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The third "I see - The Catch up"! What's the truth behind unusual medicine found in Estonia?
Episode #38 blog

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HARUNA: This week we're doing the third "I see - The Catch up."

All: (*excited*)

RINA: That's crazy it's the third one.

HARUNA: For this to be the third one on Catch up...

TOMOMI: But I like doing this.

MAMI: Yeah, it's interesting.

"Catch up" receives many messages from people overseas.
...This is actually quite an unusual thing as it rarely happens with other radio programs.
It's unique to SCANDAL who have actively continued to do activities overseas!
Therefore, even unusual messages from overseas is a very common thing for the girls...
(All staff members think it's great)

HARUNA: Let's start by reading a messages from overseas...

(*This is a direct machine translation from French... [Note: I then used Google Translate to translate it to English])

JMarlock (a French person living in Estonia)

Hello, girls!
I am a Frenchman living in this small Eastern European country called Estonia.
Since I discovered your music, I've frequently been sending links to listen to your songs, which has been a bit annoying to my family and friends. I'm the kind of person who really wants to understand music and artists, so I've been looking for translations of the lyrics and loved the songs even more (as a book lover, I must mention it as a literary song, a special place in my heart).
It is not possible to make a list of all the emotions your songs gave me inspiration. However, I wrote a series of short stories in my free time, and one of the stories included a character inspired by HARUNA (more precisely, her looks and facial expressions in the AMDKJ music video inspired me). I would appreciate it if I could send it to you four (especially HARUNA) so that you can convey your thoughts about it. Anyway, thank you

MAMI: He loves HARU-chan...

HARUNA: Thank you very much. So, here's a quiz about Estonia.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is home to "Raeapteek " (Town Hall Pharmacy), Europe's oldest pharmacy founded in 1422. For centuries, it has been known for its secret medicine that heals a certain affliction. What affliction is it?

All: What??

MAMI: Does that mean that there are still are people who can cure that affliction with medicine?

TOMOMI: I know; cold medicine! (*Bzzt)

(Staff: We won't be giving any hints...)

RINA: Medicine for blind people? (*Bzzt)

HARUNA: Headaches (*Bzzt)

MAMI: Stomachaches (*Bzzt)

RINA: Dizziness (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: Eczema (*Bzzt)

HARUNA: Sensitivity to cold (*Bzzt)

All: What is it...

RINA: Ah, I know! Love!

(*Ding dong!)

All: Ehー!

MAMI: An affliction of love...

TOMOMI: But isn't it wrong to cure lovesickness?

HARUNA: It must mean it cures broken hearts, right?

RINA: I see...

MAMI: What kind of medicine is it??

*This medicine has been prescribed for centuries as a medicine to heal heartbreak.
The manufacturing method is confidential. 72% of the ingredients are almonds and the remaining 28% are secret...

Those of you who are lovesick, feel free to head over to Estonia...

After I do a summary of this episode, I'll be doing a summary of their recent live broadcast of "Catch up" that was aired on Tokyo FM the other day.
The 26th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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First time narrating - 2020-11-23 (RINA) - Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:06 am

First time narrating

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Today's the day when the first episode
Of a variety program that HARUNA is narrating for will air〜!
It seems that the recording was fun to do and went smoothly.
Look forward to when it airs◎

HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting 「Shiranakute Iinkai」 (Clueless Committee)
You can also stream it on TVer☺

It makes me really happy
That there are now more places outside of music
That HARUNA's voice can be heard♩
The program itself seems to be interesting and fun〜

It'll be aired for four weeks in a row,
So please check it out starting tonight〜!


2020/11/23 17:38








2020/11/23 17:38

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Thanks for listening to our live broadcast!

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Thanks to everyone
Who listened to the special live broadcast of "Catch up"〜!
We kept laughing
And 55 minutes went by in no time☺

We had a giveaway where listeners could win
A member prize, a Meiji Apollo prize, or a program staff prize,
And I'm glad we were able to give away
Slightly early Christmas presents
Filled with feelings of "Thanks for always supporting us"◎

The after-talk will be aired from 9 pm,
So listen to it before you go to sleep〜!

Please continue to support Catch up☺


2020/11/22 20:39



Catch up特番生放送聴いてくれた



引き続き、Catch upを宜しくお願いします☺


2020/11/22 20:39


On-air - 2020-11-21 (RINA) - Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:26 am


Tonight, the talk segment for a program we recorded a little while ago
Will be aired〜!

11/21(Sat) 24:05 JST〜

The four of us talked about
What we currently think of live houses
And the future of the band.

