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New Album - 「MIRROR」 - Tue Dec 07, 2021 7:54 pm

SCANDAL's 10th album MIRROR is done!

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SCANDAL:㊗As of right now, our 10th album "MIRROR" has been completed!! 🎊
It's a precious release full of passion from the band members and the staff!
Look forward to it!!」

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RINA:「Our 10th album is completeeee😭Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN IsEgtzy
The moment we exited the studio, the her team gave us this surprise cake😭Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN IsEgtzy
I'm so happy and it's so delicious 😭Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN IsEgtzy
It truly turned into an amazing album...」

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TOMOMI:「Our album is compete!!!!
They gave us cake the moment we exited the studioTopics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Fov0NTW Thank youTopics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Fov0NTW

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HARUNA:「Mastering's done too, so our album is complete🎉

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New Album - 「MIRROR」 - Mon Dec 06, 2021 10:02 am

Group promo photo for MIRROR:

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And here is what the A4 file will look like (you will receive it if you preorder any of the Limited Editions by December 19th; more details here):

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The sixth "I see - The Catch up"! Why did so many people from India move to the Nishikasai area of Tokyo!?

Episode #92 blog

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HARUNA: This week we'll be bringing you the first "I see - The Catch up" in half a year!

TOMOMI: I love this segment.

HARUNA: It's the sixth one.

TOMOMI: We've done that many?

HARUNA: Delivering world news and national news in the form of a quiz! It's a segment that's fitting for SCANDAL, who has fans around the world. Based on messages from overseas fans, staff members come up with quizzes related to the country of the people who send them, and then give questions to the members.
So far...
We have delivered quizzes based on messages from Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, USA, Australia, Philippines, and Taiwan.

MAMI: We've done that many?

HARUNA: We have.
Now then, which countries will these come from?
Let's get to the messages.


I am an Indian living in Mumbai. My Japanese is self-taught, so I apologize if there are any mistakes.

I've been listening to SCANDAL songs for over 11 years. The first one I listened to was "Shunkan Sentimental." Also, I listened to "Pride" and understood how awesome the band is. I then listened to all of your albums and watched a bunch of videos on YouTube, becoming a big fan.

The lines, the melody, and MAMI's strong vocals in "Koe" brought warmth to my heart. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful song.

I haven't been able to see SCANDAL live yet, but I will when the pandemic is over.

Oh, I also have a silly story. Since my name is Ankur, I was really surprised when I heard HARUNA say "Thanks for the encore [ankooru]" during a concert. I thought, "Huh? Is she saying my name?" From here on out too, I'll pretend that's what's being said lol

"Catch up" is a very fun program. I love hearing about all sorts of topics. I'm grateful to both the staff and the band members. Please be careful and do your best. I'll always support you guys.

P.S.: My favorite bands before SCANDAL were Linkin Park and L'Arc-en-ciel.

RINA: That makes me happy to hear.

TOMOMI: I'm happy that our music reaches all the way to India.

HARUNA: That's awesome.

TOMOMI: I'd love to go.

MAMI: Same.

HARUNA: Self-studying Japanese? That's awesome.

MAMI: That was very good.

HARUNA: It's also awesome that we understood it.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: Now here's a question about India!

Many Indians live around Nishikasai Station in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, so much so that it's called Little India. It seems that that number has increased sharply since 2000. What happened in 2000?

TOMOMI: What??

RINA: Did something happen in 2000...?

MAMI: Many Indians came to Japan...

RINA: ...a curry craze?


What is the correct answer?
Think about it together with us!

Pretty sure this message is from yet another SH user! MAMI wink
【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 91

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•The episode starts with this.

•HARU suddenly goes, "Oh, Manhole Cards !" - it's likely that the band is given these cards to look at. MAMI says that these aren't what she was expecting them to be like. HARU says they really are like trading cards. She mentions that one of them has Godzilla on it, which is from the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. TOMO says that seeing these makes her want to collect them. The others agree. They read the numbers on the front of the cards that seem to act as the card's HP (HARU: "It really is like Pokemon"). They say that these cards are really interesting.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is a barber and had previously asked them to say "Hey! Barber." The listener says he will tell them what he knows about punch perms. He lists a lot of the things that MAMI had already covered and also says that he himself has never given a punch perm to a customer before, but it is a very valuable technique that seems to be dying due to not many barbers knowing how to do it these days, so he encourages the band to try out punch perms for themselves. RINA says that this message was sent before the band did their presentations, which is why there is overlap in the info said, but obviously what MAMI presented was all true. MAMI says that she would like to try it out one day, though it seems like it would be a painful experience. RINA says that it does seem like it would damage your hair to an extent.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who basically praises their 15th anniversary concert. The band thanks them and mentions that it's now out on Blu-ray/DVD. RINA reads the next message from a listener who talks about how her little sister's message was read in episode 86, and how they both love SCANDAL. She also talks about how she discovered them. TOMO says that both sisters' messages have now been read on the program.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they live in the countryside, and when they listened to the "MAMImume, uninhabited islands" episode, it made them go, "Oh, that's right; my family owns a mountain." The band is surprised by this, of course. The listener says that it's not being used right now for anything, though. They had also asked their dad how much he thinks it would sell for; he replied that he thinks it could go for 6 million yen ($53,000 USD). They say that mountains for sale in the countryside are probably easier to find than uninhabited islands. They also ask TOMO, who loves to go camping, if she'd be interested in this privately-owned mountain that could be used for camping. TOMO goes, "That sounds lovely, but what prefecture is it located in?" The others also wonder. MAMI mentions that they said something about "Biwa," which could refer to Biwa Lake in Shiga Prefecture (500 km/300 mi away from Tokyo). TOMO says that that would be hard to get to for her and declines the offer.

•They then close out the episode. They talk about the year-end project (details here).

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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TOMOMI is shocked by the reality of manholes: "We had such high hopes..." *A year-end project has also been announced!

Episode #91 blog

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HARUNA: We finally can announce that we're releasing a new album!

All: (*Big applause)

HARUNA: Our album titled MIRROR will be out on January 26th! the summer we said during a concert MC that we had about 3 songs left to write. We somehow made it in time and plan to finish recording by the end of the year.

TOMOMI: So glad! We haven't recorded them yet as of this episode's taping, though... We haven't shot the promo photos, either.

HARUNA: We'll do our best so that we're able to get them out to everyone on 1/26.
Now then, we'll reading a bunch of messages this week...
There are quite a few reactions to "ONE MORE TIME...STUDY!" There's one about manholes.


HARUNA: I'll read one.


Good evening, SCANDAL. I'm sending this message because you're covering the topic of manholes on "ONE MORE TIME...STUDY!"

My previous job was related to sewerage and I would go inside manholes to inspect and clean them.

Basically, when you open a manhole cover, there is only a hole with the same size as the manhole, and there are a number of handles (steps) to descend the wall. Sewage flows at the bottom like a waterslide.

It's often depicted in anime where someone goes down a manhole to escape, but there's almost no space that wide that people can run through lol

Also, since manhole covers typically have locks on them, you won't even be able to open it unless you have a special key that'll unlock it lol

Furthermore, the inside of a manhole may have small amounts of oxygen or is filled with toxic gas from the sewage, so you might die instantly if you try to run away lol

Of course, you typically first measure the oxygen and gas concentration inside before entering!

RINA: It's awesome when a pro explains stuff. You really understand it.

TOMOMI: I thought that there was something grand that was sprawling under the manholes...

RINA: It's like that in movies and anime.

TOMOMI: I thought the [sewers] spread out all over the city.

MAMI: I had the impression that they were subway-like tunnels that people could just walk through.

TOMOMI: ...then, where do you find things like that?

RINA: They're movie sets.

TOMOMI: Sets??

RINA: Yeah, sets.

MAMI: You're rather sure about that.

RINA: Those [kinds of places] are staged and not real.

TOMOMI: We had such high hopes...

HARUNA: Even though your dreams were broadening, inside of manholes...
Aren't they like that overseas?

RINA: That seems likely, and that aliens seem likely to come out of them.

TOMOMI: It does.

RINA: Are they there, I wonder...

