she gently spoke about her daily life basking in the sun.

"I want to be happy when I'm doing what I love to do, and I want to indulge in the things I love"

―We originally thought you had many interests, but it seems that they've grown a lot recently, haven't they? Your interest in flowers in particular has grown, right?

TOMOMI: Starting from last year I might have more things that I like. Particularly, my project held at Feedback! was a big part of that. I've always liked flowers, but that year I was more up close to them than before. As I started collecting dried flowers and going to see a lot of them, I also started to dry and dye the flowers I'm growing, and also began make herbariums and floral swags. I decorate my place with them as well as give them to friends.

―You're getting more and more organic (laughs). Is this the mode you've been in for the past few years?

TOMOMI: For the past few years, perhaps. Originally, my grandma loved flowers and was crazy about tending flower beds, so this is something I've seen since I was little. My mom started making herbariums about a year before I got hooked. Fondness for flowers probably runs in our blood (laughs). Also, moving to a new place and changing my life might have a lot to do with it too. There's so much sunlight that comes into where I'm currently living and it feels great. I've become a tree-like person who wakes up basking in the sun (laughs). At my previous place I used to care for plants that don't need much water, like cacti, but at my current place I'm nurturing plants that I must take care of every day and spray water on. My love deepened. The biggest one I currently have is an everfresh tree. The leaves are open because it wakes up in the morning and noon, but at night the leaves close and it sleeps. That's so cute. It's firmly insisting that it's alive (laughs). I didn't really mean to talk about that. Because of this, the way I spend my time off has changed too. In the morning I take everyone out on the veranda and have them take in breeze and bask in the light. It's like I'm taking them out for a walk.

―You're living a very healthy life (laughs).

TOMOMI: Yeah. My lifestyle has changed. After I moved, I feel that my flow of energy improved and I was able to find a lifestyle that fits me. I spend more time awake. I get up earlier than I used to. That's also probably related to the sun (laughs). When I tour overseas I do think, "I've come this far, so I want to stay up for even a second longer," and right now I'm close to that state every day. I'm happy when I get up and do what I love, so if I can get up then I want to get up early and immerse myself in what I like. This is also all thanks to my plants (laughs).

―Moving may have been a pretty big change.

TOMOMI: That's just it. My exposure to the sun changed, and I started caring for plants and waking up early in the morning. Also, one of my classmates in high school now lives about 10 minutes away from me. That's why they come over quite often, and since they regularly come over at 6:15 I've coordinated my schedule and we cook and eat together (laughs). I might be living a rhythmic life.

―If that's the case, is how you have fun changing too?

TOMOMI: Totally. Lounging at home is fun, and I also now go camping! I surprisingly have a lot of friends who like to camp. At first I was just following them along, but now I'm pretty hooked on it. Last winter I camped along a river when it was about -5°C/23°F. Though it's freezing, having a bonfire makes it feel like you could live like that the rest of your life. By doing so, camping during the winter becomes more fun. You can buy a sleeping bag that can withstand below freezing temperatures. You wake up when the sun rises, cook, and take your time eating. That's so much fun.

―Lastly, please tell us your thoughts on establishing "her." How do you feel?

TOMOMI: It feels like we now have our own private place, and I want to keep decorating the interior. Accordingly, our everyday lives, how we live our lives, and our mindsets have emerged clearly. As human beings, we four should be nice people. It feels like we can grow stronger if that happens. We'll be ourselves more than ever before.

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TOMOMI's current obsession:


Ever since I started to cook a lot, I've become more enthuastic about the dishes I use. I know food gets more delicious when served on a cute plate (laughs). That's why I became interested in them and started collecting them. My collection's been growing since a friend gave some to me for my birthday, and I'm thinking of making them myself now. I'm addicted to pottery right now, so I'd like to try making pottery. I ask the people at the shops I often go to about pottery (laughs). I'd like to try making something on a potter's wheel.

【"her" Magazine, Vol. 1】RINA - Private Interview
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"Even if I live for decades, I won't be able to do anything more important than this"

Last up is an interview with RINA. This past year was a difficult one for her. She'd like for you to accept her positive and happy mindset after overcoming her difficulties.

"I want to continue to leave behind concrete things other than music"

―Has your desire for art increased dramatically in the last year or so? You've been to a lot of places lately, haven't you?

RINA: I have! My frequency in going to galleries and solo exhibitions certainly did increase in this past year. I've been making appointments to meet with creators that I'm interested in (laughs). Earlier I made my own zine for the first time, and that was when I contacted one of my favorite artists and made it with her. I also took pictures with her for fun. I might have more creator friends now.

―You released that zine last year, right? When did you start working on it?

RINA: We started working on it at the end of 2017. We gathered the outfits and stuff that we could use in it, searched for studios to use, and thought about what makeup to do. I looked at the finished item and added my own words. I took a chance on it, and I realized that I like people who make things that are biased towards their personal hobbies. I really like the fact that it's like lumps of individualities, and that it won't make sense to people who aren't interested. I now find it interesting to touch what I've shaken off the most, and think of how I can return it back to our standard music.

―Do you want to continue making zines and shooting pictures for works?

RINA: I want to continue to leave behind concrete things other than music. I think it would be fun if I could do things that I can't do as a musician at the same time as playing music for fun. Perhaps the existence of social media also plays a big part in me feeling this way. If my Twitter is mainly about music and my Instagram is about me consciously sending out things other than music, I realized that I do in fact like clothes, hair, and makeup. I started thinking that I should openly give shape to the things I like and leave them behind in a proper form.

―It's also important for there to be fans that'll accept them straightforwardly.

RINA: Exactly! If on my Instagram I post a picture of someone's exhibition, there will be some fans who will go to it. I'm really proud that our fans pick up on what we show and act on their own to listen and see things for themselves. There are many fans who don't stop at that and really learn about SCANDAL and myself. Our fans are cool.

―I'd like to ask you about the past year or so. What kind of period was 2018 to now like?

RINA: There was a period when after making HONEY I couldn't write any lyrics for several months. That was because 2018 was full of both good and bad things that happened in both my personal and professional lives. For my private life in particular, I had to work hard on my own to overcome my struggles. While hitting countless walls, I wanted to be able to create cheerful music when I'd be able to overcome everything. When things worked out and I began writing again, I naturally became able to write punkish songs.

―What you wrote after climbing over those walls were "Masterpiece" and "Mabataki." During that time in your personal life, what kind of time was it like for the band?

RINA: This kind of feels bad to say, but right now we might be the closest we've ever been (laughs). We've always been close, but we've been having even more fun these days. This chance of fate truly is amazing. I'm confident that even if I live for decades, I won't be able to do anything more important than this, even if the band stops being a band at some point. Even if I lived to be 100 years old―although I'm still only 27―I don't think there's anything more important in the future than this band.

―And that led to weekly rehearsals in the studio (laughs).

RINA: Yeah (laughs). I didn't like only going to the studio before a tour, before a live show, or going only when we had to go. There are times when all we do is just chat, and the four of us have this studio time where we play our instruments and have fun. As a result, we've gotten a little better at our instruments (laughs).

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RINA's current obsession:


I've always loved movies, and I still want to watch 100 movies in a year. It doesn't matter what genre, or whether I like it or not. The criteria I have for liking a movie so much I buy it on DVD is that it has fashion elements, or it's a little erotic or grotesque. I love chick flicks. There was a recent movie that came out called "Blue My Mind," which is about a girl who turns into a mermaid. When she gets her period, her body turns into one of a mermaid's and returns to the sea alone at the end. It's a metaphor for growing up and leaving home. I think I like movies that get interesting after learning about its meaning after watching it, and ones that have beautiful scenes.

【"her" Magazine, Vol. 1】HARUNA - Private Interview
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"It's more fun to live life your own way"

Following the long interview with all of the members, are solo talks where they each roughly talk about their current statuses. Unlike the first interview, we asked them to talk casually about their private lives. First up is HARUNA.

"It's just a waste if you live your life only listening to what people say"

―HARUNA, for you, your solo trip to New York during the New Year's holiday [December 2018] really was a big thing for you, wasn't it? Haven't you always been the type of person who travels alone?

HARUNA: Not at all (laughs). That was my first time traveling alone! I had a friend in NY so I went out to eat dinner with them, but during the day I actually was alone for my 4-night, 6-day stay.

―And NY is overseas too. I'd understand if you had gone to somewhere like LA.

HARUNA: I thought that too (laughs). I thought I prefer places like LA where you can take it easy, but I oddly got hooked on NY after traveling there in the summer and fall last year. That informative feeling is fun. Something I've never done before was riding the train by myself to Manhattan after arriving at the airport. I didn't expect that doing things like that would give me experience points. That made me happy.

―Why did you feel like traveling alone at that time?

HARUNA: Right? For some reason I started to get into this "I want to travel alone somewhere and do something by myself" mode during the latter half of 2018. After my New Year's trip to New York, I felt more interested in seeing and experiencing more things. Turning 30 probably has a lot to do with it. I want to try doing things by myself that I haven't yet experienced.

―Has your mindset changed after turning 30?

HARUNA: I think so. I've been able to comfortably come to terms with many things, with music and in my private life, too. From the start I've been the type that tends to pay attention to other people's needs, but the more I insist on my ideals, the more I can enjoy life and relationships. I don't know if it's because I have this sort of career, but I always felt like I was a child. For example, it was a given that I'd be picked up when going to work; when on tour we had everything arranged for us, and all I had to do was go with it. I wanted to try taking a solo trip, and I also wanted to try doing everything for myself. I've turned 30, but I'm still childish. I've been alive for 30 years, so it's just a waste if I live my life only listening to what people say. If I have another 40-50 more years of life ahead of me, it might be more fun to live life my own way.

