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LAZYgunsBRISKY is a rock band formed in Japan in 2006 by
Lucy (vocal),
izumi (guitar),
azu (bass),
and Moe (drums).

They recorded their first free demo CD "the trip" (not for sale now) in Feburary 2007.

In April of 2008,they released their first indies debut album "quixotic" from july records.
In December of the same year, Kenichi Asai (ex. BLANKEY JET CITY) became to be their producer and released the major debut mini album "Catching" from babestar lebel.It includes the song "pretending" which Kenichi Asai and LAZYgunsBRISKY composed together.
July 8th of 2009, They released their 2nd mini album "26times" from flyingstar records, that was also produced by Kenichi Asai.
Now, LAZYgunsBRISKY has been doing their gigs in Japan mostly in Tokyo.
From May to June, an Europe tour has been scheduled, and they have always been heading to rock the world.

In 2010, May to June, goes on the first Europe tour that made a success.

In July of that year, starts there own live event "Gather Of Dreams".
In August, joins the compilation album "I Love J-ROCK" produced by Robby Takac, the bassist from Goo Goo Dolls(Good Charamel Records).
From the same label, releases the album "26times" only on the internet.
"Catching" from Spark & Shine all over Europe.

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