HARUNA: The cover's locked in the first place, so it won't open.

RINA: That's true.

We're still waiting for any additional info on manholes, punch perms, kokeshi dolls, and ladybugs!

Also! We'd like to announce that we're looking for all sorts of messages to be sent in!

①「A debriefing session on what happened this year」

A lot of things happened in 2021.
Let's report what was good this year, and what was a little disappointing!
Friday, December 10th is the entry deadline.

⇨An assortment of sweets will be given out, so please apply!

②「SCANDAL Catch up Power Word Awards」!

Phrases that the band mentioned that stuck with you,
Things that stuck with you, things that made you laugh, things that were interesting, things that were touching,
Quotes, rare remarks, comments, reactions... Please tell us about those kinds of "power words"!
Replay the older episodes and select your applicable words!
Those who send messages in may get a program sticker or Apollo pick, perhaps?

We'll be waiting for your messages!

New Album - 「MIRROR」 - Wed Dec 01, 2021 10:02 am

Here are the details for the different editions of MIRROR:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN SB4tzze

Limited Edition A (DVD Edition):
Includes 「SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY "her" Diary 2021 SPECIAL EDITION」, an approximately 50-minute long video that features unreleased footage from the 「“her” Diary 2021 on YouTube」 documentary series posted to YouTube every month, as well as a new interview of the band members looking back on 2021, their 15th-anniversary year. A valuable video full of highlights.

Limited Edition B (Magazine Edition):
Includes 「“her” Magazine Vol.3」.

DVD+Merch Edition :
Includes a DVD with 7 music videos (Living in the city, SPICE, Tsuki, eternal, Ivory, one more time + one more video), as well a long-sleeve t-shirt (size L).

The album cover T-shirt, which has been popular with past singles and albums, is now available as a long-sleeve shirt that is perfect for this season!

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HARUNA & MAMI experience Sony's wireless headphones - An item that bring artists and listeners one step closer

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SCANDAL held a solo concert at Osaka-Jo Hall on the day of their 15th anniversary this past August. These ladies who have taken on challenges of writing music of all genres have interest in the global-hit genre K-Pop. Music Natalie has asked HARUNA and MAMI from SCANDAL to try out Sony's WF-1000XM4 wireless headphones and interviewed them to see what the think about the headphones.

[*Mod note: I have tried to make this interview as non-ad-like as possible and cut out parts that sounded too PR-ish.

Also, these are technically earbuds, but Sony officially refers to them as "headphones" and so I went with that.]

Having more ways to get into something

──You two are wearing outfits today that incorporate your apparel brand FEEDBACK that the band produces. How did you start this brand?

HARUNA: At first it was an extension of our merch. Because we like fashion, we started thinking that it would be great if our fans could come to our concerts wearing even cooler clothing.

MAMI: We thought it'd be nice if there was another way that people could discover SCANDAL aside from our music or music videos, and that an apparel brand could be that way. We've recently been  wanting people to enjoy our works in different ways, such as releasing CDs with t-shirts or merch.

HARUNA: It's become pretty common as of lately for music to be released with merch. It's also good to buy a CD because you're drawn to its merch, just like you'd be drawn to buying a CD based on its cover. In the past, we had a complex about people prioritizing our apperances and not learning about our music. Now, however, we're trying out different methods because we want people to know about us and listen to our music—the "how" doesn't matter. FEEDBACK is part of that.

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──Your stage outfits are always on point, and the fashion you have on in your music videos are also always wonderful. I'm sure you guys have a stylist, but do you come up with your own ideas as well?

HARUNA: Yes. We always convey the idea or theme of our work to our stylist who then selects outfits for us. Our stylist Kyohei Ogawa has been with us for many years, so recently we've gotten to be pretty brief [with what we tell him].

MAMI: We just tell him the tone and vibe we want and leave it to his intuition. He'll suggest outfits that make you go, "What? How do you even wear this?" if you view it on its own. But when you put it together with other pieces, it'll then make you go, "This is it!" because it's so perfect. We're always excited before each shoot to see what outfits we'll be wearing.

──What are you particular about when it comes to your personal fashion?

MAMI: In the past I used to like clothes that were vividly colored, but recently I've been going for mainly monotone clothes. Ones that are easy to mix and match, and easy to wear anywhere... I might be playing it a little safe (laughs).

HARUNA: Doesn't it mean that you've grown up? (laughs)

MAMI: That may be so. Also, I've been obsessed with making beaded accessories recently—wearing accessories that I've made might now be one of [those particularities]. I add pops of color with beaded mask chains and bracelets to my monotone clothing.

HARUNA: I like wearing hoodies and comfy clothes, but recently I've started to wear tighter clothes that hug my figure. One thing I'm particular about is my shoes. Since I'm not that tall, I add volume to my feet to keep an overall balance.

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Like you're at the movies alone and have the music and screen all to yourself

──What was it like using the headphones?

HARUNA: The noise-canceling function is amazing!

MAMI: It is! Neither of us have ever used headphones with a noise-canceling function before, so this was our first time doing so. It felt comfy, like I was in my own little world. I was immersed in the gorgeous feeling of it feeling like I was at the movies alone and had the music and screen all to myself.

──Are there any songs you've made new discoveries with by listening to them with these headphones?

MAMI: I was listening to The Chemical Brothers's song "Go " on the bullet train while on tour and got hyped up all by myself in my own little world (laughs). I was using the noise-canceling function, so I was embarrassed when I realized that I was bopping along hard when we got off the train (laughs). Music with pleasant beats felt even more pleasant with these headphones. I could feel the vibrations, which made me feel like I was in a live music club.

──We asked you two to create a playlist of five songs each that you've often been listening to recently. HARUNA, are there any songs that surprised you?

HARUNA: I tried out a bunch of K-Pop songs with not a lot of different sounds in them. NCT 127's song "Sticker " was particularly great. You can hear each and every sound in a grainy matter, but it feels like all of the sounds can be heard evenly... Like, you can hear every sound used if you concentrate.

MAMI: Right, right. Some devices make high tones strong and some make low tones weak, but these headphones seem to raise the level of all sounds. You notice all kinds of things that come from listening to songs properly. Like, you discover things that make you go, "Oh, I didn't know this sound was in here!" or, "It used to sound like this for me, but by listening to it closely I can tell it's this kind of melody!"

HARUNA: "Sticker" starts with the sound of a flute, but the high sound of the flute is quite strong. However, when I listened to it with these headphones, they made the flute sound extremely smooth and pleasant. It was pleasant on the ears and felt balanced overall.

──BTS's song "Blue & Grey " that HARUNA chose has an impressive acoustic sound to it. You can even hear the subtle breathing of the seven members.

HARUNA: "Blue & Grey" was so awesome to listen to. Though I was impressed when I had listened to it previously with different headphones, these Sony ones make me feel as if I'm even closer to their voices. I was very impressed that it felt like they were singing directly into my brain rather than my ears. I thought it was amazing to be able to enjoy all sorts of songs in high quality. Like previously mentioned, all sounds in a peaceful song like "Blue & Grey" sound even, and you can even hear the singers' breathing. Everything sounds clear. There's no loss in the things that you want to hear.

MAMI: Speaking of discovering new sounds in a song, I was surprised when I listened to ATEEZ's song "WONDERLAND " with these headphones. It's a song that I've been listening a lot to lately, and I had been wondering why there was so much sound pressure despite the song not having many different sounds in it. When I listened to it with these headphones, I somehow understood the reason. There were a lot of parts that made me go, "It sounds like this because this sound is included here," and it clarified things that I had been wondering about. I'll be using it as a reference for writing songs.

Using headphones to get motivated to create

──You played a joint concert with indigo la End, whom you both selected for your playlists.

MAMI: That's right. "Musubizama " (Tied) is the theme song for the drama Boku wa Mada Kimi wo Aisanai Koto ga Dekiru (I Don't Love You Yet) that I really like, so it's something that I've listened to a lot. I thought it'd be nice if they would play it at our joint-band concert, but they didn't play it. Now, I feel disappointed when I listen to it (laughs). The headphones make the song's soft atmosphere even more smooth and sweet.