―Is that the same for your musical activities as well?

HARUNA: Yes. I realized recently that, as a vocalist, it's important to convey your feelings during each and every live show. It's important for all of us to say things, but you need to say what you're thinking about. I hope it'll be connected in the future as well.

―It feels like the atmosphere between the members has grown more intimate because of personal growth such as yours. It's close to the love that comedians have for their partners.

HARUNA: I get that (laughs). It's like we're absolute partners. Also, we've recently been going to the studio once per week.

―Really? That's shocking! Since when?

HARUNA: About 4 or 5 months ago. Just the four of us voluntarily began going. We always meet up whether we have things to be done or not. So, there are times when we're completely honest when talking with each other (laughs). That also might be showing in our recent moods. I think we've grown to care more for each other.

―You guys are too strong (laughs). How did that start?

HARUNA: It was pretty natural, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was probably due to starting our label "her." Although we check in every day via LINE, we thought it's better to have more days where we're able to meet face-to-face. Actually doing it is really great.

―Lastly, what's something you want to challenge yourself with?

HARUNA: Compared to last year, there are quite a few festivals we're playing at—like ARABAKI ROCK FEST—that we haven't yet played at. I want to get even more pumped for those. Although we travel while on tour, I'd also like to travel domestically separately from the tour. Going to all kinds of places via car and such. The travel bug has bit me pretty hard after all.

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HARUNA's current obsession:

Tarako pasta

I'm so obsessed with tarako pasta! It originally started when I went to Dan, a restaurant specializing in tarako pasta in Meguro. I first got hooked on that place, and I've also gone to the Hategaya sister store Kabe no Ana in Shibuya, which is said to be the birthplace of the dish. The thickness of the noodles is slightly different, there are many toppings, and each is respectively unique and delicious. I think my favorite right now is Uncle Tom in Ebisu. For the time being, I'm taking care of myself and don't eat it often, but I did eat it two days ago (laughs).

【"her" Magazine, Vol. 01】MAMI - Private Interview
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"It's as if we're high school classmates who became mom friends (laughs)"

Next is the personal interview with MAMI. In 2018, her hobbies turned pro when she sold remade items. Focusing on her thoughts on that point in time, we had her talk about things like her overflowing love for the members.

"It personally feels like a new start to me, but SCANDAL's not changing at all"

―During MAMI WEEK [in 2018] at the Feedback! Shop in Shibuya, you sold remade items. You put quite a lot of effort into it, didn't you?

MAMI: That was one of my highlights of 2018 (laughs). It was like, "I'm finally going beyond the field of my hobby, and am selling it!" (laughs). From the start I've liked to design apparel, but my hobby taking a clear and defined shape surprised me as well. It might have been the hardest I've ever worked in my life (laughs).

―I was surprised at how well-done it all was. It was pretty tough, wasn't it?

MAMI: Because there's no template unlike musical instrument software, I had too much freedom and it was really hard to come up with ideas. They were remade items, but I wanted to make things that could be used everyday. When I previously asked Yoshie, [clothing store] CANDY STRIPPER's designer, for advice, she said, "I think music and fashion are very closely related to each other right now. You listen to music influenced by fashion, and you make clothes influenced by music." It's exactly like that. It was the first time I thought that way after making my own clothes.

―As always, it's amazing how you get into your hobbies.

MAMI: If you're hooked on it, you'll thoroughly pursue it. Like, I'm at the point where I'm like, "What's the name of this part? This sewing method? This wool?" (laughs). Since I myself am a craftsman, I'm very curious about a crafter's soul and its reverse side. Lately, I've been going to festivals where handmade things are for sale—not just handmade clothes, but also things like sweets and tableware. It's hard when you go to events like that because you find so many things you want to buy for others. Like, this bowl would be good for TOMO-chan, or these earrings would be nice for RINA-chan. Ever since last year, I've been giving out "ordinary-day presents." That means I give something to someone on an ordinary day that is neither on their birthday nor for Christmas.

―It seems as if the members already share a love that's like one between a middle-aged married couple (laughs). It seems like you guys have been getting along even better recently, hasn't it?

MAMI: We have a good friendship between each other, as if we're high school classmates who respectively got married and became mom friends (laughs). It's a transcendent friendship that's different from friendships during high school (laughs). I think it also has to do with age. Everyone's grown up.

―I hear that you all go to the studio once per week (laughs).

MAMI: That's right (laughs). It always starts off feeling like, "We weren't at the studio two days ago, right?" (laughs). We keep in touch almost everyday, so it feels like we're seeing each other even though we're not.

―I know there are times when you get together because you have a goal like a tour or solo live show, but I think it's really amazing that you get together even when you don't have something coming up.

MAMI: This is the most important thing. We all have that kind of awareness. A former roadie of ours told us that we seem even closer compared to before. When you're looked at and evaluated objectively, you realize that you're achieving results.

―Finally, we'll ask you about "her." How would you convey your current situation to the fans?

MAMI: It's so that we can entertain everyone even more. It feels like we still have more room to grow (laughs). We're women, we're at this age, we're worried about our audiences—rather, we were concerned that something could happen. We don't know if might disband, or if we might take a break, etc., but something like that's always on the table. However, by creating "her," it gave us relief. There's still much more to come. It personally feels like a new start to me, but SCANDAL's not changing at all. Rather than it being like chapter 2, doesn't it feel more like after two years of training as described in the manga "One Piece"? It's not "One Piece 2," is it? But they got together, got super strong, and made a comeback (laughs). It feels really fresh, so that in itself is something new. It feels more like we powered up than being made anew.

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MAMI's current obsession:


When we were on our US and Mexico tour in 2018, croissants were sold absolutely no matter we went. I started eating them because the taste is more consistent than soups and sandwiches, and I got hooked after that. I like plain croissants without any chocolate or ham inside. Surprisingly, there are popular croissant shops in Japan too. I'm so addicted to croissants that I have a private croissant account on Instagram (laughs). I've gone to almost every croissant place in Tokyo, so the only places I can post about now are when we go to rural places while on tour.

【"her" Magazine, Vol. 1】What is "her"? Interview - Part 2
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Koyanagi: You could say that you thought long and hard about yourselves in 2018. Do you feel like you can see what's on the outside now?

RINA: Yes, that too. Since we're doing this as four women, we feared that that many people would not understand unless we sharpened ourselves up more than necessary. After being liberated from that, we began thinking that classic melodies and straightforward lyrics are really cool. That makes us happy. We don't need to play songs like that—we want to play them. We're able to write lyrics that are completely different from before.

HARUNA: We still feel that way now.

MAMI: When songs that are like part 2 of our past songs are born, it's not about going beyond things like, "We need to include a phrase with more impact here," or, "We need to start it off like this," and not that we can only see part 1. It was around the end of the year that we decided to get rid of that and just make them sounding like a band. After that, the four of us agreed that we started to be able to create songs that we could say are good. It feels like we're brand new. We're able to make things that we like. That sense of security is such a big thing for us.

Koyanagi: So, it's like you were moving houses and were like, "Onto the next place!" (laughs)

TOMOMI: Essentially (laughs).

MAMI: Although we didn't have anything clear-cut, we thought a lot about who we are. We didn't need to put it into words; everyone could tell from the ambience. It was overflowing.

Koyanagi: The four of you say "It's always so much fun," but I think you guys really were in a crisis. Your excitement goes down, and if you think you're in a crisis, that is how it'll seem.

HARUNA: Yeah, I think it was a crisis. We might have still been in a crisis if we didn't talk about creating a label.

TOMOMI: And now we can't think of any other way we could do things.

HARUNA: We forcibly created [our label]. We might have been going about things in an uncomprehensible way.

Koyanagi: The name of your label is "her." Could you explain the name?

RINA: It's our own theme. When we thought about we as a rock band—and with the four of us being women—continuing on for a long time, we realized that there are many aspects of how men continue their bands, that don't fit with us. We really do love the things that we can do because we're women, and things that are girly—it's better that we embrace things like that. We wanted to have cool lives as women, which comes before being musicians. Recently, we've started talking about things like, "As an all-girl band...", and we had conversations every day about stuff like, "Maybe that's a little too mannish," or, "This can't be done unless you're a woman; how interesting." We came to think that that's our theme. "her" is a word that has various meanings depending on the words that precede and follow it. We thought that that word should be our theme from here on as well, including its degree of freedom.

Koyanagi: So it's a word that came up in your conversations. Were there any other candidates?

RINA: There weren't, but our staff told us, "Please submit at least five choices" (laughs). When we looked up various company names as references, we thought there were a lot of simple and cool ones. In the end, we only submitted "her" (laughs).

Koyanagi: Hahaha. It's more about the theme than the label name. It was probably easier after raising that point.

MAMI: Yes, we envisioned how things would turn out. I think the fans too were watching us and were wondering what would be waiting after HONEY, which we said was our greatest album. It was a big thing to be able to present our image beyond that.

HARUNA: We as women had to continue on. When you're in band, there are times when you must not forget that you're a woman. However, to reach 30 and continue after that, you enter into a time frame where you must get on with things no matter what while also being a woman. I was happy that I was able to affirm myself.

Koyanagi: I thought that was a stylish way of thinking.

TOMOMI: That's the first time we've been told that (laughs).

Koyanagi: It's very chic.

MAMI: Yeaaah. It's a little embarrassing to hear that (laughs).

Koyanagi: You can start to fight more flexibly.

MAMI: It feels like we can head forward nimbly. Freedom is a word that has been important for us too. It feels exactly like we have the freedom to go anywhere.

