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Recently - 2020-01-24 (RINA) - Fri Jan 24, 2020 6:25 pm


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Recently, we've been having days of doing interviews the entire day
Release day is approaching faster and faster!

It turned out to be a precious album to us
That we truly want to reach many people

Although this is the age of streaming,
CDs really do have
Something special about them.
There's a CD-only bonus track
Called "YOU GO GIRL!",
And we truly do want you to listen to it.

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In regards to "YOU GO GIRL!",
If the words come together someday,
I think I'll write about it on the blogー.

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We've been doing nothing but recording radio programs and comments
In the studio recently,
So there are no picturesー!
I decided to post pictures from when we were on a bread break, haha

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I'll blog agaiーn◎


2020/1/24 22:43








"YOU GO GIRL!"に関しては、






2020/1/24 22:43

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Space Shower TV - SCANDAL「Kiss from the darkness」SPECIAL

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The all-girl band SCANDAL will be releasing 「Kiss from the darkness」, their first original album in two years, via their private record label "her" on 2/12.

To commemorate the release of this album, we will be airing a special program that shows the appeal of these girls who also announced that they will be holding a world tour starting from this March!

This program takes place in Osaka. Named 「Kiss from the OSAKA」 and taken from the title of their new album, the members themselves will be reporters on the city of Osaka where the band originated, and will introduce places of interest, places they wanted to go to, and places related to the band.

They will visit various places in Osaka over the course of a day, where they will visit the dance school the band formed at and the park they dropped by before and after rehearsals; climb to the viewing platform of the Tsuutenkaku in Osaka; eat kushi katsu in Shin-Sekai; and report about the night views from Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan.

Don't miss this special program via Space Shower TV that shows the appeal of SCANDAL!

Air date: 2/22 (Sat) 22:00~23:00 JST

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Wednesday routine - 2020-01-22 (RINA) - Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:38 pm

Wednesday routine

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On Wednesdays, SCANDAL
Has their weekly studio rehearsals & meeting

It's a very fixed part of our schedule
And is an aspect of our job that we have to do,
But because we have this day,
It doesn't feel as if we're losing a day of the week◎

Ah, that's right!
We will be doing
MANIA-member only meet & greets
On our world tour (Japan performances) that starts in March! Yay〜!

After the show,
Those who win will be invited to the dressing room.
Let's speak to each other directly
And have a fun time〜!

Applications are open〜

We're also thinking up some fun things
For our mobile club "CLUB SCANDAL" too〜

Those in our fan clubs, thanks for your continued support!


2020/1/22 20:20





MANIA会員限定 ミート&グリート




モバイルファンクラブ "CLUB SCANDAL"



2020/1/22 20:20

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As per TOMOMI's tweet , the song "Laundry Laundry" (Lyrics & Music: TOMOMI / Arrangement: Yusuke Takeda [RADWIMPS]) that will be on Kiss from the darkness will be aired during J-WAVE's "SWEET DONUTS" radio program tonight, which airs from 2:30 am to 3 am JST!

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Overseas - 2020-01-18 (RINA) - Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:00 pm


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Thanks to everyone
Who watched J-MELO
This morningー!

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They aired HARUNA&TOMOMI on location in Kobe,
And two songs performed in the studio〜!

You can also watch it on demand,
So those who missed it, check it out here☝

That's right;
By doing world tours,
There are people [in Japan] who ask us,
"Should I refrain
From going overseas from Japan?"
In our case
There are no particular restrictions

It's also like this in Japan,
But the atmosphere in each country is completely different and interesting overseas as well◎

Thank you for thinking about
Even the smaller little detailsー!
We'll make it a great tourー!

Rain mixed with snow fell in Tokyo as well,
And it was so cold that it took courage to go outside〜

Take care of yourselves
And have a good weekend〜!


2020/1/18 20:53






J-MELO in Kobe: SCANDAL and Frederic - J-MELO | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand
Join May J. for Japanese music! This week: a visit to Kobe. 2 locally connected bands, SCANDAL and Frederic, visit musical places that hold special memories. And they play their latest songs.








2020/1/18 20:53

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RADIO - 2020-01-17 (RINA) - Fri Jan 17, 2020 11:35 am


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We did a radio recording for J-WAVE!

It's been a little bit
Since the four of us did a radio appearance together
So it was super fun〜

We talked about all sorts of things in depth
Like delving into each of our musical journeys
And talking about when we were producing the album.

It'll be aired next month over the course of four weeks,
So please look forward to more info about it...!

We added more overseas dates
To our world tour.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN VarfTVo
(The red parts are the ones just addedー!)

Our beloved Europe.
This time we'll be going to Paris, London, and Berlin.
Watch over us in Japan, okay.

We still have more overseas dates that'll be added.

The 7-Eleven presale for the Japan performances
Have begun, so check it out while you can!

This year will truly be a year of touring!