──HARUNA, you chose the recently released "Love feat. pH-1 ." This song features South Korean rapper pH-1 and is still very indigo la End-ish while also sounding fresh.

HARUNA: This song is really cool. I personally thought that many songs featuring rappers had rapping in the second chorus, but this song has a mix of vocals and rap from the start. I thought it was really amazing that Enon (Kawatani) was able to do it naturally, and I also thought that listening to it in high-def would be a great listening experience.

──You also listened to a song from popular girl group aespa. What was it like listening to their hit song "Next Level " with these headphones?

HARUNA: I wanted to see why "Next Level" is so popular. This song switches to a completely different tone in the middle, which makes the buildup interesting. I had the impression that "Next Level" had a hard sound to it, but listening to it with these headphones I found it to be a relatively simple work, sound-wise. A synth bass is playing the entire time with a few beats here and there. The buildup is unusual with fairly simple sounds, and the vocals sound quite striking.

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──MAMI, you chose TOMORROW X TOGETHER's "0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori ." It's a hybrid pop-rock song that renovated TOMORROW X TOGETHER's strong "pop" image. How did you feel listening to it?

MAMI: They didn't look the type to be singing hard songs or performances, so I was shocked when I first heard this. I thought that songs like this fit them perfectly. When I listened to the music, it made me think that it sounded very band-like and that it'd be super cool if a band cover this song. I simply just want to have a band cover this song. We as SCANDAL have a limit as to what we can do because we're only four people, but as I listened to this song, it made me wonder what would happen if we made a song like "0X1=LOVESONG" using our four members' sounds.

──Did you discover anything from listening to music on these headphones?

MAMI: I realized that chorus work is super important. I can understand the reason why it suddenly rises and suddenly drops. It made me think that stuff like that is important. I often listen to K-Pop these days, and the more I listen to it, the deeper and more interesting I find it. Listening to K-Pop on these headphones is a bit dangerous because it motivates me to try and reproduce the things I hear (laughs).

──You also selected the Couch song "Still Feeling You ," which also has a nice raw sound to it.

MAMI: This song's had a big influence on our recent music production, and it was perfect for the mode SCANDAL is currently in where we want to incorporate sounds that are usually played in sequence by a band. I also used this singing style and the band's vibe as a big reference.

──Also, HARUNA chose the new ENHYPEN song "Go Big or Go Home " that was released the other day.

HARUNA: This song has a strong beat and has a gradually increasing pre-chorus that makes you think that it's going to get even more exciting during the chorus. However, the amount of sounds during the chorus is reduced considerably and the vocals are highlighted—that was all very fresh. There are a lot of parts that made me think that we as SCANDAL would be scared of doing, and made me wonder if this kind of thing is a big thing in K-Pop right now. The climax in the middle of the chorus is really nice to listen to with these headphones. The feeling of the beat suddenly dropping was awesome.

Artists and listeners get one step closer

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN VwMwWqZ

──As a musician, what do you think is the appeal of having people enjoy music in high-definition?

HARUNA: We add in little things we're particular about that people might not hear, and I would be very happy as a musician if people could notice those things.

MAMI: With the world being what it is right now, there are still situations when you want to go to a live music club but can't, when we want to play a concert but can't. Only after you've managed to follow all these rules can you play a concert. In these times, if you listen to music with these headphones, you'll feel as if you're at a concert in person. That's why I think this is an item that bring artists and listeners one step closer.

Great for anything

──Are there any SCANDAL songs that you'd like people to listen to with these headphones to see if they might hear sounds they haven't before?

HARUNA: I'm sure they'll notice that there are all sorts of sounds on "Saishuuheiki, Kimi."

MAMI: Since this song was made with a music sequencer, there are quite a lot of sounds in addition to the sounds we're playing. I think we'll even discover things if we listen to it again with these headphones (laughs).

HARUNA: That's likely (laughs).

──It seems that you can hear the raw acoustic guitar sound in "Ivory."

MAMI: It's a good way to listen to simple songs, and you might also enjoy raw sounds. SCANDAL has songs that span across many genres because we make them based on what we like at the time. So, every time we were asked what kind of music we play, we couldn't really give a straight answer... There were times when we wondered if being like that wasn't good, but as we talked to the different artists we played with on our joint-band tour in October, it made it seem like that way of making music wasn't the wrong thing to do. I'm sure there are people who want to write all kinds of songs but are unable to do so well. We're fine the way we are. We don't need to create a genre called SCANDAL.

HARUNA: Rather, we've come to view being able to write various kinds of songs as one of our strengths.

──Who would you like to recommend these headphones to?

HARUNA: I especially recommend them to anyone who wants to write their own music. Now that we're in an era where it's easy to create and publish songs on our smartphones, understanding the composition of sounds gives you a hint for making the songs you want to make.

──On the contrary, would you recommend them to casual users, such as those who listen to music on YouTube?

MAMI: I think anyone will be satisfied with these. They're great for anything.

HARUNA: Yeah. I recommend them to anyone who listens to music.

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About the album - 2021-11-30 (RINA) - Tue Nov 30, 2021 11:24 am

About the album

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 1gQY2Ty

Are you guys doing well〜?

We've been going ahead
With all kinds of things related to our upcoming album〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZKsjMqk

It's fun when it feels like you're making progress every day◎
Our production speed is, as always,
Quite thrilling,
And it looks like we'll just about make it on time, yep haha
(Watch the encore MC of our 15th anniversary concert☺︎)

Our next album will be releasing on 2022.01.26!
It's called 【MIRROR】
And it'll be our 10th full-length album! That's crazy!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN I1pk0O5

As for concerts,
We'll be going on a world tour starting in the spring...!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN XNpl4TU

We'll be going around to halls in Japan
Stay healthy and we'll see you then〜!
Let's play things by ear and follow the rules next year as well, and enjoy concerts together^^

We've shared our upcoming schedule with everyone◎

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN A67wr9K

A lot of things are coming your way as early as tomorrow...
So excited

Preorders for the album have opened up,
So place your order whenever you'd like〜!

We're shooting a music video today.
November passed by in no time at all.
Thanks again this month〜! Good work〜!


2021/11/30 19:38





次のアルバムは、2022.01.26 リリース!






SCANDAL 10th Album「MIRROR」2022年1月26日発売



2021/11/30 19:38

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The 11th video of documentary series  「“her” Diary 2021 on YouTube」 on SCANDAL's official YouTube channel is now live.

This month's video features a look into the production meeting for new album MIRROR!

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 90

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN PxaMUNT
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•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO says that there are four types of kokeshi that originated in Miyagi Prefecture. The first type she talks about is Naruko . She says this is probably the most popular type of traditional kokeshi and that you can move its neck around and it makes a sound when you do so. One of their distinguishing features is that they often have chrysanthemum patterns on them. The second type of kokeshi she talks about is Togatta . Children would wrap cloth around it as a dress-up doll. What's characteristic about these are that they are very thin and can be easily knocked over. The third type she talks about is Yajiro . They look fashionable, with a pattern on their head that looks like a beret and kimono patterns on their body. She says that this is the one that many people choose as their first kokeshi doll, which surprises the others. Their popularity is due to them being stylish and nice-looking. The fourth type she talks about is Sakunami . The others say they've never heard of this type before. TOMO says that kids used to play with them, which is why they're thin in shape and easy to hold.

•Next, TOMO talks about the fifth type, Tsuchiyu , which is from Fukushima Prefecture. They often come in a striped pattern and have double eyelids. TOMO says that unlike other typical kokeshi where most dolls are girls/women, these can be "takobouzu" (men with bald/shaven heads). The sixth type she talks about is Hijiori from Yamagata Prefecture. These have heads like Naruko but bodies like Togatta. The heads are hollow and so beans can be put in it to make it sound like maracas. The seventh type she talks about is Zao Takayu from Yamagata. These have huge heads (MAMI: "They're cute!"). She then talks about the eighth type, Yamagata , which is essentially the same as the Sakunami one. She explains the origin of the name [which can be found by clicking on that previous link]. The ninth type she talks about is Kijiyama from Akita Prefecture. MAMI says that this type doesn't look like the usual kokeshi dolls. TOMO says that these usually wear kimono and have lonely-looking expressions on their faces. Right before she talks about the 10th one, Nambu , the others seem to look at photos of them and go, "Oh!", which makes TOMO laugh. HARU says that they look like the kendama toy. TOMO says that they started off as 'teething' dolls, and that they are usually plain with no patterns on them. The final and 11th type she talks about is Tsugaru from Aomori Prefecture. These often have Daruma doll patterns on them. MAMI says they have very kind-looking expressions.

