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Thanks to Leyh for the link !

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Japan Lifestyle is a french magazine. In the new one, the 27th, SCANDAL is the principal subjects, the reporters have had a interview with SCANDAL which speaks about Queens Are Trumps Album etc ... And if one day they will come back to France !

(description by Leyh in SH FR topic !)


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I've translated the interview (Maybe I did  some mistakes, feel free to correct me  .nice. )

IN 2013, you celebrated your 5th debut anniversary. What does it mean to you ?
RINA : we were able to do a lot of live and studio recordings, which allowed us to progress and grow up as a band.Except that, there was no significant change.
But, it's not a bad thing. I wish that it remains like that and that we continue to have fun.

Could you, shortly, tell us about Scandal?
HARUNA : What can I say ? To be honest,We didn't really think about that. That kind of stuff, we don't really "care" (it's what the french expression means )

Tell us more about your 2 last albums, Queens are trumps & Encore show ...
HARUNA : queens are trumps is an album with original songs; many of them are in our favorites songs. I also think, from now, it's the most accomplished album
of our career. ENCORE SHOW is a best-of which brings our singles, covers and indies songs. In this way,
it's a kind of look to the past. This two CD are completely different, however the album concept is, I hope you will appreciate it !


What's your first recording memory in studio ?
RINA : At this time, I didn't understand what was happening. No, really ! Just the drum record took me half a day... It was really embarrasing ! (laughts)

And during your first concert ?
HARUNA : It was also horrible ... It was as if I had just started learning how to play guitar one week before the firs date. I was really focused on my instrument, to the point that I could'nt hear the others members of the band.

How it was to play in the mythical Budokan ?
RINA : I was so in trance that I almost didn't remember anything. After the concert, I watched the video ... and when I saw my facial expression, i hallucinated (laughts)

There is a song that you absolutely want to sing to each concert ?
HARUNA : At each tour, the sens of our songs changes. They "change" depending on the events. But, it's true that "Scandal Baby" is still the most liberating song for us.


Which movement of your fans touched you the most ?
RINA : the kindest movement of our fans is maybe when they're waiting for us at the airport.

During which moment are you much happier ?
During lives of course ! It's always the lives who are the most amusing and give us a lot of fun .

If you weren't into the entertainment "world", what did you want to do ?
RINA : I can't even think about that. I've the feeling that if I wasn't interested to music, I wouldn't be interested to anything.

What are your wishes for 2013 ?
HARUNA : this year, I want to go to places that I've never been before. Do tours in Japan but also abroad.

Can we expect a concert in France ?
RINA : I don't know for this year but i really want to come back to France and Europe ! I guarantee you, we'll be back ! I just don't know when.

And finnaly, one last word for our readers ...
HARUNA : Thanks for your support ! And until our next meet, continue to listen to our songs !

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Original interview:
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 SCANDAL live 
2012.07.16 - バンドやろうよ!vol.3
2012.08.21 - Canal City Hakata
2014.06.28/29 - ARENA FESTIVAL DAY 1&2

2014.08.05 - RIJF 2014
2015.04.25/26/30 - HW TOUR 2015
2015.10.21 - TIMM
2016.09.10/17/20/21/24/25 - YELLOW in EUROPE 2016
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As you can see in the third pages they did an EPIC fail XD

They mingle RINA and TOMOMI xD

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Yeahh ! ROFL

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