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SCANDAL records "Mabataki" - Mon Feb 18 2019, 18:41

February 18 - SCANDAL starts recording "Mabataki"

RINA:「Recording day for our new song "Mabataki" A super simple set-up with only three drums」

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February 14-16 - SCANDAL records "Masterpiece" and shoots its music video!

February 14th:


SCANDAL:「Feb 14, 2019
"Masterpiece" Rhythm Recording.」

RINA:「We're recording our new song "Masterpiece" I was able to drum a good takeeee〜」




HARUNA:「Wearing our new Feedback! long-sleeve tee while recording

RINA:「Creating sounds」

Q.「Do you always record a song one month before it's supposed to be out?」

RINA「This is the first time We barely made it once we prepared things for "her," but we're happy we're able to deliver a freshly made take」

February 15th:

RINA:「We're adding vocals to the instrumentals we recorded yesterday‍ We recorded an awesome take done by HARU-chan, and now we'll do harmonizing!」

RINA:「Vocal recording day」

TOMOMI:「Brilliant use of a pen」

TOMOMI:「Blue-san is harmonizing」


SCANDAL:「Feb 15, 2019
"Masterpiece" Vocal Recording.」

February 16th:


SCANDAL:「Feb 16, 2019
"Masterpiece" Music Video Shooting.」

HARUNA:「Music video shooting

RINA:「Shooting the music video for Masterpiece」

MAMI:「We're troubled.」

RINA:「Finished shooting the music video for Masterpiece」

【Translated Summary】LINE LIVE Specials to Celebrate SCANDAL's New Single, #1 - January 25th

This recorded stream unfortunately doesn't have the first 10 or so minutes of the broadcast, nor was the stream made available for on-demand playback afterwards. I'll do my best to try and record the two upcoming streams myself!


0:00 - 0:32
-RINA talks about "Mabataki." They wanted it to be the complete opposite of "Masterpiece" soundwise, and it has a plentiful band sound while also being soft. It has more of a fresh feeling to it than it being a straight-rock number.

-HARU mentions how they'll now be recording it. The MC asks, "So...we won't be able to hear it today?" The band laughs and says no as they haven't completely finished it yet.

*Note: The MC is supposed to be Nipper, the dog statue in front of the band. Nipper is essentially the mascot/logo of JVC/Victor Entertainment, which SCANDAL's new label "her" is part of.

-From memory: Before "Mabataki" they talked about "Masterpiece," which features lyrics by RINA and music by MAMI.

0:32 - 2:15
-The MC mentions how, since there will be a ton of announcements, they'll be revealing them on boards that the band will hold up. First, TOMO holds up a red board containing the tracklisting and different editions of the single (all info can be found here). They tell everyone to take screenshots of it. The band tells TOMO, since screenshots will be taken, to make "screenshot-worthy faces."

2:30 - 5:40
-The MC says that they'll now be revealing the covers. The band looks around the bottom of their chairs for boards, but they realize that they're not there and that they'll be revealed on the stream itself. From left to right, the covers go from Regular Edition; LE A; and LE B. The band says in unison how cool they are. RINA starts reading out what people are saying about the covers ("Stylish!", "So cute!", "I want all of them!", etc.).

-The MC asks them to speak about how the covers came about. TOMO says how she's been liking and following a collage artist called Q-TA for a while now and has always wanted to work with them. She just put out an offer on the table, like, "Q-TA-san, how's this?" HARU mentions that they asked them to come out to a live show of theirs, and they made live show-like collages for the covers. RINA says that they sent over the collages to them the day after the show, and how happy the band was that they were pretty speedy. The MC infers from that that the band didn't ask Q-TA to make them a certain way. RINA clarifies that they did ask them to include certain nuances, told them what artwork of theirs on their IG that the band likes, and asked them to listen to their songs. The MC then asks if their songs and artwork are usually linked together, and the band says that's exactly on point.