Everyone keeps thinking
Of what they can do right now,
And in the midst of everything where it's hard to find the right answer,
We're very grateful
To have been invited to a place
Where we could convey our thoughts.
Those able to watch it, please do☺

Online pre-orders
For our merch for our solo concert in December
Have started as of today〜!

We gave them a subdued tone.
As for the mug that you can use at home,
The inside of it is yellow and looks lovely☺

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN SaiWHuq

On the day of the concert,
Unlike what we've usually done, merch will not be sold after the concert,
So get it online beforehand〜!


2020/11/21 20:15




NHK総合「シブヤノオト Presents
LOVE ライブハウス」









2020/11/21 20:15

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Here's the merch lineup for SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED. Online pre-orders start today, November 21 at 8 pm JST and run until November 29, 11:59 pm JST.

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SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” UK & EUROPE re-scheduled shows

Thank you for your continued support of SCANDAL! We are happy to announce re-scheduled 2021 UK and Europe tour dates, for the shows postponed in September 2020.

23rd October LONDON / 02 Academy Islington
26th October PARIS / YoYo (Palais de Tokyo)
28th October BERLIN / Lido

Your tickets will remain valid for the postponed shows. If you are unable to attend the new date, you will be entitled to apply for a refund or voucher, depending on local policy. Please contact your point of purchase for more information.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you at the re-scheduled dates!

#front-page #kftd
Streaming in the city

Good evening〜
Thanks for your hard work this week :)

Our live DVD was released
And is reaching you guys one after another...
Thank you for receiving it.
Three days of consecutive holidays start tomorrow,
And I hope you kick back and have fun at home.

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I'm sure there are many people spending their time indoors,
But footage from our show
Is airing on the YUNIKA VISION screens in front of Seibu Shinjuku Station
Until 11/22 (Sun).
Seven songs will be played in full depending on what time it is...!

It'd be great if those who happen to watch it
Get interested in us〜(*crosses fingers*
There also seems to be some kind of giveaway,
So those interested, please check it out


2020/11/20 17:22








11月16日(月)~11月22日(日)まで SCANDAL特集を放映中 | INFORMATION | YUNIKA VISION


2020/11/20 17:22

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 37

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•The episode starts out with this.

•TOMO reads a message from a listener whose previous message that asked SCANDAL for love advice was read during episode 32 (the teacher who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture while the guy she likes lives in Aichi Prefecture). She took their advice and they've been able to get along well. They've hung out several times and started becoming more than friends, so instead of letting things remain ambiguous, she decided that she'd properly tell him how she feels--but then she got worried about it being a long-distance relationship and worried that he had his hands full with work, so she wasn't able to take that step. However, since if they never went out she wouldn't know what their future would be like, so after talking it out, the two of them are now officially dating. She thanks SCANDAL for giving her courage and then asks them for new advice: At the age of 22 this is her very first boyfriend and thus doesn't know the first thing about it, so what does dating entail anyway? The band congratulates her and says they're happy they're now dating. They do talk about how being in a long-distance relationship is a little different than couples who live closer to each other, and that they hope that they can find a distance that's comfortable for both of them. They say that the listener doesn't need to think too hard about dating in itself; it's fine to just have fun and that they don't need to rush things. They also say that it'd be best if they could have a relationship where they can talk about anything with each other, and that they wish them happiness.

•RINA reads the next message from a 17-year-old high schooler who really likes a girl at school. He wants to get to know her, but she's so cute that he gets nervous when he thinks about talking to her (TOMO: "That's so cute!"). He says that she's a quiet person while he's the type of person who gets loud with his friends, which is why he thinks it might bother her if he talks to her and hasn't really tried doing anything. He asks SCANDAL for advice on what to do. The band laughs and goes, "That's sooo cute! That's so nice!" HARU goes, "Why is he so honest?!" while laughing. RINA wonders if he does kendo as his name referenced it. They keep going, "That's so nice!" (TOMO: "That's all we're able to say!"). They say that this is the best time in one's life, and MAMI says how the listener seems happy just by seeing his crush. TOMO then goes, "Wait, what did he ask again?" and everyone laughs. HARU and MAMI recap, and TOMO laughs and again goes, "That's so nice!" MAMI says it's definitely difficult for a quiet girl to join a group of noisy boys, and since it'd most likely be hard to join a group like that, it's probably better if they could create a space where it's just the two of them. She says to work up some courage and talk to her a bit while they're heading home from school.

