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Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Fri May 01, 2015 10:03 pm



Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
Hello everyone, This topic is about choosing a specific Scandal song that fits a certain category:  for example Most_____ song. There'll be a list of categories that you can answer in your honest opinion. Here are the categories. 
Most Kicka**.song= songs that have a punch to them, usually their heavier songs.
Most Cute/Happy
Most Laid back= a tune you can sit back relax and listen.
Most Sleep sounding/calm = a song you can Most likely fall asleep to based on it's soft vibe.
Most "throw back" = songs that sound like something from the 60s to 90s, Retro Shique 
Most Mature = song that are about growing up or from a grown up perspective,  it can also refer to the sound.
Most Clubby = a song you Most likely hear in a night club.dancable 
Most Romantic= a song that would Most fit a love story.
Most Teen like= a song that you think sounds like something straight from a teen movie
Most Speedy = a very fast paced song. 
Most funny/playful.
Most Cheer Up = a song that brings you up when you're feeling down.
Most Seasonal= a song that you think best fits the four seasons, more than one answer can be choosen.

Notes: you can include their cover songs, and their play tend sub unit group songs. You can also give your reasons to why you choose that song. This is based on your opinion about what song fits best, as long as it makes sense. One song per Category, except for the seasonal one. 
Have fun with this Everyone,  I will post my choices after this post.
Lets Go .wow.

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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Fri May 01, 2015 10:29 pm



Hi Star~world96®

Are you trying to make a poll to go along with this post? Need help on how to add songs, categories, or whatever it is you're trying to do? Right now your post only says "Hello everyone".

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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Fri May 01, 2015 10:42 pm



Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
Lexian wrote:Hi Star~world96®️

Are you trying to make a poll to go along with this post? Need help on how to add songs, categories, or whatever it is you're trying to do? Right now your post only says "Hello everyone".
I'm sorry if I confused you, but my description somehow didn't go threw so I had to write the whole post all over  again. .omg.  I edited it so now you can see the full description and play along. It's not a poll since I'm not taking up votes, and it also applies to any Scandal songs. 
Again sorry for the inconvenience  .hail.
Have Fun.

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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Fri May 01, 2015 11:08 pm



Ah, there we go. Everything looks good! Here's my crack at it:
Most Kicka**.song= Queens are trumps
Most Cute/Happy= CUTE!
Most Laid back= Kimi to yoru to namida
Most Sleep sounding/calm = Haruka
Most "throw back" = START (major throw backs to classic J-RPGs)
Most Mature = LOVE SURVIVE
Most Clubby = Brand new wave
Most Romantic= Switch
Most Teen like= Oyasumi
Most Speedy = Hi-Hi-Hi
Most funny/playful = Dobondobondo no theme
Most Cheer Up = Rising Star
Most Seasonal= Taiyou to kimi egaku STORY, Maboroshi Night, Winter Story, Harukaze, Uchiage Hanabi

Thanks for the thread! It was fun looking through songs to match the categories. (y)

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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Sat May 02, 2015 12:23 am



Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
Alright,  here is my choices 
Most Kick a**= Onegai Navigation, from Harunas voice, to the sharp guitar skills, and how short it is to make you  want more,  it's a perfect song to fight too.

Most cute/happy=  Houkago 1H. was initially going to pick Cute, but this songs sounds more child like, and Timo's voice just made it even more cutesy.

Most laid back = So easy. Isn't this a song about taking it easy. It's versus are so chill.

Most sleep sounding/calm = Switch. funny I used to not like this song because of it's boring simplicity,  but now I love it, it's soft and calm sound, its great to just take a nap too. Plus you can hear a faint sigh after the last chorus.

MOST "throw back"=.Ring ring ring, that groovy guitar and baseline tho,  and Mami's voice. Sounds like something from the Elvis prime years.

Most mature= Graduation. It's mature like instrumentals and the lyrics are on the serious side to me. Not to mentioned it's written by Haruna. 

Most clubby = kill the virgin.  This song is basically ordering me to dance to it. Gah!  It's so groovy.

Most Romantic= Bitter chocolate. I always thought this song was for  Valentine's day. The romantic vibe of the song is so clear and the lyrics tells a lovely story.

Most Speedy. = Hoshi no Furu Yoru ni.   Besides the chorus, the rest of the song "are in your face" fast. The bass,  drums, guitars, are very on point in this speedy track.

Most Funny/playful = Scandal in the house. Not only are they making funny noises, and teasing the members, it's PV just brings out the colors of Scandal. Plus... Rapping
Most Teen- like = Koshi tan tan. The lyrics looks a fued between two bestfriends from High-school fighting over a guy. And the whole song sounds like something they play in a school pep rally.
Plus..more Rapping 

Most Cheer Up= Image. I listen to it every time I'm not in a good mood.  It just lifts me up a bit.

Winter: winter story, isn't it obvious?
Spring : Koi Moyou, weird huh?  But this song just brings more life and warmth about falling in love...with spring, even though it's about having a crush.
Summer: Taiyou Scandalous 
Fall: Maboroshi Night 

The hardest one to choose was Kicka** song, they made so many good ones, but it only came down to one  .uhuh.

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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Sun May 03, 2015 2:10 pm



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
Cool thread~~ Here's my choices:

Most Kicka**= Onegai Navigation. Everything about this song is basically 'perfect'. The voices, the instruments, composition and its a shame that it is quite short.

Most Cute/HappySono Toki, Sekai wa Kimi Darake no Rain. Not sure how this song fits in this category but it kinda makes me happy and I find it cute especially the part 'Aburakadabura, aburakadabura' (I always sings this part xD)

Most Laid back= Bright. The lyrics is somehow nostalgic however IMO the music composition its quite laid back and thus one of my favourites.