5:45 - 15:10
-They announce the what's included with each edition. Once again, all info can be found here. They first hold up an approximately 2 ft. sized board with the cover of the magazine that will come with LE A. The content that will be included in the magazine: talks about their new label "her," exclusive pictures, and solo interviews. RINA calls it "A special book packed with various aspects of who SCANDAL currently is." She then reads a comment that asked, "Will it be a different size [than the board that's being held up]?" The band laughs and quickly says that no, it'll be much smaller―more like newspaper-sized. The MC asks what the content in the magazine will be. The band pauses, and the MC repeats the word "content" again. They laugh and say, again, that it'll have their talks about their new label, pictures, and solo interviews. They also mention that there will be a ton of pictures in it.

-They move on to LE B, which will come with a t-shirt with the Regular Edition cover printed on it. TOMO holds it up as they exclaim, "So cute!" It'll come in a size L and is on the looser side (more or less equivalent to a US men's M). On the back near the top is the logo for "her."

-They then go back over the details for both LEs. They clarify how many pages the magazine will be (36 pages), and while HARU holds up the board again, MAMI points out that it says "Vol. 1," implying that there will be more magazines to come in the future. They pass the board over to MAMI so that it can be seen more clearly for "screenshot time." MAMI starts making faces and the band encourages her to keep up the "screenshot-worthy faces." TOMO then stands up and holds the t-shirt up to her as if she's wearing it, and the band tells her again to make "screenshot-worthy faces" while posing.

-The MC asks them to go back over the release details such as the release date, 3/27. The MC says how that day is also Quentin Tarantino's and Mariah Carey's birthdays. The band laughs and goes, "Really?"

-The band mentions how it'll be their first single release on a CD in 2 years, 8 months (since Take Me Out, July 2016)―almost 3 years.

-The MC says that there are a ton of comments from people saying things like they want to see the magazine/they want the t-shirt. RINA says she's happy that people are this pleased with them.

15:10 - 17:00
-The MC says, "Speaking of 'Mabataki'...", and the band is handed a pack of shirataki noodles because the words sound similar to each other (lol).

17:15 - 23:40
-They then talk about which first press bonuses will be available at which stores, and the info is revealed on another red board. Once again, all info can be found here.

-On the board it lists that HMV, TSUTAYA, WonderGoo/Shinseido, and "SCANDAL-supporting stores" (AKA other stores that have not been determined yet) will have A4-size clear files. Each store has one "Pattern __" (A-D) written on it, and the MC reveals that "Pattern" refers to a member. That means that the stores will offer a clear file featuring one member on it (AKA a solo clear file). They then hold a lottery to determine which member will be offered at which store. The band is offered a box, and each of them pull out a slip of paper folded in half containing a name of a store. TOMO gets "SCANDAL-supporting stores," HARU gets TSUTAYA, RINA gets HMV, and MAMI gets WonderGoo/Shinseido. To see it explained more plainly, all info can be found here.

-Next, they discuss another "pre-order bonus" where whomever purchases the singles between 1/25 - 3/10 at a selected list of stores will receive a bonus A4 clear file. This will have all 4 members on it. Once again, all info can be found here. The MC makes a mistake with the year and says "2009" instead of "2019." The band catches it, laughs, and says, "That was 10 years ago!"

24:40 - 32:20
-The next thing up is the "TOWER RECORDS one-day store manager event." Once again, all info can be found here. They will be determining which member will go to which store on the next live stream.

-They then announce the release events <Bakuon Shichou-kai (Explosive Listening Party) at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'> & <Hohoemi Zadan-kai (Smiling Round-Table Discussion) at Abeno Q's Mall>. Once again, all info can be found here. "Bakuon Shichou-kai" will be held at the live house CLUB CITTA', and everyone there will listen to their new songs with an explosion and have fun with the band. This will not be a live performance, but will be a live show-like listening party where everyone can get pumped up while listening to the new songs. "Hohoemi Zadan-kai" in Osaka is the pair to the listening party where everyone will have a smile on their face (or at least grin). RINA says that they will probably talk about things you won't hear anywhere else. HARU and RINA trade places with TOMO and MAMI and hold up the info boards for people to screenshot. HARU, holding the "Hohoemi Zadan-kai" board, is told by the other members to smile.

33:25 - 39:50
-They ask people for questions. RINA starts answering questions. Her first reply is that all of the members are wearing street clothes.

-Q: "Will you be releasing a DVD?"
-M: "Of what?"
-H: "We won't."
*All laugh*
-T: "In the future we will."
-R: "We need to have it filmed."
-H: "We have no plans currently."