•HARU says that it's important to also make her aware of his presence and make her go, "Ah, he talks to me every day, doesn't he? He always says good morning and says bye when we leave." By doing so, she'll become more aware of him and will make it easier to talk to her. TOMO agrees and that he should start by greeting her before and after school. HARU says that if that keeps repeating every day, they'd likely start talking about other things. TOMO says that she probably would be happy if he simply just said good morning to her every day, but MAMI again brings up that he's still at the point where all he can do is look at her. They laugh and HARU says that he probably should be oddly noisy around her. RINA wonders how he knows that she's a quiet type of person, and that seeing someone at school doesn't necessarily give you the entire picture of how someone is. TOMO says that it's probably that she's very quiet in the classroom. MAMI says that if they were to talk somewhere that wasn't school, he might get to see a different side of her. HARU says that this message was like one from a shoujo manga, which the rest agree with. They again tell him to try starting things off with greetings.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who's a third-year college student interested in a co-worker he calls Y-san who's two years older than him. They finally exchanged info around three months ago and then went to places like the aquarium, and he says they LINE each other every day. These have all made his feelings grow for her. However, when they were talking about going to the movies next, he found out she has a boyfriend after she told him that there were a lot of movies she wanted to see since her boyfriend doesn't have the same interests as her. He was really shocked and didn't think she was dating anyone since the two of them had been hanging out. He says that she only seems to view him as her junior and doesn't seem to realize how he feels about her, which means she doesn't see him as a potential love interest. Though he still has mixed feelings, they continue to talk to and LINE each other as well as hang out about once a month. While he's happy to get closer to her as a friend, he's hurt by the difference in their feelings. He also says that it seems like she's not telling her boyfriend when she meets up with the listener, which makes things even more complicated. There aren't many women at the science university he attends, so he says he's still fine with being friends. He asks the band what kind of relationship he should have with this woman going forward, and how he should organize his feelings.

•HARU thinks that Y-san is also unsure. MAMI agrees, stating how Y-san told the listener she and her boyfriend don't share interests and she had a lot of movies she wanted to watch, and says that she's probably also wavering. She says that if she talks about the boyfriend again, ask her a little about him. RINA says to ask about how much she likes her boyfriend, and if she seems hesistant to talk about him, the listener should appeal to her and tell her something like, "If I was in his shoes, I'd treasure you more," to make her realize how he feels about her, and to tell her that he's waiting for her. MAMI goes, "Ah, that's good," which makes a few of the members and staff laugh. RINA wonders if he should just confess his feelings, which HARU thinks could work too and TOMO thinks is the best course of action. RINA, the movie lover, goes, "Having a boyfriend who's not interested in movies, that's a little..." The band cracks up at her comment. MAMI says that since the listener says he's fine with being friends and is unsure what would happen if he confessed his feelings, he seems to want to leave it up to the right timing, but the band thinks that he should tell her how he feels. RINA says that it seems like they're both feeling half-hearted about it. TOMO says that it's sad when there's a relationship that's born out of convenience, and it's also a waste. HARU says that it's also not good to keep dragging things on. MAMI says that he should have her clearly spell things out, like whether or not this is how she usually treats her junior friends. HARU agrees, and that she should do it for the sake of the boyfriend too--and for the listener's sake too, adds TOMO. They tell him to ask her about these things and tell her how he feels. TOMO says that if he tells her, she'll probably feel moved, which the other agree with. They wish him luck.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who became a father at age 21 and lives at his wife's parents' house. He says that while living together has its merits, his mother-in-law is often in a bad mood for very short periods of time. In addition to raising a child for the first time, he often gets mentally affected by the stress of living with the parents. He asks SCANDAL to send him a yell of encouragement. The band goes, "You're working so hard!" RINA says that it's hard to take the plunge into marriage unless you're prepared. HARU wonders what it's like to live with your in-laws, and that having to share the use of the kitchen and bathroom in itself can be very difficult, such as deciding the order in which you use them, as well as how much you should clean around the house. RINA talks about how the four of them lived together under one roof at one time, and that they weren't all that careful around each other until they started living together. It felt like there were more hurdles to jump. TOMO mentions that it's hard to live with anyone, especially parents. MAMI wonders how long the listener's family has all been living together. She then references the character Masuo (the dad) from the anime Sasae-san and how when he goes drinking with his dad, the dad gets super drunk. She says that they could take cues from the show and that there could be opportunities for them to have fun together, such as drinking alcohol, watching TV programs or movies--basically, it'd be nice to find something that they can all enjoy as parents.