Most Sleep sounding/calm= Departure. The song doesnt exactly have a soft vibe to it but I really felt calm whenever this plays. I can sleep while listening to it (I have tinnitus so this song help masked it so I can have a good night )

Most "throw back"= Anata ma Mawaru. One of my favourites! IMO the solo guitar reminded me of the 60s-90s song though I cant really pinpoint the exact artist that plays this kind of music.

Most Mature= Graduation. I was suprised when reading the translation of this song. Haruna really sounded matured here.

Most Clubby= Shoujo M. It's not much of a 'clubby' song but it makes me wanna dance like moving my head side to side (you know when they dance in TB Tour 2010). I just hope I wont suddenly start moving my head in public or else people would think I'm weird xD

Most Romantic= Bitter Chocolate. No particular reason. I just felt that this song is romantic judging from the music composition and it definitely fits the lyrics also.

Most Teen like= Aitai. The first time I heard this, I could swore this is about some teen movie even before knowing the meaning.

Most Speedy=  Namida yo Hikare. Every time I heard this song, I felt like they kinda have to finish the song as fast as they can, like they have other songs to play xD. On a serious note, IMO this song is very fast-paced song.

Most funny/playful= Scandal in the House. When I first watch the PV, I was like "what...." then as I watch more into the PV it makes me really laugh at how they were describing each other.

Most Cheer Up= Runners high. Most of the time this song manage to lift my spirit up.

Most Seasonal=
Winter: Winter story. Well, the lyrics is definitely about winter.
Spring: Harukaze. After knowing the lyrics, I really felt that you can start new beginning especially the part where its says 'Seeing the unchanging you, I'll be going first' (after all that's what spring means to Japanese right?)
Summer: Taiyo to kimi ga egaku STORY, Natsu Neiro.
Fall: Maboroshi Night.

You're right. The hardest category would be the Most Kicka** song since they have so many...

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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Sun May 03, 2015 3:08 pm



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Let's see what songs win my awards and a short explanation on each of them as well:

Most Kicka**.song -  Rainy
 - I am kinda choosing between Rainy and Shunkan Sentimental but I believe Rainy has that punch in it from the intro to the end.

Most Cute/Happy - DOLL
- Personally, it's the cutest song that they have recorded

Most Laid back - Kan Biiru
- I could listen to the song everyday and never get bored everytime

Most Sleep sounding/calm = Sayonara My Friend
- No need for a deep explanation here. Just a plain and simple song

Most "throw back" = Koi Moyou
- Well it's the first PV that I ever watched so that explains it.

Most Mature = Kill the Virgin
- The lyrics says it all.

Most Clubby = Yoake no Ryuuseigun
- I heard an unofficial nightcore version of the song and it's a little bit clubby for me
Most Romantic= Bitter Chocolate
- No need for a deep explanation here. Lyrics was simply heartwarming and soft

Most Teen like= Pin heel surfer
- The guitar riffs says it all.

Most Speedy = Namida yo Hikare
- I like it for having a Punk-ish vibe in it

Most funny/playful - Nai Nai Night 2014
- I laughed when I first heard of it.

Most Cheer Up = BURN
- I usually listen to this song when I'm stressed at work

Most Seasonal= Taiyou Scandalous and Rainy
- Since in our country there are only 2 seasons, I picked probably the best out of the 2

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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Wed May 06, 2015 3:10 pm



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
My turn.

Most Kicka** song: Rainy
From the top to the end it's pure awesomeness.

Most Cute/Happy: CUTE
The title says it all. Plus the PV.

Most Laid back: Over Drive
It's a song about singing, a music about song, singing about music, it's a song. Anyways, it's enjoyable and a song I can never grow bored of.

Most Sleep sounding/calm: Oyasumi
One reason: Rina. In addition, the tune. It's so soothing you might fall asleep halfway through the song.

Most "throw back": Scandal Nanka Buttobase.
When I first heard it I thought it was from a tokusatsu movie back when I was a kid.

Most Mature: Haruka
It sounds mature enough for their age when the song first came out. Plus, their makeup on the video has a mature touch in it.

Most Clubby: Kimi to Mirai to Kanzen Douki
The beat is simple, enjoyable, and definitely something you can dance to. Just look at Robi-kun in the PV.

Most Romantic: Namida no Regret
Not a romantic song per-se, but it's kinda a love song to me... Plus, it's the first song I've ever heard from them, so I like it best.

Most Teen like: Koshi Tan Tan.
It's a song about a battle between girls over a guy. Something that happen mostly in teen movies.

Most Speedy: Hi! Hi! Hi!
Took me more than a week to pronounce all the lyrics fluently.

Most funny/playful: Dobondobondo no Theme
Especially the part "Yo yo MC Timo tojo kara 'yo yo' shika mada ittenai moyou." What is that song about if it's not just a playful song?

Most Cheer Up: Image
Sitting behind the wheels, trying to cope up with traffic jams that happen all the way from my office to my home, repeat-one-ing this song is the most effective way to keep me from being insane.

Most Seasonal: Summer: Taiyou Scandalous, Winter: Winter Story.
Spring and Fall, I have no idea. There are only two seasons where I live, so I never knew how spring and fall feel like. Summer, I can relate with the dry season, winter with the rainy season.

.omg.Most SCANDAL Category Songs
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Re: Most SCANDAL Category Songs
Posted Mon May 25, 2015 1:58 am



Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
Pretty cool choices, if you guys want, you can add a bonus category to your reply.  It's by choice of course.
Peace Onion  Have fun

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