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KKBOX - Interview with HARUNA - Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:30 am

KKBOX | What HARUNA considers to be "blissful time off"

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This "Blissful Time Off" series peeks into musicians' "on" and "off" times. We not only touch upon topics such as works created during their "on" mode, but also how they spend their time off, the care they take with their casual clothes, and the music they listen to during their "off" mode.

Our guest this time is vocalist and rhythm guitarist HARUNA of Japan's leading all-girl band SCANDAL. The band celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2021. On September 29th, they released their new song "one more time" that represents who SCANDAL currently is. We asked her not only about her fashion during days off or the music she listens to, but also about the production of songs made during her "on" time that makes use of HARUNA's "blissful time off." We bring to you HARUNA as she naturally is, and the side of her that can only be seen now after celebrating the band's 15th anniversary.

What do you wear on days off?

──You changed your hair, right? It really suits you.

HARUNA: Thank you very much. I went blue for the first time to go with the vibe of our new song.

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──Is your outfit today a matching set?

HARUNA: It's actually not. I had a jacket that I recently bought when I wanted something that I could wear for autumn, and I had pants in the same color, so I tried going for a matching look (laughs). I try to wear outfits that are fairly balanced since I'm short and slender. I chose tight-fitting pants because the jacket is loose-fitting. When I wear something tight on top, I wear something loose on the bottom.

──Being mindful of your height, does that mean you're also particular about shoes?

HARUNA: I tend to wear ones that have height. Today, I'm wearing high-heeled white boots. For rehearsals or other occasions where I can be more laidback, I wear chunky shoes like wedge sneakers or dad shoes.

──You're quite conscientious about your overall silhouette.

HARUNA: I care about things like balance. If I just throw on any sort of clothes, I end up looking like a little kid. I also care about my haircut because I'm mindful of my height. I feel that I look more balanced overall when I have short hair. But because I've been wanting to grow my hair out again recently, I'm currently growing it out (laughs).

──I totally understand getting bored with keeping it the same length for a long time (laughs). Next, please tell us the key point of your outfit today!

HARUNA: That would be the lace shirt I'm wearing. I often wear things that are sheer.

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──Your ring is also adorable. Designs like that, where it looks like two rings are attached to one, are interesting.

HARUNA: This was a birthday present from a good friend. I don't usually wear a lot of accessories, but when I do feel like it, I like to wear statement pieces. Since I like stones, I tend to only choose accessories with stones. I'm wearing this turquoise ring given to me by my friend who understands that.

──Do you have any favorite clothing or accessory brands?

HARUNA: I haven't really paid attention to brands recently. Instead of spending money on each individual item, I've moved toward choosing items that are reasonably cheap, can be used for a long time, and have a good price–performance ratio. By the way, the clothes I'm wearing today are from Zara.

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──What kind of clothes do you often wear on completely off-days such as holidays?

HARUNA: On days when I'm completely off or just for rehearsals, I oftentimes wear hoodies and casual clothes. For work such as interviews or shoots, or for other kinds of work, I choose clothes based on TPO (time, place, occasion).

What do you do on days off?

──What have you been doing on days off recently?

HARUNA: I've been doing "oshikatsu" and "oshikoto" (both refer to doing activities for the things that you like) for K-Pop groups. I've been completely immersed in K-Pop for the past year...... You do things like listen to your favorite groups' music, watch live videos or variety programs, invite your friends over for a viewing party.

──What made you get hooked on K-Pop groups?

HARUNA: I was hooked on K-Pop groups 10 years earlier as well, so from the start I've had the tendencies to get hooked on K-Pop (laughs). I was gradually becoming interested in BTS before the pandemic began; I also started watching [the competition show] Nizi Project. I liked the K-Pop songs from groups like TWICE and ITZY that were used in the show, and I started listening to and watching all kinds of groups. Also, around that time I had gotten a message from my friend who knows I was hooked on K-Pop before, and as if pouring salt into a wound, they said, "I've been addicted to BTS recently. Do you not like them?" (laughs). So when I started looking into it all, I ending up getting obsessed (laughs).

──The different timings overlapped pretty well (laughs). What groups in particular do you like?

HARUNA: BTS is of course one of the reasons why I got hooked on K-Pop......but I have a lot of favorites. I'm currently in the fan clubs for BTS, ENHYPEN, NCT, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (laughs).

