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Preparing for what's up next - 2023-10-31 (RINA)
Posted Tue Oct 31, 2023 7:56 am



Preparing for what's up next

front-page - Preparing for what's up next - 2023-10-31 (RINA) N4nv7x3

The tour's done,
And we're preparing for the rush of events coming up next♡

Since we're doing a lot of performances in November,
I'd be happy if we could see each other at one of them.
They're all located in Tokyo,
But we'll go play concerts in all sorts of places again.

We had full rehearsals yesterday.
It's become a trend for us
To try our best to put together
A special setlist for each event,
Including songs we haven't played in a while. haha

There are two months left this year.
We'll give it our all.
Hope you enjoy it to the end...!

front-page - Preparing for what's up next - 2023-10-31 (RINA) 7OWZUAg

After that,
We recorded for "Wednesday SCANDAL" (fan club members-only content).
These next ones will be very luxurious.
I'm also looking forward to when they'll be up- ̗̀‎????


front-page - Preparing for what's up next - 2023-10-31 (RINA) 03SQ9Ff

Hasn't it been warm all this year?
I wore this DAISY t-shirt yesterday☺
For this season, you can wear it under a jacket,
Or under a matching pants and top set〜!

There are 8 of these shirts left in a size S,
Which is what I'm wearing☑
It won't be restocked, so those who are interested should hurry up and check it out♡

Thank you so much
For all of your support in October as well♡


2023-10-31 13:38:52

front-page - Preparing for what's up next - 2023-10-31 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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