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It might be too soon to ask this since it looks like most people are still waiting for their copies, but has anyone gotten a signed sticker in their Regular Edition of STANDARD? In case you weren't aware, they randomly included individually signed stickers in the RE, and that edition only.


RINA is tweeting liner notes about each of the tracks.

M1. Brand new wave
We wanted to make a dance number that had danger and sharpness to it. TOMOMI was tweaking the lyrics all the way until we started recording. We made this track 1 after much agonizing. That's why the order of the songs is a gradation that goes from glittery to rocky. The CM song for ITO EN's 「Stylee Sparkling」 drink

A song that the 4 of us sing on. We had Yasutaka Nakata produce it. It's a song that we've sung on TV a lot too while wearing red jumpsuits. Chatmonchy happened to be working at the same studio when we were recording it, and we were given a watermelon picked from Ecchan's parents' home. Needless to say, it was delicious.

M3. Uchiagehanabi
A simple message: 「I love you」. I'm glad we're now able to sing a song like this. We recorded it at its best state while repeatedly updating the chorus's melody. It's a song that ends with the same sequence as in the beginning. We changed it to HARUNA's idea of having it suit our ages. The best

M4. Orange Juice
Without deciding on a title in final stages of recording, we left the studio for a change of pace. Getting back a few minutes later, TOMOMI, orange candy in hand, said 「Do you think "orange juice" or "mikan" is better?」 Those were two great selections. Although it's a word that isn't in the lyrics, if there was a flavor to this song, there's no doubt this is it. A war of a girl's love

M5. Metronome
This is THE most SCANDAL-ish song. Our axis is here. That's why it's okay to not worry about whatever happens, and not to think about unnecessary things. I hope we'll continue to be a band that does many things. It was made while imagining a live! On this song, the drums took the longest time to recordー. It's cool. Let's jump when we say 「jump!」!

M6. Weather report
A love where you can quarrel and still believe 「I'm definitely going to marry this person.」 is fascinating and beautiful. But, it's not about growing up, naturally choosing conversations, and the person you'll be with for life. Knowing that, I think we are able to to choose a love that has a time limit. It's a song that's like love that's cloudy even if it's sunny or raining.

M7. Hachigatsu
We formed on 8/21. It's the only song on this album where we sing about ourselves. HARU didn't show us the lyrics until they were complete, and this is the finished version. We pulled out MAMI's demo from 2 years ago and it finally took shape. It's a letter from the members to the members, and a message from the 4 of us to everyone. It seems we might sing it for a while

M8. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
Since we started this year with this, the word "STANDARD" came to mind for an album title, and we wanted to make a work that fits live venues and could be BGM that suits each day. This song makes ours lives even flashier. I want you to watch the music video

M9. Kagen no Tsuki
A single where we made the covers and PV quite to taste. Lately, I've been really attracted to songs that have a bewitching atmosphere. Personally, I think that this is most radio-friendly song that we have. There really is a power that comes from listening to a single on an album. How is the intro this cool

M10. Koi no Gestalt Houkai
Wanting to do a crazy song that can be shared at lives, we did the lyrics and arrangement as such. Since the songs I've written up until now are mainly middle ballads with serious lyrics and sweet songs, I tried breaking it. We recorded breaths in the interludes and tried to violently shake the sound side to side. It's interesting when you listen to it with headphones in. The joy and feeling of disappointment when the person you longed for turns around

M11. Kimi to Mirai to Kanzen Douki
We went on a trip to Las Vegas shortly before making this, and we were really moved by the entertainment we saw there. We also experienced things we didn't know about yet. It's a song that we did right after a new essence entered our bodies and minds. A slightly different flashiness and poppiness comes out in it. Thrils and suspense we don't want to forget

M12. Namida yo Hikare
An up-tempo song that unconditionally raises the excitement. Our first punk song. It was made with a very simple musical performance and lyrics. But, singing this is the most important. Everyone wants to dance at lives. In a happy feeling. I think this is the easiest song to cover on this album

While on tour, we did the arrangement during rehearsals and wrote the lyrics while at hotels. Because we wrote it during the time we were seeing all of you, it's full of a live show-feeling. It's the title track and it's something we made seriously, but it feels a little different. Music, firstly, needs to be fun. This was it! Its provisional title was 「A Song That's Only In My Head」. Let's all shout out together

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