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Caless Student
Caless Student
Hello everyone here!

Id just like to share and express myself here since im remembering the day since i started to play electric guitar... 

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Back then when i was still high-school...., i always listen to music and isolate the instruments used in a song, im very attracted to lead guitar part thats why i was imagining the person playing it while listening to the song, i even guess when the person stomps his effects or change his effects.

Then here came the college life.. just a single boy whos sent on a big city confused what track to take.. ( though my parents already decided where and what degree should i finish ) even when i was schooling, its hard for my part since the path they made me take is not my passion.

Im the kind of the person who dont have much friends since i started college, that part of my life also taught me how to enjoy myself alone and yeah.. today I really prefer being alone mostly than being on a group of friends.. after school i go straight home and watch anime, I guess i watch anime to inspire myself to not to disappoint my parents.

Then here comes the BLEACH, it was the first anime i finished, im really a fan of rock so i download some cool anime openings and ending songs, until i search each and everyone of them on youtube then I FOUND the SHOUJO S music video (bleach opening 10), at first i was speechless.. i dont know how to react since every second of the video shook me, Japanese School Girls, Rock Music, Anime, .. everything that i like and every hobby i have IS IN THAT VIDEO. I mean common guys, im not the only one, LOL, those are not the average type of japanese school girls and definitely 1 in a million kind of girls in this planet, and theres four of them in a single video..

Everything is flying after i discovered that video, my imagination got even broader since i finally saw something real that only exists in my imagination.. At first i was attracted to Rina (i was only attracted to her for 2 days) but i dont want to be a mainstream and i began noticing Tomomi.. She has that unique vibe and beauty.. though im not a bass player i began to appreciate BASS on every song because of her.. Since shes my crush i must also listen on the bass side of the songs now, so i could imagine how would she do it.. 

But even though Tomomi is my crush, she ddnt took away my favorite part on a band which is lead guitar part.. SINCE SCANDAL is ROCK and POP they really kicked the shit out of me to the edge of the cliff where i was thinking if i should play electric guitar or not (because you know guys if you play it, it means you need money, its expensive).. But i ddnt hesitate the moment i met scandal, i mean even haruna started on a yamaha pacifica so it shouldnt be imposible to me..

I began calculating the maximum savings i could get from my allowance and after i got the value i went to google to find a guitar.. Since Mami and Haruna is my 1st inspiration for entering ROCK MUSIC i was confused if Telecaster or Stratocaster, but i selected stratocaster because it sounds more badass and its what mami is using and shes the lead guitar part of their band. its like choosing your class on a MMORPG game, it just feels magical for me when i was choosing my 1st guitar.

I finally went to see fender (same model with mami) and i was shooked with the pricetag, BUT THANKFULLY i found SQUIER which is the baby version of fender.. I found the cheapest guitar, bullet strat and it costed me 100 dollars when i bought it.. (though im amazed that SQUIER BULLET STRAT today now COSTS 200 bucks.)

anyway.. here is my very first electric guitar and i named her HARUKA.. 
Haruka means faraway in japanese and scandal also has a song named Haruka..
The beat and the pop style is majestic and magical.. its like my dream that i was so distant before, plus my very first idols are faraway (since scandal live in japan lol) thats why i named her Haruka. ^^ 

HARUKA - Squier Bullet Stratocaster

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She came with these 3 babies and a cheap 10 watt amp..
ARTEC POWER BRICK (used for power supply)
ARTEC SOLOIST DISTORTION (cuz im not satisfied with overdrive sound)
ARTEC NOISE GATE (cuz the strat is prone on buzzes, i got a single coil one)

i spent 230 dollars approx on all of these.. artec is a cheap effects but im surprised and i still use them today. ^^ 

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It was so magical for me and i was so inspired in school and everything, when i walk to school i always had my earphones (ofc scandal songs are playing most of the time) it was an EPIC FEELING being teenager walking in a crowd while listening on some catchy rock music, everything seems in slow motion.. in short youre in a different world than others.. thats the part of my life where i never really prefered to have more than 5 friends.. it became hard for me to find good people (you know nowadays its rare to find eccentric people), anyway.. i do not regret that ive grown that way because my senses towards other people is increased dramatically, my observation skills and logic skills also got boosted.. having a wide imagination and being on the corner all the times.. plus its peaceful.. Lol.

Anyway back on the story, yeah... i was so inlove with music and my first gears. theyre like my lifetime treasure, i even sometimes fall asleep on bed with them after playing and practicing, i had no time to put them back on the corner, they just slept with me in bed. 

(after all of that its a long story and i dont wish to bore you further. XD so ill just fastforward it..) 

years and years came by, i wasnt satisfied with the tone so i began adding some effects, but i still couldnt get it.. SO i finally BOUGHT a huge amplifier to satisfy me.. 
it was a Marshall MG100HDFX  100 watt amp with cabinet combo, i bought that amp using years of savings. i bought it cuz its A HUGE ONE like the one you see on concerts and its affordable.. $600.

