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SCANDAL | The charm of "Ivory" unraveled via four solo interviews
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SCANDAL has released Ivory, their second single of the year.

The title song is a midrange number featuring lyrics and music by MAMI, as well as main vocals. With Kouhei Munemoto, who participates in the production and live performances of various artists as a sound producer, as an arranger, the sound is simple yet feels warm and spacious. The B-side track is an acoustic version of "Ivory."

This feature includes four solo interviews with HARUNA, MAMI, TOMOMI, and RINA. Through the production anecdotes told from each person's point of view, we will three-dimensionally unravel the charm of "Ivory."

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Realizing that they were able to produce one monster-class song thanks to their tour

―I [the interviewer] attended "SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 request" at Zepp Haneda. You guys were having so much fun.

That's right (laughs). There were also so many emotional moments at the same time, so there were a ton of times we felt like crying. By standing on the stage again, we realized that our hearts were being whittled down during the time when we couldn't do play concerts like we wanted to. So, even though things aren't completely back to normal, we're so happy that we were able to feel that concerts have returned.

―You also released "eternal" in March. What were the responses like?

We didn't think it would be a song that could dominate venues so much. It's a song filled with new things and our determination as we celebrate our 15th anniversary, of course, so although we were performing it confidently, it being able to change the excitement of the venues so much is something that was beyond our imagination. We produced a monster-class song.

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Simply getting people to think a song is good is good enough

―As for new things, your new song "Ivory" is unlike any single you've ever released. What's more, MAMI is on lead vocals for it.

We had a desire to do something fresh with the song that would follow "eternal." Then, at the end of last year, MAMI gave us a demo of her playing and singing to her own accompaniment, and when we were working on it in pre-production, we started feeling like, "This song is great, isn't it?"; "I want the fans to listen to this next." Just because it's a song for a single doesn't mean that it's right for me to sing it, and this time we had MAMI do lead vocals as a new challenge. More than being worried about what people would think of it, it was fine with us to simply get people to be like, "This is a good song."

―That exact feeling is the opening lyrics to the song: "Nothing is always absolutely so - Give it a try - Messing up is scary - But there's no need to worry."

Ahahaha (laughs). That's definitely true. If you think about it, SCANDAL hasn't been doing things that fit into one box, and it's important to occasionally do things that seem fun with fresh feelings. I'm glad that we made this song like that, too.

―Why did you ask Kouhei Munemoto to work on the arrangement?

At the pre-production stage, we had completed a sound that just the four of us came up with. However, since this is our 15th year and we're releasing something physically, we wanted to make it a special song. So, we asked Munemoto to add something aside from our own essence. Though Munemoto has a tremendous presence as a keyboard player, he's also a person who is kind to other artists. That's why we've always wanted to work with him.

―Did you work on the arrangement together with Munemoto?

Yes. We arranged it in the studio together. It was a lot of fun. He perceived what our atmosphere is as SCANDAL and arranged it with subtraction in mind from the start―or rather, he was able to come up with many ideas for phrases that would fill in the gaps well. Also, we had Taichi Ohira, whom we had worked with when we debuted, direct the harmonies for the first time in a long time.

―The harmonies are included throughout the whole piece, aren't they?

That's right. Though MAMI does lead vocals, my harmonies come forth with the same amount of passion (laughs). Also, the voices of the other members are included at the end, which makes it sound a little gospel-esque. I think they're harmonies that are quite worth listening to.

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Empathy gained by singing about one's self

―HARUNA, are you the one playing the electric guitar in the intro?

Yes. Since the song started off from a demo of MAMI playing it acoustically, MAMI will be the one playing the acoustic guitar and singing during the recording as well as concerts. So, it naturally turned out that I'd be playing the electric guitar. I usually do rhythm guitar, so it was quite refreshing for me to play the guitar riffs.

―From your point of view, what kind of vocalist do you think MAMI is?

She's a completely different type from me. I don't know if this is the right way to say this, but I think she's a vocalist who seems to be blunt and has a very emotional voice. There's also a playfulness and uniqueness in the way she sings. I also felt this during recording, but I think instead of deciding on how she sings something, she sings it according to what she's feeling at the time. So, even if we do a bunch of takes, she'll never sing the same way more than once. Well, MAMI's singing takes are basically good to go in just one shot. That's because from the start she'll be like, "We're totally good to go with this," and do a persuasive take.

―How did shooting the music video go?

In order to use our performance scene in slow motion, we shot it at 2x speed. That was pretty tough. Since it was so fast, it made us feel like, "Huh, was 'Ivory' this kind of song?" and we performed it like a punk band (laughs). It was hard at first due to not being able to keep up with the chord changes, but in no time we naturally got used to playing it at 2x speed - that was interesting.

―It seems that music production [for other, new songs] is currently underway.

Yes. The songs that were created during the pandemic are age-appropriate and also give off the impression that they're a bit more intuitive. There are many songs that spell out what we're thinking about, rather than writing it for someone.

―Just like "Ivory."

Yes. Even if we make songs like that about ourselves, we were able to learn with "eternal" and "Ivory" that other people sympathize with them, which will seemingly have an big impact on album production. We've been thinking recently that don't need to overly shoulder feelings such as wanting to encourage someone.

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Accepting your troubled self

―How did your "SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 request" fan club tour go?

They were simple music club performances with everyone standing, clapping, raising their hands up in the air, and moving their bodies to the rhythm, so although there were a lot of restrictions, we were able to give a performance close to our concerts from before the pandemic began. All the venues were super intense!

―The setlists were based on your popular song poll, and for the first four performances, the song "Koe," which you sing lead vocals on, was #1. It stayed at #2 for the remaining performances.

It's thanks to the passionate support from those who support "Koe." Since "Koe" was #2 in our previous popular song poll five years ago, I think those who weren't satisfied with the result did their best this time (laughs). I'm truly thankful.

―And now you have the new song "Ivory" that'll make those "Koe" supporters go crazy again. It's a midrange number with lyrics, music, and lead vocals by you.

This song was made while in the bath. It's a product of chance―or rather, I didn't aim to make it at all. To tell you the truth, I hadn't really been able to write songs since the pandemic started. There have been times like that in the past, but since this was the first time that it had gone on for more than a year, I think I was feeling like, "I'm done; I give up" (laughs).

―Was there something that made you break free from there?

Rather than breaking out, I ultimately realized I was worrying about the same things I'm always worried about. I continue to worry in the same way as I do about music as well as my own complexes and lifestyle. When I realized that, I was a little surprised and laughed. I'm sure I knew that I'd continue to live my life while worrying about those things.

―I think that means that you were able to accept your troubled self.

That's right. Then everything made sense. I felt like I was able to affirm myself and I felt relieved. Then this song came out naturally like a soliloquy.

―How was this song born in that way received by the members?

Everyone gave me good reactions. I truly do apologize, but I never thought about encouraging others with this song (laughs). Regardless, the other band members really sympathized with the lyrics I wrote. At that time, I was very confident because I thought, "This song can be someone's song." In regards to one's self, and the song.

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Recording face to face with HARU

―Given the way the song came about, it seems inevitable that you would be the one to do lead vocals for it.