-Q: "Whatever came about with GOTO of comedy trio Yonsentoushin?
-Backstory: Last October, SCANDAL made an appearance on a show last October where they surprised GOTO, who loves the band and especially TOMOMI. He was encouraged to invite her out to eat as friends, to which she said yes to. The other people on the show then tell him to get her contact info. Back to the LINE LIVE: TOMO says he hasn't contacted her. RINA mentions that they did attend a live show of theirs afterwards, though. TOMO says that they had exchanged info before that and how he said that that day [they taped the TV show] was the happiest of his life, and that she was thankful for that. After the stream, she tweeted that GOTO did end up contacting her.

-Q: "Did you buy your customary Valentine's chocolates?"
-Each year the band does a customary "Valentine's janken (rock-paper-scissors)" where whoever wins at rock-paper-scissors has to buy nice chocolate for the rest of the band for Valentine's Day. The band asks if it's okay if they could do it right then, and the staff replies that it's fine, of course. HARU had done it last year, and this year it'll be RINA's turn to give out chocolate.

-Q: "No tours?"
-H: "We have a tour [the MANIA tour in March/April]."

-Q: "What will the MANIA tour be like?"
-They think it'll be a lot of fun. RINA mentions that in the past each MANIA member in attendance had been allowed to bring one non-member with them, but this time only MANIA members are allowed, meaning each person attending must be a MANIA member―a true MANIA event. As such, this will probably be a tour where no one can predict will happen.

-They then talk about their first performance of the year: Victor Rock Matsuri 2019 in March, which will be their first time performing there. RINA says that they didn't appear at many festivals last year, and that this year they'll be occasionally appearing at them. They also mention that they'll be appearing at ARABAKI FEST.2019 in April, and that they got such a good response when their appearance was announced.

41:26 - 47:50
-The MC asks them what they'll announce for the next stream. They say that they announced quite a bit today, but next time they'll be announcing which members go to which stores for the "store manager for a day" event...and that's all they can really think of. The MC/Nipper says that he'll think of something. HARU says that they'll only now be recording both "Masterpiece" and "Mabataki," and possibly the music video too, which might be done by the next stream.

-People ask RINA to tell everyone during the next live what chocolate she ends up giving out.

-They ask the viewers if there's anything they want to see next time and RINA starts reading through the comments. One viewer says that they can't wait for the music video. Another viewer says that they got married today; the band says congrats and claps for them. TOMO: "If we had a wedding song we'd sing it!" MAMI: "Sorry about that!"

-The MC says that there have been people wondering if could hear a little bit of (at least one of) the new song(s) during the next one. They say possibly!

-A viewer says, "Please cheer me on as I take a college entrance exam!" The band tells them to do their best + fight on. TOMO says she's never taken one, but she's sure it's nervewracking. MAMI mentions how the Center Test is sure to stress anyone out.

-RINA: "Tests didn't make you nervous, do they? Weren't you nervous for your high school one?"
-MAMI: "I don't remember."
*HARU, a staff member, and MAMI giggle/laugh*
-HARU: "What about you, RINA?"
-RINA: "I was so nervous! Seriously. I was shaking. My hand was shaking as I was handing it over."
-HARU: "What about today?"
-RINA: "I'm nervous."
-MAMI & MC: "Still?"
-RINA: "Due to having to appear in front of everyone."

-RINA says that a lot of girls are asking what brands their clothing are, and to announce them next month? They laugh and are like, "Next month?! That's a month away!"

-Q: "Are you coming out with new Feedback! items?"
-A: "We will! We're making them now. They're really cute."

47:50 - 56:10
-The MC goes over a few things for next time: Waiting for the new songs, there might be new info to announce, determining the "one-day managers event" member designations and how they'll choose them, and perhaps some things that the viewers have commented.

-MC: "Rap battle?"
-S: "Rap battle?"
-R: "Freestyle?"
-H: "That's Dobondobondo."

-M: "Acapella? 'Bitter Chocolate'?"
-R: "We've never done acapella, have we?"
-T, M, H: "We haven't."
-T: "We could probably do it."
-M+H: "It's pretty hard to do."
-T: "You have to have a good technique."
-M: "*reads comments* Gospel?!"
*All laugh*
-H: "That's crazy!"
-S: "We did it when we were attending dance school."

