Documentary Film of SCANDAL's Formation
Posted on Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:29 am



Caless Student
Caless Student
So, I explored different topics on SCANDAL Talk section of this site. And suddenly I stopped on the post in 2014 about SCANDAL's pre-major debut (here's the link: I read about this and some answers from the long thread of posts confuse me. It's puzzling on my mind. Some are clear, some are not. It seems ambiguous for me. Teehee Down-hearted Gahh Wahhh! 

Then, I came to the conclusion, that there should be another documentary film of SCANDAL which would tell about their origin, history and pre-major debut, the stories behind some of their albums, etc. What do you think about that? And I also suggest that this documentary film—if it's possible to have this in the future—should have a correct and concise translation for the subtitle! It's for the sake of those people who aren't yet fluent in understanding Japanese. Because SCANDAL has many fans overseas.Please♥ Please♥

Oh, boy that pre-major debut thing and their origin still bugging me.  Gehh
By the way, it's only my thinking as a huge fan of them.  Flying Get

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