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START - 2024-02-01 (RINA)
Posted Thu Feb 01, 2024 6:15 pm




front-page - START - 2024-02-01 (RINA) M8PydzE

Long time no blog!
In January, we took our first long vacation
And I used the entire month for myself✓

If this had been a little while ago,
I would have been scared
To take such a long break,
But now, I feel the importance, beauty, and necessity
As a human being
Of living a leisurely life,
Which is a very fresh choice in itself.

Having time to live
Without worrying about the next day,
I thought,
"Well, what do I want to do?"
And I ended up watching as many movies
And reading as many books as I wanted,
Going to comedy shows, traveling,
Eating home-cooked food at the proper time.
I was already mostly satisfied
Just by filling up on things I've always loved.

Then, I worked hard
To finish the things I had been putting off
And got closer to clearing the problems I had been stuck on,
And once in a while I'd go out at night to my heart's content.
I also spent some time in Kansai.
These were some very good days.
It was a blissful time to meet only the people I wanted to meet
And listen to their life stories,
And I had a lot of fun driving as well as partaking in alcohol.

I lived my life constantly plugged into a charger haha

By doing so,
I felt a sense of wonder
As my foggy feelings began to clear up,
I was able to decide things I had been unsure about,
And things started moving forward on their own.

We start working again as of today.
Since I didn't post on my socials
Despite a lot of fun things being announced in January,
Please let me write about them in order✓
They're all things that were created with great care

Many things have happened
Since the beginning of this year,
And I, too, have a feeling that I can't put into words.
I would like
To express myself fully this year
So that I can deliver something sparkling
While also cherishing my time.

After writing for the first time in a while,
It seems like the water that had been dammed up has started flowing out.
In 2024, let's store up some glitter.


2024-02-01 21:28:58

front-page - START - 2024-02-01 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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