Everyone really liked it when I sent them the acoustic demo of it. They were like, "This is really good!" Of course, I was surprised since I didn't record it with the intention of doing main vocals for it, but when everyone was like, "MAMI will sing this," it sat comfortably with me and convinced me. I always have a desire to take on new challenges, so at any rate, I approached the recording of it feeling like, "Whatever happens, happens!" (laughs).

―I think the vocals are very wonderful. The thoughts contained in the song emotional and direct.

Because I have a blunt voice, it's hard to tell any emotional ups and downs. So, I was aware of singing it emotionally so that it'd get exciting towards the latter half of the song. Also, since I'm singing together with HARU enough that it's like we're doing duet vocals, we made sure to match the way we sing and inflect. We were in separate booths but had them set up so that we'd be facing each other and could see one another, so we were able to record it together while watching each other.

―What part did you value when it came to arranging?

I thought that any sounds that would be included aside from ours would be a keyboard, so via HARU I asked Munemoto to help out. I barely gave him any orders, but Munemoto put in the elements I wanted. Even when recording he'd ad lib in various phrases. In the end, it was completed through exchanges such as, "Let's make use of this," and "Maybe this isn't necessary." Working on it was fun.

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Creating "Ivory" to give her peace of mind

―By the way, what does the title "Ivory" mean?

Since the song was made while I was in the bath, it's a word that was chosen from that atmosphere. The slightly dark lighting and high humidity blur your field of vision, and cloudy mirrors make it feel like you can't see everything. The overall color and scene are "ivory." Also, the reason why I'm singing while in a bathtub the music video is because this song was made in the bath. The other band members suggested to me, "Why don't you sing while in a bathtub?"

―Were you able to come out of your slump by creating this work?

No, it hasn't changed that much (laughs). By making "Ivory," I used up all of the emotions that make up the basis of the song, I felt refreshed, and I have peace of mind. So, I've been thinking that I need to start things over and take in many things. As I've been interested in skateboarding recently, I'd like to ride a skateboard around where I live and get some input. COVID's still sticking around, but I want to make bright and happy songs in the future.

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A tour that expressed SCANDAL, who is not bound by genre

―How was your "SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 request" fan club tour that was held with live audiences in attendance?

I was so happy we got to hold it because it had been such a long time since we last toured. Although the audiences can't yet vocalize, we thought, "This really is what we want!" I think everyone was probably singing along in their heads, and when we perform concerts, we can really hear those voices! I think that's a human ability not yet known (laughs).

―The setlists that reflected the results from the fans for the popular song poll were also interesting.

We held a popular song poll five years prior, but as time passed the number of our songs grew and the rankings changed quite a bit. Personally, I'm very happy that the songs across of all our eras are ranking evenly. SCANDAL hasn't continued to stay in one genre, and the atmosphere of the songs can differ quite a lot depending on the era. Regardless of that, the results of the poll this time tell us that we're loved across all of our eras. That gave us a lot of confidence, so we were filled with gratitude. Because we were able to do a 15th-anniversary archive in a sense with this tour, we hope you can see the latest us with our performance at Osaka-Jo Hall (SCANDAL 15th ANNIVERSARY LIVE「INVITATION」) on August 21st.

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Weaving what they have cultivated so far with their latest selves

―Your new song "Ivory" released as a single features lyrics and music by MAMI. What was your first impression of it?

When she sent the demo to us, we thought that it's like her own soliloquy. We get together for meetings every week, and it feels like what MAMI turned what we talk about then into a song. It felt like it really helped us out by making a song about something we all have in common.

―How did you come up with the arrangement?

The demos that MAMI usually sends us are rather polished up, and many of them are in their finished form. However, since she sent us "Ivory" in its acoustic form, we were really excited to be able to arrange it in any direction. We had Munemoto help with the arranging, and it was a lot of fun to find the best balance while exploring various directions together.

―What direction did you see in that?

We wanted to keep the sound simple and make it a song that extrudes vocal harmonies throughout it. We asked Taichi Ohira, who helped out until midway through, to participate and direct them. Ohira is a genius when it comes to making harmonies. There are a few tricky parts, but he made it sound cool. We talked with him about making it sound a little gospel-esque and asked him to give shape to it.

―It's been a while since you've had a song with vocal harmonies.

That's right. It used to be our standard in the past, but doing it now feels fresh (laughs). In that sense, it's a very strange song. Although it's a new kind of song we've never released before as a single, it also feels a bit nostalgic. It feels like everything we've cultivated so far and our latest selves are happily interwoven.

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The atmosphere came out naturally like a single stroke of a brush

―What were you particular to include in regards to the bass?

I basically tried to keep the bass super simple. Since it's truly a soliloquy-like song, the sound in the background shouldn't be too noisy. However, I tried to change the rhythm a little, and tried to come up with a way so that I wouldn't be playing it plainly.

―MAMI's vocals really stand out, don't they?

Isn't MAMI's singing really great? (laughs) I really like it. The song itself has an atmosphere that came out naturally like a single stroke of a brush, so I think she only sang it a few times when we were recording. Although we made it while considering a bunch of things, this time we felt like we were naturally guided to shape it in this way, including the sound. We hope the fans like it.

―The music video that matches the atmosphere of the song is also wonderful.

Thank you very much. For the scenes where each member is shown one by one, the other members were directing them from behind the camera. Stuff like, "Smile a bit," or "Try looking sad." I've never shot something while being looked at so hard, so this might be the most embarrassing that's happened to me in the past 15 years (laughs). Although it's a bit embarrassing, I think our natural expressions were brought out.

―With the creation of "eternal" and "Ivory," do you see any developments on the horizon?

I wonder... But it feels like we made one line with these two songs, so we do have a desire to connect that to the future. It's hard to put into words, but I think the two songs have the same breadth. Also, both have sounds that resonate comfortably in everyday life. This is the sound that we've reached after going through this pandemic when we couldn't play concerts, so I think we should incorporate it more as our standard.

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A tour showing "a SCANDAL everyone wants to see"

―First, please tell us about your "SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 request" fan club tour.

I'm so glad we were able to finish it. Last year we spent most of that time unable to play concerts, which is at the core of our lifestyle, so we were extremely happy to have audiences right in front of us. It was a tour where we were able to play each note carefully while feeling an energy that can only be felt live.

―The setlist for each performance was reflective of the popular song poll being held online. For every performance, the top 10 songs in the latest rankings at the time were performed.

Ever since our 47-prefecture tour in 2017, it's become standard for us to perform concerts with a different setlist each time, but this time we asked the fans to choose their favorite songs. It was interesting that there were differences between each performance. While doing this tour, we really wanted to show "a SCANDAL everyone wants to see," so it was the correct answer to do it in the form of a request concert. We were really happy that the rankings surprisingly consisted of a mix of new and old songs.

―I'm sure you're interested what the final results of the ongoing popularity poll will be.

Right. You can vote until August 15th and we will then be announcing the final results at our concert on August 21st, so we'd like everyone to look forward to that.

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Including a heart-pounding feeling of not knowing what'll happen in the future

―SCANDAL's new song "Ivory" is now out. How was this song created?

MAMI was like, "This melody popped into my head. What do you think?" and sent me a voice memo of her humming it recorded in the bath. It was really catchy and I liked it, so we decided that we'd all give it shape. Actually, the period of time after we made "eternal," we were quite worried and were like, "What would be the right song to follow it up with?" We wanted to do a song with a mellow tempo, but we couldn't see a concrete image of it at all. That's when MAMI sent me this song, and in a way I got the impression that the exact situation of us not having an organized image as a band was made into a song (laughs).