2020/1/17 20:25












SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" セブン-イレブン先行受付 - イープラス



2020/1/17 20:25

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Europe shows added (September):

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September 04
Paris, France
YOYO - Palais de Tokyo

September 06
London, UK
O2 Academy Islington

September 09
Berlin, Germany
Musik & Frieden

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness
SCANDAL - What are they excited for in 2020, a year after establishing their new label?

【「C3AFA Singapore 2019」Backstage interview】

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C3AFA Singapore 2019, Southeast Asia's largest anime event, was held from 2019/11/29 to 12/1. Here is an interview with SCANDAL, who performed on day of of the "I LOVE ANISONG Concerts."

■Singapore fans have a lot of freedom to create a space to enjoy music

HARUNA: We put together a setlist with songs unique to C3AFA. Although we played plenty of anime-related songs, the excitement in particular for "Shunkan Sentimental," an ending song for the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood," was insane. We asked everyone to sing the chorus, and it was perfect.

TOMOMI: We also got everyone excited with our new song that we still hadn't played in Japan. I'm looking forward to coming back to Singapore in May on our world tour.

MAMI: It feels like there were tons of anime song lovers, of course, and those who love Japanese bands and the music itself. Singapore fans have a lot of freedom to create a space to enjoy our music. The ability to be able to have fun in your own way is awesome to have, and compared to a few years ago, it feels like the way [the fans] get excited is gradually evolving.

RINA: We were looking forward to getting to play in Singapore, so I'm really glad we were able to do so. I'm sure there were many people who saw us live for the first time, and we'd be happy if they took this opportunity they had today to come out to the [upcoming] solo show of ours here, or see us in Japan.

――Did you get to enjoy the sights and food in Singapore?

TOMOMI: Before our show, we all...

HARUNA: Went to Gardens by the Bay.

RINA: Although we've been to Singapore a bunch of times, we still hadn't been able to go there.

MAMI: So far, we went to go eat chili crab and also got to eat chicken rice.

TOMOMI: We were so impressed! Also, we might be able to go eat somewhere after the show? I'm looking forward to that.

■Look forward to SCANDAL's second phase
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――Please tell us what's appealing about this event.

RINA: C3AFA isn't just about concerts, and what's characteristic about it is that you can also enjoy the exhibitors. Another thing that's appealing is that there's a continuous combination of artists that you don't really get to see together in Japan. We often play our solo shows [in Singapore] in venues that are half outdoors, but squalls are also a natural staging unique to Singapore. The view at night on the way back is the best.

TOMOMI: The local fans convey their love for our work, almost equal to our fans in Japan. It's a place where people like that have fun above all else.

MAMI: Those in Singapore really know our stuff—not just the new stuff, but the old stuff too. For example, although "GeGeGe no Kitaro" is an anime that we've been familiar with since we were kids, the locals here are just as familiar with it as we are, which makes us happy. There's a lot of things you can learn about for the first time at C3AFA, and I think it's also a place where you can learn about Japanese anime.

RINA: HARUNA and I went to see the booths being set up during rehearsals yesterday, and we had fun just by walking around. We were surprised to see a butler cafe while we were on a business trip, and when we saw the drink menu and noticed that boba's popular here too, it made us happy to find something in common with Japan.

――Lastly, please share a message for your fans.

MAMI: A year after starting our new label, we will be releasing our new album Kiss from the darkness in February 2020. We were able to convert our ways of living into songs, and we'd like everyone to enjoy SCANDAL's second phase. We hope to continue to keep sending out Japanese culture via events like this. I feel that we have good, inseparable bond with anime.

RINA: We've been able to continuously make music for 13 years without stopping once, and I think that it started in our indie days when audiences at our overseas shows liked our style. We too very much cherish our shows overseas, and we hope that'll never change. We'd like to convert what we've gained overseas into music and give it back to Japan as well. Please enjoy our various activities going forward too!

HARUNA: We really challenged ourselves sound-wise and lyrics-wise for Kiss from the darkness, our first album that'll be released via our new label. We take pleasure in being able to challenge ourselves to new things even after doing this for 13 years, and you should be able to notice that we still have so many things to do. We made this album while thinking of how we want to support those who listen to us. We want to come back even more cool after playing shows in Japan and overseas on our world tour.

TOMOMI: We do a world tour when we release an album, and every time we perform around the world, I feel that my understanding of each song deepens. That's something huge for me. The songs that we perform when play around the world and then go back to Japan, grow steadily. It makes it fun to tour every time.

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Strategy meeting - 2020-01-16 (RINA) - Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:02 am

Strategy meeting

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We're steadily making all kinds of things
Such as setlists, staging, outfits, and merch
For our world tour that starts in March.

We hope that you'll be able to enjoy so many things
And feel excited and all tingly.
All so that we can go even further on our next tour.

I went to do some personal training.