Koyanagi: That's why the songs that have been born have also been different. You're doing what you're good at, but it feels like they were born in a completely different way. I dare say that they're "masterpieces" (laughs).

RINA: (laughs) I went crazy with the lyrics. After we decided to use this melody since it was insanely good, I was worried about what lyrics to start it off with. In the first place, we don't like to sing too much about ourselves. However, it seemed unnatural to ignore what we've been doing for 10 years, and that we were about to kick off to a new start. So, at the studio the next day, I said, "We've avoided writing songs where we're the protagonist, but maybe we could do it at this point in time." Everyone said that that'd be great. That's why we were conscious of writing it as a song to kick off a new start.

MAMI: We thought that we should let the words "beginning," "newness," and "rebirth" come next. From the start it felt like it came together nicely.

HARUNA: We thought, "Is it still possible for us to feel like newcomers?" (laughs). It just felt embarrassingly fresh. But if we didn't do it now then we wouldn't be able to sing it, and it's because of our efforts that we scraped by and finally hit on lyrics that anyone could understand.

Koyanagi: Your singing is also straightforward.

HARUNA: I feel like the song called to me. I was excited.

RINA: It really suits you.

HARUNA: Given how SCANDAL is currently, I didn't think that we would sing this melody with these lyrics. Although we've tried out lots of things and tried updating ourselves, this song brings us back to our roots. I didn't expect to be able to go back there.

MAMI: Yeah. We need to put a twist on it somewhere. I think it turned out to be a song that makes us go, "Oh!", even though we didn't make it like that. That's exactly what it means for SCANDAL, after 10 years, to make and sing our songs now.

HARUNA: By making this song, our subsequent production has become easier. It's better to write very easy-to-understand lyrics. People are listening even if we don't use metaphors or analogies, and we know what we want to convey. We were able to reach a point where we can keep continuing to create songs like this.

Koyanagi: It's nice to draw on a white canvas, is what you're saying. There are still so many things that are new to you even after 10 years.

RINA: The rules we have for songwriting are decreasing. There are times when we leave something rough on purpose. Like, we do a mixture of "kimi" (you; typically less polite) and "anata" (you; typically more polite). It's like when watching a movie and a line aimed towards the audience suddenly pops up. It's possible to do a mix of tricks and reality in a movie, but it's more difficult to do in music. We wondered if we could appeal to people one-on-one with just one phrase. We never thought we would ever do that. If you use "kimi" once then you should use "kimi" throughout the whole song, but we thought we'd try taking on a new challenge. That's such a minute detail, though.

Koyanagi: That's wonderful.

RINA: I think it's kind of fun.

MAMI: We've been experimenting with different ways of making songs, and since we're going through a number of stages, we have a lot of our own rules. But, we talk about whether to review things or not. This song was made when we talked about doing things freely. It's the first step.

Koyanagi: For example, even if there are mistakes, you're just like, "Let's just be fun and free." This side of SCANDAL is appealing.

MAMI: Originally, the arrangement was completely different and I also put in some strings. It was leading up to the chorus. But, I wanted to do this song with the input of a third party. I couldn't make it completely different by myself. I think I was in a situation where I could only do a part 2 of the song. So, I left the arrangement to the staff we've been working with for a long time, and it turning into a song that was completely changed also means that SCANDAL as we are right now are progressing. It turned out to be a very satisfying song.

Koyanagi: "Mabataki," the other A-side song, is also another wonderful song. It's a very RINA-like song with each of its pieces filling in one by one.

HARUNA: We were like, "Is okay to have everyone listen to an emotional song right after 'Masterpiece'?" (laughs)

RINA: We've written plenty of love songs that stays the course until the finish line, but we also wanted to write a song that starts and finishes vague. We finished it up with TOMOMI on main vocals for the first time in a while.

Koyanagi: In regards to vocals, why did you decide to go with that?

RINA: We also tried doing vocals with all four of us once, but it felt a little too upbeat. So, we focued on TOMOMI's voice. All of us sing during the choruses.

Koyanagi: That's also another easy decision.

TOMOMI: It was close to the beginning. We all sang it once. It felt puzzle-like as we were making it.

Koyanagi: With this private-like feeling and crown called "her," I think it makes it even more charming.

RINA: We talked about how it's good to be charming and have music that fits everyday life and that has lived-in feel to it. It feels like we can now do girly songs that shake free from our preferences.

MAMI: We probably wouldn't have paired those before. After establishing "her," it now truly feels like we'll be putting out what we love, and what we want to do. If "her" didn't exist, we probably would have just put this song on an album, but that's the usual pattern we take anyway. Being able to change that is also because we have "her."

Koyanagi: The songs you'll make will continue to change, and I think you'll also be able to make classic J-Pop songs. Lastly, could you tell us your hopes and desires for your future activities?

RINA: Let's see......

HARUNA: There are endless things to do...but I can't think of any at all right now (laughs).

RINA: We want to live cheerful lives while also living alongside music. We're not trying to make it seem like we're holding a festival called "her"; we want to live our lives as female musicians while releasing music from a place called "her."

MAMI: Releasing songs to the world and playing live shows won't change, but what will be changing completely are the delivery methods and our desire as SCANDAL to deliver them. At any rate, we're very happy that we're able to do this feeling very fresh. Everything is new again, so we want to have fun while feeling this freshness even more.

TOMOMI: It really does feel like we're newcomers redoing our major label debut. We'd love to appear at festivals again feeling like freshmen. It truly feels like everything's anew. We want to do this feeling as though we're starting from scratch.

MAMI: That's surprisingly stoic (laughs).

Koyanagi: You really do seem to be in a good, pleasant mode. I'll be looking forward to what's next as well.

All: We'll do our best!

If you haven't already, please support the band and pick up a copy of this edition!

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【"her" Magazine, Vol. 1】What is "her"? Interview - Part 1
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"her" is SCANDAL's own private record label founded after their 12th anniversary. To explain it simply, they have made their own atelier of sorts. SCANDAL and their true colors can be delivered with more freedom and flexibility to everyone. This means that there may be sights that have never been seen before. First, we'd like for you to experience our outlook even just a little with 【her Magazine】.

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A long interview was conducted upon the launch of their private label "her." Here's the special interview with the members' highly trusted 「ROCKIN'ON JAPAN」 editor-in-chief Daisuke Koyanagi!

SCANDAL launched their private label in their 10th year of being a major label band. You could say that the girls, shouldering all-girl rock of the 2010s and opening up countless sceneries, have their own important, base-like entity that they've finally arrived at.

Its name is 「her」. This is message put into it: "Fight femininely, flexibly, freely, and lightly." It is a slogan that conveys the mindsets of a quartet who have taken a new step towards their next decade of glory.

Its commemorable first release is 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』. SCANDAL's first double A-side single. "Masterpiece," the first track, features the golden combo of lyrics by RINA and music by MAMI, and is a rock number sprinkled with a straight-forward speediness that lightly pushes forward. Their specialty tone is piercing, and a great excitement and a little tension towards their new story that will start from now is spelled out; in that sense, it is more of a personal song compared to SCANDAL's songs thus far. In this era, a sensible way of life is sung from the the point of view of a woman who wants to be independent. 「her」 is a declaration for these four existing together that could not be drawn by anyone besides them who have been continuing to run without stopping for 10 years.

The second track is a calm, midrange song written by RINA. It features TOMOMI on lead vocals for the first time in a while, and she lets us hear her glossy vocal relays with HARUNA. Both very fresh songs convey the impetus of the current SCANDAL.

What are the four of them thinking as they currently stand on a new starting line? What kind of future are they trying to draw after a decade of history? What thoughts were included in these two songs, and what lies in their hearts? We had them talk about everything.

Koyanagi: Your label 「her」 has finally been established, and your new lives will start. First, I'd like to ask you about this past year and what you felt, or what changed after releasing your latest album 『HONEY』 and touring in support of it.

HARUNA: Because I turned 30 last year, that was a huge topic for me. It was a year I wanted to level up as a human, and more than that I wanted to level up as a band member and as a band's vocalist.

Koyanagi: Was that change in age a big one? I have a feeling it probably wasn't, though.

HARUNA: Yeaーh. But age really was the trigger for it. I spent it frankly saying what I thought, and wanting to find something that's like the person I am during our live shows. I realized that it was necessary in order to become an even cooler band, and that I needed to break the image I had within me of the vocalist "HARUNA of SCANDAL" once. It was okay to be myself even more, and that I didn't need to overly pretend to be cool. I thought that that'd be easier to do from here on―rather, that I'd fall even more in love with the band. Also, it feels like it's easier to live with. I feel like those 10 years were ones where I was trying my best to hide my faults. But, it's okay that they've already been bared, and it's okay to be bad at things. Still, I'm trying to do my best (laughs).

Koyanagi: I see. What about for you, RINA?

RINA: The band feels like the most enjoyable thing I'm currently doing, and that I've truly been able to continue doing something that I love. Last year was one where our music and the four of us were closely linked together. We were delighted that we were able to make an album like 『HONEY』  that surpassed our own abilities. We once again discovered that we are people whose personal lives and creativity are more connected than they thought. So, we wanted to see and absorb things more greedily, and we wanted to have both good and bad things happen to us. We wanted feel all sorts of things every day. We finally felt that way at the end of the year. It was a profound year where about three years' worth of happenings occured. 2018 was a huge year for us. Although it might have been a year that we could call "exhausting" if we didn't have this sort of job, we ultimately had an intense year as musicians who stand on stages - and we were glad for that.

Koyanagi: In other words, you were able to output varied experiences.