•RINA says that while they may live together, it's important to value your own time. She says that he and his wife should ensure that they have some time to themselves at home. She then also talks about Masuo from Sasae-san and how he likes art and likes to draw. She says he uses Sasae-san (his wife) as a reference model, which TOMO recognizes is from the most recent episode of the show. RINA then talks about how she watches Chibi Maruko-chan every day, and that she really likes anime series that depicts families like that. She thinks that it's important to find your own place in your family. HARU brings up the part about what the listener said about his MIL and her temper, and she thinks that he should just treat the MIL very kindly. He's probably thinking about how this-and-this will make her made so he basically can't do anything, but if he treats her kindly to an extent every day, she'll probably start opening up. TOMO mentions that the relationship you have with your family as a whole and the one you have with individual members can surprisingly be different, and that it's the same for the band too. She says that it's important to talk to every family member. MAMI wonders if the wife knows about this problem, which HARU thinks she does. MAMI says that it'd probably make the listener happy if the wife helped him out with this, and that she could ask her mom why she's doing that, then both of them could figure it out with the mom. RINA says that if he tells her that he's hurt by it, she might realize it and go, "I see!", which RINA considers to be a magic word; it signifies that the speaker was understood and the listener accepted it. The band wishes the listener luck, and that he's doing an admirable thing and that they respect him.

•The band then closes out the episode. They ask each other if they want to give out a pouch. They say they do, and they decide to give it to the last listener, who they jokingly call Masuo. TOMO goes, "We don't give these out that easily, though." They laugh and say how they're already giving the pouches away starting from the first episode they're offering it.

Going to a member's place

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN VWumVIF

Yesterday, after our usual
Wednesday schedule was done,
I went to HARUNA's place〜

I played with her dog Lady-chan too...
She's so friendly and adorable...♡
She remembered me despite not seeing her in a while☺

After that HARUNA drove us
To go out to eat〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2JIAjix

Spending time
Chatting with the members will never change◎

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Jjo9iIK

It was a nice night


2020/11/19 15:52











2020/11/19 15:52

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ICYMI, I had made English subs for all of SCANDAL's MCs during the livestream (*Audio only; no video clips):

And if you haven't picked up a copy of the DVD yet:

Blu-ray Regular Edition 

Blu-ray Limited Edition w/ CD + Photo Booklet

DVD Regular Edition

DVD Limited Edition w/ CD + Photo Booklet

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 0lvvRhn

SCANDAL LIVE Blu-ray&DVD『SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” Livestream』 debuted at #3 on the Oricon Daily Music DVD Ranking chart for November 17.


Haruna's Ears wrote:Did they fix the mistakes? I'd prefer they didn't but understand if they have.

Haven't gotten my copy yet, but others are saying that they fixed the intro for "A.M.D.K.J."  that MAMI fumbled on.

Delivery - 2020-11-17 (RINA) - Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:22 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN J068JKg

Our live DVD&Blu-ray
Comes out a day early today〜!

You guys will finally be able to get your hands on it
I'm getting so messages saying, "This arrived at my house this morning,"
Which makes me happy. Thank you!

This is such an important, beloved concert of ours.
I'm so glad we had this properly filmed.
Telling me your impressions of it
Would make me happyyyy

I hope you enjoy it...!


2020/11/17 16:09








2020/11/17 16:09

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The 25th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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#front-page #tinychannelbyrina
The program's novelty "Apollo pouch" item is finally complete!! The members are also very satisfied with the finished item!

Episode #37 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN YOZtN0E

HARUNA: Thanks for waiting... The Apollo pouch is finally complete!

All: Yayー!

TOMOMI: This is adorable.

RINA: It's seriously so cuteー

MAMI: They faithfully reproduced what we had talked about... It's shaped like a piece of Apollo and it's see-through!

TOMOMI: The quality's really good for it being a novelty item...

MAMI: It's a wonderful collaboration.

HARUNA: Yeah, the size is good too.

MAMI: Ah, oh yeah! You can slip it right into your bag., we're so excited that it's as if we were on an infomercial, but it really is a wonderful collaboration item.

TOMOMI: So, how would one be able to get this, again?

HARUNA: Yes, we'll give it to those who really make us go, "That message was so good!!"

All: Wow!!

TOMOMI: The bar's pretty high. You won't get us to say "That message was so good!!" that easily...

HARUNA: We'll decide when it comes time to, so we'll be waiting for your messages.

That's all for our important announcement.

This is what the Apollo pouch looks like⬇

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN THe8RJG

It has SCANDAL's logo on it⬇

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 1lbq6Br

HARUNA: Now then, today we'll be reading messages.
We've already gotten a message for the "Fine Line Organization" segment.