―The lyrics have a strong, positive message of, "Even if the answer's not clear, just have fun doing what you love."

That's right. That heart-pounding feeling of "What will happen from here on?" while not knowing the correct answer and being unsure comes forth in the lyrics. And, I think that matches both us right now, of course, as well as what's going in the world. A song that really helps out the listener without being intrusive at all is very kind. The melody and the lyrics are both really good.

―MAMI's singing is also very natural since the song includes her personal feelings.

It's because it's a song that embodies MAMI's personality exactly (laughs). Also, it being our 15th anniversary is a big thing, as well as us wanting to do things we've never done before. That's why we decided to release a song with MAMI on lead vocals as a single.

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More supple and more natural

―Kouhei Munemoto participated in the arrangement.

Since we wanted to include keyboards, we asked Munemoto for help. The arranging went very smoothly―we went into the studio together and each easily doled out ideas. It was a lot of fun.

―What did you have in mind when recording the drums?

Because the song starts with drums, I thought about doing a phrase while being aware of a catchiness that makes an audience excited the moment the beat starts. Also, I wanted to make the drums not too weak yet not too strong, so I was a bit particular about tone.

―The exquisite, perfectly balanced mood, which is neither too weak nor too strong, feels the same as "eternal," although the direction of the sound is different.

I agree. We of course like songs with solid atmospheres, but right now we want to value suppleness. Recently, we've been very conscious of playing sounds that aren't too far from our usual selves, and music that expresses who we are. This time we were drawn by the taste of lyrics written by MAMI, so I feel we were able to make it more naturally.

―Did the band as a whole recognize valuing that kind of mood?

Yes. That always comes up when we enter the studio. We still like intense, sharp songs that gets things going at concerts, and we don't mean to eliminate them altogether, but if we consider that the band will be together for a long time, we'd like for everyone to accept songs that reflect our current phase. We really want to add more expressive for that right now.

―You've already made two singles in 2021, but it seems that SCANDAL is still working hard on making songs.

We've been working on songs for an album for some time now. From "eternal," we're not just sticking to those typical sounds you hear in bands―we're actively incorporating computer music and also trying out tracking bass, so our next album may have that kind of atmosphere. When we performed "eternal" at a festival a little while ago, it was accepted more than we thought it'd be. That gave us a lot of courage, so I think we can keep trying out all kinds of things.

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Ivory - 2021-06-16 (RINA) - Wed Jun 16, 2021 7:00 pm


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Our new single "Ivory"
Is out today.
Have you already listened to it?

It's a good song
That the four of us
Can seemingly continue to perform from here on out as we naturally are.

This time, we did solo interviews
With Music Natalie.
We each talk about our current feelings
And things we want you to know about,
So try reading it along with the song.

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[*English translation coming soon]

Living frustratingly and happily
While being worried something
Is perfectly okay.
MAMI has been saying
How this song is like a soliloquy,
But I'm sure these feelings connect with many people.


2021/6/16 20:47


New Single 「アイボリー」



SCANDAL|4人のソロインタビューで紐解く「アイボリー」の魅力 - 音楽ナタリー 特集・インタビュー


SCANDAL ある水曜の夜、お風呂に入っている時の私の独り言を書いた。
今日のうた - 歌ネット


2021/6/16 20:47

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【English Subs】Ivory MV - Tue Jun 15, 2021 4:23 pm

【English Subs】Ivory MV

#front-page #scandal_ivory
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New Single - 「Ivory」 - Tue Jun 15, 2021 3:23 pm

An Instagram post by skateboarder Rinka Kanamori , MAMI's skating double in the video:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN XHgvTAUm Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN MweXfXSm Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Zn9jeDqm Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 3MPIu5V

I participated in SCANDAL's music video shooting.
It was a very valuable experience. It was a lot of fun.
Thank you to everyone involved.

Here are comments from the band that were posted in the video's chat:

This is a song where the four of us can be who we naturally are^^ Hope you like the music video, too! (RINA)

We asked skateboarder Rinka Kanamori-chan to skate in this video! I admired Rinka-chan's skating so much that I bought a skateboard〜😇🛹 (MAMI)

The music was sped up 2x in order to slow down the performance scene of the four of us. It was so fast that we couldn't keep up at first and were laughing while filming it🤣 (HARUNA)

During the rooftop scene, the black kite bird that was flying right above us was cute yet scary🦅 (TOMOMI)

victor_survive wrote:I think that's not MAMI Sad

Yeah, it's not lol
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"Ivory" Music Video - Tue Jun 15, 2021 9:02 am

The music video for "Ivory" will premiere on SCANDAL's official YouTube channel at 12 am JST tonight.

#front-page #scandal_ivory
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Thorough dissection of the new song "Ivory"! Digging deeper into the production process and the back side!

Episode #67 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN VaPVz0u

HARUNA: Now then, for this week... We'll be doing a thorough commentary--no, dissection of our new single Ivory releasing on 6/16. It is called, "Fukahori! Aiborii!" (深掘り! アイボリー!; Digging deep! Ivory!)

RINA: I get a chill from that title...

TOMOMI: "Fukahori, Aiborii"...

MAMI: Wow. Bring it on...

TOMOMI: It sounds like a rap.

MAMI: It rhymes. We let our guard down...

RINA: Why is it giving me chills?

MAMI: Like, it's not the usual kind of title.

TOMOMI: It's because it's from Ono-san. We need to remember that he absolutely comes up with something every time.

HARUNA: It's always like this.

MAMI: For "eternal," it was "Eh? Soo naru?" (え?そーなる?; Eh? Seriously?).

TOMOMI: We didn't get it at all when we first heard "Eh? Seriously?"

RINA: No, we didn't.

HARUNA: We certainly didn't get it right away, but this time it's "Digging deep! Ivory!", which is a little nicer, right?

RINA: It feels kind of gross...or rather, it feels weird.

TOMOMI: He didn't give it his all...

RINA: What's up with that...

TOMOMI: But...on second thought, this isn't the right place to be dissecting it thoroughly.

HARUNA: Yes, we won't be digging further into this title!

This week, we will thoroughly be explaining our new song "Ivory"!

HARUNA: Again, this song is our second single celebrating our 15th anniversary. The lyrics and music, as well as the main vocals are by MAMI.

MAMI: I thought of the melody while in the bath last summer... I was in the bath, so naturally I didn't have any instruments nor a guitar with me, so I went with the momentum and recorded it as a voice memo and suddenly sent it to RINA, saying, "I just thought of this. What do you think?" That's how this song started. I didn't make it thinking that I'd be the one singing it, but as I had written it as a sort of soliloquy, everyone was like, "Why don't you do main vocals for it?" when they were listening to the demo.

Fender News - Start Your Journey! Extra | SCANDAL meets Mustang Micro
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN MxNfrKi

Bonus episode: SCANDAL meets Mustang Micro

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 66

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Z5aWwif
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Jq5LBSQ

•The episode starts with this.