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Right now in particular I'm stanning WayV, one of NCT's sub-units. WayV mainly consists of members from China and most of their songs are in Chinese—they're in the so-called C-Pop genre. It's fun because you get to learn about new genres by way of various K-Pop groups.

──Having so many favorites would make "oshikatsu" difficult.....

HARUNA: It is difficult! There are new things from someone every day, and that's enough to live off of (laughs). Regardless of my off-days, I don't have enough time if I don't do some kind of support. Like, I got an email newsletter the moment this interview began.

──Are your band members aware that you're addicted to K-Pop?

HARUNA: That's just it—because MAMI got hooked on K-Pop at the same time, we're constantly exchanging info. MAMI's also in some fan clubs and sometimes likes groups different from the ones I like, so I've learned all sorts of things (laughs).

What music do you want to listen on on days off?

──Your "Music I Want to Listen to on Days Off" playlist is also wonderfully full of K-Pop songs (laughs).

HARUNA: I thought it would be better to choose songs from different genres, but I simply picked the music I listen to on my days off. When it comes to expressing who I am right now, it's only K-Pop! Sorry for putting what I like on full blast (laughs).

──Would you say that you put MAMAMOO, who are leaders of the girl-crush concept, on the list because you understand what they're about? I feel that SCANDAL has some similarities to them, including their stance against lookism and their "If I don't meet this era's standards of beauty, I'll be a different standard" concept.

HARUNA: I didn't do so with that in mind. I just think they're cool and I love their makeup and outfits. However, those values may also be relevant to us as well. I think it's better to express what you like and enjoy in a straightforward way, rather than expressing something because you care about what others think. I want to live my life valuing the individuality and humanity of each of us. That's something the band recently realized, so we try to incorporate it into our songs, artwork, makeup and outfits. That's why I really sympathize with the idea of MAMAMOO.

──Is there something that you've become aware of recently?

HARUNA: There was a moment when I felt that we weren't being viewed as women in our 30's even though we are in our 30's, because we had been doing our activities without dispelling the impression we had when we made our debut. No matter what, the "school uniform-wearing, long black-haired" image would come first. So, no matter how much music we made that was true to ourselves, I felt that we couldn't deliver what we wanted to convey due to the influence of that deep-rooted image. When I wondered why we couldn't get rid of that image, I realized that one reason might have been because we didn't show our private lives. I felt the merits of not conveying what we think or feel, such as tough or fun things. We have the same feelings and thoughts of those our age, but if we don't show that side of our daily lives, our lyrics—no matter how much work we've put into them—won't reach people.

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Starting from our album Kiss from the darkness released in 2020, we've come to express ourselves with words and then send them out to everyone. We're saying that we get hurt, get sad, get lonely, feel happy, and have fun just like everyone else. We're working on all kinds of things with the awareness of wanting everyone to know that we're human just like them.

──By talking about your biases on Twitter, is your aim to show your "humanity"?

HARUNA: That might be a part of it. Talking about your biases is a very personal thing, but liking groups is part of who I currently am. I don't share things with the aim of "I need to show my humanity!", but if I want to talk about my biases then I just do so! And by doing so, I also get fans saying things to me like, "I like the same artists," or, "I'm happy that my bias (HARUNA) has same bias (K-Pop group) as me." By sharing my interests, I'm happy that they're able to feel closer to me.

──Having a shared interest in biases as a part of fan mentality is a happy thing. Now then, please tell us which songs on your playlist that you really like listening to!

HARUNA: BTS's "Permission to Dance." It's a song on their single album Butter released back in July. This song really saved me.

──Saved you?

HARUNA: After the pandemic began, musical artists could be labeled as naive if they used words that could hurt someone or make them feel uneasy. While choosing the right words, we tried making a song that would make people feel cheerful and comforted. We still want music at the very least to be fun, and we started thinking that we don't need to put a lid on our music. We wanted to include that positive mindset in our new song "one more time."

The music video for "Permission to Dance" was actually released around the time we were in production for "one more time." Seeing scenes in the MV of people taking off their masks, hugging, and having fun dancing to the music made it seem like I was looking into another world, and at the same time I was saved by how music at the very least should be fun! This song made me feel that the song we were making wasn't incorrect to do.

