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*Watch it here if it's blocked in your country:

RINA has written the lyrics for "Glitter," Tokyo Performance Doll's (TPD) lead single off their mini album Summer Glitter!

Here are RINA's comments for the song and my translation of the lyrics.

A dazzling, summery love song that's packed with with the appeal of a grown-up TPD!
All of the members came to our live and told me their thoughts with sparkling eyes,
And it makes me so happy that I've been able to be involved in this way.
Starting with the TPD family, I hope this song reaches many people. The music video's so adorable. You got me.


Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: Jzo

I run and pass the shadows of the clouds by
I need to hurry up and tell you I love you
I'm out of breath under the sun

Kicking off your shoes and frolicking on the sandy beach
You sparkled as you looked so youthful

When was that? The time we talked about how we're so similar
You looked so cute wearing that vintage t-shirt
And it made me happy

You light me up; the glitter of love

I run and pass the shadows of the clouds by
It's getting hotter not just because of summer
I'll take down my ponytail only for today
I need to hurry up and tell you I love you
I'm out of breath under the sun

It makes me uneasy that you're a popular person who's kind to everyone
I want to be someone who's special to you

I spilled my soda and we laughed together
I'm apt to being shy during important times
You pulled my hand to you; what do you want to do?

You lead me astray; the glitter of love

Even if forever is an illusion
I want to be together with you

You laugh mischievously; the glitter of love

I run and embrace sadness too
I want to be dyed with you; summer is ending again
It's okay; if it's the two of us, it's okay
No matter what future awaits us, we can get through it
I'm out of breath under the sun
Let's share a kiss

RINA to write lyrics for TPD's new song "Glitter" 39iLxaW

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