•TOMO then talks about "sosaku [creative] kokeshi " and that they started to be made in Gunma Prefecture and Kyoto after WWII. They became very popular in Europe in the early 2000s with an upwards of 10,000 exported there per month, which surprises the others. She says the most popular maker of sosaku kokeshi is Usaburo Kokeshi, and that they now produce kokeshi of popular characters from series like Star Wars . TOMO shows the others the different character dolls . They all go, "Eh??! They're so adorable!" and look through the lineup for a bit. TOMO explains how detailed they are and MAMI says she's not surprised they're so popular overseas.

•TOMO says that something called "kokesu" sprung forth from kokeshi and asks them what they think it is. She says that it originated from high school students in Aomori Prefecture. MAMI asks for a hint. TOMO says it's a game. MAMI guesses that it's a game that uses kokeshi as pieces. TOMO says that's close, and that it's chess [it's likely a pun: chess = チェス "chesu" in Japanese, so "kokesu] where every piece is a kokeshi doll, which surprises the others. TOMO says that these were made as a disaster-relief item, and that when the king piece falls over, an LED light will shine from it. She says that in researching kokeshi, she fell quite a bit in love with it all, and that the Hijiori ones with the hollow heads appealed to her the most because you can turn them into maracas. She ends it with saying that the more you look into it, the more you'll discover how charming they are, so she implores everyone to research kokeshi for themselves. The others clap for her and say it was interesting. HARU says it was a wonderful presentation.

•Lastly, RINA presents her topic: ladybugs. She first asks the others how many types of ladybugs exist in Japan. MAMI guesses 50, TOMO guesses 7, and HARU guesses around 50 as well. RINA says that there are about 180 types in Japan alone, which highly surprises the others (MAMI: "That's too many!"). There are differences in colors, sizes, patterns, etc., but they're typically divided into three types based on what they eat: bugs, moss, or plants. She then talks about the meaning behind the Japanese word for ladybug, which is "tentoumushi " (てんとう虫) and has to do with how they climb upwards towards the sun/heavens, and then talks about the English name for them and that "lady" comes from the Virgin Mary. She mentions that they're said to bring happiness and luck, especially in love--if you see one, it could mean that you're likely soon to get married.

•RINA says could basically only find good things that were said about ladybugs and wished that there were more interesting/stimulating things that are said about them, which the others laugh at. She says that she did find a few things and that she'll talk about the scariest one she found that was an actual incident that was reported in August 2012 . A British woman named Danielle Eccles, who had previously always been in good health, suddenly started having problems with her right ear starting from three years prior (2009). She went to different hospitals and doctors who kept telling her that nothing was wrong. She went to the doctor's about six times in total and was prescribed painkillers, though they didn't help with her condition at all. Her ears started to hurt so much that she couldn't bear it--she couldn't even go to work. When she was transported to a different hospital and they put in about three times the usual amount of eardrops, a ladybug's head fell out of her ear. HARU and TOMO say that as they listened to the story they thought that would be the case but kept wishing that it wasn't. MAMI wonders why no one noticed the ladybug. RINA says that the woman said that when the ladybug's head fell out, it was then that she remembered that she thought something had crawled into her ear wayback when. They all laugh and go, "Well, of course!" RINA says that the rest of the ladybug's body was removed within five minutes and the woman's hearing was restored. The others say they're glad to hear that.

•With that, RINA's presentation concludes and they all clap for her. HARU wonders how many types of ladybugs there are in the world. They say they come in all kinds of colors and not just red--there are also ones that are, for example, yellow. RINA brings up that "lucky/happy" aspect to them again and says that that superstition must be pretty old since getting married was apparently the #1 most happy thing that people thought could happen to someone. HARU says that the only thing she can think of when she thinks of ladybugs is the mascot of Philippine fast food chain Jollibee . The others say that that's not a ladybug but a bee. HARU is surprised and goes, "That's a bee??" RINA say that she does kind of get what she means because it does resemble a ladybug more than it does a bee. HARU goes, "Isn't it a ladybug??" RINA laughs and MAMI goes, "Eh?? It's a bee!" RINA says that it does look like if a bee and a ladybug got married to each other, and that if you had to say which insect its face more closely resembles, it would have to be a ladybug. They say that the food is really good. MAMI says that when they were in Philippines and she mentioned they ate Jollibee, it was like 500,000 people were cheering for that. RINA says that talking about Jollibee made the crowd more excited than any song they performed. HARU says that it isn't a ladybug after all.

•They then close out the episode. They say that there was a lot of content among all of the presentations and that everything was super interesting. HARU says it's nice to learn about things that never really knew about before. A staffer says that they've already received messages regarding their topics from pros such as barbers, which surprises the band. They say they'll read those messages starting from next week's episode and that they're grateful all these pros sent in messages. They also say that this was fun and that they'd love to do this kind of project again.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Movie Natalie - "Another Nightmare Tonight": Night 3

Selector: RINA from SCANDAL - The Visit

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Everything that the video camera captures becomes a piece of horror

"Koyoi mo Akumu (Yume) wo" (Another Nightmare Tonight) is a relay-style serialization series that asks celebrities who love horror and zombie movies to introduce their recommended flicks. The guides invite readers to horror worlds studded with gruesome horror, creeping thrills, and numbing stimuli.

In the third installment, RINA from SCANDAL recommends The Visit directed by M. Night Shyamalan, known for movies such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. RINA, who likes things that are tangibly thrilling, has written about the appeal of this story of a visit where Shyamalan's specialty shines, citing scenes that left an impression on her.

A space of happiness slowly turns into exactly the opposite

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Fun times feel like they're happening in fast-forward. Heading to places you've never been to, spending time with people you've wanted to meet, and a number of unusual circumstances—all of these will ignite your spirit. The ice is broken little by little as if filling in the time you had been unable to see each other. Also, you accept the differences in the rhythms of your lifestyles and the rules of your place of stay without any doubt. Those are nice features about humans.

This movie takes place in a house in the forest, owned by the parents of a single mother who ran away from home when she was young. Curious about meeting their grandparents for the first time, a pair of siblings—an older sister and younger brother—go on a week-long trip alone, bringing a video camera with them.

Scary stories that happen in places that should be peaceful truly are electrifying...haha. I don't like ghosts nor scary things that can't be seen, which is why I like things that are tangibly thrilling. Scary movies with an actual plot are so much fun. There are tons of movies directed by Shyamalan that fit that perfectly, such as The Sixth Sense, Split, Unbreakable, The Happening, etc... The moment a convincing plot device is unraveled, you feel a nice chill and pleasant horror gradually creep up on you.

A week that should fly by in the blink of an eye gradually changes speed. You get scared with each passing day. Everything that the video camera captures becomes a piece of horror. The grandparents' expressions as they happily praise the hip-hop-loving younger brother showing off his rapping skills; and the photos filled with memories pinned on a cork board, which include ones of fingers mixing in walnuts baked in a fancy oven into cookie dough, to ones of a magical-looking sky. A space of happiness turns into exactly the opposite, slowly and gradually. The poppiness of the onscreen text shown each day feels more and more mismatched.

Everyone is burdened with something from their past experiences. There are weaknesses that you don't want to touch upon, things that you've ignored precisely because you're the one who understands them best, and things like curses that can't be lifted until someone allows it. Despite being family or even siblings, the types and depths of wounds sustained from the same happening will differ.

This is a type of work that'll make you want to watch it twice because it's scary, fun, and a bit painful. I want you to experience this hour-and-a-half-long movie that'll make you sweat up a storm.

SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 "MIRROR" - Fri Nov 26, 2021 10:05 am

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SCANDAL will be going on a world tour in support of new album MIRROR!

■ SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 "MIRROR" Japan performance schedule

03/12 (Sat) Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugi City Cultural Hall Large Hall
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00

03/21 (Mon./holiday) Hyogo Prefecture Kobe International House Kokusai Hall
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

03/26 (Sat) Miyagi Prefecture Talk Net Hall Sendai Large Hall (Sendai Civic Center)
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

04/09 (Sun) Fukuoka Civic Hall, Fukuoka Prefecture
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

04/10 (Sun) Hiroshima Prefecture Ueno Gakuen Hall
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

04/17 (Sun) Hokkaido Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Citizen's Hall)
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

04/29 (Friday / holiday) Kanazawa City Culture Hall, Ishikawa Prefecture
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

04/30 (Sat) Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Main Hall
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

06/07 (Tue) Osaka Prefecture Festival Hall
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

06/10 (Fri) Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

06/11 (Sat) Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

Ticket price: General - 6,800 yen (tax included) / Student - 6,300 yen (tax included)
※Tickets required for ages 4 and up
※Limited number of tickets: Up to 4 tickets for each performance per fan club member

<Ticket Sales Schedule>

■ SCANDAL MANIA presale: 12/16 (Thu) 18:00 JST ~ 12/24 (Fri) 23:59 JST

■ Official site presale: 1/7 (Fri) 18:00 JST ~ 1/13 (Thu) 23:59 JST

■ General sales: 2/19 (Sat) 10:00 JST~

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN B3UVNes

Berlin, Germany @ Lido (September 22, 2022)
London, UK @ O2 Academy Islington (September 24, 2022)
Paris, France @ YOYO (September 27, 2022)

North America:
Toronto, Canada @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre (July 9, 2022)
New York, NY, USA @ Sony Hall (July 11, 2022)
Atlanta, GA, USA @ The Masquerade (July 15, 2022)
Anahem, CA, USA @ House of Blues Anaheim (July 22, 2022)
Plano, TX, USA @ Legacy Hall (July 26, 2022)

*This new thread is the continuation of this old thread.

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New Album - 「MIRROR」 - Fri Nov 26, 2021 10:00 am

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On January 26th, SCANDAL will be releasing their new album MIRROR!

The album will come in 4 different editions: Regular, DVD, Magazine, DVD+Merch.

Here is the release schedule:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Q1ax32D

SCANDAL's 10th album MIRROR will be released on January 26th, 2022 (Wed)!

This is their first album in two years, following the release of their previous album Kiss from the darkness released in February 2020.

The album will include 10 songs in total, including the single songs released this year: eternal, Ivory, one more time.

It will come in four editions: Regular (CD only), Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B (CD+Magazine), DVD+Merch (CD+DVD+Merch in a box).

Regular Edition : CD (3,000 yen)
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Limited Edition A : CD+DVD (4,000 yen)
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 71a7-V02o8m-L-AC-SL1500

Limited Edition B : CD+Magazine (4,000 yen)
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 61l-Iic-Vz-PUL-AC-SL1500

DVD+Merch Edition : CD+DVD+GOODS ※Luxurious BOX (10,000 yen)
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 71-MD68-Hz50-L-AC-SL1500

Limited Edition A

An approximately 50-minute long video that features unreleased footage from the 「“her” Diary 2021 on YouTube」 documentary series posted to YouTube every month, as well as a new interview of the band members looking back on 2021, their 15th-anniversary year. A valuable video full of highlights.

Limited Edition B
Magazine: ”her” Magazine Vol.3

DVD+Merch Edition
DVD: MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS (Living in the city, SPICE, Tsuki, eternal, Ivory, one more time + 1 additional video)
+Long-sleeve T-shirt with a print of the CD cover (size L) in a luxurious box

※The album will be available on streaming services and major download services starting from January 26th.

<10th Album「MIRROR」 Preorder Special Site>

<Album 「MIRROR」 Preorder Bonus Details>

The following bonuses will be available to those who purchase any of the three Limited Editions (DVD, Magazine, DVD+Merch) for a limited time only.

<Campaign Information>

Those who preorder the applicable products during the preorder period will receive an A4-size clear file.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN Q0YpOxV

<Participating Stores>
・HMV stores nationwide / HMV & BOOKS online / Loppi terminals at Lawson and Ministop stores nationwide
・TSUTAYA RECORDS stores nationwide / TSUTAYA Online Shopping
※On, separate listings with the bonuses will be posted. Customers looking for the bonuses should purchase the products that are specified to come with the bonuses.
・Rakuten Books
※On Rakuten Books, separate listings with the bonuses will be posted. Customers looking for the bonuses should purchase the products that are specified to come with the bonuses.
・WonderGOO/Shinseido (excluding some stores)/Shinseido WonderGOO Rakuten Ichiba
・Yamano Musical Instruments Stores that offer CDs/DVDs
CD Japan
・Victor Online Store

<Preorder Period>

2021.11.26 (Fri) 19:00 JST~2021.12.19 (Sun) 18:00 JST

<Album「MIRROR」 Chain-Specific Original Bonuses>

Those who purchase the new album (any edition) will receive bonuses from the following stores on a first-come, first-served basis.

A4 clear file (MAMI)

Triangular calendar

■HMV stores nationwide / HMV & BOOKS online:
A4 clear file (HARUNA)

■TSUTAYA RECORDS stores nationwide/ TSUTAYA Online Shopping:
A4 clear file (TOMOMI)

■Rakuten Books:
Rubber key charm

■Seven Net Shopping:
Mini smartphone stand key chain

■SCANDAL-supporting stores (TBA, but CD Japan is officially one of them):
A4 clear file (RINA)

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Week 2 of "ONE MORE TIME STUDY"! TOMOMI's completely obsessed with kokeshi dolls!?

Episode #90 blog

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HARUNA: Continuing from last week... "ONE MORE TIME…STUDY!"
RINA and TOMO will be presenting. Who will start it off?

RINA: Let's decide with jan-ken (rock, paper, scissors)!
(*They do jan-ken)

TOMOMI: I won, so we'll start from me... Is that okay?

HARUNA: What was your topic, again?

TOMOMI: Kokeshi dolls!

MAMI: Can't waitー

RINA: That's a world I don't know at all...

TOMOMI: I also had no idea at all, but I ended up really liking them as I started to research them... I might buy some...

All: Ehー!?

TOMOMI: I'm a little worried whether or not I can convey their appeal, but I'll do my best!

HARUNA: If you would.

TOMOMI: Now then, once more... Do you know what kokeshi dolls are?

RINA: Yeah, we do.

TOMOMI: They're dolls made of wood. Kokeshi dolls can be divided into roughly 2-3 types. Today, I will be talking about two types.

MAMI: Okay.

TOMOMI: The first is the "traditional kokeshi" that have been passed down in the Tohoku region. The second is the "creative kokeshi" that are made in various parts of Japan, done with unconventional thinking.


TOMOMI: I will first talk about "traditional kokeshi." This was born in Tohoku in the latter half of the Edo period, and it seems that it started when a craftsman who made wooden bowls and trays made dolls from surplus wood for children.

All: Wowー!

TOMOMI: 90% of people at the time were farmers in the latter half of the Edo period, and it was customary to go to hot springs in the winter when farming season ended in the Tohoku region. It seems that the dolls were made as souvenirs for children in the hot springs areas. Therefore, hot springs and kokeshi dolls are very closely related.

All: Is that soー?

TOMOMI: Many other toys began to appear after that and the popularity of kokeshi has died down, but they have become popular after garnering attention as works of art.

All: I seeー

TOMOMI: Presently, to celebrate a birth, a kokeshi doll is made that's the same height and width of the baby when it's born... Aren't those ones red?

HARUNA: Were they red?

TOMOMI: Many of them are made red.

RINA: There are all sorts of designs.

TOMOMI: Yes, there are different designs, but many of them are made red. Red is said to be auspicious. These dolls were once considered talismans that would protect children.

All: Got itー

TOMOMI: And "traditional kokeshi" can be divided into 11 types.

HARUNA: There are that many!?