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New song "one more time" expresses the duality of SCANDAL

──By liking K-Pop, is there any part of that that is reflected onto SCANDAL's music?

HARUNA: Indeed—"one more time" is heavily influenced by K-Pop. MAMI, who is obsessed with K-Pop, wrote the music, so she was definitely inspired by it. It's fun not only to play our instruments but also to add in all sorts of sounds.

The sound engineer that we always work with is often present when K-Pop artists record songs in Japanese, so "one more time" was recorded with K-Pop in mind. We usually layer vocals twice at most, but this time we layered them three times and spread them out. Also, I tried incorporating breathing that gives a sense of rhythm with my voice. We tried recording it in a fairly different way than before.

──The B-side song, "one more time (PARTY ver.)," is the same song recorded acoustically. It's crazy how much the vibe changes just by the change in sound.

HARUNA: We've expressed SCANDAL's duality via "one more time." "one more time (PARTY ver.)" is the flipside of the title track since we only use our voices and instruments, so we hope the same song can be enjoyed in different ways. Coincidentally, we were also in charge of the direction for everything.

──You took your obsession with K-Pop, which is different from your band's sound, and absorbed that music into your own songs. It's surprising and very interesting.

HARUNA: That being said, before I was in SCANDAL I had been dancing for around 10 years, and I wanted to be a singer because I admired Namie Amuro and SPEED, and songs by Tetsuya Komuro. What I've noticed recently is that the root of it all is because I like dancing. Now, I love who I am as part of SCANDAL, as well as who I am in my off-time. I've entered a phase where I accept and express both sides of me.

──Do you feel that it's gotten easier to express yourselves?

HARUNA: That's right. We had a lot of troubles for a long time because we didn't form the band ourselves, and because we formed at a dance and vocal training school. It took some time to establish our sense of being members in a band, and there were also moments when we felt that "our strengths" that we had because we formed at a dance school were complexes for us.

But now I can say that I like everything including that past, and I really like who we currently are. That's why it's become much easier to express ourselves.

What SCANDAL thinks now after celebrating their 15th anniversary

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──SCANDAL's 15th anniversary was this year. Listening to what you said, HARUNA, I really felt your spirit of continuing to pursue your own ways of expressing yourselves.

HARUNA: Up until now we had been working hard to be recognized as a band and as SCANDAL, and as a result we've been able to stay together for this long period of 15 years and are finally free to try out all sorts of things. From here on, I will be honest with myself and live without hiding my true self. What will happen with SCANDAL in our many years of activities to come, we too are very interested in.

──I'm really looking forward to seeing how SCANDAL will change as you hit your 20th and 30th anniversaries.

HARUNA: I'm also really looking forward to it. However, since none of us have gotten married or have had kids, it's impossible to predict how things will change when things like that happen. We may need to rethink how we do our activities, especially if we have kids. Well, when I see musician friends who jumped back in immediately after getting married or giving birth, it makes me think that we could continue playing music. I wonder if we should just think about it when the time comes (laughs). We don't know what the future will bring, but because we have confidence in taking on challenges each time we enter a new phase, I always want us to stay as we are.

HARUNA's "Music I Want to Listen to on Days Off" Playlist:

  1. "Permission to Dance" - BTS
  2. "0X1 = LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)" - TOMORROW X TOGETHER
  4. "Make a Wish (Birthday Song)" - NCT U
  5. "Low Low" - WayV-TEN&YANGYANG
  6. "Left & Right" - SEVENTEEN
  7. "5th Season (SSFWL)" - Oh My Girl
  8. "Dingga" - MAMAMOO
  9. "Watashi no Shishunki e" - Bolbbalgan4

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MV - 2021-10-06 (RINA) - Wed Oct 06, 2021 9:48 am


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The music video for "one more time"
Is now out〜!
Have you already watched it〜?

It's a fun MV
That's got a home-party feel to it♩
Watch it a bunch of timesー! haha

Our beloved Motherfucko directed it〜♡
This time too we told her a bunch of things that we wanted to do,
And we were able to do them together - We're super satisfied☺
It was so much fun!

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It's a glittery song
That's perfect for days when you feel cheerful,
And on days when you don't,
It'll give you a chance to take a breather and go, "Such is lifeー!"