•Right after TOMO guesses Germany, she guesses France, which is the correct answer. HARU asks the staff if there's a city in France called Orleans [yes, there is ]. She then reads how it's named after Philippe II, Duke of Orleans, and how there's still a French Quarter there that has a French-like atmosphere to it. The band say that they'd like to go there.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener in Taiwan who actually gives them a quiz question themselves:

There are still Japanese words used in the Taiwanese language. There's one peculiar word that was born in Taiwan. What does "Atama konkuri" (アタマコンクリ) [Note: it literally means 'head concrete'] mean in Japanese?

•TOMO guesses "ishiatama" (石頭; hard-headed) (*Bzzt), then "ganko" (頑固; stubborn) (*Bzzt). She then says that it probably doesn't mean what it seems to mean, but the staff says something like it's kind of similar to what she guessed? MAMI guesses "karada katai" (体固い; stiff body) (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses "majime" (真面目; serious) (*Bzzt). HARU guesses "atama ga ii" (頭がいい; smart) (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses "bukiyou" (不器用; clumsy) (*Bzzt), then "yuuzuu ga kikanai" (融通が利かない; inflexible) (*Bzzt). The staff then gives them a hint that it's related to how a person thinks. HARU and MAMI guess "atama no kaiten ga osoi" (頭の回転が遅い), which means someone's slow on the uptake, but the staff says isn't quite it. TOMO then guesses "atama no kaiten ga warui" (頭の回転が悪い). It basically means the same thing but seems to be more negative and so would probably translate closer to "stupid," which is the correct answer. HARU reads more about it and how it has a slightly different meaning than words like stubborn or hard-headed. The staff seems to say that it's like mixing concrete, AKA someone who's thick. MAMI says it gives off a heavy feeling. RINA says that it's kind of a harsh word. They say that they didn't know this word existed in Taiwan despite the many times they've been there.

•The listener also requests for them to live stream their 15th anniversary concert since foreigners cannot enter Japan at this time, and also asks for them to release it on DVD. MAMI goes, "Is this person Japanese or what?" (since the way they write sounds close to what native Japanese speakers would write), which they all laugh at. HARU goes, "Let's do it!" MAMI says that they'll do as much as they're able to. TOMO says that they do want many people to see it. HARU says that they'll do their best to live stream the concert!

•The "I see - The Catch up" segment then ends and they start reading messages from fans in Japan. HARU reads the next message from a listener who writes in about Tsugaru dialect and how single words are used to express other words. The examples they list are "か・け・め・わ・な" (ka, ke, me, wa, na). "Ka" means "douzo" (どうぞ; go ahead). "Ke" means three things: "choudai" (ちょうだい; please), "tabete" (食べて; eat), "kayui" (かゆい; itchy). "Me" means "oishii" (おいしい; delicious). "Wa" means "watashi" (私; I, me). "Na" means "anata" (あなた; you). The band says that that's interesting but difficult to remember. They talk a little more about this, but I won't be translating it because it's too hard to translate into English lol

•TOMO reads the next and last message from a listener who asks them if they like soft or firm foods like rice better. MAMI says that she likes firm foods better since she wants to feel that she's chewing food. This includes udon, soba, pasta, and rice. HARU says that she also likes firm foods better. RINA talks about rice and how she likes rice on the softer side--when she cooks rice, she puts enough water in so that it rises a bit over the rice. MAMI says that she makes it even with white rice and puts a little more in with brown rice. HARU says that it can also vary according to what rice cooker you're using. RINA says that she likes pasta and udon to be on the firm side. They talk a little about how those in Nagoya like stuff like udon cooked in miso, that udon in the Kansai region are more firm, and also say that they liked the firm udon in the Shikoku region. They agree that both soft and firm are good. TOMO says that it depends on the day. The staff asks them about ramen noodles. TOMO says she likes them at regular doneness, but she admires those that order firm ones. The staff and band laughs at that. HARU says that she likes them firm when the noodles are thin, like Hakata-style ramen. She says that their preference varies depending on what kind of food it is.

•They then close out the episode. They say how they're grateful they have listeners worldwide, and RINA laughs and says that their goal with "Catch up" is to increase their listeners in Japan and that they'll do their best on that front. MAMI says that Spotify lets people worldwide listen to the program. RINA then mentions that her Japan follower count on Instagram has finally reached 30%, which HARU laughs at. MAMI goes, "That many?!" RINA says that her goal for this year is to get her Japan followers to reach 50%. HARU goes, "The year's already halfway over...", which RINA laughs at and goes, "That's true." They also joke and go, "We're speaking Japanese, right?"; "We're Japanese, right?"; and RINA goes, "I was born in Osaka, right?" HARU says that they'll keep making this a program that both people from around the world and Japan can all enjoy.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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jamie87 wrote:This is the message I sent in about a month ago! I didn’t know that they had actually read it. I enjoyed listening to them read the message. I’m learning Japanese and am going to try translating it, too. It will help me continue learning Happy Thank you for posting these translations!
HARU peace

HARU peace

Movie - 2021-06-13 (RINA) - Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:45 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN YQjZBNA

Thanks to everyone nationwide
Who has read the current issue of FLJ〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Bqzc5FK

Those who can't make it to the distribution locations,
The entire interview has been uploaded to YouTube,
So please check it out when you'd like^^

It was such a great, fun interview◎

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Lj26fsf

Have a nice Sunday〜^^


2021/6/13 15:33








2021/6/13 15:33

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rhythm - 2021-06-11 (RINA) - Fri Jun 11, 2021 4:58 pm


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN CA3KKxL

Yesterday, TOMOMI and I
Were in the studio together〜^^
We adjusted the song while talking about it
And recorded the rhythm.
It's still far from being complete, but I'm happy
That it's one that I like the feel of◎

Recently, we've been recording songs
At the pace of one per month,
And as always the four of us are experimenting with all kinds of things
While making new songs^^
We're making them carefully.

"Ivory" is finally
Going to be released next week!
Will be making a bunch of radio appearances together,
So check out the info on our official site!

First, we hope
That you can listen to "Ivory" properly.


2021/6/11 20:09






まずは アイボリー、


2021/6/11 20:09

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UtaNet - MAMI's "Ivory" Lyrics Essay - Fri Jun 11, 2021 4:00 pm

MAMI's "Ivory" Lyrics Essay
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Mamieternal

One Wednesday night I wrote my soliloquy while taking a bath.

On June 16, SCANDAL will be releasing their new single Ivory. These ladies are currently in the middle of their 15th anniversary year, with this work serving as their second release of 2021. The lyrics and music were written by their guitarist MAMI and co-arranged and produced with musician Koihei Munemoto. The B-side track will be an acoustic version of the same song.

Today's song column is a lyrics essay by MAMI where she talks about the new song "Ivory"! How was this song born as the world changed drastically, as well as the direction of their motivation for making songs changed? May this song and its essay reach you, living every day while being swayed by all kinds of emotions!

~Lyrics Essay: "Ivory"~

From the day when the world had to switch in an instant to staying at home, my way of living that had been going on since the band was formed became different, and I honestly didn't know how to live.

We'd go on tour overseas and around Japan, and after getting back we'd start recording. We focused on making songs to perform live, and it was also important how we could make everyone get moving and vocalizing. That's why the direction of our motivation for making songs changed rapidly, and there were many days when I couldn't keep up with the changes.