Kirara Kaidou
【Fine Line Organization】
Eating breakfast at 11:30 am and eating lunch at 11:30 am

MAMI: "Eating breakfast at 11:30 am and eating lunch at 11:30 am"...the fine line between those!?

TOMOMI: So the question is, is 11:30 am considered breakfast or lunch...I see.

MAMI: I personally would say it's lunch.

HARUNA: Even if you get up at 11?

MAMI: Yeah, I think you'd start with lunch. What do you guys think?

TOMOMI: You don't have another meal before maybe it's lunch.

RINA: I totally get that.

MAMI: Breakfast menus for cafes and fast food places run until 10:30 am, right?
So from 11 onwards it switches to lunch. That's why it might be considered lunch.

HARUNA: In the general sense of the world, that time would be considered lunch.

RINA: That's true.

HARUNA: But the first meal you have might be considered breakfast...

MAMI: Eh, no matter what time you wake up??

TOMOMI: The point is, what do you call the first meal of the day?

HARUNA: That's right.

TOMOMI: Breakfast?

HARUNA: Breakfast...yeaーh.

MAMI: So there's breakfast, lunch in the middle, and then you wait for nighttime... No, that means you have breakfast, and then it's already nighttime?

TOMOMI: That means you only eat in the morning and evening. Yeah, that's another way to think about it.

MAMI: I see.

All: (Silent for a while)

HARUNA: In short, it doesn't matter which one it is...

TOMOMI: If that's the case, then the Fine Line Organization will be breaking up.

MAMI: Well, it means that whether you consider it breakfast or lunch is up to you...

HARUNA: Yeah. That's it!

【MAKE A WISH DAISY PROJECT】 - Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:23 am

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN KpmTXIi
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2Jbs3Kq

Back in August, RINA revealed via a YouTube video that she and her friend Seina plan to start a crowdfunding project aimed at backing women/those living in a home environment who need support. Those who back this project will receive pajamas or a candle in return. She said in a recent blog post that the crowdfunding will tentatively start next month (December 2020).


SCANDAL RINA×Model Seina have teamed up for a project aimed at backing women or those living in a home environment who need support.

Sharing an interest in fashion and having similar family backgrounds, the two of us will produce original items and donate all of the proceeds after deducting material costs and fees to single-mother households / single-father households / households where grandparents are raising children / organizations that support people suffering from domestic violence.

We'd like to have fun communicating about our efforts to expand the circle of people who sympathize and cooperate with us, so please continue to support us.

RINA / Seina

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN SavPJOa

Being 15 years old when we started the band, I have lived nearly half of my life with my creative activities centered on music.

I grew up in a single-mother household, and living far away from her often made me think about how I wanted to support people living in a similar environment someday in my own way. Those feelings grew stronger year by year.

I wanted to create an original item that could be enjoyed regardless of gender and add color to the life of the person who picks it up, and connect that with aiding others. Along with Seina, who shares the same feelings as me, we decided to launch this project.

I would like to connect my feelings with those who empathize with this project and expand this warm circle while creating opportunities for interest.


RINA has uploaded four videos about the project so far:

The pajamas will be charcoal gray and look like this:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Jjyd3Oe
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN HZjmKad Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN CRnwGxM Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2YP2Xa3 Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZnHcSSX

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN VFf6JOk
Made some satin pajamas after thinking how nice it'd be to have some that would lift your spirits since we're now spending more time at home〜!

Any gender can wear this high-quality design🌼 It's adorable〜
Size S (145〜165cm/4'9"〜5'5") /Size M (165〜185cm/5'5"〜6'1")

The candles will come in "Floral Musk" and "Lemongrass" scents:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN YgfXcO5

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Pbek1p1
Floral Musk◀▶︎Lemongrass
We were able to make some candles that smell amazing!
I'm also looking forward to using them🕯 Let's all be healed by the same scents〜

A postcard will also come with the items:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN UwO8Zt8 Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 8sfcMwr
A cute message card that can be displayed as an interior decoration. This was made thinking that it'd be nice if it could remind you this project from time to time when you look at it🌼

The text on the postcard:
We have launched a project called MAKE A WISH DAISY PROJECT.

It is aimed at backing women or those living in a home environment who need support.

SCANDAL RINA×Model Seina teamed up to work on this project.

We share similar interests and family backgrounds.

We are finally getting to start something we've wanted to do for years now.

We'd like to have fun communicating about our efforts to expand the circle of people who sympathize and cooperate with us, so please continue to support us.