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It would make us happy
If this becomes a song
That you can listen to over and over again for a long time☺


2021/10/6 18:32

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【English Subs】one more time MV - Tue Oct 05, 2021 8:01 pm

"one more time" MV with English subs:

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victor_survive wrote:it seems there are party poppers? maybe I'm too distracted and haven't heard them on any of the two songs

They mentioned the party poppers in this interview too. I'm pretty sure the only times you can hear them in both versions is in the last chorus right before the "Tokubetsu na..." line.
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SCANDAL|A positive dance tune filled with hope, along with what's beyond their 15th anniversary

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SCANDAL has released one more time, their third single released this year.

August 21st was the band's 15th anniversary, as well as the day their solo concert was held at Osaka-Jo Hall. During that concert they unveiled the song "one more time" for the first time. This dance number with positive and happy lyrics rides on a light sound with impressive guitar cutting, and fills the listener's heart with light while vividly conveying the band's current mood.

In this interview with all of the band members, we asked them to talk about their current feelings after celebrating their 15th anniversary, what they felt during their performance at Osaka-Jo Hall, stories about the production of "one more time," and their joint band tour that will be held in October.

Celebrating their 15th anniversary at Osaka-Jo Hall

──SCANDAL, you celebrated your 15th anniversary on August 21st of this year. Congratulations!

HARUNA: Thank you very much. What I'm most happy about is that the four of us have spent this not-so-short time of 15 years together, and that we've been able to keep up our activities.

RINA: We formed with these members who met at the dance school, went out into the world without knowing what being a band was about, and gradually created our own style. I feel that we're once again on top of that story.

MAMI: Yeah. 15 years of experience has greatly influenced who we now, and we're also very happy that we're able to properly affirm that. After accepting everything that's happened so far, we're able to say that we're in top form right now. That's what our 15th anniversary turned out to be.

TOMOMI: The band members, of course, as well as our staff are all in top form right now. Also, getting to meet all of our passionate fans who support us is one of the biggest treasures we've gotten in the past 15 years.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo01

──Your anniversary concert, "SCANDAL 15th ANNIVERSARY LIVE『INVITATION』," was held at Osaka-Jo Hall and live streamed to 53 countries worldwide.

HARUNA: It truly is reassuring to have people around the world who support us. The four of us have progressed as a band, but for this concert it felt like our power was bigger than the four of us.

MAMI: At any rate, it was such a fun concert.

RINA: Yeah. It was so much funー!

HARUNA: Although we've played concerts at Osaka-Jo Hall twice before (#1 - 2013.03; #2 - 2014.06), this is the one we've been most satisfied with. We didn't feel any pressure in playing a concert at such an important place for us—we enjoyed performing naturally with the desire to give back to our fans and staff who have been with us these past 15 years. We were really happy to have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at this precious place to us.

TOMOMI: Since this was held during the pandemic, I'm sure that those who came out to the venue felt all kinds of emotions. But they thanked us for holding the concert. We're like, "No, no, we're the ones who should be doing the thanking" (laughs). We felt nothing but gratitude during this concert.

──There was one more thing to celebrate since it was RINA's birthday on that same day.

RINA: My birthday being on the same day really is a coincidence. Looking back, me being invited to join the band in the summer of when I was 14 and thinking, "All right, I'll try being in a band with these three" was just because it was my 15th birthday. I still think 15 years later that the choice I made then was correct. It made me very happy getting to celebrate together with everyone the milestone of turning 30.

The selection of songs showed the future rather than looking back

──During the concert you announced the final results of your "VOTE YOUR BEST SONG" song popularity poll that started in the spring.

MAMI: We understand the rankings from 1st to 3rd place, but from 4th place onwards the results were rather surprising. We showed the poll's progress during our tour in April, and there were a lot of songs that made us go, "This song went from that rank to this rank!?" I don't think anyone could have predicted this ranking. It was a very interesting project.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo04

──While reflecting the voting results and drawing the path of your 15 years, your setlist on that day gave off the impression that it was making you clearly feel the current SCANDAL and the SCANDAL that is to come from here on out.

HARUNA: That's right. Rather than looking back on our 15 years, we thought of it as showing who we will be from here on out to those who became fans during these 15 years. Since we were able to reminisce when we hit our 10th anniversary, on this day we chose songs that were suitable for what we want to show going forward.