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I want to play more beautifully, gorgeously, and strongly

Instruments that don't use electricity
Really are all about your mind and body.
If I feel like it,
Maybe I'll post about my training on social media
I'll work hard〜

Well then,
There's less than a month left until our album is out.
The result of us wanting to do something
That would be most fun delivery method
Will be us holding
One-day manager events to commemoration the album's release!!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN MlHw8hu

We'll be going around to a bunch of places〜!
We want to make it a wonderful time for all
Please come out and see us!


2020/1/16 18:49













2020/1/16 18:49

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【Translated Summary】AbemaTV - A special program to celebrate SCANDAL's release, #2 - January 15th

Start - 16:25

The host, comedian Barbie, asks them how the recording of the album is going. HARU says that they've already finished it, and that it took quite a lot of time to make. Barbie then asks them if there's a meaning behind the title. HARU says it's a very positive title that's like SCANDAL's own way of saying "que sera sera" (What will be, will be). Barbie says that something like that (kiss from the darkness) would normally mean something scary.

They then talk about their label "her." RINA says that this is the probably the hardest they've ever worked on something before. Barbie asks if recording this album felt any different. RINA says they felt pretty tense, HARU says it's completely different from playing a live show, and TOMO says that the only thing they could think of was how tense they felt. HARU says that they let all that loose when playing shows. Barbie then asks them if they're like, "Now that I'm done with this, I want to go do that." RINA gives examples like going to Disneyland with her younger sister and going out for yakiniku (Barbie: "You really go all out!"). HARU mentions that basically the only thing they eat when they record are bento (RINA: "We eat them everyday!"). Barbie asks if it's because they're busy/don't have time. They answer that it's because they're holed up in the studio all day. Barbie asks how long that time period lasts for. RINA says that they take a month to focus on making songs, and since they write the lyrics and music at home, it takes about a year overall. HARU says that prepping takes a lot of time.

Next, they mention that "A.M.D.K.J." is the ending song for "GeGeGe no Kitaro." Barbie says, "It's the one that Kiyoshi [Hikawa] sings, right?" They laugh and say that he sings the opening song, and that they sing the ending song. RINA says that she's really happy about it since she watched the anime when she was little. HARU says that the series is apparently really popular with kids right now. MAMI says that Kitaro's a very cool guy. The music video for the song then plays.

After the video airs, Barbie says that she can totally picture kids bouncing along to it, and asks them what kind of song it is. HARU says it's a very classic rock tune with impressive guitar riffs, and one that will probably be very fun for people to cover. Barbie mentions that the rhythm feels great and that it would probably resonate with kids too. They say that they'd love for them to sing along during the parts they say "amidakuji." Barbie says that that's a melody that they'll remember even after they've grown up.

Barbie asks them about the unusual spelling of "A.M.D.K.J." RINA says they wanted to make it symbol-like since the other spellings for the word didn't really match what they were going for. After playing around with it for a bit, they decided to go with the symbol-like spelling. Barbie says that it's memorable, kind of like "Y.M.C.A." (lol) She then asks them how recording it went. RINA says that it took a lot of energy since it's an intense song, and that they felt excited since it's most likely a song that'll be played a lot live. Barbie asks who OK'd the final takes they'd use. RINA answers that they themselves did, and would do takes until they were satisfied with them, no matter how long it took. They were careful to not take too much time on guitars, which they recorded last. Barbie comments that deciding yourself is kind of scary, like how do you decide where to stop? HARU and RINA say that there is a point where you no longer know, if it takes too much time. Barbie then asks about the lyrics for the song, which were written by RINA. She says she chose wording that would go with the mysterious atmosphere that "Kitaro" has, and went with strong and attacking words. She wanted to make it their own "killer tune" kind of song. Barbie asks what her favorite line in the song is, because there's always one thing in what you make that you're proud of. RINA says that she started writing the lyrics from the word "amidakuji," found in the song's second verses, and expanded on a story from the words "amidakuji of fate (unmei no amidakuji)." MAMI comments that this is the first time she's hearing of this. She also says that she wrote the music for it, and when she saw that "amidakuji of fate" was in the lyrics, she was like, "I see what you did there!" and thought it was really cool. HARU mentions that there's also the line "Sometimes you just can't be so serious (kuso majime ni yatterannai hi mo aru yo)," and RINA says that she thought the Kitaro team would say that couldn't be used ("kuso" can be used in a vulgar sense, meaning "shit" lol), but they allowed it. Barbie says that different generations could relate to "amidakuji of fate." HARU says it's a phrase that can resonate for children and adults.

16:25 - 35:20

The next segment is titled "Discussing Love - 'SCANDAL's Room'", and two guests who are stars of dating reality shows, Momo (the woman) and Arashi (the man), join the program. They were both on the reality show Ainori in the mid 2000s.

This segment is mostly focused on Momo and Arashi, so I will not be writing a summary of it.

35:20 - 48:45

Next is a test to see how feminine everyone is. For this, there are a total of two questions with four answers varying in points from 0-5. Whoever gets the highest score wins. Barbie asks if they feel that they're very feminine. RINA goes, "Not sure..." while HARU shakes her head. The first question asked is:

Your boyfriend's driving. Apparently, he's panicking a little because he got lost and hasn't been able to reach the intended destination. How should you act?