-They talk about how MAMI is good at "Mabataki-ing" (blinking), and she goes up to the camera and starts blinking rapidly.

-A viewer comments about the abundance of English being used ("Masterpiece," "release") and the band tries to translate them to Japanese. "Release" = "発売" (hatsubai). The band thinks about what "masterpiece" would be, and TOMO comes up with "とても大事な欠片" (totemo daiji na kakera; literally translates to "very important pieces," but that's not exactly what "masterpiece" means in English lol). RINA says "傑作" (kessaku), which does translate to "masterpiece," but they say that sounds harsh.

-Another comment says to do the "Mozzarella Cheese Game." The band has no idea what it is, but a staff member off-camera seems to know it as the band gets surprised and goes, "Eh, you know what it is?!" They tell the band and they start to call out "Mozzarella cheese!" They decide to do it for real, starting from TOMO. When it gets to RINA, she says it even softer than HARU, and everyone chides her for saying it that softly. RINA can't stop giggling, and MAMI comments that the game's over now.

-The MC says how there's also the "Aishiteru Game" (one player keeps saying "aishiteru" to the other player, and whoever laughs or gets embarrassed loses). RINA says that'd be impossible, and HARU and MAMI laugh and say it'd be impossible [i]for her. The MC says that you lose if you get embarrassed.

-T: "You mean if your face turns red?"
-H: "You can't make a noise like 'hmph'?"
-MC: "Nope."
-R: "Wow, that kind of game exists, huh?"
-MC: "Try doing it!"
-M: "No! I don't want to!"
-T: "It'd be hard to win against HARU."
-R: "*reading comments* What's the 'Hourensou (spinach) Game'?" (Looks like whoever starts it out puts both hands into fists to represent spinach and pass them out to two different people while saying "hourensou"...not entirely sure what happens after that/also too lazy to figure it out lol)
-S: "There are so many of these games!"
-M: "*reading comments* What's an 'Earphone Gangan Game' (It's kind of like the Whisper Challenge)?"
-T+H: "'Earphone Gangan Game'??"
*A staff member says they know it*
-T: "Everyone know what these are!"
-R: "*reading comments* 'Kashi Nottori (lyrics takeover) Game'(First person sings lyrics and the next person has to sing lyrics that start with the last word used)"?
-M: "*reading comments* What's the 'Nanja Monja Game'?"
-H: "It's a card game, isn't it? There are a bunch of weird characters in it, which you give nicknames to when they're drawn. If a character that's already been drawn and named is drawn again, someone has to shout out what its name is."
-T: "Sounds difficult!"
-R: "You have to remember them?"
-H: "That's right."[/i]

56:10 - end
-They start to wrap things up. They mention how all of those games listed sound interesting. MAMI: "I have no idea what any of them are!"

-HARU goes over all things announced today, thanks everyone for tuning in for this hour, and to enjoy next month's and the following month's streams. The band starts saying "Mozzarella cheese!" softly.

Edit: Here's the full stream:

Summary of the first ten minutes:


-This is the first of 3 live streams, with all of them being on the 25th of each month

-The MC asks the band what "her" is about, and asks TOMO to answer it.

-T: "'her' is our freshly established new record label."
-MC: "That's a surprisingly ordinary explanation."
-T: "Eh, I can't explain it in detail!"
*HARU laughs*
-MC: "I expected too much."
-H: "*to TOMO* What were they expecting?"
-T: "No idea! So scary!"
-R: "Talk about bad compatibility!"
*Band laughs*

-RINA is handed a phone and starts reading comments ("Congrats on your new label").

-The MC asks if that earlier "explanation" of "her" was okay. The band says a little more about it.

-H: "It'll be from this spring onwards."
-R: "It's a private label, meaning that it's SCANDAL's only record label. We'll be putting out all sorts of work on it such as new songs and videos."

-They announce a contest where the top 3 users who give the most support gifts (digital gifts you buy with LINE coins) on the stream will win signed "her" stickers.

-They then announce that their new single will be a double A-side one, then the release date, and finally the title.