──The setlist also included two new songs. One song is "one more time," the song that you'll be releasing. The other song is one called "Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de" (In the Gaps of the Ringing Blue Night).

RINA: HARU touched on this briefly during the MC before "Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de" that all kinds of thoughts were mixed together and many things were lost during the lockdowns last year. We've also lost friends. In that sense it wasn't all good things, but there were also many things that we realized due to it all. I wanted to leave behind those feelings I will never forget in the form of a song, I wrote the lyrics and music impulsively.

──When you hear that song, the faces of your loved ones come to mind. That's the sort of power this song holds.

RINA: I hope it'll be a song that you can listen to while thinking of those who are important to you. When I wrote the song I didn't think we'd be performing it at Osaka-Jo Hall, but I think it was very meaningful getting to perform it on that day. I was very happy that HARUNA did an MC that captures the thoughts I put into the song.

A "bright, dancy song" that affirms happy feelings

──This song "one more time" that you'll be releasing, the moment I heard it live it made me feel ridiculously happy. In your "Ivory" interviews that were posted in June, MAMI said that you wanted to make bright and happy songs going forward—this song is exactly that.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo07

MAMI: That's right. With the creation of "Ivory," I felt that I was able to exhale all the feelings I had accumulated internally this past year—or rather, that I was able to reset my feelings. So, this time I wanted to express a positive and bright side. Also, I've been listening to K-Pop a lot lately, so I thought it would be nice to have a dancy song. Roughly speaking, I made it with the theme of a bright and dancy song. As a result, I feel that I have done what I want to do, and that I am quite satisfied with this song.

──The lyrics were written by RINA. I thought starting it with "Dawn has broken on the long night" was great. The pandemic's still ongoing, but I think it's also important for everyone to be positive and optimistic.

RINA: Although it's still a difficult situation for everyone, I don't think it's necessary to put a stopper on what you like and what you think is fun. It's okay to affirm feeling cheerful and happy. When I thought about it like that, I was able to decide to personally enjoy music once again to the fullest. I wrote the lyrics feeling like, "I'm going to enjoy being in a band to the fullest."

──That's why it's called "one more time."

RINA: Yes. Since the four of us originally wanted to write a song with the title "one more time," this time the title came first. In that sense, I think the lyrics also contain shared feelings between the four of us.

Remember it as "the song that goes 'Shake it up, baby'"

──There's a phrase in the lyrics that go, "Shake it up, baby." When I heard it live, I thought, "Wow, SCANDAL's saying 'Shake it up, baby'!" and got really excited (laughs).

HARUNA: Ahahaha.

MAMI: From the time I began writing the music, the only words that came to mind that could fit that melody was "Shake it up, baby" (laughs). The lines "one more time" and "Shake it up, baby" were already included in the song from the demo stage.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo11

RINA: So, I used that line in the lyrics, but when I cooled my thoughts, I was like, "Isn't this too corny?"...(laughs). The four of us discussed it during pre-production and found that since the hook felt super good, we thought that that feeling should be cherished in this song and decided to leave it as is.

MAMI: We wanted to make it a catchy part of the song. It'd make us happy if you remember it as "the song that goes 'Shake it up, baby'." Up until now we've been attaching huge significance to each and every word of our lyrics, so we hadn't ever decided on lyrics based solely on feeling or the mood of a song. But, we wanted to finish at least that much with this song. That's why I pushed hard for "Shake it up, baby" to make it in (laughs).

──The arrangement was done by SCANDAL as well as Yuta Hashimoto, formely of group Odoriba Soul.

TOMOMI: The vice president of our managing office (Fumihiko Tsuchiya) was the main vocalist for Odoriba Soul, so we asked for a favor via that connection.

MAMI: We decided to keep the performance of this song modest, with a focus on computer music. Hasshi (Hashimoto) also works with other artists who belong to our office, such as Rinne and asmi, so this was our first shot at working with him. Since we had been saying that we like him quite a lot, he might have thought we were annoying (laughs). However, he was willing to accept everything.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo09

TOMOMI: Specifically, it took a lot of time to decide on the sound in the intro. The phrases had been decided, but we took time to decide on a specific tone with Hasshi—we were like, "It's not this, it's not that."