TOMOMI: Eh, don't you mean there are only 11 types? The patterns, shapes, and faces differ depending on the production area and craftsman. I found it easy to understand. I will explain all 11 types one by one.

All: ...if you would.

15th - 2021-11-25 (RINA) - Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:51 pm


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The DVD of our 15th-anniversary concert
Is now out☺

Those who got it right away,
Thank you〜!
I'm also really happy
That people are sending their thoughts on it via social media.
We're always very supported
By all of your voices. Thank you.

If things like
Your tangled-up feelings loosening up a bit
And you're feeling better
After watching and listening to it happened,
That would make us happy〜.
This day was packed with a nice,
Special vibe and performance.
We went all out! It couldn't have been better!
I'm glad we were able to keep a record of such an awesome night!
Feel free to enjoy it whenever works best for you☺

Here's a new song we premiered at Osaka-Jo Hall.
"Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de" (In the Gaps of the Ringing Blue Night)
This too is a special and precious song to us.


2021/11/25 15:50







2021/11/25 15:50

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 89

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN OuA3DUN
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 4SQKZM5

•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI continues with her presentation [she's actually reading the Wikipedia entry about it word for word lol]. One fact she reads is that since hairdressers' sales in the 1970s were sluggish due to the trend of people having long hair, the group "Zenkoku Riyou Seikatsu Kankyou Eisei Dougyou Kumiai Rengou-kai" (全国理容生活環境衛生同業組合連合会; it's basically a union consisting of barbers and the like - HARU goes, "That's so long!"), AKA "Zenriren," formed an emergency project team and set out to develop highly fashionable short hairstyles--the punch perm was one of those. MAMI then talks about how punch perms have evolved and in Gifu Prefecture, barbers are now doing it so that the sides are shaved and only the hair at the top of the head is permed [like this ]. This new style is called "New Punch." TOMO asks if that's what's in fashion now for these perms. MAMI says that it's one type of punch perm.

•MAMI also says that there are also different types of punch perms known as "Nure Pan (濡れパン; "nure" = wet)" and "Yuru Pan (緩パン; "yuru" = loose)" [link ]. "Nure Pan" is a perm that makes it look like your hair is wet. After perming it, the hair is combed through with a comb with dipped in gel or grease. "Yuru Pan" is a perm that gives you much more natural curls than the "Nure Pan" and also gives your hair volume. TOMO says it basically isn't a punch perm anymore. MAMI agrees and says that she's seen pictures of it and that it's so different looking from a typical punch perm that you wouldn't know it was associated with them. She also says that punch perms are a barber technique rather than a hairdresser's one. But since the numbers of barbers are decreasing every year, it's getting harder to find ones who still know how to do the original one/keep the techniques going. She concludes it by saying she's looking forward to how punch perms will evolve in the future.

•RINA says that punch perms have quite the history to them. MAMI says that there are many techniques like this that many people are sure to want to try and pass down/keep alive. RINA says that there are a lot of fields like that. TOMO says that for a time she really liked watching videos related to punch perms. They talk about how doing stuff like that takes a lot of skill. MAMI says that a detailed hairstyle like this is unique to Japan, and that it's a hairstyle that can be done because delicate work is done carefully. She says that if they were to go out on the streets, they'd probably guys walking around with these newer perm styles and might not know the name or them, or where they originated from. The others agree that these styles do not resemble OG punch perms at all. MAMI says that listeners should look up pictures of punch perms afterwards. The band and staff clap for her. MAMI goes, "Was that okay??" HARU says that was plenty. RINA says that the research done traced back the topic's history quite a bit. TOMO and HARU say it was interesting.

•Next up is HARU's topic: manhole covers. The others say this topic sounds like it'll be interesting. HARU first explains what a manhole is and its function (a vertical hole made in the ground so that workers can enter and exit from the ground for the purpose of management of underground sewers/culverts, buried electricity/communication cables, etc.), and that recently they've been referred to more in Japan as "maintenance holes." She also says that it doesn't matter if a manhole has a cover on it or not. MAMI goes "Eh??" TOMO asks if there are ones that are left open as is. HARU continues that it doesn't matter if there's a cover on it or not, but they usually will have a cover on it so that people don't fall down it. She says that many of them are made with iron so that they're not blown away by the wind and can withstand heavy objects like vehicles, and that its circular shape is to prevent it from falling into the hole. She then talks about how the first thing you usually notice about a manhole cover is its design, which the others agree with. There's also apparently a thing called "Manhole Cards " (trading cards that have manhole cover designs on them) that you can get by going to specific places. She says that those who are into them will go around the country to collect these cards. Some manholes feature anime characters on them--an example she gives is that Chiyoda City in Tokyo has Astro Boy characters on them. In Shinagawa, there are ones with Cinnamoroll on them, who is Shinagawa Tourism Ambassador. The others are surprised by the tourism ambassador thing. MAMI says she's surprised they've never seen them, given how much they go to Shingawa Station (which is a main transportation hub for the shinkansen and such). HARU also says that there are ones with Ultraman on them in Setagaya since Tsuburaya Productions, the studio responsible for creating Ultraman, was founded there. Additionally, there are Pokemon covers that can be found all around the country. Those are known as "Poke Futa," or "Poke Lids."

•HARU then mentions the movie Roman Holiday and that what seemed to formerly be a manhole cover was featured in it. RINA goes, "That one's huge!" TOMO asks if that means it was used on the streets where people would walk over them. HARU says no, and that it seemed to have been hole for draining water from inside of a building rather than from its basement. She then talks about how there's a "completion festival " involving manhole covers that takes place in Tokyo. TOMO asks if it's like a stamp rally (visit different places to get stamps). HARU says that it's more of an event. There are 14 million manhole covers in Japan with about 3 million of them aging out due to not being managed well. With this event, the general public is asked to take photos of 400,000 manholes in the 23 wards of Tokyo and post them to a specific app. Those who take photos of a lot of covers will receive prize money. HARU says that this project is one encourages people to take care of the city infrastructure together. RINA says that the people who thought of this idea are really smart, and that it must feel like a game to the general public. TOMO says that she might try participating in this. HARU says that the top goal is to take photos of 8,000 covers, and that everyone who participates in this gets free entry into an onsen (hot springs). Those who post a lot of photos will get special prizes like specialty crabs. The others are surprised by this (MAMI: "I want to eat that" - TOMO: "That's awesome"). HARU says that it'll likely spread out to other cities and to keep an eye out for when it'll happen in listeners' cities.

•HARU says that the covers are usually pretty cute and colored, which surprises the others--they don't seem to know that fact about the covers. They and their staff seemingly look at photos of colorful covers. RINA isn't sure if she's ever seen colored covers in person. HARU says that manhole covers aren't usually something that you would regularly notice in the first place. RINA says they're basically art. HARU says that that's why there are a lot of people who are crazy about them. MAMI wonders how much a manhole cover costs. HARU says that you can get ones that go in house driveways for about 1,500 yen ($15 USD), and that you can also get ones made of iron on Amazon. A staffer is surprised and goes, "Amazon?" HARU says that Amazon does offer them for sale . MAMI looks it up and says that it is true. HARU seems to look up the manhole festival thing again and says that the top monetary prize is 200,000 yen ($2,000 USD), which surprises the others. MAMI says that manhole covers are appealing and mentions the shirt she had made that featured a manhole cover on it. HARU says that they should go see the character-themed covers together. They all clap for her and say that it was interesting + it made them think about things they've never really considered until now.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says that they had planned to do one episode that featured all of their presentations but they talked a bit too much. RINA says that it's interesting to learn about stuff they've never looked into before. HARU says that it's nice to have this program to learn about stuff they wouldn't normally know/learn about. They all agree that this is a good project.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Time to finally present "ONE MORE TIME STUDY," where each member has studied a given topic!

Episode #89 blog

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HARUNA: Today's the day to present "ONE MORE TIME…STUDY!" All of us are a bit excited.

TOMOMI: I've already fallen in love with what I studied. I might be nervous about conveying their charm.

