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Mainstream Artist
Announced at NAMM 2013, Pearl's Export series is once again in production, thus retiring the Forum series and bumping up the Vision series into the professional line.

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New "Opti Loc" Tom Mounts
Hardware pack includes "Demon" styled kick and hi-hat pedals
So far the announcement is from Pearl USA, so the Forum series might not be dropped in other countries but this is the most recent news from NAMM 2013. I personally did not get the chance to attend this year so everything is reaching me bit by bit. All info is already being broadcasted and made public via the net and respective companies, so don't fret and just search for your desired info.


First things first, the shells are now a poplar/mahogany blend rather than full poplar as in the earlier releases and the Forum series.

Unlike the ISS tom mounts issued in the early Export series, the first thing you'll notice is a 3 point mount called "Opti Loc". Pretty much it's the top half of an Optimount with the addition of a 3rd rod that attaches itself directly into the side of the tom via a 2nd air vent. Not sure if that works well in resonance but it's Pearl's new design so I won't fret over it. Given that if you do opt to upgrade into Optimounts, you're left with a secondary vent open. (Just a thought. It's a beginner set so I don't see anyone going big on hardware upgrades in the long run). I can't think of any other mounts similar to this but Tama's Imperialstar comes to mind sort of... sort of...

The "Demon" style pedals are actually of the lowest class in Pearl's current lineup and come standard in the Export's hardware pack. Preferably I like pedals with a full heel rest since I have a 11.5"-12" foot size and feel like I'm stomping without one, but you have to give credit to Pearl for up'ing the design for their entry level kits. (Of course Pearl's Single Demon drive is designed the same way too, so maybe it's a ploy for the future? Eliminators will be eliminated from the lineup?) Similar to this would be a few pedals manufactured by Axis.

So that's it from a glance. The Export series is the Export series and Pearl brought it back for a reason, new designs and all. With the Forum series gone now, the Export series is the big dog in Pearl's entry level acoustic drum line. Unless if you prefer the ease of transportation, then the Rhythm Traveler kit is pretty much on par IMO but the Export can handle more abuse in the long run and has a well standing reputation.

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(Price range and release date has not been announced as of yet... hurr... of course the earlier Export line is still around, so you either settle for poplar or wait for poplar blend.)

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