#front-page #daisyproject

Now that this project has an official Instagram, I figured it's time to make a separate thread about it!
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START - 2020-11-16 (RINA) - Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:36 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 0Ot9pKF

We've opened an Instagram account for,
Our project aimed at backing women or those living in a home environment who need support!

We'd like to have fun communicating
About our activities and related information
While being particular about
Our own world view.

Thank you for the many messages
I've been getting in my DMs and such since yesterday
About this project...!
I am also very much supported by your voices,
And your kind words made me so happy.

The crowdfunding for the project itself
Will tentatively start next month,
And by then I would like to convey the items and the feelings
We put into the project
In a way that you all can enjoy.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN BiG6ejK

I uploaded a new YouTube video〜!
I definitely want you guys to watch this one

Thanks for your support☺


2020/11/16 16:14




フォロワー2,100人、フォロー中2人、投稿3件 ― DAISY project / 支援プロジェクト(@makeawish_daisyproject)のInstagramの写真と動画をチェックしよう








2020/11/16 16:14

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TV taping day - 2020-11-12 (RINA) - Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:48 am

TV taping day

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN G6bzqVA

Today, we did a TV taping for the first time in forever〜
The four of us talked about all kinds of things.
We'll be able to let you know the details soon,
So look forward to that!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN ROoQnr0

The view from the dressing room was so pretty...
I always snap a photo every time I come to this room

I'm so happy about this! *cries*
Thank you so much to the SCANDAL MANIA members
Who recorded comments at the advance screening〜!
All of you guys were the best◎

Pre-order it on Blu-ray

Blu-ray Regular Edition 

Blu-ray Limited Edition w/ CD + Photo Booklet

Pre-order it on DVD

DVD Regular Edition

DVD Limited Edition w/ CD + Photo Booklet

It's finally out next week〜!


2020/11/12 19:35






SCANDAL MANIAのみんな本当ありがとう〜!


SCANDAL | SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream | ビクターエンタテインメント
ビクターエンタテインメント公式サイト。SCANDAL「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream」の作品情報をご覧いただけます。


SCANDAL | SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream | ビクターエンタテインメント
ビクターエンタテインメント公式サイト。SCANDAL「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream」の作品情報をご覧いただけます。



2020/11/12 19:35

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 36

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN LG771BT
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN XcmGlRP

•The episode starts out with this.

•The band continues talking about geniuses/eccentrics. RINA says that for musicians it can be a compliment for someone to say that they're odd since it could make them look cool. TOMO says that there are nothing but people (musicians) who think they're cool and that they're geniuses. MAMI says that there might be a paper-thin difference since musicians are in a position to express themselves, but there might be different boundary lines for people who work at regular companies. RINA agrees and says that there might be times when you're happy to be called an eccentric and times when you're not. MAMI says that whether or not someone is happy to be called weird depends on what kind of life they're living. RINA wonders if people overseas view SCANDAL like this. The band laughs and MAMI says she doesn't think so while HARU says she doesn't know. She also says that she doesn't think people strive to be either a genius or an eccentric. RINA agrees and says it's something out of one's control. HARU then says that it's all about talent, and says that it was difficult to give an answer to this question. TOMO says, "We don't have to give an answer, right?"

•After "A.M.D.K.J." plays, MAMI draws the next card which is "sugoi (awesome, crazy, to a great extent, etc.) and yabai (crazy, awesome, bad, dangerous, etc.)." The band goes, "Uwahh," and RINA says she really likes this theme. She also says that "yabai" basically fits any situation. MAMI agrees and says that it can be used in all kinds of ways, like "that yabai sports player" [Note: In this context, it could either mean the player is either really bad or really good]. HARU says that originally "yabai" most likely was used in a negative way. MAMI says that "sugoi" is a pretty normal and has a comparatively straight-forward meaning while "yabai" has a lot of different meanings. HARU thinks that "sugoi" probably originally was used as a more mild term. MAMI wonders what the origin of these words are and decides to look them up. She first looks up "sugoi," and says that the word in hiragana has a more mild meaning compared to when it's in its kanji, like it looks more stiff. This site kind of explains its supposed origin. They then move onto "yabai." HARU wonders when it first started being used. RINA says that when she was in elementary school the students were told to stop saying it when they would use it too much. MAMI then reads the origin of the word, which is explained here. TOMO says that the word "egui " has been a popular slang term recently. It originally had negative connotations, but now it's also used to describe when something's cool. HARU says that the band uses another word, "shindoi" (tough, painful) in the same way. MAMI says an example: "That's so cute it's painful." RINA mentions social media and that people use "bad" words in a good/positive way to convey passion through text. MAMI says that young people have an affect on how things are perceived.