A. Guide him while looking closely at the car GPS or a map
B. Berate him and say, "What's taking so long? You're so unreliable!"
C. Ask him, "I need to go to the bathroom. Let's go to a cafe somewhere"
D. Pretend to be asleep

HARU, RINA, MAMI, and Arashi answer A. TOMO, Barbie, and Momo answer C.

They start by peeling off the piece of paper covering the points for answer D. It's so stuck on that Barbie can't really pull it off from her angle, so HARU helps out and pulls it off, revealing it to be worth 3 points. Next is answer B, worth 0 points. Next is C, worth 5 points (the highest). Finally is A, which is only worth 1 point. Barbie asks if there will be any explanation for these answers and their point totals - there isn't, which makes all of them laugh. Momo says that she chose C because the boyfriend is already ticked off, so whatever she would do wouldn't help any; therefore she'd want to give him a little break. Arashi thinks that if the boyfriend wasn't ticked off, then A would be the answer with the most points. HARU says that that A would probably hurt the boyfriend's pride.

The next question:

You're at a drinking party with old classmates. You point to you and your male friend and say, "If we're still single in 10 years, we should just get married to each other." He says, "Well..." and shows blatant disapproval. How do you answer back in a joking manner?

A. "No matter how much you're under pressure, even I have the right to choose"
B. "Oh, I'm okay with it being 10 years from now, or even right now"
C. "How rude! What's with that face you're making?"
D. "That might be good once we're both divorced"

HARU, Barbie, and Momo answer D. RINA and Arashi answer B. TOMO and MAMI answer C.

They start with A, which is once again hard to peel off. It's worth 2 points. Next is B, which Barbie asks HARU to pull off. It starts ripping the score off, so HARU goes for peeling off the other corner with no luck ("It doesn't matter which way--it's impossible to take off"). B is revealed to be worth 0 points. Next is C, which is worth 5 points (the highest). Last is D, which is worth 3 points. Barbie says, "There isn't anyone who got 0 points this time, right?" Arashi says yes, and RINA says, "There are," and hides her face with her letter. She then goes, "Ugh!" They both say they thought it was a response that would make the friend laugh, and to clear up the atmosphere. For C, TOMO and MAMI thought it was the most joke-like. For D, HARU says it wouldn't really hurt their feelings.

TOMO ends up winning with a perfect score of 10 points ("This is kind of embarrassing!"). Barbie asks the other members if this was expected. They say yes (MAMI: "This is how TOMOMI normally is. Her answers too."). As a reward, TOMO gets to eat a small cake and picks the one that's heart-shaped, but has a hard time taking it out of the box (Barbie: "Why is the cake taped to the box?!"). TOMO says it's really delicious and that it's embarrassing eating like this in front of everyone (HARU: "You won, but it's like you're doing a punishment"), and also that it's super embarrassing to be told she's very feminine.

48:45 - end

Barbie asks them what the new album is like.

-H: "It's a really great one. Including our digital singles, there are a total of 11 songs. It's very dense. It'll be available as a Regular Edition, a DVD Edition, a Magazine Edition, a T-Shirt+DVD Edition, so please choose the one that you like and enjoy it."

-B: "There's also a documentary on it?"

-SCANDAL: "That's right."

-B: "Wow, I'm sure the fans will be happy to see that."

-H: "We had the crew shoot us in all sorts of places such as when we're recording and during each of our off-times. We're also really looking forward to how it'll be edited."

-B: "Were there times when you didn't want to be filmed?"

-R: "They were filming us so much that we no longer noticed the cameras."

Barbie then asks TOMO to announce the next piece of news. TOMO announces that SCANDAL will be doing another livestream on AbemaTV on February 12, the day the album comes out.

Lastly, the band gives out closing comments.

-M: "It'd make us happy if you'd listen to our album a lot and come out to our tour. Pi!"

-T: "We're playing 19 performances here in Japan, so please come out to one close to you. Pi!"

-R: "We hope you look forward to our next livestream as well. We really can't wait for our tour to start. Pi!"

-H: "We truly made a really great album, so we think that you'll really enjoy SCANDAL from this release onwards. Listen to it a lot, and look forward to next month's livestream. Pi!"

-T: "What is this 'pi' anyway?"

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN AYw2DYl

• SCANDAL will once again be holding the "one-day manager" events for Kiss from the darkness

• Those who order the vinyl version of the album + at least one other copy of any of the other editions can enter to win a chance to attend their performance in Seoul on May 23rd (only open to those in Japan)

One-day manager events to be held to commemorate the release of 『Kiss from the darkness』

To commemorate the release of their new album 『Kiss from the darkness』, the members will be serving as one-day managers at select CD stores!

The event will be held in Sapporo, Miyagi, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and in connection with the song "A.M.D.K.J.", Shizuoka was selected by the members via an amidakuji/ladder lottery!