HARUNA: I see. For this project, the four of us are turning in homework. It's a very, very, very late-summer independent research project, that it's basically a winter independent research project now. The four of us each studied a given topic. Let's present our findings and go over the topics:

My (HARUNA) topic is manholes. TOMOMI's is kokeshi dolls. MAMI's is punch perms. RINA's is ladybugs. We'll decide on the order by jan-ken-pon.

All: (*Doing jan-ken*)

HARUNA: So we'll be starting from MAMI!

RINA: If you would.

HARUNA: Present it however you'd like.

MAMI: Now then, guitarist MAMI will be presenting her research on punch perms.

HARUNA: I'm really interested in this topic...

MAMI: Really? That makes me happy to hear!

TOMOMI: We're interested, so please continue.

MAMI: Okay.

As you may know, punch perms originated in the 1970s in Japan and became popular in the 80s. At the time, models were given punch perms at haircut shows--it was a fashionable style. However, in the Heisei Era, due to its "scary" and "tough-guy" image, and is now a hairstyle that you hardly see these days.

All: I see.

MAMI: A punch perm is a permed hairstyle with small curls. In contrast to perms for women that give loose curls, this tight-curled perm is aimed towards men with short hair. It's similar to an afro perm but different in length. It was once popular with athletes such as pro baseball players, boxers, and golfers because sweat doesn't affect it and it's convenient to wash.

All: Ohー

MAMI: The punch perm is said to have been invented by a barber in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka in the 1970s. A hair iron heated to 160°C/320°F is applied to the hair and permed by turning one's wrists. If a person has a lot of hair, it can be wrapped about 600 times... Apparently, because there isn't anything else that goes higher than that + press it, it was named "champion press" at first.

All: Ahー

MAMI: After that, it was named after the magazine "Heibon Punch" that was popular at the time, and it came to be known as a "punch perm" among barbers in the Kansai area.

All: Is that soー?

They were all pretty serious about their presentations...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 88

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN CyFltgy
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 9uzsS9a

•The episode starts with this. A staffer asks them if they fell asleep on a sofa, which they say yes, it was a large sofa by a round table. HARU asks if all four of them fell asleep; RINA says yes. TOMO says she's really glad nothing happened, which the others agree with. The staffer asks if the band was sleeping there by themselves. RINA says yes. MAMI goes, "Oh yeah, there weren't any adults with us!" TOMO wonders why that was. RINA wonders why the meeting didn't take place in a room rather than the lobby. MAMI says that maybe they were told to wait a bit, which is when they all fell asleep. They talk a little about the tour they were on and that they basically ate nothing but pizza.

•MAMI then starts talking about right before their major debut when HARU had moved to Tokyo, MAMI and TOMO were still commuting from their hometowns, and RINA hadn't yet transferred to a high school in Tokyo. The three of them (MAMI, TOMO, RINA) would stay in this hotel every week--it was basically like their home. MAMI says that they would all be excited to eat breakfast there. RINA says that it was buffet-style, and because none of them had much money then, they would stuff themselves full there. MAMI says that they were the only high schoolers there eating breakfast mixed among the salarymen there.

•RINA talks about their 2016 Europe tour where they toured around in a bus the whole time. After a performance, the band members and their female staffers would rent a hotel room close by and take turns bathing, while the male staffers would take showers at the venues. After, they would meet up again at the bus--RINA says that was how they spent the month [the tour actually only spanned 15 days, though lol]. She then talks about how in one of the countries, their hotel was smack dab in the middle of a bunch of adult shops. After showering, all of them had to go back to the bus together (rather than one by one). They did wonder what kind of shops they were and what kinds of themes they had. TOMO says that this city was cool, though.

•MAMI then asks which country "Ubaga ubaga" happened in. HARU goes, "What the heck's that??" and then goes, "Ah! Ah!" as if she was starting to remember it. TOMO thinks it's Turkey but HARU says that's not it. MAMI says that they went to a hotel's restaurant to eat lunch and "Ubaga ubaga" was playing over the loudspeakers the entire time. They were all like, "What is this??" HARU says that maybe it was warning people of danger. They laugh and MAMI says that maybe they were telling people to make a run for it. She also says that their European staff also had no idea what that meant. They looked it up and couldn't find anything about it. TOMO says that no one around them was reacting to it. MAMI says that because it sounded like an alarm that they thought that maybe it was to signal some kind of training, and that they ate very watery ramen hearing that the entire time. The staff asks them where it was, but none of them can remember. RINA says that the hotel itself was nice, though. TOMO wonders if it was in Poland. HARU says that that might be it. The staffer seems to ask them if they were sure that what they heard was "Ubaga ubaga." They're pretty confident in that, and RINA says that it would be "ウバガ" in katakana. TOMO says that it could have even been in hiragana: "うばが." RINA wonders what it means. Another staffer asks them if that word played the entire time. They say that it went, "Ubaga ubaga, something-something, something-something, ubaga ubaga." RINA goes, "Why didn't the local staff know about it??" She also says that a small platoon did come while they were eating, so maybe it really does have something to do with training. TOMO seems to get a hit on Google and says that "ubaga" means "attention" in Polish. They all go "Ah!" HARU asks if it really is "ubaga." TOMO says that it's spelled "uwaga" but pronounced as "ubaga." She says that the writer of the blog she found writing about it says that that "uwaga" is the only Polish word they've memorized, which makes everyone laugh and go, "They're the same as us!"

•MAMI says that when they're overseas and it's the morning of the day they'll be returning back to Japan, they all go to the breakfast buffet at the same time and eat as if they're dying. HARU goes, "We love buffets, after all!" RINA says that the band members and staff who drink are kind of hungover yet can eat a ton. TOMO says that if there's a pool, they always have to go in it. HARU and RINA say that when they're in Japan they don't do those things--RINA goes, "We play around as if our personalities have changed!" MAMI says that the hotels on Sentosa Island in Singapore are really adorable and fairy tale-like, and that there are bunk beds in the hotels there. RINA says that maybe things are designed like that there because there are a lot of attractions that are kid-oriented, like Universal Studios. HARU says that she watched their staff at the pool running around. RINA asks if this happened when the band was first starting out. HARU and TOMO says it wasn't, which makes RINA go, "They've really gotten used to going overseas!" TOMO talks about when they were in Mexico and she was at the pool of the hotel where she took a picture with someone who was clearly a Mexican celebrity. RINA says that the band and their staff are pretty serious people, but they will bring a swimsuit with them when traveling just in case.

•They wonder if there are any other stories they can talk about. HARU says that she can only remember scary happenings. She talks about something that happened in Germany: before sleeping she brushed her teeth and left the toothbrush on a towel. When she got up and was going to brush her teeth, the towel flew away and fell down. She says that she originally wasn't planning on telling the others about it at the time, but the others said that they experienced sleep paralysis which made her think that that place was bad news. MAMI asks when this was. HARU says it wasn't that long ago [but the only times they went there were in 2015, 2016, 2017 lol]. RINA says that it happened when they weren't in the country for that long. She mentions that the beds were very narrow and the comforters were paper-thin. MAMI says that the "comforters" may as well have been sheets, and it was super-cold then too. They say that this did happen while on a tour and they only stayed in the hotel for four hours or so. RINA says that everyone experience sleep paralysis (HARU: "That's weird..."). MAMI says that the shower room was only as big as a telephone booth and that her shower wasn't really working, which kind of made her panic.

•TOMO then talks about a hotel where the housekeeping staff came in while she was changing. She says that if that happens in Japan, the staff would apologize and then leave to come back later. However, the staff didn't leave and was there the whole time she was changing. At first she was kind of confused, but she was like, "Well, this is overseas after all," though the entire time she wasn't sure if the staff would suddenly pop up. They all laugh and HARU asks if they talked. TOMO says that they did, and that they got pretty well acquainted. MAMI says that it happened a lot that staff has come in while she was sleeping and just started cleaning rather than letting her sleep some more. RINA says that it is kind of rude to clean while you're still sleeping. HARU says that a cleaning person complemeted her shoes once. RINA says that comments like that do make anyone happy. She then talks about tips you leave the cleaning staff and how at first they didn't know how much they should leave--she and MAMI say that they left a lot. RINA says that cultures where you leave tips like that under the pillow are cool. MAMI says that they left quite a lot in tips they went to France for the first time. RINA says that they probably wondered why kids were leaving such large tip amounts. They say that you learn a lot while experiencing it all. They also talk about how their fans also travel to see them and wonder if they also have stories like theirs. HARU says that they must, given how many things they themselves have experienced. They say they're waiting for stories like that to be sent in.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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The 51st upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

A 17-minute-long video about making tea... 😭💀

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly) Happy

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Links to English subs for all of RINA's videos can be found here:

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Update on the "SCANDAL 'INVITATION' Bundle"

Replacement shirts have been arriving. No hand-signed postcards are included in any of them. Bompa told us via email that no postcards are being shipped out, and to "reach out to LiveFrom" for more info.

