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As Japan opens up, I've started to get some DMs from some of you with regards to making various purchases.

So some 2023 updated info.

Feedback! store was closed during Covid on 2020/Aug/31st.
So now there are no official phyicial store/outlet for Scandal Merch.

If you are visting friends or a hotel/lodging that is willing to accept your packages, you can order online from their official stores and have it shipped for where you are staying. (requires Mania membership) (Feedback!) (Project Daisy)
There might be some second hand merch at Nakano Broadway for example, but many of the large stores closed down during Covid.

They usually sell Merch at Scandal live too outside most venues before the live, so even if you do not have a ticket you can try to buy Merch there, but at some venues it might be moved indoors during/after live and because of this you might not be able to enter the venue without a ticket.

Most stores have downsized during covid and so shelf space is rather limited, if there are some CD/DVD/Blu-ray you plan to buy, you can check in store inventory on their respecitve online store, i.e. HMV/Tower Records etc.
So reserve and pickup in store to avoid being disappointed.
For older releases you might have better luck at second hand stores like Book Off (may have old magazine/scandal score books) or stores in Nakano Broadway in Tokyo.

Scandal Fender Guitars/Rina drum sticks
As with above best to check their online inventory for the Fender Guitars/Rina drum sticks, before heading to the stores.
Rina Snare and Replica Shell Kit were build to order only, so are unlikely to be available.

One man live tickets/festival tickets.
See the main thread
You must have a Japan mobile number SMS enabled SIM. seems to be most popular currently, doesn't roam overseas and requires a monthly subscription.
Do not register Lawson ticket with tenso address account will be banned.
You may need apps from Goggle Play/Apple Japan App store.

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