The first state of emergency ended, and on top of following the rules, the number of people you can have in attendance at audience-free livestreams or at live venues is quite small compared to before. Thankfully, though, we were allowed to hold a concert with an audience, and we felt that we were gradually regaining our sense of songs and concerts.

However, as expected, my songwriting did not progress as I wanted it to. I wonder if the music gods had something to do with it (I'm sure that's not the case).

Every Wednesday is our meeting day. Every week I'd be asked, "How's the songwriting going?" I'd want to say, "I give up!", but because I also wanted to write songs, I couldn't give a clear answer and I'm sure I inconvenienced our staff.

One Wednesday night when our meeting was over, I was taking a bath and coming to terms with my unfocused frustration. With my forehead sweaty and my head about to boil over, I wondered if a song would come down upon me somehow. That's when it made me realize how many times I've been worried about this very thing, and that I'm worried about the same thing yet again (finally). I had no choice but to take a jab at myself and be like, "No, enough with that worry!"

When you have that kind of exchange in your head, you're amazed at yourself and end up laughing. I was like, "Well, that's just who I am," and felt like I was able to affirm myself a little, and thought that that's what makes me human.

I have lived my life while being impatient and being in such anguish and frustration, and I'm sure that I'll continue to live that way. That's what I think. And that's okay. And you just have to laugh at yourself once in a while. No matter what direction I go in, or if I'm swayed by all kinds of emotions, I'll just live as humanly as possible.

One Wednesday night I wrote my soliloquy while taking a bath—that's what "Ivory" is. It's not so bad to live frustratingly and happily.

*The lyrics to "Ivory" can be found here:

Ivory Lyrics - Fri Jun 11, 2021 4:00 pm

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Scandal-ivory

"Ivory" Lyrics

*The lyrics were released early on UtaNet. Here is the accompanying lyrics essay for the song.

Ivory ~ アイボリー
Lyrics & Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: SCANDAL, Kouhei Munemoto

Zettai nante nai kedo
Ikkai tameshite mite yo
Shippai wa kowai keredo
Shinpai shinakute iin da yo

Owarasetakunai mono ga
Aru hazu dakara

Mattaku imi no nai koto nante
Nai to omou dakedo
Zenbu ni imi wo tsuketa tokoro de
Sukuwareru wake demo nai desho

Dokoka e tabidatsu toki wa
Mimamotteru kara

Fuwari fuwari boyaketa shikai de
Sagutte sagutte boku mo tesaguri da yo
Yurari yurari yureru kanjou de
Modokashiku tanoshiku ikiteru

Kyou wa nani wo kiyou kana
Yoru wa nani wo tabeyou tabun
Kuroon de sae fuicchi wa aru darou
Dakara suki ni shitara iin da

Porori porori nagare namida wo
Hisshi ni hisshi ni kuitomeyou tomo
Sarari sarari kaze ga shimiru me wo
Kosutte hohoende ikiteru

Fuwari fuwari boyaketa shikai de
Sagutte sagutte boku mo tesaguri da yo
Yurari yurari yureru kanjou de
Modokashiku tanoshiku ikiteru

Modokashiku tanoshiku ikiteru

一回 試してみてよ


全く 意味のないこと なんて
無いと思う だけど


ふわりふわり ぼやけた視界で
探って探って 僕も手探りだよ
ゆらりゆらり 揺れる感情で
もどかしく楽しく 生きてる

夜は 何を食べよう たぶん

ほろりほろり 流れる涙を
必死に必死に 食い止めようとも
さらりさらり 風が沁みる目を
こすって 微笑んで 生きてる

ふわりふわり ぼやけた視界で
探って探って 僕も手探りだよ
ゆらりゆらり 揺れる感情で
もどかしく楽しく 生きてる

もどかしく楽しく 生きてる


English Translation

Nothing is always absolutely so
Give it a try
Messing up is scary
But there's no need to worry

Because there must be something
That you don't want to end

There is nothing
That is meaningless
But giving meaning to everything
Won't help you out, either

Because you're watching over it all
When you embark towards somewhere

Softly, softly, with blurred vision
I search and search - I too am trying to figure it all out
Swaying, swaying, with wavering emotions
Living frustratingly and happily

What to wear today?
What to eat for dinner?
Probably even clones have discrepancies
So do whatever you want

Desperately, desperately trying to stop the tears
That are falling down, falling down
Lightly, lightly, I rub my eyes stinging from the wind
And smile - I'm alive

Softly, softly, with blurred vision
I search and search - I too am trying to figure it all out
Swaying, swaying, with wavering emotions
Living frustratingly and happily

Living frustratingly and happily

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Holding the fifth "I see - The Catch up"! Questions from overseas listeners for SCANDAL are "educational"!

Episode #66 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Ax4Bhvx

HARUNA: All right, this week... Everyone around the world, HELLO WORLD! It's "I see - The Catch up - The fifth"!

RINA: Eh, we're already on the fifth one??

HARUNA: Apparently this is the fifth one.

TOMOMI: Wouldn't it be "The fifth! I see - The Catch up"?

HARUNA: Yeah, maybe so.

TOMOMI: On the contrary, [the title that way] is unique... Even so, the fifth one came around fast...

HARUNA: A segment we can have precisely because SCANDAL has fans around the world! We do quizzes based on messages from overseas!

So far...
Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, USA, Australia, Philippines are the countries we've based quizzes on.

What country will we be quizzed on this week?

Let's get right to the messages.


My name is Jamie and I live in Louisiana. Congrats on your 15th anniversary!
I saw "Kagen no Tsuki" for the first time two years ago. Then, I watched a lot of SCANDAL videos.
I love SCANDAL!!
I started studying Japanese last fall because I want to talk to SCANDAL.
Everyone is so talented that the music is great!
Presently, my favorite songs are "Weather report" and "Tsuki" because they are beautiful songs.
How did you decide on your positions in the band?
I think your current positions are perfect.
What is the most memorable thing in the last 15 years?
I can't wait to see your concert in Dallas this November!
Work hard!!!

RINA: Thanks.

MAMI: We're grateful.

RINA: They listen to our albums a lot too.

MAMI: They listen to both old and new songs.

Staff: We did not [auto-]translate this message. It was sent in Japanese.


RINA: It's perfect.

HARUNA: So here's a quiz question about Louisiana.

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana. It was once ruled by a country. What country is it?

TOMOMI: Orleans... The Netherlands? [Note: In Japanese, the Netherlands are called Oranda, AKA Holland]

MAMI: Canada!

HARUNA: Russia!

TOMOMI: Germany!

What country is the correct answer?

SCANDAL Emoticons - Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:32 am

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN H5hqirL

We've added SCANDAL emoticons into our list of emoticons!

We've had these SCANDAL stickers in our rotation for a few years now, but now there are emoticons featuring actual pictures of the band!
HARU omg

These were partly inspired by the SCANDAL Discord server, and we've also borrowed a few of their emoticons too.
MAMI plz

The same rules apply to them as the other emoticons: Do not post more than 2 of them in a row, and do not put too many of them in your entire post.
RINA nope

Have fun!
TOMO yeah

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 65

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN NnhaJg7
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN QyxwuGb

•The episode starts with this.