I just called Bompa and they did confirm that LiveFrom told them that they wouldn't be sending them any hand-signed postcards to go with the replacement t-shirts.

At this point, LiveFrom probably thinks that if they keep ignoring our emails, the issue will go away.

I know that everyone is sick and tired of being strung along by these companies.

But if you want to keep trying for a resolution (aside from getting a refund), please keep emailing LiveFrom and ask what they're going to do about the hand-signed postcards they explicitly said we would be getting.


hogradish wrote:I did not get a new postcard, but neither did I write to them, if that has anything to do with it.

That has nothing to do with it. If it did, I think I of all people would have gotten a new postcard lol
Here are videos and photos of the reprinted shirt that Bompa has started to mail out to "SCANDAL 'INVITATION' Bundle" purchasers. And to confirm, no hand-signed postcards are coming with these shirts.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120336

What's different about this shirt:

•The top of the "O" is not cut off this time
•Print is crisper and more saturated
•Uses a different shirt brand (Tultex vs. M&O)
•Shirt fabric is softer

Left = original shirt sent out. Right = reprinted shirt sent out.
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120351
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Unboxing of the shirt:

Comparing the two shirts (1st shirt shown = original, 2nd shown = reprint):

*The cat sticker is just a promo sticker from Tsurt, the company that owns/runs Bompa.

Original shirt:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120328
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120423
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120635

Reprinted shirt:
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120336
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120513
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN 20211116-120704

Also, they gave me the packing slip intended for another purchaser, so that was another weird mess-up that shouldn't be happening 🙃


Will be calling Bompa later today. I'd love to know if LiveFrom told them that no hand-signed postcards will be coming, owing to why Bompa shipped out these shirts with no replacement postcards.

Edit: I just saw that someone tweeted to us that it said in their email that their shirt is supposedly coming with a postcard? They're obviously not hand-signed, of course, but has anyone else received this? I'll be holding off on calling Bompa once I get more info/proof/screenshots of this.

Edit 2: I called Bompa and they're not answering. Now it's almost the end of their business hours - Guess I'll try again tomorrow...
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What slightly dangerous thing happened to the band when they were 16 on their first tour in the US...?

Episode #88 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN UdwSarR

HARUNA: Starting from this year, November 11th will apparently be "Yan Yan Day"... It seems that it was officially certified as such.

RINA: An official day, huh?

MAMI: Congrats!

TOMOMI: It's also "Bass Day."

RINA: Oh, yeah, it is.

MAMI: That's right.

HARUNA: TOMOMI's all about Yan Yan.

TOMOMI: I've loved them since I was a kid. If I see one, I'll buy it. I love these the most.

RINA: They certainly are delicious.

HARUNA: Though we get a lot of sweets from Meiji, the other day when TOMOMI came to my place, she was like, "Oh yeah, do you have any Yan Yan?" I thought we were going to share, but she seriously ate it all up in seconds.

TOMOMI: Yeah, I ate it all by myself.

MAMI: When it comes to sweets, TOMO-chan eats them as if she's inhaling them.

RINA: She eats them really fast.

HARUNA: They're gone before you know it.

TOMOMI: I really, really love Yan Yan. It'd make me happy if I keep getting a bunch of them...Meiji.

RINA: And this episode is #88 - It's Yan Yan [*The number 8 in Japanese can be read as "ya"].

MAMI: Yeah, Yan Yan.

TOMOMI: It really is!

HARUNA: It's surprising.

And so, we have a new project.

The number of projects keeps growing, but this one is called...
"Hotel SCAlifonia"!!


RINA: The Eagles , huh.

HARUNA: We have constantly been traveling these past 15 years.
The four of us have visited various lands,
Not only Japan, but also various parts of the world across the sea.
We will be talking about these journeys of SCANDAL's...
That is what "Hotel SCAlifornia" is.

RINA: Niceー

HARUNA: Memorable journeys of SCANDAL's. This includes stories about happenings at hotels, while on the move, etc. Do you guys have any?

RINA: What hotel left the biggest impression on you?

TOMOMI: It was when we toured in the US for the very first time. We grew up in Japan and so didn't feel that it's dangerous to go abroad. Because we had no sense of danger, we carried all of our luggage and slept in the hotel lobby...

RINA: Ah, that's right...

HARUNA: Ah...!

RINA: We said we'd hold a post-concert meeting in the lobby, but the four of us were super tired due to the time difference and fell asleep right there.

TOMOMI: We were around 16 at the time.

HARUNA: Oh yeah, that did happen.

RINA: Was that in New York?

HARUNA: Yeah, New York.

TOMOMI: 16-year-olds shouldn't be sleeping in the lobby of hotels in New York...

HARUNA: They definitely shouldn't.

RINA: We were all wearing matching outfits... I fell asleep holding my notebook and the staff of our record label at the time tapped my cheek. I had been in a deep sleep, and while in a hazy state, I was like, "What's wrong? I thought we were having a meetingー"... Thinking back on that now, that isn't something that one should be doing.

HARUNA: That did happen...

RINA: That did...

TOMOMI: It totally did.

MAMI: It did.

HARUNA: I mean, that was our first time in the US.

RINA: Our first time in the US was our first time touring overseas. I was so excited that I took note the entire time, like thoughts I had during our performances.

HARUNA: RINA jotted things down in her notebook the whole time.

RINA: I was like, "Let's talk about this more," but I fell asleep...

HARUNA: You were exhausted, after all.

RINA: Yeah, I was. That's so nostalgic.

Serialization series, starting

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN T5K8QX0

Movie Natalie's serialization series done in a relay format called
"Koyoi mo Akumu wo" (Another Nightmare Tonight)
About works of horror
Has begun〜!

This is a serialization done in a relay format
By those who love works of horror☺
I'm really looking forward to what the others will choose...!

My column has been posted,
So please check it out〜!

*English translation coming later

It'd make me happy if you'd enjoy the movie
Along with the column^^
I'm going to take this opportunity
To watch a wider variety of works〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN BMoofgo

Thank you as always
To everyone who checks my blog posts frequently!
I've continued to blog ever since our indie era...
While changing the places where I write these blogs,
It's been almost 15 years for that as well〜^^


2021/11/14 13:46





選者 / SCANDAL RINA「ヴィジット」 | 今宵も悪夢を 第3夜
ビデオカメラが切り取った日常の全てが恐怖のピースに - ホラーやゾンビをこよなく愛する著名人にお薦め作品を紹介してもらうリレー連載「今宵も悪夢を」。集まった案内人たちは身の毛もよだつ恐怖、忍び寄るスリル、しびれるほどの刺...




2021/11/14 13:46


Relax - 2021-11-12 (RINA) - Fri Nov 12, 2021 9:04 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN JHEpOw3

I got a Lovinflame "lantern" (candle) from Spotify
That can be used indoors.
The swaying flame makes you feel relaxed〜
It's so nice to use at night when it's me time!
Thank you so much◎ So happy

Speaking of relaxing items,
The DAISY PROJECT recently came out with some tea☺
They're delicious teas
Made with a lot of attention to detail
To enjoy various ways of drinking them^^

I put together a YouTube video of how to make them,
So check it out〜!

*English subs coming soon

I also uploaded a day-off vlog
Of me with YUNA-chan from CHAI〜!

*English subs:

There are a lot things to watch^^


2021/11/12 16:23









2021/11/12 16:23

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