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HIGHSPEED - 2024-02-04 (RINA)
Posted Sun Feb 04, 2024 10:23 am




front-page - HIGHSPEED - 2024-02-04 (RINA) RnlVGMD

The song "Fanfare"
That will be on our next album
Will be the ending song for the anime
"HIGHSPEED Étoile" that'll air starting in April.

I'm so happy
That we're being seen for who we are now
And were able to be involved in this precious work!
It's a speedy, cheerful song.
I'm also looking forward to when it airs♡

front-page - HIGHSPEED - 2024-02-04 (RINA) Wdn4znU

When the anime starts airing in the spring
Is also when our tour will start✓

We're looking forward to traveling around the country
And enjoying music with everyone,
And we'll do our best to prepare for it!
We're coming up with
All kinds of new things that we'd like to try〜

I'm sure there are many of our fans
Who are in the midst
Of major life changes,
And it's getting difficult for them
To spend their time
Going to concerts.
So when it seems like you're able to make it,
Let's make it even more special
Than ever before

Tours end in a flash, no matter how many performances are on one.
We'll put our hearts into each and every one!

The fastest preorder for tickets has started,
So please take advantage of this opportunity.
Those who haven't seen us in a long time are also very welcome to come out( ◜ᴗ◝ )


2024-02-04 19:06:52

front-page - HIGHSPEED - 2024-02-04 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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