-RINA discusses "Masterpiece": "We debuted this song at a few of our live shows last year. We hadn't announced the title yet, but there were many people who heard the song. It's a punkish, cool, speedy song. I wrote the lyrics while MAMI wrote the music. I think it'll be a killer tune at future shows. A really cool song. It's a starting song for us."

-RINA discusses "Mabataki": "I wrote both the lyrics and music. It has a feminine, sweet mood to it, and also has a bit of sensuality. It's a pretty feminine song."

We've made new songs

My first blog of 2019
I haven't updated in a bit - sorry about thatー!
At the end of the year I took a trip to South Korea
For New Year's I went home to Nara for a bit to see my parents
In Tokyo we did a ton of prepping for this year

And, we finally unveiled this!

03.27 New Single
Masterpiece / Mabataki

Is what we'll be releasing!

It seems like it'll unbelivably be 2 years and 8 months
Since our last single release on CD (I'm shocked
Thanks for waiting
We've made the greatest double A-side single

The bonuses are pretty wonderful

Limited Edition A comes with a magazine

We had "ROCKIN'ON JAPAN"'s editor-in-chief Koyanagi-san
Delve into and interview us
About our new songs and our new label.

There are probably even topics we haven't talked about anywhere but here.

In addition to that, there's also a bunch of other things like exclusive pictures
And solo interviews.
I think it turned out to be something
That'll have you enjoy SCANDAL all the more.

Limited Edition B comes with a t-shirt

The design printed on it
Is the cover artwork
We had collage artist Q-TA make. It'll come in a size L (US mens' size S/M).
It's really adorable.
When the t-shirt arrives,
I'll post pictures of me wearing itー!

And the Regular Edition.
The instrumental version of "Masterpiece" is on it,
So you can enjoy the band sound in detail☺️

That being said,
We still haven't recorded them yet
And will record both tracks now.
We'll make them great, so look forward to them, okay

There will also be release events!

Where each of us will be heading for one-day managers
Will be determined during the live stream on LINE LIVE next month on the 25th.
Can't wait

We'll meet up at a live house for 「Bakuon Shichou-kai」 [Explosive Listening Party],
And in our hometown of Osaka (we won't be bursting out in laughter, though*)
We'll have an event called 「Hohoemi Zadan-kai」 [Smiling Round-Table Discussion].

2019 - Our hearts are dancing
For this new start

Best regards this year too.


2019/1/26 19:10


ちょっぴり更新空いちゃいました ごめーん!


03.27 New Single
『マスターピース / まばたき』





"ROCKIN'ON JAPAN"編集長の小栁さんに













2019/1/26 19:10

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki

*"We won't be bursting out in laughter, though" = Seems to be referring to the names of both events. RINA used the word "爆笑" (bakushou; roar of laughter), and the first kanji "爆" is used in the "音試聴会" (Bakuon Shichou-kai = Explosive Listening Party) event name, while the second kanji "笑" is used in the "微み座談会" (Hohoemi Zadan-kai = Smiling Round-Table Discussion) event name.
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On March 27th (Wed.), new single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 with two A-sides will be released as the first release from SCANDAL's private record label "her."

This work, kicking off to a new start along with the establishing of new label "her," will be the band's first double A-side single.

「Masterpiece」, featuring positive lyrics filled with hope for a new start and future that's characteristic of SCANDAL, is a fast-paced rock number. With 「Mabataki」, a completely unpublished new song, the members wanted to write a completely different type of song that would go together with 「Masterpiece」.

For the creative aspect of this work, the covers were made by Q-TA, a collage artist garnering attention with high fashion pop collage & visual works and working both domestically and abroad on commercials; CDs; magazines; book bindings; decorative designs; and with visual collaborations for apparel brands.

【Release Details】
New Single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』
2019.03.27 Release

Regular Edition: 1,000 yen

Limited Edition A: 1,800 yen - CD + Magazine

*Text: "What will new label 'her' produce?"

Limited Edition B: 3,500 yen - CD + GOODS (T-Shirt / Size L)

Magazine: "her" Magazine (36 pages)
A special magazine that goes more into depth about the new songs than anywhere else, and has interviews where the band speaks about their new label "her"! It's packed with highlights such as a photo session that can't be seen anywhere else, and personal interviews you can't read anywhere else!