RINA: Yes, which is why we're able to have fun making things now. Even though we always have fun doing it, we're able to write at a nice pace during this period of time in particular.

Koyanagi: What about you, TOMOMI?

TOMOMI: I moved places in 2018. The windows got bigger, and a lot of light comes in (laughs). Along with that, I was able to put plants all around, so I've started to wake up in the morning. Until now I would sleep until the afternoon and live my life as if I was waking up in the morning. By doing that, I inevitably would often think about the band from morning until night, and would often arbitrarily think about negative things. It was like I couldn't do anything interesting that had depth to it. But, after all, by living together with the sun, I came to think about things that have depth to them.

Koyanagi: What things did you think about?

TOMOMI: Like, we need to be a fun band (laughs).

Koyanagi: Hahaha!

MAMI: Moving was the right thing to do (laughs).

TOMOMI: It really isn't good if humans and plants don't live together with the sun (laughs). It's like I'm storing nutrients now.

Koyanagi: It's inadvertenly essential (laughs). What about you, MAMI?

MAMI: I think it was a year I was even more absorbed in the band. We properly forged our solo live shows—rather, we raised them up ourselves. But, it was also a year where we were itching to perform at festivals and events. Personally, I went out a lot that year. I would discover things like food festivals, or handmade festival-like events where cloth and yarn were gathered, and I would go out to them. How should I say it—I think it was a year of good preparation. There may have been less opportunities to see everyone in public in a sense, but it felt like the band was constantly active. I feel that we were busy in a good way (laughs).

Koyanagi: It may have been a year you reconsidered how SCANDAL, who had many strategies to move outward during these 10 years, should go about things, and what kind of band you should be. The idea that came up was to launch a new label. What was the trigger for that?

HARUNA: The trigger was a distinct conversation we had with our current label staff, who said, "Why don't we do this together?" At that time we weren't sure what direction the band should go in next, and it was when we hit the 10-year mark of being a major label band. If this was the end of our first chapter, then after it would be the start of our second chapter. We only had a vague feeling that we wanted to do something, and at that time we wanted to do something in order to be able to continue on for a long time, but we didn't know what that thing was. It was at that time when we had that conversation about a private record label, and with that we started to move things along.

Koyanagi: Before that, did you ever feel that a private label would be a good fit for you? Was voicing it what solidified your mindset?

RINA: It wasn't something we knew from the start. However, when we were making 『HONEY』, it felt like our want to be renewed was at its peak, and it felt like the all-girl band called SCANDAL gave us the answer. We started thinking about how we should start something new from here on, and how we can stay cool after all of us are over 30 years old.

Koyanagi: Yeah.

RINA: It felt like we also had a haziness we had been holding, and we've now reached one thing. So, for better or worse we've smashed this sense of accomplishment. It might have been connected to making our own label, re-debuting from scratch, and making music from scratch. We want to make music together with people who think our music and way of life are interesting and cool.

Koyanagi: But it felt like, "Why didn't I think of this!?", didn't it?

MAMI: When we explain the band known as SCANDAL, I think it's an element that's very easy to explain. We really are a band that needs all kinds of explanations. Something easy to put out, like, "This is SCANDAL." We decided on our course of action, and we feel excited to start from here again.

TOMOMI: I actually was worried as soon as we talked about it. For me, I had a love for our previous label that we had spent 10 years with, and I had never thought about leaving them because they were comrades who built up the band called SCANDAL together with us. I hadn't thought I'd experience that. However, the feeling of excitement I get when we talk about the future with our current label staff―rather, I felt that I had a feeling of premonition, and that I was able to take a step towards wanting us to debut again.

Koyanagi: You certainly have courage.

MAMI: Because we really wanted to have a change. That want was strong.

TOMOMI: Yeah, that was before we talked about the label.

HARUNA: It's because something beyond the sense of accomplishment with making 『HONEY』 was absolutely necessary. However, it was not found by ourselves alone.

Koyanagi: Yes, I certainly see that there was a sense that you got things done, but conversely, if you didn't have the idea of making a new label, you wouldn't have known how you could express your new selves.

RINA: No matter what songs we'd write, it was like we were doing part two of the songs we already had. We were also irritated because we couldn't write songs we were completely satisfied with. There was a time when we forced them into shape. But, when we announced our label to everyone, it felt like everything was opening all at once. We then came to think that we'd be able to do more and more new things, and that this was the correct answer.

If you haven't already, please support the band and pick up a copy of this edition!

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A behind-the-scenes interview about the production of SCANDAL's double A-side single 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」!
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SCANDAL is an all-girl band who celebrated the 10th anniversary of their major label recording debut last year. Their private record label 「her」 was established at this commemorative milestone, a place where they could express themselves more freely was created, and SCANDAL's new chapter began. The first release from 「her」 is their newly-issued 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」 single that was just released on 3/27 (Wed.). It is an artistic masterpiece of a double A-side single. We interviewed SCANDAL's guitarist & vocalist MAMI who came to Fukuoka to serve as a one-day manager at Tower Records for an event for this release! We asked her about her thoughts on their private label 「her」 and behind-the-scenes stories about the production of their new single.

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——You launched your private label 「her」 last year! How did you go about doing that?

MAMI: The band formed in 2006, and last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our major label recording debut. That was when the four of us talked about things like, "It'd be great to do something new once more." However, it wasn't clear at first what we should do. As we were discussing things, we came to the conclusion, "Shouldn't our next step be to start our own label...!?"

We didn't write the music for our songs when we had debuted, and we still had a complex about it even when we began to self-produce our songs. But, it became possible for us to acknowledge that complex gradually by continuing to do professional activities for 10 years, and now we thought we'd try challenging ourselves to create our own place.

——Have there been any changes since establishing 「her」?

MAMI: Firstly, the "feelings" we have are completely different (laughs)! We've gained more freedom by having our own label, and we're excited to start new things.
The reason why we went with the name 「her」 is because we want to cherish our femininity as an all-girl band. You can tell that it's a female artist's label with this one word, and how the written word looks and its nuance are also nice. I'm glad we went with 「her」 and not 「she」, nor another noun.

——The double A-side single, your first release on your new label, was released on 3/27! It seems like you made this as if you're re-debuting!

MAMI: Our drummer RINA handled the lyrics for 「Masterpiece」, and these past 10 years have made us who we are now. We spelled out our thoughts of, "Let's kick off to another start from here!" It feels so fresh because everything is renewed and we're off to another start.

——The first lines of lyrics in 「Masterpiece」, 『A starting signal always rings out suddenly - My racing heartbeat can no longer be stopped』, reflect SCANDAL's current state of mind.

MAMI: Recently, we hadn't really done much to spell out our state of mind in our lyrics. We didn't want to force our feelings nor our circumstances. That's why there were a lot of lyrics that we left to the listener, but this time, these are lyrics that we can write right now, and ones that we can only write right now. We hope that it'll be a song that intersects our story with your daily lives!

——The music also conveys a momentum to push on forward!

MAMI: That's right. Since this is a song that's packed with everything we have, it feels like we get stronger each time we perform it.
Actually, it originally wasn't like how the song is now. Although I had already completed writing the melody and arrangement about a year ago, the arrangement at that time had a beautiful nuance that contained strings, and it had a totally different atmosphere from the current song. However, when we talked about how it would be enlisted as the first single from 「her」, I inwardly sighed and felt troubled... A year had passed since completing the song, so I might have not been able to face it in the same feeling as back then...that's what I thought. It became an important song that would kick off a new start for us, and we decided to rearrange it once more.

For the arrangement, we entrusted it to Keita Kawaguchi-san and gave him detailed requests like, "We want to make something that's endlessly bright," and, "We want it to start with a heavy riff." Kawaguchi-san has been continuing to watch over SCANDAL since our debut, so he took good care of our thoughts and feelings!

——What were you picky about when recording it?

MAMI: SCANDAL's recording style has always been one where, whether it's an instrument or a song, everyone directs each other and searches for the best form. For the recording of 「Masterpiece」, we had debuted the song at a few live shows at the end of last year, and we recorded it while keeping that same groove we had at the shows! As for the singing, we kept it cheerful and light while having a little bit of innocence. We've always wanted to make a favorite live song, so we're satisfied to have the perfect work♪

——As opposed to 「Masterpiece」, the second song 「Mabataki」 is girly and cute♪

MAMI: 「Mabataki」 features lyrics and music by our drummer RINA while the arrangement was handled by me. RINA had sent me the lyrics, melody, and rhythm via a voice memo, so she had a clear image in her head from the beginning. She had specific requests for the arrangement, and I made sure to not make it too loud. To express a girl's airy, swaying feelings, the instrument phrases have been looped; a keyboard is used; and we made the "gaps" into feel-good music.

But I have a habit of making arrangements too heavy (laughs). I first made it at 100 so that I did not put the crescendo on the instruments as usual and then subtracted from there. We hadn't done arrangements where we configured the keyboard to sound like anything but what it originally sounds like, so that was a new approach for me personally. I'm happy that there are many people who have praised this arrangement!

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——Please tell us about the 「"her" Magazine」 that comes with Limited Edition A.

MAMI: We want you to see the natural us, and there are exclusive pictures; an interview about 「her」; solo interviews; and a personality quiz with a chart where you can see if you're the "MAMI type." At any rate, we wanted to make an unprecedented, luxurious edition (laughs). Limited Edition B comes with a t-shirt.

——How is your current state of mind during your 11th year of being a major label band?

MAMI: We want to continuously put out good music from our new label 「her」. Also, since we're a band that loves live shows, we want to tour non-stop! Our nationwide tour starts in June, and since we'll be coming on 6/22 (Sat.) to play a live show at Zepp Fukuoka, please come out and experience the current SCANDAL for yourself!