•They then discuss the line between stingy vs. frugal (in Japanese, ケチ [kechi] vs 節約家 [setsuyakuka]). They talk a little too much about it lol so I'll try to keep it short. They say that "stingy" has a negative feel to it, and that everyone's probably frugal in some way/a saver. Those that are savers can devise ways to review living expenses for themselves and others, or to save because they want to buy something, and those that are stingy think about how something can be given back to them (ie. "I did/bought this for you, so do/buy this for me"). They say that stingy would be thinking that it's useless to spend money on something that you think won't benefit yourself. The husband's opinion that the tube of butter is expensive for how much product you actually get, but buying something for the convenience of it is also very important, and they say the wife should continue to buy the tubes of butter. They also mention how their own habits when buying clothes have changed in recent years. They used to be like, "Oh, there's this shoot coming up so I'll buy this just for that" and only wear it that one time, but now they wear things that they truly like and will wear it several times when they're working too--it gives it more of a real feel when they wear things for shoots/jobs and whatnot that they wear during their downtime too. They say something like that might be related to age.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who cleans before going to work since they want to come home to a clean place. When they get home they return their bag to a specific place in preparation for the next day, and on days off they start their day off by cleaning in the morning. They're aware they like to be tidy, but the people they know call them "fastidious," which they don't think they are. They ask the band to draw the line between "cleanly person" and a "neat freak." The band thinks that being neat is a good thing and that you can't generalize wanting to keep your place clean or having a routine as being "fastidious"; it's like it's lifting up your own mood. RINA says that coming home to a messy place only makes you feel more worn out. She also mentions how she's never been able to directly eat the food from a utensil like a fork or spoon when she eats out--she uses her teeth to grab the food from the utensil. She says this could be considered being fastidious [Note: Uh, RINA, this sounds more like OCD tendencies lol]. She also mentions how she doesn't touch elevator buttons with her fingertips but rather the second knuckle on her fingers, which is something she's done since she was little. The other members know exactly what she's talking about. RINA also says that when going through non-automatic doors, she slips into the space that the person in front of her leaves instead of opening it up herself. HARU says that everyone likely has something different that they're fastidious about. For example, someone could be like RINA and not eat from a restaurant's utensils but are okay with going in hot springs. RINA says that something may be fastidiousness if it reaches a level that interferes with your life. HARU says that the more of fastidious you are, the more it'll stand out. MAMI says that it's not a bad thing to be a "cleanly person" nor a "neat freak." TOMO says that it's probably better to be one of those right now (amidst the pandemic), which the others agree with.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who asks the band what the line is between a "fan" and an "otaku" (AKA geek/nerd), in the context of musical artists. TOMO says it's not exactly correct to call people "otaku" when they're well-versed on one specific topic. She says that fans are people who simply love an artist, which is why otaku are also considered fans, but they're also very well-versed on a specific topic like an artist. They say it can be considered a talent and a good thing. Construction sounds can be heard in the background all the while they're talking about this topic, which they do mention (RINA: "The construction sounds are intense right now"). They say that the line could be the amount of knowledge you know about the subject, and they again mention that they think that's a good thing. RINA says that talking with "otaku" can be very interesting, and that the YouTuber Sakana-kun is really interesting. TOMO says that she loves his videos and explains what the channel's about: In the Animal Crossing games, there's this owl character that will give you information about the fish or bugs you catch in the game--however, some of the info given is incorrect, and Sakana-kun makes videos that correct that info. RINA says that the video he made about brass musical instruments was really interesting. They end it by saying again that otaku are interesting, and as an example say that Sakana-kun is a fish otaku.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who asks them what they like better: yakiudon or yakisoba. The staff laughs and the band goes, "Obviously we like both!" HARU says she's really unsure, but RINA says there's one she overwhemingly favors. TOMO says that she's good with both. MAMI says that she's decided. They laugh and say that this "Which do you like better?" topic surprisingly really gets them excited. RINA says they'll all say their choices together. HARU and RINA say yakiudon while TOMO and MAMI say yakisoba. MAMI says that it depends on what toppings are included on it, such as a sauce; in that case, she'd go with yakiudon. TOMO says that she really loves yakisoba that you eat from stalls at festivals. At home, RINA says that she cooks way more udon such as yakiudon in soup. HARU agrees and says that she eats more udon than soba. TOMO also agrees and says that she eats more udon. They say that there's definitely something special about yakisoba sold at stalls. TOMO says there's some kind of magic put into it, which the others agree with. She says that Fujinomiya yakisoba in particular is really delicious, which others also agree with too. They again say how much they love this topic.

•TOMO reads the last message from a listener who asks them what they like better: firm pudding or creamy pudding. The band says right away they know which they like more. HARU, MAMI, and RINA go for creamy while TOMO goes for firm. TOMO says she doesn't like pudding that's has the consistency of whipped cream, and that firm pudding reminds her of ones she's had way back when at cafes. MAMI says that firm ones make her feel like she's eating jello--it's a matter of texture. TOMO asks her what she thinks about the pudding in cups that you put on a plate (like these ; they're usually firmer in texture), and MAMI says that she doesn't like those as they're too firm for her. RINA says that when she was in elementary and there was a time when they served really soft pudding, she went, "Wow, what is this?!" and started to love creamy pudding. HARU says it was similar to what happened to her too; she was super shocked when she had really good creamy pudding for the first time. They say again that both are good. TOMO says that creamy pudding seems more popular; she often sees those kinds at convenience stores.

•They then close out the episode. RINA says that she'd like for people to send in non-food-related topics as there's a bit of a limit to those. HARU says that people probably send in food topics due to the program's "supported by Meiji Apollo" tagline, and that food topics are easy to understand. They again say that different topics are welcome.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Recently - 2021-06-06 (RINA) - Sun Jun 06, 2021 8:36 pm


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN FIvkzWl

We were in the studio all day yesterday...!
Our postponed joint concert with Hump Back
Has been rescheduled for
7/12(Mon) at Zepp Namba.
It's now on a weekday, and the venue's been changed,
Which is a big change for everyone's schedules,
But we decided we really wanted to hold it
On a day when and at a place where we're able to.
Those who can make it next month, best regards^^

You can also get a refund.

I went to the salon during my spare time,

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN NE6pk6s

Did a shoot for the DAISY PROJECT today,

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN WaGe58w

And on the way back from working hard, ate some yakinikuー! I'm stuffedー!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN S8YzFi0

It's fun to be able to go ahead with all sorts of things^^
Starting tomorrow,
Let's have another good, new week〜stress:︎


2021/6/6 19:51


延期になっていたHump Backとの対バン、
7/12(月) Zepp Namba







2021/6/6 19:51

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Holding the fourth "Fine Line Association" meeting! Where's the line between a "live" and a "concert"?

Episode #65 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6ezWjxZ

HARUNA: Today we'll be holding a "Fine Line Association" meeting for the first time in forever.

RINA: Yayー!!!

HARUNA: This is probably the fourth one... We keep saying "probably."

Staff: Officially, this is the fourth one. We've been introducing topics here and there...

HARUNA: Let's get straight into reading messages from members. This is one of the agenda items already under consideration.


The fine line between "concerts" and "lives (AKA shows)" is, as far as I know, and in the true sense of the word, all general concerts that are not recorded are "'live' concerts."

There's also things like "Something performed solo (or solo plus accompaniment) is not a concert but a recital." In that sense, lives put on by bands or idol groups are also "concerts," and concerts put on by classical/jazz musicians are also "lives."