T-Shirt: 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 Cover Picture T-Shirt
Japan men's size L, looser fit (more or less equivalent to a US men's size M)

※There are plans to have major download sites and subscription services distribute this single from 3/27.


1. Masterpiece (マスターピース)
2. Mabataki (まばたき; Blink)
3. Masterpiece (Instrumental) [マスターピース(Instrumental)] ※Regular Edition only

Pre-order via CD Japan:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition A (Magazine)

Limited Edition B (T-Shirt)

First Press Bonuses

B2 poster
Triangular prism calendar

HMV (Nationwide stores) / HMV & BOOKS online
A4 clear file (RINA)

TSUTAYA RECORDS (Nationwide stores)/ TSUTAYA Online Shopping
A4 clear file (HARUNA)
※TSUTAYA Online Shopping is subject to reservation only (reserve online & pick up in-store).

WonderGOO/Shinseido (Excluding some stores) /Shinseido WonderGOO Rakuten Market Store
A4 clear file (MAMI)

SCANDAL-supporting stores ※Stores will be announced at a later date. [This most likely includes CD Japan]
A4 clear file (TOMOMI)

『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 pre-order bonus

Those who purchase 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 from participating chain stores or sites will receive a bonus A4 clear file.

<Participating stores>
・HMV / HMV & BOOKS online
・Rakuten Books
・WonderGOO/Shinseido / Shinseido WonderGOO Rakuten Market Store
・Yamano musical instrument CD/DVD dealer /Yamano Musical Instrument Online Shop
・Seven Net Shopping
・Victor Online Store

<Reception period>
2019/1/25 (Fri.) 21:00 ~ 2019/3/10 (Sun)23:59 ※Until closing time of each store

A "TOWER RECORDS one-day store manager event" to be held

In commemoration of SCANDAL's new single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』, the band members will each be working at 4 CD stores as one-day managers!

For those who purchase the new single, a band member will personally hand over a bonus postcard limited to that store only.

※Where each member will be going will be announced at a later date.
※ There are limited number of participating tickets on a first come, first served basis.

Date / Time / Store / Event Location
2019/3/26 (Tue.) Meeting time: 18:30/Start: 19:00
Venue: Tower Records Sapporo Pivo Store - Store event space
Participating store: Tower Records Sapporo Pivo Store

2019/3/26 (Tue.) Meeting time: 18:30/Start: 19:00
Venue: Tower Records Sendai PARCO Store - Store event space
Participating store: Tower Records Sendai PARCO Store

2019/3/26 (Tue.) Meeting time: 18:30/Start: 19:00
Venue: Tower Records Nagoya PARCO Store - Store event space
Participating stores: Tower Records Nagoya PARCO Store / Nagoya Kintetsu Passe Store

2019/3/26 (Tue.) Meeting time: 18:30/Start: 19:00
Venue: Tower Records Fukuoka PARCO Store - Store event space
Participating store: Tower Records Fukuoka PARCO Store

Release events <Bakuon Shichou-kai at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'> & <Hohoemi Zadan-kai at Abeno Q's Mall>

●SCANDAL New Single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 Release Commemoration

Bakuon Shichou-kai (Explosive Listening Party) at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'


Date: 2019/3/27 (Wed.) OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
Content: Members' talk session & explosive listening party

The members will hand over a bonus postcard after the performance.

Details here

●SCANDAL New Single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 Release Commemoration

Hohoemi Zadan-kai (Smiling Round-Table Discussion) at Abeno Q's Mall


Date: 2019/4/1 (Mon.) 18:30 START
"Venue CD sales" and "Priority viewing area entry ticket (with reference number) distribution" start time: 10:05 am
Venue: Abeno Q's Mall 3F Sky Court
Event details: Hohoemi Zadan-kai & bonus postcard present

After the smiling round-table discussion, those who purchased the single will be given a bonus postcard present from the members!

Details here

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki
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LINE LIVE special programs to celebrate the release of SCANDAL's new single will be broadcast live 3 months in a row!!

The first one will be this Friday from 20:00 JST〜
Don't miss it!

SCANDAL has established their private record label "her," and to commemorate the release of their new single 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」 (マスターピース / まばたき; Blink), a special program will be aired live 3 months in a row!

Watch the first broadcast:

Watch the second broadcast:

Watch the third broadcast:

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki

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