RINA: Hasshi also came to the recording studio and we had fun recording.

TOMOMI: Yeah. I'm glad we got to thoroughly go over even the finest details together.

──The sound of the rhythm section is very effective this time, isn't it? That's why it's a song that you can dance to.

TOMOMI: That's right. Since the rhythm is important in this song, we took time to create the rhythm section's sound. As a result of focusing on making it dancy, we also tried to distort the sound a bit.

RINA: As for the drums, I was very particular about the hardness of the bass drum and snare, and how much they were tightened. During the part where the electronic drumming and actual drums overlap, I tried a lot of patterns for inserting and removing sounds, and it was a lot of fun getting to make it while experimenting all sorts of things at the recording studio.

Being aware of the lyrics, the delicate breathing techniques were borrowed from K-Pop

──Guitar cutting is also a big factor, isn't it? It feels great to listen to.

MAMI: I used the phrases as is from the demo stage. I wanted to create a kind of loop, so I'm basically playing the same thing the whole time (laughs).

──The interlude is really cool, but was that also solidified during the demo stage?

MAMI: I was unsure of what to do for the interlude. Even though all of the other parts were done, I felt like I was thinking about the interlude until the end. Aside from the guitar, I made all of the other parts via computer music, which gave me a very quiet impression. However, since I wanted the interlude to be for just the band, it turned out really good when we all tried recording it live.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo05

──Also, HARUNA's vocals match the vibe of the song—it has higher saturation and brightness than usual.

HARUNA: At first, even though I was trying to make a fun song that people could dance to, I was thinking about making the vocals calm and suit my age. There was also a pattern in the demos that I sang a little more restrained than I do on the recorded track. But before I did actual recording, I asked RINA once more what feelings she put into the lyrics, and the line "You don't need any special pass" in the chorus really stuck out to me. It made me think of how age doesn't matter for enjoying music. So, I decided to purely express my feelings of having fun playing music.

──I'm sure that feeling would naturally come forth in your voice without you being aware of it.

HARUNA: Oh, yeah. My feelings for this song came out in it even without thinking too hard. Speaking of being aware of something, for me that was breathing. In K-Pop, breathing techniques are quite delicate. I used K-Pop songs as reference and sang while placing more importance on breathing.

──What was it like singing "Shake it up, baby"?

HARUNA: Ahahaha. From the demo stage, the one who was most concerned about using this phrase was me. As a singer (laughs). But when I actually sing it, it feels really good. The pleasant feeling you get when you suddenly get hooked on the rhythm is incredible.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo08

──I think it really is an awesome song. However, when I listen to it on my iPhone, I have a problem with the lyrics "Hey! Siri!" making Siri activate for real (laughs).

TOMOMI: That's right. It reacts really well to that (laughs).

HARUNA: It'd be great if it went viral as a song that activates Siri (laughs).

RINA: Ahahaha. That could totally happen (laughs).

Enjoying the vibe because it was directed by the members

──The B-side song is a "party version" of "one more time," performed as an acoustic set. The vibe on this is also very nice.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo06

MAMI: We had been wanting to make an acoustic arrangement of a dance tune. It's usually not easy to do hard cutting with an acoustic guitar. The recording of the song was pretty stoic despite it being called a "party version." Being like, "Is this actually a party?" is kind of like training in a dojo (laughs).

TOMOMI: Training's crazy (laughs). But it was fun.

RINA: Yeah. We had smiles on our faces that whole day. After the basics were recorded, we went to buy party poppers as well as recorded background noise to up the party feeling. It was so much fun getting loud and making it together.

HARUNA: I'm also glad that the direction of these two songs were entirely done by us. I think the songs have a nice atmosphere to them because we decided everything ourselves.

RINA: Yeah. If we do it ourselves, the direction will be very nuanced. We were able to properly share the vibe and mood together, so everything went very smoothly. It felt like we were moving towards the same spot more than usual. It may be because we've been together for 15 years that we were able to take on new challenges like this.

Wait a little longer for their 10th album

──In October you will be holding a joint band tour with the four artists CHAI, indigo la End, Chiaki Sato, and Vaundy.

HARUNA: We haven't interacted with them that much in the past, but we've selected people who we like and frequently listen to to be our joint band tourmates. I think they'll be exciting performances not only for us but also for those coming to watch.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo10

RINA: This will basically be the first time we're meeting Vaundy and indigo la End.