•TOMO chooses the next card which is "kindness and meddling." She says it's pretty easy to understand the differences between the two, which RINA asks her in what way. TOMO says that both are for the other party, but kindness is doing something for the other person because you want them to be happy while meddling is when the other person wishes that you didn't do something. RINA says you can tell which it is by the end results. She also says that they both start with good feelings, but the end result may depend on what the other person thinks. MAMI says that if the other person tells you "I didn't really ask for this," then it's probably meddling. TOMO says that they both begin from the same place.

•The band then recaps on the themes they covered, and HARU says that they hope the listeners can join the Fine Line Organization and send in themes for them to discuss on the program.

Steadystate wrote:Iirc "tennen" was used to describe Tomo in at least "SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE" lyrics and this 2016 interview  (thanks TGE for subbing it)

Yes, I did both of those translations, but the thread I was referring to was something else completely. I think it was some interview thread in 2017-ish where people thought that "airhead" sounded like a negative way to describe TOMO, and I agreed. I started off the whole "airhead" thing because I wasn't aware of the nuances of the word in Japanese and chose a less accurate translation of it. I should have changed them in my other translations that mentioned that word but forgot to.

So, to reiterate what I said earlier, I think it'd be more accurate to translate the word as "goofball." It's more silly and less negative.
The 24th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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#front-page #tinychannelbyrina

Today... - 2020-11-10 (RINA) - Tue Nov 10, 2020 9:32 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN MVoXQWc

It's cold today too〜
It's now full-blown sweater weather
For all of the members☺☺☺☺
I'd like to stay in good health and get through
The rest of this year◎

Today, like usual,
We recorded two weeks' worth of Catch up episodes〜

Also, I personally really like
The new segment that we started this week way too much...haha
If you haven't listened to it,
I'd like for you to do so.
It's so much fun to talk about...!
This segment naturally pulls out
The things that the four of us usually talk about...

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN UiIgdxh

After we recorded,
I stayed behind and had a meeting
For DAISY PROJECT and did some work for it.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN DmxHGDt

It looks like during this month
I'll be able to let you guys know some new info [about the DAISY PROJECT] a little at a time.

While enjoying the project's original items
And the activity of it itself,
I'll do everything I can
So that it'll be supported for a long time

Look forward to it...!


2020/11/10 18:07





きょうは、Catch upを



#36 SCANDAL Catch up supported by 明治アポロ - SCANDAL Catch up supported by 明治アポロ
境界線協会設立!?違いがあいまいな2つの言葉の境界線を探れ! 【今回の聴きどころ】 ・違いがあいまいな2つの言葉の境界線について真剣に議論していきます。 ・時代によって変化していく言葉にメンバーたちは寛容?







2020/11/10 18:07

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Fine Line Organization established! Find the line between two ambiguous words!

Episode #36 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN WFXXnk5

HARUNA: Let's start with a message.

Otou-san ("otousan" = "dad")
Good evening, SCANDAL.
When do you feel that autumn's here?
I feel that it's autumn when I'm on the toilet seat. When I sit on the toilet seat and go, "So chilly!", it makes me go, "It sure is autumn〜," and turn on the toilet seat heating. I turned it on this year too. I then put on my favorite corduroy pants.

RINA: That's definitely dad-like...

MAMI: Corduroy is effective [against the cold]...

RINA: He has that dad vibe through and through...

MAMI: It's certainly autumn.

RINA: It is autumn.

HARUNA: Switching from summer to autumn... Here's one more message.

I always have fun listening to your program. Thank you very much.
Recently, I cheated on my girlfriend of two years and we broke things off as a result.
Also before that, I dated someone for about 2 1/2 years and we broke things off since I cheated on her too.
Me cheating was not my partner's fault; it's that I'm lacking something. I'd like for you to tell me the secret to staying in a happy relationship for a long time (cries).

RINA: Something should pop up after two years, right? Like some aspect that should be changed should just come up to the surface.

MAMI: It's great that think they have faults in themselves as well.

HARUNA: That's because it's not the first time it's happened; it's something they've already experienced.

MAMI: Something definitely should have popped out...

RINA: You should get your head on straight after two years.

HARUNA: The word "cheating" came up, but from where...
Well, there's something ambiguous about it, right? We get a lot of messages like this, so we've created a new segment.
"Catch up Borderline Organization"

RINA: I like that...

