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Caless Student
Caless Student
Hipphipp is a swedish comedy skit show which sent during 2003 and 2004. This show did they send for two seasons. It was made by the duo of Anders Jansson and Johan Westner. This show consists mostly of humor which occur during situations. I would say that this is probably one of the better swedish comedy show I've seen. I also owned the two seasons of Hipphipp and I thought it would be fun to share this hilarious show with others.

Here are some of the major characters:
Kaj-Åke "Kajan" Hansson - A fire fighter instructor with a very special, and perhaps incompetent, approach to education.
Tiffany Persson - A single mother with five divorces in her past. She is easily agitated and tends to be very "in-your-face".
Itzhak Tadeusz Skenström (f. Horváth) - A very eccentric Hungarian immigrant who moved to Sweden in 1974. He is a professor of music and self-described "militant composer" who hosts a tv-series called "Itzhak's musical journey", where he takes the viewer all across Europe to learn about classical music.

Göran and Jolanta Jonsered - Göran runs a tour where people can see local B and C-list celebrities. Jolanta is his wife and partner.

Tony Thomasson and Fredrik "Zunken" Sundqvist - Two shabby hustlers who usually sell stolen goods.

Morgan Pålsson and Robert Flycht - An international correspondent and his photographer.

Andrej and Jerzy Petrov - Two Russian brothers which perform medleys with famous songs.

Björn Blom and Thorvald Mjaaland - One swedish and Norweigan mountain-climbers who often gets in argument because of cultural differences.

Mike Higgins - An Englishman who tries to teach Swedish to other English-speaking persons. Host of "Svenska för nybörjare" (Swedish for Beginners).

Here are some links of some clips which you can see on youtube with english subtitle:

This clip is a education for immigrants in swedish how to adapt into the swedish society.. Most of you will not find this funny.. But I can say what is funny about this skit is that they making fun of how the typical swedish behave Tongue.


Here is another clip where a group of hijackers decides to hijack a plane which is really funny :D.


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Cole train: "Good thing you got your starplayer back, Delta".

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