MAMI: I appeared on a TV program the other day with Enon Kawatani [from indigo la End] for the first time, but I was shy and could barely speak to him (laughs). So, I hope that we can become friends via our concert with them.

──Lastly, please tell us about the progress of your highly anticipated new album. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to it.

RINA: We're making progress bit by bit (laughs). We need to write about three more songs.

TOMOMI: We haven't seen the whole picture yet, but I'm sure it'll be good. As our next album will be our 10th one, we are doing our best with the intention of absolutely making it good. Please wait a little longer.

──I'm also looking forward to SCANDAL in your 16th year.

TOMOMI: Yes (laughs). We'll continue to do activities that we feel comfortable with, and the four of us will go as far as we can go.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Photo02

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Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN FdtTi4P
The music video for "one more time" is premiering on SCANDAL's YouTube channel at midnight JST tonight.

Here's the premiere link:

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one more time - 2021-09-29 (RINA) - Thu Sep 30, 2021 12:34 am

one more time

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN T0q33z3

Our new song's out today〜!
"one more time"
Is the single that we've released.

Everyone who listened to it early via the physical release or via streaming,
Thanksー! That makes me happyー!

Our interview with Music Natalie
Has also been posted.

*Will be translating this soon

eternal ▷ Ivory ▷ one more time
It's become a sort of trilogy to us.
It also feels as if they're one set that goes together.

Like a gradient together with this song,
You'll feel cheered up.

"one more time" is such a bright song!
At any rate, we wanted to make a song that'll cheer you up,
And one where you can fully enjoy our happy side.

No matter what the world becomes,
I hope that music at least can be something that's fun and enjoyable.
May everyone's daily life be brighter.
Let's head to an even better placeー!

May it spread and reach many peopleー!


2021/9/29 19:31

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one more time Lyrics - Wed Sep 29, 2021 8:30 am

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20210821-042631

"one more time" Lyrics

one more time
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: SCANDAL, Yuta Hashimoto

Nagai yoru wa mou aketa
Sashikomu hizashi ga yasashii
Nemui me wo kosutte itta
"Nannimo shinpai nai, shinpai nai" tte

Tsumetai gurasu mazeru futatsu
Agaru oto dake kikasete Hey! Siri
Kasanaru kurappu hazumu rizumu
Nanka ii yo ne

Itsuka mata ano koro no you ni
Chigau motto tanoshii basho e
Boku ga warau to kimi ga kagayaku
Ai no shinkuronishiti

Kutsu wo narashi machi e tobidasou
uh uh uh... Shake it up baby
Toki wo wasure oto ni notte iyou
baby, one more time
baby, one more time
Tokubetsu na pasu nante iranai yo
uh uh uh... Shake it up baby
Subete oite odori tsuzukeyou
baby, one more time
baby, one more time

Kiri ga harenai hi ni mo
Hateshinaku hirogaru sukoopu
Tabun, sore wa sore de ii no
"Nannimo shinpai nai, shinpai nai" tte

Chiisai himitsu tokeru aisu
Omoidoori ni utatte hebunrii
Habataku ririku ochiru shizuku
Rafu ni ikou ze

Itsumademo kawareru you ni
Like it! Ima wo maaku shite ite
Bokura ga kurasu atarashii jidai
Kore ga, soyokaze no shiti

Kutsu wo narashi machi e tobidasou
uh uh uh... Shake it up baby
Toki wo wasure oto ni notte iyou
baby, one more time
baby, one more time
Tokubetsu na pasu nante iranai yo
uh uh uh... Shake it up baby
Subete oite odori tsuzukeyou
baby, one more time
baby, one more time



English Translation

Dawn has broken on the long night
The sunlight streaming in is so gentle
I rubbed my sleepy eyes and said
"There's nothing to worry about - Nothing at all"

Chilled glasses - The two mix
Just let me listen to all of the excitement - Hey! Siri
The overlapping claps, the bouncy rhythm
Feels kind of nice

Let's head to a place
Even more fun than before
You shine when I laugh
Our love's in synchronicity