Those who purchase the album at each participating store will receive a bonus postcard directly from the members.

More details/info here:

A campaign announcement for purchasing the vinyl edition of 『Kiss from the darkness』. An invitation to attend the Seoul performance on the world tour!

A campaign for purchasing the CD & vinyl edition of 『Kiss from the darkness』 will be held!

One group of two people among those who purchase the album that comes out on February 12, as well as the vinyl edition that comes out on March 4, will be selected via lottery to be invited to the first overseas performance of SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” held in Seoul, South Korea!

You will also get to attend the meet & greet held after the show. We welcome your application!


Please apply by attaching the exclusive application ticket included in the CD album 「Kiss from the darkness」 released on February 12 onto the "W purchase campaign exclusive application postcard" included in the vinyl edition 「Kiss from the darkness」 releasing on March 4.

【Deadline】2020/3/31 (Tue) Postmark deadline

Application ticket
○Included in the album 「Kiss from the darkness」 (Limited Edition A / B/ Magazine / Regular ※First press only) out on 2/12

Application postcard
○Included in the vinyl Edition of 「Kiss from the darkness」 out on 3/4

【Present details】

One group of two people will be invited to attend the Seoul, South Korea performance on May 23 (Sat) of SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness”! Travel from Haneda Airport to Gimpo International Airport & local accomodation will be provided, as well as participation in the M&G after the show!

※Travel dates are May 22 (Fri) - May 24 (Sun).

※You are free to do as you like except for the time of the performance.

※Transportation from your residence to Haneda Airport, Gimpo International Airport to the hotel, the hotel to the venue will be borne by yourself.

※Meals will not be provided.

More details/info here:

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Fender - BEST★Xmas 2019 Report - Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:45 am

SCANDAL - 『BEST★Xmas 2019』 Report
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SCANDAL held their Christmas show titled 『BEST★Xmas 2019』 at MyNavi BLITZ Akasaka on 12/24. This is a report of that show.

On 2019/12/24, SCANDAL's Christmas show titled 『SCANDAL BEST★Xmas2019』 was held at MyNavi BLITZ Akasaka. This was the venue that they announced the establishment of their private record label "her" during their Christmas show last year, as well as the place where SCANDAL's new history began. With it being a show that concluded 2019, a year of changes and challenges with releasing songs of various colors, the expectations of the audience who filled the venue were high.

The members appeared on stage as the opening music further increased the enthusiasm. They began the show with their newly released digital single "Saishuuheiki, Kimi."

RINA drummed out powerful beats as her hair flung about, TOMOMI produced a stable groove, MAMI played guitar riffs with bursting action, and HARUNA loudly belted out dramatic melodies. The quartet unfolded a full-throttle performance from the start. Carrying that momentum, the venue was kicked into gear with "Flashback No.5," an upper tempo song that excited the crowd with its call and response; and "Masterpiece," a song that lets you hear the vivid contrast of heavy guitar riffs and catchy choruses.

"Hasn't it felt amazing from the get-go? We'll be doing a lot of things today, as we've prepared all sorts of things. This is our last solo show of the year. Let's get loud and let loose like it's a year-end party!" (HARUNA)

Following "Koisuru Universe," TOMOMI switched to a black Fender Precision Bass. Attacking becomes clearer, the phrases come out quickly, and the bass presence is exerted even more strongly. HARUNA showed sharp cutting with her own signature model HARUNA TELECASTER, and the personality of their wild tone riff-playing MAMI also stood out. Songs that are great for live shows continued with the funky and bright song "Stamp!" that got the venue loudly clapping along, and the song "Electric Girl" that further unites the venue by having the audience spin their towels.

Then, with "LOVE SURVIVE," which showcases the dual vocals of HARUNA and TOMOMI, a loud sound with even more heat than usual was produced. When HARUNA said, "Come on!", the venue was energized and showed them a scene full of power.

After that, all of the members sang a cover of ARASHI's "Love so sweet ," and then flowed into a relaxing state with a "pudding tasting" segment. Additionally, a special plan was prepared for HARUNA to sing and play "Fuzzy" solo on an acoustic guitar for the first time.

As the band returned to their positions once more, they slowly played and sang "Chiisana Honoo." Excitement rushed in like a flame lit in your heart, wrapping the venue in quiet beauty.

"This past year (2019) was a year full of challenges, and we wanted to play live shows of all sorts. By playing shows, we too went up a notch, and we played them desiring to head to the next phase. It wasn't just us that felt that way, but you guys as well came feeling that. It was a year where there was an enthusiasm that we had never seen before even during live house tours, and we're glad that it felt like everyone who came to see us did so because they wanted to create a good live show together with us. What's more, it made us happy that the bands who played the joint shows with us and their staff praised our audiences. It made us proud that everyone who thought so are fans of ours. Next year we'll continue to work hard, keep being a cool band, and hope that you guys keep being cool fans. Let's surprise the world as TEAM SCANDAL." (HARUNA)

After thanking their fans for supporting them, they debuted their new song "A.M.D.K.J." domestically for the first time. The ending song for the anime "GeGeGe no Kitaro," they played it ahead of its digital release on January 8. Following this song, MAMI switched to her new Fender MADE IN JAPAN MODERN STRATOCASTER HH guitar. The tone grew even clearer, and the crisp sound from the treble to the bass tightened the song up.