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN U06RvZ5

——We're looking forward to the show in Fukuoka! By the way, what's something popular among the band?

MAMI: Maybe the rice cracker "Sharizou"〜 (laughs). It's so good! There are all sorts of flavors including the plain flavor with dashi, but the one I like the most is the "nori wasabi" flavor. We exchange info each time a limited edition flavor comes out and eat them noisily. We often get excited sharing these types of snacks♡

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——MAMI, you're such a trend leader! What fashion-related thing are you currently obsessed with?

MAMI: Maybe clothes that come in primary colors. Today, it's yellow! These days, since i have this hair color, I often choose blue clothes. Basically, I go with blue・red・yellow. Oh yeah, when my hair was pink before, I often wore pink clothes〜.

——For MAMI, who has come to Fukuoka several times, what do you enjoy about the Tenjin area!?

MAMI: It has to be the food! Aren't there a lot of unagi (eel) places in Fukuoka? I feel like I caught sight of a lot on the road. Oh, and speaking of which, I thought that there were many opportunities to eat salmon in Fukuoka—in fact, I also had it for lunch today (laughs). I plan to go eat at 「Kawaya」 at night. I've al〜ways been interested in it, and since I heard that it tastes different from the one in Tokyo, I want to try how it tastes where it originally comes from!
Also, Fukuoka is famous for its udon. I want to try an udon challenge when we come to Fukuoka in June for our show♪

Yoru10 - Sun Apr 07, 2019 3:17 am

HARUNA & TOMOMI on the April 3rd broadcast of Yoru10:

(P/W: SH)

It looks like our usual sources for TV programs will no longer be reliable going forward; as such, I was the one who ripped this program and paid for it using our donations. Subbing this long program as well as subbing in general is also quite time-consuming.

So if you'd like, please consider donating to continue supporting us and our work! Thank you very much!

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We have translated the "her" Magazine Vol. 1 that comes with the Limited Edition A version of SCANDAL's 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 single!

If you haven't already, please support the band and pick up a copy of this edition!

First up is the "Personality Quiz" where you can find out which SCANDAL member you're most like! We've recreated it as an online quiz. Try it out and post in this thread which member you got!

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What is "her"? Interview - Part 1

What is "her"? Interview - Part 2

HARUNA's + MAMI's Private Interviews

TOMOMI's + RINA's Private Interviews

Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) - Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:10 pm

Today's summary

We were in Osaka today too
We went to
"SCANDAL her ~Kanojo-tachi no Atelier Ten~ (A Girls' Atelier Exhibition)"
Currently on exhibition until 4/14 (Sun.)
At Tower Records Abeno Hoopー!
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Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 5oInWqm
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Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 9qAKU1Q
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN HardJib
The space is so large
That it can't be shown with just one picture
It has so much stuff
And is so, so awesome!
It made me really happy
That we had a space made
Where you can enjoy
Our precious songs in new ways
And in such a three-dimensional form

We've buried
Comments and autographs in all sort of spots
There's also a place where everyone can leave messages,
And I tried reading as many of them as I could
The thoughts conveyed through text
Made me tear up a bit
Thank you so much as always

After that, we did several
TV and radio recordingsー!
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZSNDepV
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN IxTVCAv
Will air on 4/11 (Thu.) from 1:59 am〜
It was a taping that was so feverish we lost our voices haha
We'll have the other info posted on our site soon!

And then,
At night we had our anticipated
"Hohoemi Zadan-kai (Smiling Round Table Discussion)"
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Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 0eRevG2
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN MMi78vL
Many people gathered
In the cold while it drizzled!
It was so much fun haha
It felt so warm
To be able to spend some great time together✌️

A new imperial era was also announced
And I think there are plenty of people
Who will be starting something this spring, or whose environments will change.
I hope that "Masterpiece" or "Mabataki"
Can be a small switch
That'll diminish the anxiety of changing moments
And boost your hopes
We'll always be supporting you☺️


2019/4/1 23:03

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SCANDAL|The beginning of our second chapter set in our own place
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SCANDAL will be releasing their new single 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」, their first single in two years, eight months.

The first work that will be delivered from their private label "her" that was established at the end of last year is SCANDAL's first double A-side single. The song 「Masterpiece」 that they debuted live last year is a punkish number that loudly conveys their new start, and the second song 「Mabataki」 is a city pop-like love song that extols a soft atmosphere. Having two songs at opposite ends of the spectrum, the quartet will once again show their pride of being Japan's leading all-girl band.

This Music Natalie cover story features close coverage of a day in the life of SCANDAL. We snuck in to the studio they visit every week, and we conducted an interview with SCANDAL after they finished a meeting at a cafe. We had the quartet, who cannot hide their excitement about the activities that'll start in earnest from here on out in a new environment, talk about the process leading up to the launch of 「her」 and the thoughts they put into it, as well as the production of their latest work.


A day in the life of SCANDAL


Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN N3XUwAE

Once a week, on the same day of the week, at the same time, the four members of SCANDAL always go to the studio. HARUNA picks everyone up in her car and heads to the studio. The studio is always reserved for two hours, and during that time they have sessions, bring in new song ideas, and/or place their instruments. They spend those two hours talking away and doing whatever they like.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN G9Vbvlu
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN HbHuAgS

Up until a few years ago, SCANDAL would often go to the studio for live show rehearsals before a tour. At some point they remembered "goofing around in the studio," and it is now incorporated as one of their weekly plans.

They keep in touch and decide a few days before what they'll be doing in the studio. On this day they had a session with songs from popular bands who have appeared at the same festivals as them. SCANDAL says this about this studio work: "It feels like our groove is enhanced by meeting once a week at the same exact time every week and having conversations in a space with just the four of us." They can share new ideas while they're fresh, and it seems like it keeps the band healthy.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN TtXYYSh
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN E7ysGi2
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN LBxKADc
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN C8wNYWR

When time's up, they put away their instruments and jump back in to HARUNA's car. When they arrive at a favorite cafe of theirs after being driven by HARUNA, they catch up with each other and ask, "What did you yesterday?" After that, HARUNA drives each of them back home. SCANDAL―who celebrated their tenth anniversary with its original members, and who celebrated the tenth anniversary of their major label debut―spends two hours a week as just the four of them.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN Ygitv9I

SCANDAL's interview


By establishing "her," it seemed like "The four of us can still do this"


──SCANDAL celebrated its 10th anniversary as a band two years ago in 2017 [Note: That anniversary was actually in 2016, though...], and celebrated its 10th anniversary being a major label band last year in 2018.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 9PZwigg

HARUNA: The two years of "10 year anniversaries" coming in succession marked a new chapter for us―rather, it was a huge thing for us to feel that we reached one big milestone. Because that was there, I think it led to the establishment of our new private record label 「her」.

──You debuted the song 「Masterpiece」, one of the songs on the new release, early during your 「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "Kanshasai"」 held last November. Not only were you immersed in your strong emotions towards your 10th anniversary, you were already moving towards the future.

RINA: That's right. Last year we took a break from appearing at festivals and only had a few chances to be out in the spotlight. That might be why it made us think, "What are we doing?" While we were getting things ready for 「her」 behind the scenes, we had been making songs the entire time. It was a year the four of us got together and did a lot of inner activities.

──Why did you originally decide to launch a private label at this time?

MAMI: 「HONEY」, the album we released last year, gave us confidence that we made something really good, and since we reached the chapter of [being a major label band for] ten years, we all thought, "So what should we do now?" The four of us shared the same feelings of simply wanting to be more excited and to do something new at that time. At first it was a vague thought we had, but as we entered the studio once a week and got together to hold meetings, I think around last summer......or so, the idea of establishing a private label came up naturally. If that was to happen, it was possible our freedom would greatly increase and we would be able to do something new again, so we started to move specifically from there.

TOMOMI: It's because a "We want to update ourselves" mood had always been flowing through the band. That's why, when we talked about that, all of us had the same motivation to be able to get there.

──You announced the establishment of 「her」 during last year's Christmas live show on 12/24. It's been about three months since then; is there anything that establishing your label has brought to the band?

RINA: We went with the word 「her」 so that you could automatically tell it's a label launched personally by an all-girl band, and it feels like that made us see big themes for our future again. Rock bands generally have a cool; sharp; strong image to them, but it's possible to also express sweetness and softness as women in a band. Since that's a strength and delight of being an all-girl band, we as SCANDAL want to focus on that.

──It feels like you've renewed your readiness as an all-girl band and have strengthened your resolve.

MAMI: Yes.

RINA: That's why we thought, "The four of us can still do this." It felt like our future as SCANDAL extended further.

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──But SCANDAL has been doing very well so far. Like, since you also have a solid style you've built up, you haven't really felt that worried about the future.

RINA: But we've always had feelings of wanting to improve. Looking back on it now, after releasing 「HONEY」 in 2018, there were times when production did not go well. We couldn't really write anything like our newest "special move," or, rather, a "strong song."

MAMI: That's right. It doesn't mean that we were in a slump since we could write songs themselves, but they all tended to feel like they were "part 2"'s of our past songs. We weren't satisfied with that.

RINA: Those songs somehow took shape because we've been a band for 10 years, but none of them broke through. It's because we could only make hazy songs that were like, "It seems like we could keep going, though" that it felt like we needed to completely change how make music. Thinking about it now, we may have hit a wall at a good timing for the band.

──On the other side of that, you were also confident that, "If we're together, we should be able to produce even better songs. We should be able to aim even higher."

MAMI: That's right. Even if they were songs we weren't satisfied with, they could certainly exceed our past songs. But, we constantly felt like we should be able to be even better.