Let's throw on our shoes and hit the town
uh uh uh... Shake it up, baby
Let's lose track of time and feel the music
baby, one more time
baby, one more time
You don't need any special pass
uh uh uh... Shake it up, baby
Let's leave it all behind and keep on dancing
baby, one more time
baby, one more time

Even when the fog won't clear
The world stretches on endlessly
I think that's all good with me
"There's nothing to worry about - Nothing at all"

Small secrets, melting ice cream
Singing the way we want to - It's heavenly
Soaring lyrics, falling drops
Let's take it easy

So that we can change forever and ever
Like it! Put a bookmark on this moment
This new era in which we live
Is a breezy city

Let's throw on our shoes and hit the town
uh uh uh... Shake it up, baby
Let's lose track of time and feel the music
baby, one more time
baby, one more time
You don't need any special pass
uh uh uh... Shake it up, baby
Let's leave it all behind and keep on dancing
baby, one more time
baby, one more time

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New Single - 「one more time」 - Tue Sep 28, 2021 3:08 pm

SCANDAL's new single one more time is releasing today, September 29th! It'll be available to stream via Spotify, etc. when your time zone hits midnight.

Also, the band just said on Instagram that the music video will be premiering on Wednesday, October 6th.

They posted a teaser of the MV on their IG Stories:

And here are the lyrics to the song:

#front-page #onemoretime
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Today - 2021-09-14 (RINA) - Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:26 am


Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN SzCjYeO

Today, we did interviews
About "one more time"〜!

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Njit3Pc

Its release date in two more weeks is approaching!
We're really looking forward
To having you guys listen to it^^
It's a super energetic song!

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN KdlSXSZ

We made a bunch of stuff
Like a CD as well as a t-shirt, so pick one up!
I recommend the t-shirt as it's adorable㊙

■CD only:


2021/9/14 20:19

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New Single - 「one more time」 - Thu Sep 09, 2021 7:08 pm

RINA posted that the "one more time" MV shoot was fun (and it looks like they'll be wearing the same outfits they wore to a recent event):

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN LM3GGFp

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN UZC97CR Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN Rw9Hoid

#front-page #onemoretime

p.t.r wrote:I'm more curious about the other new song they played on their anniversary gig. Could somebody tell me, which previous Scandal songs that one might sound like, so that I can have at least some idea?

Spoiler since it's a bit off-topic:
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New Single - 「one more time」 - Mon Sep 06, 2021 6:10 pm

You can hear the studio version of "one more time" on the latest episode of "Catch up" (1:17):

#front-page #onemoretime
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New Single - 「one more time」 - Sat Aug 21, 2021 11:04 am

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20210821-042631

As announced during the livestream, SCANDAL will be releasing a new single called one more time on September 29th!

Like eternal and Ivory, it will be available in: CD, CD+T-Shirt, vinyl, cassette.

Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20210821-042633

You can order the CD only and the CD+T-Shirt on CD Japan. The other editions can only be ordered via Victor Entertainment's online store.

For the third single of their 15th anniversary year, New Single 「one more time」 will be released on 9/29 (Wed)!

It is a hopeful pop number filled with the positive mindset of SCANDAL, who enjoys music naturally. The B-side is the "PARTY ver." of the title track, performed as an acoustic set as if the members are enjoying a home party.

<Release Info>
2021.9.29 (Wed) Release
New Single「one more time」

1. one more time
2. one more time (PARTY ver.)

※Quantities limited. Please note that pre-orders will close when the quantity is reached.

Words: RINA
Music: MAMI
Arrangement: Yuta Hashimoto
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Keita Joko
Art Director: Junya Handa

<Single「one more time」 Special Preorder Site>

・CD+T-Shirt (L in Asian sizing/M in US sizing) / 3,960 yen
Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN GWLMf9r

・CD / 1,100 yen
Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN DRpZ7lI

・Cassette / 1,760 yen
Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN B016Ivp

・7-inch vinyl / 1,870 yen
Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN VjYObiN

・CD+T-Shirt (L in Asian sizing/M in US sizing) / 3,000 yen
Topics tagged under onemoretime on SCANDAL HEAVEN RSem0eH

※The single will be available on streaming services and major download services such as iTunes Store, RecoChoku, and mora starting on June 16th.
※Supported streaming services: Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, Amazon Music Unlimited, AWA, KKBOX, Rakuten Music, RecMusic, Spotify, YouTube Music

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