Also, I think it's like adding or not adding "live" to the name, or calling it a "gig" or "performance" according to one's liking.

It's normal in Japan to say "I'm going to a live," but "live" can mean "living" or "in person"--that's why in most cases overseas, you need to say "I'm going to a concert" in order to convey the same thing [Note: I previously mentioned this very thing lol].

TOMOMI: Saying "live" wouldn't really be conveyed overseas.

RINA: It basically means you're playing a "concert."

MAMI: Is that why Gian calls it a "recital " [in Doraemon]...?

HARUNA: You're right!

TOMOMI: It's a live, as well as a concert, as well as a recital.

HARUNA: The performers are solo, hence "recital."

MAMI: For us, we mean a "live concert."

TOMOMI: Here's a new agenda.


There's a fine line topic I want to hear you guys talk about, so I sent in this message!

That would be: stingy vs. frugal.

Since I am married, I had planned to manage my own food expenses. However, I was surprised to hear this story the other day about my friend's husband.

There are tubes of butter that make it easy to put on bread, right? His wife bought it and he flipped out. According to the friend, it's expensive since it's convenient and there isn't much product in it. He thinks it's a waste. I feel a bit sorry for the wife, with the husband getting mad at simply over a tube of butter.

Incidentally, I've never been told that by my husband. We use tubes of butter all the time since it's convenient (haha).

At the same time I thought that maybe their situation at home is different, and I was worried that perhaps they did so in order to make ends meet.

Also, it seems that my husband's friend is cutting down on living expenses and looking forward to buying a new car.

Whether my husband's friend is "stingy" or "frugal"...I'm very curious to know, so I'd like the members of the association to please discuss it!

All: I see...

RINA: That's something we can talk a lot about...

【Radio Rip】Ivory - Wed Jun 02, 2021 4:38 pm

Please support the band and purchase a copy of the single, out on June 16th:


Comments from HARU and MAMI aired right before the song. Here's a summary of what they talked about:

•This is the first single that MAMI sings lead vocals on
•The demo for "Ivory" was made in November/December of last year
•The band started to brush it up after this year began
•MAMI says the lyrics are like a soliloquy (she mentioned this in the recent "her" Diary too)
•She says they couldn't write any songs after the pandemic began and they couldn't play any concerts
•She worried for the entire year about not being able to write, but she realized that that's something she typically worries about anyway
•When she realized that, she found it was actually something positive
•She felt a little more at ease when she realized she needed to acknowledge that side of her
•The moment she realized that was when she was in the bath
•She felt warm and wrote lyrics about what she realized
•HARU says that this song wasn't written to cheer someone up, which is precisely why MAMI sings it so tenderly, and that the entire band loves this song
•HARU also says that the four of them worked on arranging the song but they wanted a more dramatic angle to it, which is why they asked musician Kouhei Munemoto to help them out
•Kohei's a pianist and did a piano arrangement for it, and he also introduced them to a string ensemble - the song turned out to be pretty extravagant
•She says that the chorus is pretty solid and gets pretty exciting during the latter half of the song

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OPEN - 2021-06-02 (RINA) - Wed Jun 02, 2021 11:04 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN B2q0UxO

We've created an online store
The project we started last year
That supports child-rearing/women〜!

We made the page DAISY-like
And gave it a soft atmosphere, which I really like.
We're thinking of updating it
So that it's a fun page just by looking at it,
So check it out^^

Sales for our
Original DAISY t-shirt
Started yesterday〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN YQtmkIt

The vanilla white color
Is a milky color rather than a pure white.
It's vintage-like and adorable...

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN IKx4WPv

Printed on the back
Is the project's flower motif.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Ka4vmo3

The other color it comes in is brown.
It's a popular color
That has received good responses to it ever since photos of it were first posted^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2PndD1u

I'm wearing both colors
In a size S〜! (160cm / 5'3")

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN C1GDIhY

This is what it looks like on men.
(183cm / 6'0", wearing a size L)

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Yu6Gayl

It's a basic item that can be used for a long time,
And one that any gender can wear^^

Will continue to support child-rearing / women.
A portion of the proceeds for these t-shirts
Will also be donated,
So it'd make me happy if those who are able to get them help out^^


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN C0sRKr6

The male model this time too was Fukuhara-kun,
Who had also modeled for the PJs.
Thanks as always^^


2021/6/2 19:42



SCANDAL RINA/モデル Seinaがタッグを組んでサポートが必要な家庭環境で生活されている方や女性への支援を目的としたプロジェクト







(183cm Lサイズ着用)


これからも全て 子育て/女性支援 に繋がります。




2021/6/2 19:42

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Fender News - Start Your Journey! Vol.5 - Wed Jun 02, 2021 1:49 am

Fender News - Start Your Journey! Vol.5 | SCANDAL
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN EsTl5Pt

Vol.5: The appeal of bands

This is the last video in this series.

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN FdtTi4P

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FLJ - 2021-06-01 (RINA) - Tue Jun 01, 2021 11:30 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN DnUbtzd

I'm in the free culture-magazine
Called "FLJ"
That gives a bunch of information
About fashion + music + art〜^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN O047AOl

I talk with music artist Yayoi Daimon ,
A classmate of mine
From when I attended an all-girls school in Osaka.

To think that the day would come
When I'd be able to work with Yayoi,
Eating together while talking about dancing and bands...!
That is to say, I was really happy.
We talked about plenty of things we had never talked about,
And I'm happy that she pressed me about many things
Without worrying about them, in a good way haha
Perhaps it was due to the unique atmosphere and mood of being with a classmate,
But I realized that my dialect was stronger than usual,
And it made it into the text as-is...haha

Please check out their site
For distribution locations^^

Our outputs are different,
With me being in a band and her being a hip-hop artist,
But we have always respected
Each other's stances, music, and ways of expression.
I'm really happy to have friends like her
That I can be connected with even after we've grown up.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Pxp6bzg

I'd be happy
If you read "FLJ"
And get to know more personal things about me.
Check out Yayoi's songs and dancing too^^
They're awesome.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN B761bVD


2021/6/1 20:13










2021/6/1 20:13

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【MAKE A WISH DAISY PROJECT】 - Tue Jun 01, 2021 10:57 am

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN A9roZM1

DAISY PROJECT will be selling logo t-shirts via their new online shop starting from 8 pm JST tonight:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN BPMIAUa
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 63kYHnpb Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN SRrYxqFb Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 4Tc13rkb Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 0qhuYSrb

4,500 yen

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZXZPXdl
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Q5v1oKdb Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2mhByVFb Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN B4vRL6tb Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN MdNj4lyb

4,500 yen

Unfortunately, the platform they're using is BASE, which often doesn't take overseas credit cards for payment (just like the new FEEDBACK online store).

I probably will not attempt to purchase something, but if someone else decides to try, please leave a comment letting us know if you were successful or not.

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Talking about the band - 2021-05-31 (RINA) - Mon May 31, 2021 10:00 am

Talking about the band

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN GaENtnp

"Start Your Journey!"
Is a video series we started with Fender this month

While answering things like, "I want to start playing the guitar,
But what should I start with?",
Or, "How does a band
Come together in the first place?",
We explained phrases from our songs in detail,
And talked about things like how bands are great^^ haha

This series featured the band unraveling sound carefully
Starting from the very basics,
Enough to make you think that this is more elementary than any other video.
At any rate,
All of them up to Vol.5 have been uploaded,
And all of us got together for the last episode.