HARUNA: Yeah. I think that's probably the confidence we've accumulated over the past 10 years.


「Masterpiece」 is a song that the current SCANDAL should be playing


──Was your new song 「Masterpiece」 born after the production of your album 「HONEY」?

MAMI: Yes. The melody itself was made about a year ago, but at that time it had a completely different arrangement from its current state. I didn't really like that arrangement, so I put away for the time being. I'm the type who, if I don't get it right the first time, basically won't want to do it anymore. Even though everyone was saying, "That song you made earlier was good, so why not try one more time?", I was stubbornly like, "No, I don't feel like it now" (laughs).

RINA: Because of that, we're a band who has zero songs stocked up (laughs).

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MAMI: Even though I should be able to stock them up, I throw them all away (laughs). But everyone, including our staff, liked this song, so I started to feel, "All right, for a change I'll try it again." Since that was when we were also all discussing 「her」, I was like, "If the band is renewed, then I too will be renewed," and got rid of my weird stubborness (laughs).

RINA: You became flexible (laughs).

──What kind of arrangement did it originally have?

MAMI: It felt formal and used strings. Other than the main focus being on the band, it was something completely different. So, we talked about arranging it once more, but since I couldn't change it myself no matter what, I entrusted it to the arranger Keita Kawaguchi-san. Kawaguchi-san has watched over the past SCANDAL as well as the current SCANDAL, so I had faith in him and asked him to do it.

RINA: When we heard the completed arrangement, we were like, "That's so cool!" and all got excited. When we order an arrangement, we tell them what timbre and configuration in lots of detail, but he really went beyond that and made the greatest arrangement.

TOMOMI: Our impression of the song also completely changed, thanks to the arrangement. I think it's become a song that the current SCANDAL should be playing. For the instrument recording, the groove was very easy to make since we had performed it several times on last year's 「Kanshasai」 tour. We made the sounds close to the atmosphere we have for our live shows. We're also doing a lot of experimenting, like making it so distorted that you don't know where the outlines are.

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A word we can use pleasantly


──The lyrics for 「Masterpiece」 were written by RINA, and its content is fitting for the band's new start.

RINA: Until now, I was trying not to write songs that pumped out too much of our story. That's because I wanted us to keep being a band that you could understand and enjoy no matter when you started listening to us. However, I thought it was unnatural to ignore the 10th anniversary of our major label debut and the establishment of our private label―basically, who we are now. So, I wrote the lyrics with the intention of making it the song that would start off SCANDAL's second chapter. It felt like we were able to remake a debuting song once more.

──The positive message that's almost refreshing feels like it perfectly fits the word "debut." But, it's also a word that you can put a spin on because you've stacked up a 10-year career.

HARUNA: Yeah. After all, we definitely couldn't write a song called "Masterpiece" at the time of our actual debut (laughs).

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN AUyrSkv

RINA: It's because it means "an excellent work." Now that it's a word we can use pleasantly, it turned into a punk song that's also rounded in a good way. I hope it'll create some spectacular scenes at upcoming shows.

HARUNA: Singing this song makes it feel very fresh. It's because it's a new song where we've kind of broken down what's been piled up―rather, we can see what we've cleared it away in a good way. However, we felt a unique feeling of tension when recording it. That's because it's also our first single in a while.

RINA: After all, it's been two years and eight months [since the last single]!

HARUNA: That's right! Also, it's our first single from 「her」. That's why I put all I had into singing it. I think it turned out to be a really good song because it took more time than usual to record.

──So, this single is a double A-side one. The other song 「Mabataki」 is a city pop number with a girly atmosphere to it. It feels like there's a great meaning by including this song with the abrasive rock tune 「Masterpiece」.

RINA: That's right. We thought that it'd be possible for the four of us to also make a more personal, girly song by having something crowned with the word 「her」. Since we had an image of wanting to make a double A-side single with a cool song and a cute song, I tried writing a world that leaned towards being very cute. I'm really happy because it really feels like I was able to give shape to one of my favorite types of songs.


Singing 「Mabataki」 at 10% power


──The lyrics and music for 「Mabataki」 were both written by RINA.

RINA: Yes. I thought having a song with content that was a little more vague than usual would be good, so I wrote the lyrics as if having the song end on the note of, "So, what happened to to this love?" The ending isn't clear by only vaguely thinking in their room at night of the person they love. I personally really like having rounded words to express that vagueness, so I think that my preferences came out quite a bit (laughs).

──Being able to depict that kind of world is something unique to all-girl bands, isn't it?

HARUNA: Yes, we think so.

──MAMI did the arrangement. It has a very nice sound that makes you feel the breadth of the band's musicality.

MAMI: Thank you very much. That makes me happy! As I had a rather clear image of what RINA-chan had in mind, I made it while we exchanged fine details. We usually use driving drums that are relatively close to a raw sound, but this time we chose to go with techo and dance music-like sounds. We overlapped two or three different sounds of the kick drum and were conscious of making sounds that didn't exist. I think I was able to try various things while inserting sounds that felt comfortable.

──The way you constructed it is completely different from 「Masterpiece」.

MAMI: It is completely different! The way we recorded the music was completely different too.

RINA: It's really fun to be able to do a completely different approach as one band. This song features TOMOMI on lead vocals.

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──It feels like it's been a while since TOMOMI has sung.

TOMOMI: Since it had been a while, I was able to sing with a very fresh feeling. Like in the past, after HARUNA and I each sang the entire song, I also enjoyed the task of dividing the parts up like a puzzle. Since this is a soft song, I first sang at about 30% of my usual power. But when I was told, "Maybe make it a little gentler," I ended up singing at 10% power (laughs).

RINA: (laughs). It was really fun because we went in a different direction than usual, like, "Not energetically; conservatively!"

──HARUNA, did you also sing at 10%?

HARUNA: I did (laughs). I'm really glad that we recorded vocals for 「Masterpiece」 on a different day. It definitely would have been impossible if it had been on the same day.

MAMI: We recorded the vocals for 「Mabataki」 after first recording the music. Besides, we got a little sleepy since we had eaten. I think that influenced the song in a good way (laughs).

TOMOMI: We sang it around 10 pm. We were singing while feeling airy (laughs).

──It's a song that depicts one girl's personal feelings, but it's also fun to sing it with two people.

RINA: Yeah. Therefore, a dreamy-like atmosphere comes out in it a bit.

HARUNA: It's fun being in SCANDAL since two songs at opposite extremes were born. Girls' appearances change depending on the day, right? Like, "I'll wear these clothes today," or "I'll do this kind of makeup today." Being able to enjoy that feeling as a band is one of the best parts of SCANDAL―I thought again through this production. Two songs that express the multifacetedness of girls turned out to be the perfect first work, and one that we're proud of, released on 「her」.


Aiming the fan club tour towards "MANIA" while feeling summer gradually set in on the nationwide tour


──You have your 「SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2019」 fan club tour that starts at the end of March, and then you'll start your 「SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood"」 nationwide tour that starts in June.

MAMI: First, we'll have a pretty manical, interesting setlist for our fan club tour. So, we want the "MANIA" people to look forward to it.

HARUNA: We're planning all sorts of things (laughs).

RINA: Then, in June is our first tour of the new era. I think it would be nice to have a feel-good tour while feeling summer set in gradually amidst ambiguous temperatures when the seasons change.

──That's exactly like the title (laughs).

RINA: Yes (laughs). Our fan club tour also hasn't started yet, so we'll be working the content out from now, but we hope to deliver something solid as a band while having a structure that's more self-directed. We want to make sure to convey our current mood.

HARUNA: We're also going to the area of Obihiro for the first time. It'd be great to get more new comrades.

MAMI: I think it's also great that this is a live house tour. We're going back to the basics―rather, it really feels like we're starting again from here on out.

TOMOMI: Our environment has changed and we're feeling very excited right now. It feels very fresh, so we hope to keep holding on to that the entire tour. It's been like that since we first formed, but since we've headed towards something that makes us excited and seems like fun, we want to always keep chasing after new things.

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#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki

Thanks so much for checking out our translations! Please consider donating if you'd like to continue supporting us and our work!

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SCANDAL's release event for 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」 - a huge success
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 4QoD9iO

SCANDAL, who released their first single 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」 from their private label "her," held 「SCANDAL New Single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 Release Commemoration - Bakuon Shichou-kai (Explosive Listening Party) at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'」 on 3/27.

MAMI: Just like our standing positions when we play a live show, the guitar sounds are divided between the left and right sides so that you can hear each of phrases played by HARUNA's guitar and MAMI's guitar.

TOMOMI: We make sounds so that the bassline can easily be seen on typical recordings, but this time it was distorted to the limit to do the same thing live. Please feel the vibration of the bass with these big speakers today.

Talks about manical "sounds" unique to this explosive listening party unfolded. Additionally, as a special surprise, they streamed the first demo of 「Masterpiece」 made by MAMI, exciting the fans throughout the venue who were able to hear this rare audio that is completely different from the CD version.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 1la38wU

At the end of the event, RINA said this: "The four of us got the courage to start our label, decided to try creating various things from scratch for the first time, and began our new musical lives together with this year's spring. 「Masterpiece」 means "an excellent work," but it's not simply about this work only; I want to call fun things, sad things, and stories I've walked through so far, "masterpieces." There are all sorts of things that happen in your every day lives, but there are no useless moments. Those are the thoughts we put into this song. We're always thinking of how thankful we are that you've chosen our music among the many bands out there. We'll keep making music that gets close to you and makes your daily lives brighter and enjoyable."