TOMOMI: Me too.

HARUNA: It sounds good.

MAMI: I think that's awesome.

TOMOMI:'s unusual.

(Staff: This is the first time we've been stung [by your guys' words]...)

HARUNA: I'm glad we cast a lot of them.
And so,

There's a fine line among all things that seems like it does not exist.
The line is different depending on the person and area.
Let's seriously consider this "fine line."
That will be the "Catch up Fine Line Organization."

There are several themes here written on these flipped-over cards.
You can open whatever card you want and talk about its fine line.

RINA: (*Drawing a card) "Geniuses and eccentrics."

All: Wowー

RINA: There's certainly a paper-thin difference. Both lead solitary lives. Which one is misunderstood by others... That's the question, isn't it?

HARUNA: For geniuses...

RINA: Geniuses are so advanced that they understand so many things, and there are a lot of things they don't see eye to eye with the people around them.

TOMOMI: It's said that [Thomas] Edison was odd when he was a child, but it's because he was genius.

MAMI: It's difficult to say; they're two peas in a pod. Geniuses are eccentrics, eccentrics are geniuses. When you talk to someone who's said to be a genius, you'll find that they're quite the eccentric person.

HARUNA: I feel like you can tell the difference between a genius and a bright person. Like, is it inherited or acquired? Do geniuses have the potential from the start?

TOMOMI: I think they have the potential.

HARUNA: Eccentrics also have potential.

RINA: "Genius" has a better ring to it. The reason why they can't convey what they want to do is because they're too advanced, which is a positive thing. But those around them can't understand them as they're too far ahead. Eccentrics focus on themselves.

MAMI: This is difficult...

RINA: What do you think, TOMO?

TOMOMI: Hm, I don't know... I look up to both.

Sunday - 2020-11-08 (RINA) - Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:52 am


We had a day off today〜
When you have a Sunday off,
It feels like you're's matching the rhythm of the city, which makes me happy

As of last night,
I've been enjoying a movie marathon at home☺
I watched MOTHER on Netflix, which was crazy...

I also uploaded a new video to YouTube,
So watch it when you'd like〜

I included a lot of things we don't really get a chance to show,
Like dressing room discussions
And behind the scenes of shoots〜☺
Best regards

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN G87Fagt

Also, our collab items with Ground Y
Have been selling out one after another.
Thank you!
TOMOMI's Model is out next week〜!


2020/11/8 17:41



家で映画三昧 たのしんでます☺



Ground Yとのコラボアイテムも

Ground Y(グラウンドワイ)|【公式通販】THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO

GroundY(グラウンドワイ)|ヨウジヤマモト社のフィルターを通し、ファッションの新たな可能性を提案するブランド「Ground Y(グラウンド ワイ)」。コンセプトにシンクロする多面的な要素をとりいれながらジェンダーレス、エイジレスなスタイルで新しい世界観を提案します。


2020/11/8 17:41

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About our concert - 2020-11-07 (RINA) - Sat Nov 07, 2020 7:33 am

About our concert

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN WDk55uJ

For our solo concert with a live audience

with NAKED at Toyosu PIT,
The ticketing presale for SCANDAL MANIA has started.

Thank you to the many who have already applied!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 39aofLK

This will be our first solo concert this year
With an audience,
And just as much as the uncertainty we have
About how we're going to play concerts from this point forward,
It feels that there are many people
Who are thinking, "I want to go to this!"

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN DKnFrT1

But things are still very much uncertain,
And I'm sure there are also many people who'd like to go but are hesistant.
We are taking every measure we can,
Including how we're playing concerts,
But some people are still feeling a bit down about things.
Don't overwork yourselves, okay!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2hNJCWL

We will accordingly
Continue to think of and create ways
To express ourselves at any given time
While having everyone enjoy themselves,
So work through your feelings and environment
And please decide to come out to our concert!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN QmEiPFO

But since our solo concert on 12/24
Will be a day where you'll experience something you've never seen before,
Please do look forward to it☺
We'll be preparing a special concert.

The ticketing presale
Goes until 11/13 (Fri) 23:59 JST.

Ah, also...
We've made a mask and original pass
That will be included as a bonus with the purchase of a ticket〜!
The passes have a serial number on them.
The members have numbers 1〜4,
And after that is our team of staff.
Following that will be you guys.
Let's all become one and make this a great night☺

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN ArTRzJ8


2020/11/7 16:09




with NAKED at 豊洲PIT
SCANDAL MANIA先行がスタートしました。










11/13(金) 23:59 までです。





2020/11/7 16:09

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