During the latter half of the show, the excitement just kept growing with "Shunkan Sentimental," a song whose sound grew even harder and more awesome; "OVER," where MAMI's detailed phrases emerge with a clear tone in a performance full of speed; and "Take Me Out," where the bouncy rhythm gives color to a danceable atmosphere.

The last song was "Image," whose spreading melody gives off a feeling of freedom. HARUNA strummed with a transparent tone along with singing with a sense of scale, MAMI played her solo with a sharp and piercing treble, TOMOMI created a groove with an expanding tone, and RINA carved out a beat with her whole body and soul. Together, the quartet showed us a live show containing perfect unity.

As the quartet appeared with smiles in response to the grand encore, they chose to sing "SCANDAL BABY" like they did during their "KARAOKE Night" event held during the summer where the band played the music and the audience sang vocals. The audience, who grew even more excited by this special feature, sang along loudly, and the band also had smiles on their faces.

Lastly, HARUNA shouted, "Let's use up all our energy!" as they started "STANDARD." The high-speed number full of extreme elements such as RINA's intense drumming and MAMI's distorted vocals brought the show to an exhilarating ending.

SCANDAL will be releasing their album Kiss from the darkness on 2020/2/12 via their private label "her." The tour in support of the album will start from 2020/3/7. These girls will still continue to take on challenges.

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NEW ITEM - 2020-01-14 (RINA) - Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:53 am


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The new Feedback! items
Are both at the shop in Shibuya as well as online!

We also came out with some beautifully made outerwear that can be used for a long timeー!

Basically everything is unisex
And can be worn by both men and women

We hired models
For the 2019AW collection
And I think it got easier
To see what it looks like when men wear the clothing

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We hope you enjoy
Incorporating clothes made by musicians
Along with music.

"I feel a little more excited when I wear this〜"
Is what I hope you'll feel like...◎

A portion of items are now on sale,
So check them out before they're gone!

Online store

Its Instagram


2020/1/14 17:40












「ROOFTOP ONLINE STORE」の「Feedback!」カテゴリーの商品一覧


Feedback!(@feedback_tokyo) • Instagram写真と動画
フォロワー15.9千人、フォロー中4人、投稿140件 ― Feedback!(@feedback_tokyo)のInstagramの写真と動画をチェックしよう


2020/1/14 17:40

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TEEN SPIRIT - 2020-01-13 (RINA) - Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:19 pm


To all of the new adults !

I hope you have a great day〜

My little brother also came of age this year,
And seeing the pictures that were sent to me this morning of him all decked out
Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I hope that you'll find what you love,
And become wonderful adults!

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That's right;
I saw "Teen Spirit "
At a movie theater yesterday, and it was really good!

It's a super cute teen musical film
Starring my beloved Elle Fanning◎

A life that's full of happiness and fun
Is ideal to have,
But when such difficult,
Painful, and sad things
Give you power,
I think that's when people grow stronger

I recommend it


2020/1/13 18:29









嬉しい 楽しい が
悔しい 悲しい が



2020/1/13 18:29

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Lady - 2020-01-11 (RINA) - Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:12 am


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We did interviews yesterday.
The four of us are off to an energetic start this year too!

Some lovely articles will be posted in the beginning of the year.
HARUNA and her dog Lady made an appearance
In a serialization written by Gotch from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
On Pia's app.

Lady's first media appearance was extravagant◎

I too read it right away
So charming, both Lady and the article

The friendly, clever, mischievous Lady
Certainly does heal the mind and body of musicians
Who go all over the place. So warm and fluffy.

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There's exactly one month left
Until the album's flying get day*〜!


2020/1/11 18:57







魅力的だなあ レディも文章も





2020/1/11 18:57


*flying get = to get something earlier than the day it's officially scheduled to go on sale; in this case, the "flying get day" for Kiss from the darkness will be on February 11th, the day before the album officially releases.
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On January 15th, a special program will be broadcast on AbemaTV!

■New information related to the new album 「Kiss from the darkness」 will be released!

■Showcasing the music video for the album song 『A.M.D.K.J.』

■Implementing the special project 「SCANDAL no Heya (SCANDAL's Room)」!
Popular reality dating star gives SCANDAL real love advice!?

Broadcast date: 1/15 (Wed) 19:00-20:00 JST

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness
Masafumi Gotoh's INU COMMUNICATION - Lady is perfection

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The dog we'll be featuring this time is a minature dachschund named Lady. She's a young female dog only half a year old, and her owner is HARUNA, the vocalist and guitarist of the rock band SCANDAL.