They also conveyed a message to the fans about the joy of being able to release something from their new label, ending the successful event as the venue was filled with warm applause.

The short film-like music video for 「Mabataki」 that's like peeking into SCANDAL's room has been released as well. They will also be holding 「SCANDAL New Single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 Release Commemoration Hohoemi Zadan-kai (Smiling Round-Table Discussion)」 at Abeno Q's Mall in Osaka on 4/1.

What "Masterpiece" means

Our double A-side single
『Masterpiece / Mabataki』
Is out today!

We talk more about the songs
In all sorts of interviews
So it'd make me happy
If you check them out while enjoying them

The word "masterpiece" in Japanese
Means "an excellent work"
Originally, MAMI sent me a demo
Fitted with a temporary song sung in nonsensical English,
And I misheard something in first few lines
As "masterpiece."
After that, that word somehow stuck around in my head...

Since last year, every Wednesday
The four of us alone go to a rehearsal studio even if we don't have an upcoming live show
And make time for us
To practice, produce, have sessions, and talk.
Last year was also the year
The four of us celebrated the tenth anniversary of our major label debut,
And we had many chances during interviews
To look back on who we are now.
Maybe because of that too,
There were many days
Where we'd reminisce naturally in the studio
And talk about the future we're currently thinking of

It's only been ten years, but they've been ten steady years.
We feel that this is really a result
That only could have been obtained by continuing this
So it feels like it's an important footprint for us.
That's why we made a song
Where we wanted to write lyrics
That properly summarized our story
And searched for and gathered up lots of words
That could be delivered to everyone right now.

"Put all of the regretful, lonely experiences
Happy, tearful events
Joy and sadness together.
All of the days so far have been necessary,
And each day that you have passed through
Is each its own masterpiece"
We want to continue to saying this with our music.

May we continue being able to take you along with us


2019/3/27 21:30


RINA likes to write in a poem-like style, which might be confusing and hard to understand. Here's the blog again with all of the sentences put together properly:

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【Translated Summary】LINE LIVE Specials to Celebrate SCANDAL's New Single, #3 (Final) - March 25th

The last of these monthly streams!


Masterpiece / Mabataki Single Lyrics - Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:15 pm

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Masterpiece / Mabataki Single Lyrics

01. Masterpiece (マスターピース)
02. Mabataki (まばたき; Blink)

Masterpiece ~ マスターピース
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

Hajimari no aizu wa itsudemo totsuzen narihibiite
Hashiridasu kodou mou tomerarenai wa
Tatoeba ijiwaru na dareka ni warareta toshitemo
Donkan de junshin na furi shite idomitai

Machiwabita toki wa ima! Atarashii doa wo hiraku
Kooritsuita kokoro wo tokashite kureru merodi
Kuchizusande kimi ni mo todoketai

Kaze ni notte tonde yuke kisetsu ni saku hana no you ni
Yurenagara sagashiteta yorokobi ni deaeru uta wo
Ikutsumono hibi wo koete houseki ni naru kimi no namida
Yoru ni oite kita negaigoto wo mukae ni yukou
Mabashiku kagayaiteru asahi no hou e

Ameagari no sora ni niji ga kakaru to wa kagiranai
Demo utsumuite bakka ja minogashichau wa
You wa donna shunkan mo hinto ni dekiru mugen no souzouryoku
more junbibantan please me! please me! Kami-sama

Machigai mo seikai mo nai jibun dake no chizu wo egaku
Tsumiagete kita mono wo kowashite tadoritsuita
Keshiki ga aru

Tsutaetai kanaetai mamoritai uso ja nai
Mezashiteta mirai made ato sukoshi
Yowaki na jibun ni maketakunai yo
Nanmankai datte hikari ni te wo nobasou

Sekaijuu ni tonde yuke anata ni utatteru yo
Mune ippai ni afuredasu umaretate no yorokobi wo
Ikutsumono hibi wo koete
Utaeru yo ima kono "masutaapiisu"
Yoru ga owattara negaigoto wo kanae ni yukou
Dokomademo tsuzuiteiku tabiji no mukou e



English Translation

A starting signal always sounds out suddenly
I can no longer calm my racing heartbeat
Even if I'm laughed at by someone mean-spirited
I'll pretend it's not getting to me

The time I've waited for is right now! I'll open a new door
And a melody will melt my frozen heart
I'll hum it and send it to you, too

We'll ride on the wind like flowers blooming in season
Don't forget the song that let us encounter the joy we looked for
As we swayed
Overcoming these countless days have turned your tears into gems
Let's pick up the wishes we left behind in the night
And head towards the dazzling morning sun

There won't always be a rainbow in the sky after it rains
But you'll miss it if all you're doing is looking down
There's a hint in any given moment with infinite imagination
More - I'm ready - Please me! Please me! God

I'll draw my own map with no mistakes nor correct answers
There's a landscape that I'll arrive at
After breaking what's been laid down

I want to express, achieve, and protect - It's the truth
The future I've strived for is just a little further ahead
I don't want to give in to my weakness
I'll reach for the light tens of thousands of times

I'm flying around the world and singing to you
As I embrace the newborn joy that's overflowing
In my heart
I've overcome these countless days
To be able to sing this "masterpiece" now
When the night ends, let's make our wishes come true
And head towards an endless journey

Mabataki ~ まばたき; Blink
Lyrics & Music: RINA ~ Arrangement: MAMI

Yuraretari kogaretari tamani yume ni mitari
Nanimo te ni tsukanai hibi no kurikaeshi

Itsudatte aitai yo itsuka hanabanare demo
Sonna koto bakari kangaeteiru no

Ato ikkai no mabataki de
Afurete shimaisou
Sono ato ikkai no kuchizuke de
Hajikete shimau kurai
Suki na no ni

Yuraretari kogaretari tamani yume de futari
Kono mama samenaide yoru no ijiwaru

Seikai wa tabun nai ne tada anata wo aishiteru
Fuantei na hoshi no ue de shiawase ni naritai

Ato ikkai no mabataki de
Afurete shimaisou
Sono ato ikkai no kuchizuke de
Hajikete shimau kurai
Suki na no ni

Nureta matsuge ga kawaku mae ni...
Nureta matsuge ga kawaku mae ni...
Nureta matsuge ga kawaku mae ni...
Nureta matsuge ga kawaku mae ni...

Ato ikkai no mabataki de
Afurete shimaisou
Sono ato ikkai no kuchizuke de
Hajikete shimau kurai
Suki na no ni



English Translation

I get shaken up, I fall in love, and sometimes I dream
I can't concentrate on anything day after day

I'll always want to see you, even if we're separated one day
That's all I've been able to think of

Just one more blink
And my tears will fall
Just one more kiss after that
And I'll just about burst
But I love you

I get shaken up, I fall in love, and sometimes I dream of us
Don't wake me up - The night's so cruel

There's probably no correct answer - I simply love you
I want to find happiness on an unstable star

Just one more blink
And my tears will fall
Just one more kiss after that
And I'll just about burst
But I love you

Before my damp eyelashes dry...
Before my damp eyelashes dry...
Before my damp eyelashes dry...
Before my damp eyelashes dry...

Just one more blink
And my tears will fall
Just one more kiss after that
And I'll just about burst
But I love you

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"Mabataki" MV - English Subs - Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:05 pm

thoseguiltyeyes wrote:
thoseguiltyeyes wrote:
Star~world96®️ wrote:Final LIVE LINE starts tomorrow, I completely forgot about this broadcast lol. I wonder what they'll show/talk about since every info about the single has been out.

Maybe they'll premiere the "Mabataki" MV? That's the only thing I can think of that hasn't already been revealed.

lol I must have a knack for predicting things about "Mabataki" =Dp For my final prediction, I predict that full version will premiere on 3/27 at 12 am JST on SCANDAL's YouTube channel lol

lol 3 for 3 came true =Dp
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"Mabataki" MV - Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:53 pm

Star~world96®️ wrote:What's with the "Special Presents" at the end of the CM, does it come with the magazine or something?

They're prizes that only those who purchase the magazine edition can apply to win. More details are in the edition.
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The 「SCANDAL」 exhibition held at Tower Records Abeno Hoop - Imagining song world views
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 574cGWO

The collaboration POP UP GALLERY 「SCANDAL her ~Kanojo-tachi no Atelier Ten~ (A Girls' Atelier Exhibition)」 has begun from 3/26 at Tower Records Abeno Hoop's SpaceABENO.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 5797W2g
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN JFA8eIj
Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN Rytn1qG

This is a collaboration project in commemoration of the first release from Osakan all-girl band SCANDAL's private record label 「her」. It features things such as an exhibiton of panel pictures that imagine the world views of the songs on their double A-side single 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」 out on 3/27, and a lyric video of the world of 「Masterpiece」 will be screened here only, along with the sale of collaboration merch.

The collaboration goods: Portable charger (3700 yen), rubber band collection BOX (1800 yen), towel (1500 yen), picture magnet (500 yen)

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN EbS2OJ8

This is the first event at the newly created event space 「SpaceABENO」. We will continue to develop exhibition events, etc. in the future.

Business hours are from 12:00~21:00. Admission is 500 yen (free for elementary school children and younger). Runs until 4/14.

A Zexy (Japan’s largest wedding magazine) CM-like video that explains the her magazine that's included with Limited Edition A of our new single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 out on 03.27!!