I thought i already have the tone of mami and every guitar players i have BUT NO. i bought it cuz its cheap and its HUGE.. thats my major mistake, "i bought a solidstate amp". i was like.. *oooops bad word detected* what a waste of money.. but just recently this year i plugged my guitar straight to the amp without effects and began playing it. i was like "oh i ddnt discover this settings before". 

I was afraid to crank the knobs to maximum cuz i always want some reserve tone, but i guess if you have a marshall MG series my best advice is to MAX the TREBLE to 10/10 and everything will be good enough..

anyway going back a little bit on my college days, i wasnt really fond of my Marshall MG100 HDFX so after researching i decided to buy a TUBE AMP.. i began on saving money again and sneak part time work on my friend's diner (i sneak on working part time cuz my parents would kill me if they knew) and after a year i finally had enough money to buy a good TUBE AMP, but my father knew my plan about buying a new amp .. 

He was happy with my studies and my achievements in school so he magically told me okay ill give you 1200$ as a gift, since youre a good kid and doesnt go outside unlike any other kids.. I WAS LIKE... WTF HAUHAEUAEHUAEH OMG SA(#EW(EE#*. after i combined my savings and my dad's gift i went on the music shop and i found the tube amp that matched my budget.. it was a MARSHALL DSL100H with 1960b marshall cabinet combo. 

I guess being an introvert finally paid off? .lol. .lol. .lol..

I bought the new bigger amp and its cabinet for like 2100$ approx. I still have a spare money so i thought of buying a new guitar... i finally thought that i also need an upgrade on my guitar since up until 4th year college i was only using a beginner guitar (squier bullet strat). That day i was obsessed with the anime opening cover ive seen on youtube ( GOD KNOWS BY MUKUCHI CHAN ), so i began craving for an SG like Yuki Nagato's from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime. (YES THAT WHITE SG)

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I was disappointed since its another expensive brand (Gibson SG Special Artic White)... but i was lucky again to find EPIPHONE, the baby version of GIBSON. and there was a guitar that looks exactly like that and its not a bad guitar so i bought it.. 
(Epiphone SG G-400 Pro Alphine White)

Heres the picture of them ^^ sorry for blurry photos, those are old days with 5mp cameras.  Btw i named my new guitar Elsie..

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Thats Elsie with some of my guitar effects.

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This photo shows my amps with Elsie and Haruka.
Tooked the picture when i was cleaning.. XD

Anyway.. after that i got some satisfying tones!! but a new problem appeared when the day came  that i started to listen on guns n roses. ( lol endless music desires ).. That time i am near graduation and gonna graduate in a few days.. my father chatted me ( since he works far away ) and asked me what gift would i like for graduation.. he started talking about graduation ring but i wasnt interested so i began to lay a semi joke that i wanted a new guitar.. sooooooo... fast forward again.. I got a new guitar as my graduation gift instead of a stupid ring... i searched for a good LES PAUL to imitate slash's tone... I looked on Epiphone guitars since gibson are so expensive and epiphone are the closest and most identical guitars in compare to gibson. I added some cash from my savings and i finally decided to buy EPIPHONE LES PAUL 1960 TRIBUTE PLUS.  it was on 30% sale and has GIBSON 57 CLASSIC PLUS PICK UPS and a HARD SHELL GUITAR CASE so why not? i got it for like 600$. .uhuh.

Since the only left color for me is wine red i had no choice, and i started to think what name should i give her.. I remembered tomomi wearing a red dress on their world tour last 2013 and red is tomomi's favorite color so i named her TOMOYA.

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TOMOYA - LES PAUL 1960 TRIBUTE PLUS with her friend Elsie.  LOVE

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anyway here's me, the days where i first bought Haru Chin 

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Just a random College Days.

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This is me today.. Finally the days are over where i crave for a new tone since im finally satisfied with my gears, plus im now busy working.  .toj. incase youre curious about the time, my College days were 2010-2016. So feel free to say hi if were on the same generation  ^o^_v

The story i posted has lots of dark sides about music but my thread would be EXTREMELY long already if i added it. I also hope that some guys that is starting for GEARing them selves up would find some lesson on this story..

Things to take note from this story:
- NEVER SETTLE for a cheaper gear, go buy a mid budget one where you can get good tones or else you wouldnt be able to sleep for 1 year like me by mistakingly buying cheaper ones, or if you have the money dont be afraid to buy it, lifetime quality is important.
- Its always better to have a good amp+ cheap guitar rather than expensive guitar + cheap amp.
- Do buy TUBE amps instead of SOLIDSTATE amps, as they crank hot they will sound more amazing!.
- Amplifiers are the ones who contribute alot on your tone, my artec distortion and wampler are just almost the same when i tried it on a tube amp. 
- Have your own phase, dont let others dictate whats right or wrong for you.
- Love your guitars just like how you love your scandal member. 
- Always have an inspiration.
- Music is a good color to add on your college life.

BTW i started to like pink because of scandal..

Sorry for the long post, im out!!  .toj.

Thanks for reading. ^^

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