HARUNA-san and Lady arrived a few minutes later.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN IkgZoKT

Lady was a very calm dog. She wasn't scared nor did she get riled up as she sat next to me, and it felt like she was leisurely emitting indescribably happy vibes from her entire body.

I felt like my spirit was being hydrated in an instant. The manuscript this time was so cute that I thought it was enough to just write "cute" with the fattest font.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN GP1J4f0

I heard that HARUNA had previously not liked dogs that much.

Her grandmother who lived with her loved dogs and had a Shih Tzu and a pomeranian. However, it seems that the spoiled dogs grew up having haughty personalities and had even bitten her. She sympathized with me, who had been bitten by a Mame Shiba Inu before.

Still, HARUNA-san suddenly wanted to get a miniature dachschund and came across Lady by chance at a pet shop she stopped by. She had no choice but to take her home with her. It's like a story out of a drama.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN AgVxQlf

Since SCANDAL is a band that tours overseas as well, there are lengthy periods when she's away from home. Who takes care of her dog during those times? When I wasn't sure if she could answer such frank questions, I was surprised that the editorial staff was asking questions like, "Do you live alone?", or, "Would you have someone take care of her?"

When you write the word "Pia" (ぴあ), the hiragana gives off a pop-like feeling. When you read it aloud, you get the impression of a soft, harmless small animal calling out. It feels as if you would inadvertently talk about your personal matters, but they are part of the mass media. You could even sell the information by adding something like a P-code.

I thought it was terrible.

The conversation ended as I felt overwhelmed and worried about all forms of private matters would be laid bare in this dog serialization series. I felt like she'd say something like, "I leave her at a pet hotel." For other questions, I felt as though I'd hear extreme things like, "It's impossible now for me to deal with people more high maintenance than Lady."

But when you have a dog as cute as this, would you even want to leave it and go on a lengthy tour? I don't even like dogs that much, but I think it might be tough for me as well.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN B2qHq3v

Rock band tours are tough. If you have any worries about your dog, your mental state will undoubtably be all messed up.

Firstly, you probably don't want to go on tour while being separated from your dog.

However, you must play concerts in various places in order to make a living, and to promote your albums.

You leave the house feeling down, your spirit starts slipping downward as you reach the nearest station, and by the time you get on the Yamanote Line in the morning with a guitar case on your back, your spirit hangs down from the hem of your pants to the ground. You get stepped on by the passengers on the packed train, and as you get off at Shinagawa Station you change to the Keikyu Line while having to listen to tongue clicking close to your ears. By the time you arrive at Haneda Airport, your spirit will be far from billowing udon and will be more like shredded cloth. You're in despair before boarding the plane feeling like that, you throw your guitar at the airport staff, head back home via taxi, hug your dog, and cry loudly. Only then can your mind and body be restored. From that point on you live not as a musician but as a dog owner. You'll have trouble eating, but that can't be helped. Indeed.

Wouldn't you retire?

I thought that was a sad thing.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN QqAYE84

HARUNA-san is not a mentally weak owner like me, so she should be able to leave Lady at a proper place; entertain audiences around the world; have celebrations; and so on, as well as moderately taking care of her body and completing concert tours. Then, she'll return home and embrace Lady, which should revitalize her dried out spirit while on tour.

I thought that was a wonderful thing.

I too kind of want a dog now. However, just like I failed a simulation, it would be impossible for me, who takes sloppy care of themselves physically and mentally year-round, to do.

The road to getting along with dogs is steep.

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*Inu (犬) = dog

**Masafumi Gotoh , AKA Gotch = vocalist of the band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION

***An odd sort of "interview"/article, but at least we got these pictures of HARU and Lady? haha. I also did not translate the first half of this article, which is a fairly lengthy essay that sort of touches about how touring affects Gotch that doesn't have anything to do with HARU/Lady.

Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu

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The first episode of the drama 【Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu】 (I'll Do It Right In My Next Life)
That we sing the theme song for
Aired last night〜!

I also watched it as aired〜
The moment our song aired was so moving〜!

The theme song, "Tonight,"
Was produced by
Track maker SASUKE-kun,
And will be the first track on our album.

The raw drums stacked on top of the track
Are completely different from my own rules,
And with the beat it's finished up pretty freshly.

We've tried many times with other songs
That mix band sounds and driving sounds,
But it feels like this is the one that's worked out the best.

You can also watch it via the streaming service Paravi [only available in Japan],
So by all means〜◎


2020/1/9 18:03








ドラマは動画配信サービス Paravi でも

Paravi(パラビ) - 人気番組が楽しめる動画配信サービス


2020/1/9 18:03

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness

*You can listen to the short version of "Tonight" here:
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Unveiling the MV for our new song

The music video for "A.M.D.K.J."
Has been released!

Hiroshi Usui
Directed this video.

He deepened
The song's cold, dark world view even more,
And it turned out to be an MV with a simple, strong style
That omitted anything unnecessary.