Details on what's introduced in the video:

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN KEbBlB2
"Pursuing the establishment of a private record label - Fully loaded! Long interview"

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN RIhpTRV
"Private interview - What's been going on recently with the members & what they're obsessed with - Individual interviews"

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN VKNSUwO
"SCANDAL's personality assessment"

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN VFjRUY1
"I want all of them!! Special Present"

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki
The short version of the "Mabataki" MV, as shown on their LINE LIVE (the full version will be released on March 27th):

Also, the Team her staff surprised the band with this pillar promo in Shibuya Station:

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN JHHIErx

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki
SCANDAL, who established a private record label, will be releasing their first double A-side single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 on 3/27!

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN NrX7Eyn

SCANDAL has established a private record label. The first work they will be releasing on their label on 3/27 is the band's first double A-side single, 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』. We asked HARUNA, MAMI, TOMOMI, and RINA about the details on how their label was started, as well as their latest work that starts the band's second chapter.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN QMIIdTe

―Before talking about your new single, we'll be asking about your private record label "her." When did you start thinking about establishing a label?

HARUNA: Last year we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our major label debut, but right before that is around when we started thinking, "It'd be great to do something new in anticipation of SCANDAL's second chapter." As we were discussing that, it flowed to, "How about establishing a private record label?" We prepared for it and were able to launch it this year.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN VWGy0o4

―I'm the sure the members all felt that reaching the point of ten years after having your major label debut was a major break for the band.

RINA: Yes. It felt like a major break. It was also a year where we felt we got to experience all sorts of things, and our desire to do something new reached its peak. After we released our album 『HONEY』 last February, we couldn't make songs right away that made it seem like "This is it!"... Up until then, we'd digest the desire to do something new whenever we'd write a new song. However, we didn't feel that last year. We thought it'd be best if we created a new place before we created new songs. We needed a change that would completely change our environment. Since we had those kinds of thoughts, we needed a lot of courage. We decided to establish a label ourselves and make a style of releasing things from there. Accordingly, our music-making started to go smoothly after we decided to establish a label, which means that this was the right thing to do.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN XBKNPpv

―Did all of you come up with "her" for the label's name?

RINA: We all discussed what name would be good. We had the general framework of going with a name that would tell you at first glance that it's an all-girl band's label, but there's a surprisingly limited amount of words that directly remind you of women. It was kind of like, 「"she" doesn't feel right. So, maybe "her"」.

MAMI: The word "her" came out in a very natural flow. I think it's because it was close to what we were thinking of.

TOMOMI: The word "her" is the theme we have within ourselves―rather, if there was a book about ourselves, we'd want that word to be the title. It felt like we were moving anew when we established our private label, but perhaps it felt more realistic when we decided on a name. It feels that comfortable.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN OyKoBRu

―It doesn't mean that your recording and music production style have changed greatly, but it's a big change emotional-wise to decide on the name of your label and release your work on there.


Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN 7KrechX

―Its first work will be the band's first double A-side single, 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』. This song [Masterpiece] features lyrics by RINA and music by MAMI.

MAMI: 「Masterpiece」 had a completely different arrangement when it was just a demo song. The members and the staff liked the song when I made the demo, and we talked about how we'd like to release it someday. But, at that time, we thought that the timing was a little off and I therefore did not give the song shape. Even though I would make songs, I wouldn't stockpile them if the timing didn't work out. However, this time, everyone told me, "That song would be great!", and I tried throwing away my stubborn sense of pride a bit (laughs). But, since only the original arrangement would come to mind, I had Keita Kawaguchi-san do the arrangement. Lyrics-wise, since I entrenched myself and didn't think I could write them well, I had RINA write them.

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―RINA, what kind of lyrics did you decide to place on MAMI's song?

RINA: The four of us had always been talking about how a cheerful song would be nice, so I thought that lyrics with that kind of content would be good. Because the four of us reaching the tenth year of being a major-label band is linked to us having greater confidence in ourselves, I thought that having content that acknowledged that and pumped out our story would be good. It's our starting song, and since we made it a song that's like 「If we're debuting again, we have to make it this single!」, and since the other three members told me, 「Sounds great!」 when I told them my thoughts in the studio, I began writing the lyrics.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN Zlbf8jE

―You included what the four of you have been through up until now, as well as what's to come.

RINA: Yes.

HARUNA: We had sang and performed it live several times before we recorded it, but there was a unique sense of tension when it came to recording vocals for it. Even though I should have been used to singing it, I felt like I couldn't shake off that sense of tension. I sang it over and over again, like, "I'll sing it until we've gotten a good take!" It's become the starting song for SCANDAL's second chapter, and since the lyrics are straight-forward, I tried to sing it frankly and not change it too much so that its message could be delivered properly.

TOMOMI: Our recording was influenced by our live performances of the song. There haven't been many times when we've recorded a song after playing it live. That's why we wanted to lock up the atmosphere we had when playing this song live, and tried getting it close to our live sound, including our instruments; equipment; and settings. It was really fresh and a lot of fun.

RINA: It wasn't like we recorded from zero a song that we just made; the song and how we performed it live was ingrained in our bodies, so I think that was really good.

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―What did you ask of the arranger Kawaguchi-san?

MAMI: Kawaguchi-san has been watching SCANDAL since our major label debut and knows about the current us, so we thought that asking him would be the right thing to do. Basically, we told him that we wanted the band to be the main source of sound, and we started from telling him, 『At any rate, make it heavy』. I put strings into the demo I made, which gave it a pretty sound, but I said, 『Get rid of it!』 (laughs). Then, we made it by exchanging it over and over again.

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―It feels like, including the music; lyrics; and arrangement, it turned out to be a song that could be delivered to the fans with confidence. It also has the title 「Masterpiece」.

MAMI: The title gives you a feeling of, 「How's this for you!」 (laughs).

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―Also, the second song on the single, 「Mabataki」, features lyrics and music by RINA, with arrangement by MAMI.

RINA: I was able to write this song relatively around the same time we decided on the name "her" for our label. It's very personal and feminine, and it makes me feel like, "It's completely fine to have a song with a sweet worldview to it." It's precisely because we started a label called "her" that I wanted the four of us to perform this kind of song. I think "SCANDAL" has a strong woman image attached to it. Because that's also SCANDAL-like, I want to keep launching out those aspects while desiring them. I think we have a 「Mabataki」-like femininity within us, so I'm happy that it was able to take shape at this timing. Since 「Masterpiece」 is a completely different type of song, I'm really looking forward to the fans' reactions.

MAMI: As for the arrangement, RINA already knew what kind of song she wanted it to be, so I made it in line with that thought.

HARUNA: Since it's pretty personal song, I tried to sing it very gently and softly. It's the complete opposite of 「Masterpiece」, and such extremely different songs were born. Being able to sing those is a moment that makes me think of how much fun it is to be in SCANDAL.

RINA: This features dual vocals, with TOMOMI singing as well. I wanted it to be sung in a way that would make people feel relaxed, so I told them, 「Sing it with around 10% power」 (laughs).

TOMOMI: It was fun singing it (laughs). Like what everyone else is saying, we broke the rules by daring to make two different types of songs into a double A-side single―rather, it made us think that we can make songs from any angle from here on.

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―Well then, after releasing this single, you'll be going on 「SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood"」, a nationwide tour that starts in June. What kind of tour will it be?

RINA: The title "Fuzzy Summer Mood" perfectly represents our current mode. We hope it'll be a live house tour that incorporates fuzzy feelings and a nice looseness.

HARUNA: It'll be held from June to the beginning of July, the exact period of time when it becomes summer, and it might change rapidly with each performance. Also, since the season of summer festivals will start after our tour ends, we want to build up a lot of strength while on tour.

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"Masterpiece" (the song) can actually be purchased on international iTunes stores! This at least works in the US, but it probably will work in other countries too.

If you search "SCANDAL Masterpiece" or "SCANDAL (JP) Masterpiece" and click on the price of the song, it'll prompt you to log in to your iTunes account and then let you purchase it!

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN AgUlC36

Note: Don't click on the album title; it'll give you a prompt that says it's "not available" in your country. Weird, yes, but you are nevertheless able to purchase it if you click on the price. One of my friends and I tried it and it worked for us!

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki
SCANDAL just tweeted what the physical singles will look like:

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZA2VH7v

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki

park23 wrote:Did anyone else noticed that the link from video description to iTunes is for another band ?

When you click on that link, you're directed to your own country's iTunes Store. It currently only directs to the correct SCANDAL if you're in Japan.

Since iTunes has not yet made the single available to purchase internationally, nor has the rest of their discography been made available for purchase on there once more, it's currently linking to another band for everyone outside of Japan (that 80s band as well as some street punk band from London).

It'll probably be fixed once the single's officially out on the 27th.
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Using the SH YouTube account, I was able to add English subs to the official "Masterpiece" MV's CC options on YouTube! I also added an English translation of the video description.

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZMhkFKS

Also, according to ROOFTOP's IG (SCANDAL's managing office), DaishinSZK, the director of the "Masterpiece" MV, had also directed the "Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne" MV.

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki

wildthing wrote:YouTube subtitles now in Japanese / English for the latest MV on the official video.

lol you just slightly beat me to announcing it here, but yep, I added them in~
"Masterpiece" (the song) is now available internationally on Spotify!

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If it's not showing up for you yet:

Topics tagged under masterpiece_mabataki on SCANDAL HEAVEN G8pnJHx

(Source: SCANDAL on Instagram, their latest post)

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki
"Masterpiece" MV with English subs:

The band also posted on their IG that the single is set to be released on worldwide digital outlets (probably won't be available until the single's officially out on the 27th):

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"Masterpiece" available worldwide on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more.

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki

"Masterpiece" MV Now Available Worldwide - Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:50 am

The music video for "Masterpiece," uploaded to SCANDAL's new YouTube channel and is region-free:

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"Masterpiece" video



#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki
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