This is something
That those who don't play instruments can also enjoy,
So if you'd like, please watch it when you'd like^^

[English subs will be posted soon]

Also, today is TOMOMI's birthday^^
MAMI's birthday was also this month,
And a little while ago we celebrated both their birthdays
Along with our office staff〜◎
Happy birthday〜!
Hope your guys' 31st year is a good one too〜!


2021/5/31 18:41


"Start Your Journey!"






2021/5/31 18:41

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The fifth video of documentary series  「“her” Diary 2021 on YouTube」 on SCANDAL's official YouTube channel is now live.

This month's video follows the recording of "Ivory" for a day.

#front-page #herdiary2021
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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 64

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Aw2hlEo
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Rs3q95R

•The episode starts with this. TOMO does the roulette to determine the prize for the listener, and it lands on five pieces of sweets. They then try determining how much of each they should give. TOMO says that since the listener's a guy, he'd probably like bitter things more. They decide that they'll give him 3 Coffee Beats and give the girlfriend 2 Twinkles.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who talks about how they got hooked on SCANDAL, which is in part due to their girlfriend liking them and recommending listening to them back in March. That was around the time the lineup for the JAPAN JAM festival was announced and they decided to go together. They started listening to SCANDAL and thought they were all really good songs. They had a great time seeing SCANDAL at the festival, and say that they've also listened to all episodes of "Catch up," have joined the fan club, and plan to go to the 15th anniversary concert with their girlfriend. The band goes, "Did they do all that in two months [between the festival announcement and the festival itself]?!" and say they must not have slept. They say that what they said makes them happy, and that going to festivals with someone you love is the best. They tell them several times to get some sleep. MAMI then spins the roulette app to see how many pieces of sweets they'll receive. It lands on 5 again and they decide to give them 3 Coffee Beats and 2 Twinkles. 10 pieces total have now been given out.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose message had been read during the Valentine's episode (U-tan). They say they've been in constant contact with the guy and they were finally able to meet in person during Golden Week, and now they can say they're finally in a real relationship with each other. They thank the band and mention that, by the way, they are a teacher (SCANDAL: "Hey! Teacher!"). The band says that's great and that must have taken a lot of courage. TOMO spins the roulette wheel and once again lands on 5. They all laugh and TOMO says that they're only landing on 5. HARU says that it did land on other numbers like 3 when they had tested it out earlier. MAMI thinks that maybe only 5s are coming up because the first one they landed on was 5. They try it again and it lands on a different number, which means that what MAMI thought isn't true. They then decide on which pieces to give the listener. HARU says that the listener's a girl so MAMI goes, "Then Twinkle..." TOMO laughs and says, "Twinkle's only for girls?", which the others also laugh at. They give the listener 3 Twinkles, 2 Coffee Beats. 15 pieces total have now been given out.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is a 36-year-old barber and asks the band to go, "Hey! Barber!" like they do for "Hey! Teacher!" They laugh and say, "That's great!" and say it. The listener says that the other day on the way back from work, his wife asks him if he's bought a t-shirt recently. He says no, and that he's not wasting money. She said that a t-shirt was delivered to their house, and when he looked closely, he realized that he had been sent a signed SCANDAL t-shirt that he won from their fan clubs. He says he was really happy and was grinning a lot, and that was when his wife said, "I'll sign that t-shirt too," to which he said he politely declined. The band laughs at this and RINA says that the wife has a great personality. The listener says that they've been married for five years and that his wife is six years younger than him, and it was cute when she sang SCANDAL songs at karaoke when they first started dating. He says her birthday is in August and he wants to buy her some cosmetics and put them in an Apollo pouch (TOMO: "But the pouch is so small!"), and so asks for one. They laugh and HARU goes, "Hey, we're giving out sweets this episode!" They say that just via text they could tell how the couple both have such great personalities. The roulette falls on 3 pieces of sweets and they decide to give 2 Coffee Beats, 1 Twinkle. 18 pieces total have now been given out. HARU says it's likely more barbers will be writing in to the program now.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who heard the words of encouragement another listener sent in to another listener during episode 57 (the one read by HARU). They thank the band for their words of encouragement, and are impressed that they were encouraged just by listening to the stories of people who are going through the same things and are cheering each other on. The listener says that their wedding ceremony, which has been postponed due to the pandemic, will finally be held in August. Due to this, as well as how things are currently are in Osaka, they will not be attending the 15th anniversary concert (they also have never gotten a chance to see them live before). But like the listener in the previous episode, they too believe that bad things won't last forever. They'll keep working hard and will go to a SCANDAL concert one day. The band says that there are a lot of listeners are connected via this program and that there will be more concerts for the listener to go to in the future. RINA says that everyone shares the same worries since no one knows what will happen in the future. They also say it's great that they made a decision based on what's more important to them. Both the concert and the ceremony are important things, but the things that are more closely related to your day-to-day life are more important. The roulette lands on 3 once more and they give them 1 Twinkle, 2 Coffee Beats. 21 pieces total have now been given out.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who's a graduate student and saw SCANDAL at JAPAN JAM. They also talk about their specialty, which is computational skills in the civil engineering field. It's basically about analyzing the physical phenomena of tsunamis, earthquakes, fire, wind flow, etc. by computer simulation. They say that just as SCANDAL saves people around the world with music, they're doing research every day to physically protect people from disasters. The band thinks that's really cool and thanks them for doing the work they do. The roulette lands on 3 again (TOMO: "It's only landing on 3 or 5"), and they give the listener 1 Twinkle, 2 Coffee Beats. HARU says that they'll probably end with the last message. 24 pieces total have now been given out.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is now dating the guy they like, who she says is loved by his friends and perfect inside and out. She says she also wants to get closer to his ideals and make herself cute both inside and out. She asks, however, how she can change who she is on the inside. She says that his type is someone who doesn't seem like a person and more like an unknown creature. HARU and TOMO seem confused, and TOMO goes, "What does that mean?" RINA repeats that line again. HARU's like, "Oh," but TOMO goes, "Wait a minute..." and laughs. HARU says that RINA should read the message in its entirety first. The listener says that she seems to apply to the guy's ideal type but says, "What would you think if I were a human being, a so-called ordinary girl? If I had to choose, I want to be a human girl who's cute both inside and out." The band laughs and MAMI goes, "Well of course." The listener asks the band if they should be an unknown creature or a human like they've always been. The band is kind of confused by this and HARU goes, "Is he an alien or something?" TOMO goes, "He's perfect on the inside??", which the others laugh at. RINA says that it probably means that he likes people that are very unique. They basically say that if the listener wants to be a human, she should say that herself and go with a way of living that's more comfortable for her. The roulette lands on 5 pieces. TOMO says they should go with 5 Twinkles because of how mysterious this message was. MAMI says that the listener doesn't need to speed up turning into an "unknown creature." TOMO then goes, "On the contrary, let's give them 5 Coffee Beats." HARU laughs and goes, "'On the contrary'?!" They say that living the way that's easiest for you is most important. 29 pieces of sweets total were given out (19 Coffee Beats, 10 Twinkles).

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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