Our outfits were by Ground Y.
Stylish, switchable clothing
With all of us dressed in all black.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN N2J4vis

It's now up for download,
So by all means.

Spread it via
Spotify's share function too〜

It's a strong song
That completely kicks away gloominess.

I'm looking forward to performing it on our tour.
Let's all sing it!


2020/1/8 14:06





衣装は Ground Y コーデ。



iTunes Store へ接続中です。


A.M.D.K.J., a song by SCANDAL on Spotify



SCANDALのチケット情報 - イープラス


2020/1/8 14:06

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A.M.D.K.J. Lyrics - Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:00 pm

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A.M.D.K.J. Lyrics

A.M.D.K.J. (Amidakuji) ~ Ghost Leg
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music & Arrangement: MAMI

Harimegurasareta kiseisen
Binkan ni narisugita bukimi na machi wa
Gensou ga unda muhouchitai
Me wo sorashiteru hito bakari

Sono ki ni natte tameshite minatte
Bikashinaide genjitsu wo shitte
Kuso majime ni yatterannai hi mo aru yo
Toki ni, kamidanomi

Unmei no amidakuji norukasoruka no hanashi
Unmei no amidakuji yubi de nazotte

Saa, motto fukaku made
Sono me de mite furete
Wagamonogao ga habikoru
Kono sekai ni iyakegasasu yo
Shinjitsu wa mushoku toumei de
Sukoshi dake tsumetai

Te no naru hou e yottoide
Motto ii koto shiyou yo
Onaji aho nara odoranya sonson
Aa mou yamitsuki ni natteru

Seiron bakka hakisutetenaide
Korikatamatta atama wo hiyashite
Jidaiokure no samui B-kyuu hyouronka-tachi ni
Oshioki wo

Unmei no amidakuji sui mo amai mo watashi
Unmei no amidakuji sotto hiraite

Saa, mune ni tojikometa
Sono omoi tokihanate
Yosoku fukanou na ashita ga kowai no wa
Kimi dake ja nai
Ai nante jiyuujizai ni
Moete kiete yuku

Saa, motto fukaku made
Sono me de mite furete
Wagamonogao ga habikoru
Kono sekai ni iyakegasasu yo
Shinjitsu wa mushoku toumei de
Sukoshi dake tsumetai


その気になって 試してみなって
美化してないで 現実を知って

運命のあみだくじ 伸るか反るかの話
運命のあみだくじ 指でなぞって


ああ もう病みつきになってる


運命のあみだくじ 酸いも甘いも私
運命のあみだくじ そっと開いて




English Translation

Bound by restrictive lines
This overly sensitive, ominous town
A lawless place born of illusion
People turn back and look away

Get on your feet and try it out
Know the truth without romanticizing it
Sometimes you just can't be so serious
Sometimes you just have to pray

Amidakuji of fate - It's either all or nothing
Amidakuji of fate - Trace it with your finger

There, ever deeper
See it yourself and touch it
I'm sick of this world
Where everyone acts so selfish
The truth is colorless and transparent
And just a little cold

Get closer to the sound of clapping
And let's do even better things
We're all fools here, so why not dance?
Ah, I'm already addicted

Don't just spit out sound arguments
Cool your fanatical head
Punishment will come for those outdated and cold
B-class critics

Amidakuji of fate - I'm both sweet and sour
Amidakuji of fate - Open it gently

Come and set free
Those emotions trapped in your heart
You're not the only one who's scared
Of how unpredictable tomorrow is
Love burns freely
And disappears

There, ever deeper
See it yourself and touch it
I'm sick of this world
Where everyone acts so selfish
The truth is colorless and transparent
And just a little cold

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"A.M.D.K.J." is officially set to be released as a digital single ! It will be available from January 8th at midnight JST via Spotify Japan, etc. Availability times will most likely differ for overseas.

And a reminder that the "A.M.D.K.J." music video will be premiering tonight at midnight JST via SCANDAL's YouTube channel (find out what time that is in your timezone here )

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Rainbow-colored soup - 2020-01-06 (RINA) - Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:26 pm

Rainbow-colored soup

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN BqboBMW

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The t-shirt that will come with the T-Shirt+DVD Edition of the album
Looks like thisー!
The "her" logo is printed on the back by the neck.
I'm really looking forward
To seeing people wearing it at our live shows or just regularly...!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN XpRlI1g

The cover for the
That will containg MVs for the songs
We've put out via "her"
Was also designed by Q-TA-san.

If you look closely, you can see that
A bunch of cuts from our MVs were cut together.
So cool...

The T-Shirt+DVD Edition contains a set consisting of
And the rainbow-colored soup cover is what marks it.

Pre-order it here:

Also, on
2020.01.08 at 0:00,
The MV for "A.M.D.K.J." will premiere!

Subscribe to our channel and wait for it〜!


2020/1/6 18:43










SCANDAL『Kiss from the darkness』
Preview, download or stream music by SCANDAL

2020.01.08 0:00 "A.M.D.K.J."



2020/1/6 18:43

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